Friday, December 31, 2010

You Can Bet Your Teepe on It!

    So a few nights back we joined other family members, and went to one of the many local casinos.   I really don't like to gamble very long, usually because I end up donating all the money back into more flashy lights for the casino's restrooms or something equally gaudy.   But it was cheap food, happy hour at the bar, and the kids were being watched by Nana, so I was already gambling on a great time.  Cheap food consists of a $2 buffet.  So it is often a small battle on if one should actually consume the food.  Sometimes you just have to catch your food with an extra sharp fork and enjoy.  I usually go with the thought wave that if you drink enough whisky, it's a cure all, and will kill all the bad food toxins.   This time the concept didn't work on many levels, and our stomachs became the victims!   I actually walked away from the casino with a profit.   Something very very rare for me. 
    This is a relatively new casino, so it is great fun to see all the huge billboards still up against the casino.   Especially since it is now open, and the only traffic on that road is gamblers and farmers.  Farmers should be excellent casino patrons, because their life is a constant gamble.   Since it is on the Indian reservation you can get cheap beverages and smokes in the gift shop.  And probably any kind of firework you can imagine if you talk to the person behind the counter. 
    In Vegas their is definitely more to do than gamble.  But some of those big games really are fun and a little addicting.  I am pretty sure I alone, funded the west wing of a casino on one trip.  And feel I should get an ashtray with my name on it or something.  The casinos are huge, and very easy to get lost in.  One trip my friend and I were very tipsy, and I have no clue how we got from the lobby to floor 623, were our room was.  Their is defiantly more to do in Vegas than just gamble  though.   I find it best to hit the strip at night time.   More activities are going on, of all kinds and you can somewhat escape the 120 degree temperatures.   *Note :  it is warmer than that in the direct sunshine.  The average in the winter is 120 in the shade!
    Oregon state also has some very fun casinos.  At least in my eyes.  Especially the ones along the coast.   I really enjoy the one in Lincoln City.   Although I have no idea what the name of it is now.   Something native sounding like U-hawk-a-loogi .  That way you can gamble your money, and go right out the back doors, and be on the beach.   If you loose to much money, you can cover yourself in raw meat and go swimming in hopes of meeting a rabid shark.   For added fun visit one of the many breweries along the coast line.   Oregon has a ton of breweries, and most of them are great to awesome.   They are all freakin awesome after you visit about the fourth brewery!   
     Casinos also seem to have overly spiffy restrooms.  My former hike buddy and long term friend-ranks bathrooms.  He is very picky about what a places restroom looks like.  And will spend ten minutes in the middle of Mc D's explaining how Mc sticky everything was in the bathroom.  But will still pee in the middle of the woods with the best of them.    Only slightly complaining about pee coming down hill towards his shoes!  I have yet to hear him complain about a casino restroom in all of our travels.   I believe he should write a book through his constant travels about restrooms.  Complete with pictures and ratings.  And maybe a wall of shame for the worst kept bathrooms around.   Were you walk in and decide you can hold your number 2 for another 88 miles!  Were it looks like something came out of both ends of the last dozen visitors to the toilet.  My only input on this topic is that I enjoy handicapped stalls, because they are very roomy.   And I like those full length urinals that hit the ground, because it is like peeing on the floor!
    When finished at the before mentioned food area, I grabbed a fortune cookie.  They usually taste like saw dust, but are fun.  Anyways, my fortune was great.   Although I got it on the 28th of the month.    It was    "You will have much to give thanks for this month"   This has been a very good month in many many ways.   For the last year I have had a ton to be thankful for.   I hope you can say the same, and it follows you into the new year.   Which is amazingly close some how!   Enjoy  because according to the movies, the Aztecs, and Al Gore   we are all dying in 2012!
    Later today I am going to start a new section to the blogs called "mini rants"    I slowly have incorporated them into Facebook when I am overly disgruntled.  I hope to add a new one on here every Friday and at some point would like to do them in movie form, so you can hear my anger.   If you as the reader, have anything that really annoys you---- add it to my comments section    and it might become my next rant.      Peace out, Yo!

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