Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/31/11 AKA Post 120

    **"You do not fully understand something--until you can explain it to your grandmother!"**

                    **"I will not have fun with educational toys!"**---Bart Simpson

                  **If you have no T.V.---what does all of your furniture face toward?"**
                                **"Turns out chess is nothing like checkers!"**

                               **"If you smoke after sex--Your doing it to fast!"**

                                **"The best person I know  lives in my mirror!"**

    I am slowly going back to the idea of having my posts before each blog, actually deal with the blog that day.   At this point, I am just so happy when I actually post, that I do not try to get to advanced.  This makes 120 posts since last December.   Not a huge amount  but maybe I was trying to go for quality over quantity.  OK that didn't happen either.  Life just keeps getting in the way.  And for whatever reason I prefer to write while I am at a snazzy coffee shop.   Something I have seldom done in the last month.   Because of how far I am from any coffee shop and because of the constant rain.    We did see sunny skies all day today.  And most local residents seemed to join me, in wandering what that bright light in the sky really was.   Sadly, after a super busy weeksend at work, and guzzling cough medicine, to keep from getting to sickly.  And to keep from hacking up to much Flem on any ones meals.   I really did not have the energy to enjoy the sunshine today.   Hope it lasts.   I was at work a lot, and the tips were good.   Our time clocks reset Thursday, a day I was off, and I clocked out last night with just under 40 hrs.   To bad local over time is sooooooo low for servers.   Luckily my "knee pads" have been working well for me.  I got four $10.00 tips in a row last night, among all awesome tips.   Very much so considering it was a Monday. 
    Today I have no work, and am going stir crazy.   I am still trying to fight of some "crud" so really didn't see this morning.   I seem to need to find a life again, because for one of the first times in my life, I don't have a clue what to do with my free time.  To bad, like so many other things, including respect--you can not buy a life at Wally World. 
   Not that I resent anything, but I spent so much time striving for a family and things that will probably never be.   Dropping friends, and such.   That now that I am suddenly single again, I don't really have anyone to turn to, or much to occupy my time.   Last time partying took on more of my life than it should have.   And than suddenly that someone was the focus of my life again.  A direction for me.   This time I don't really want either to take over again.  But have found I bore myself, and have no real hobbies or very many friends left.   The ones I do have are great.   Hobbies and friends.   I have thanked them many times on Facebook and in my blogs past.   But would like to do this one more time!   

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bring on The June Weather!

     **"Internet was down yesterday. I think my neighbor forgot to pay the bill. How irresponsible..."**

-----Free wi-fi comes with my place at the moment, but I have "borrowed" Internet more than once.  Helpful articles are coming out all the time, warning individuals how important securing your home network is.  It keeps your information safe, and several people have gotten arrested lately, only to find that the actual criminals were parked in the persons front yard, using there wi-fi.   The place I work just recently took away offering free Internet to customers, because a downloaded bug took out most of there system one day.  
    A friend of mine was using someone elses Internet waves for months.  Than one day it did not work anymore.   When they logged onto the screen to identify local networks--the one they had been using was changed to  Stop stealing my Internet!  And was blocked from than on. 

  **"Be careful who's toes you step on today.. they could be connected to the foot that will kick your butt tomorrow !"**

  Not much to say about this one.  I try to be much nicer to people now.  But possibly should have read this quote much sooner?   I have takin shoes of all sizes out of my butt through the years. 

    **"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."** - Jim Rohn

    ----Something about rainy/gloomy weather sucks all motivation from people.   Although I should be used to this, being in the northwest for so long, this current rain spell here  is really starting to bring me down.  Of course if you add on being sick, living in a motel alone, my move, my sudden single status etc etc  I might have an excuse or two.   But have often found I have way more ideas than motivation.   Also in case you haven't gotten the memo, it is back to all on rain here again, and the rivers are all rising once again.  
     I just watched a T.V. show last night were head CEO's went "undercover" to work as newbies in there own companies.  And than helped the workers they meet.  Last nights version seemed to be a huge ad for Subway.  But was a good watch at the same time.   This head worker had never spent time making sandwiches.   And most of his new bosses were not impressed with his lack of speed or need to want to chat with the customers.   In the end he meet with each of his bosses, and they were more than alarmed to find out who he really was.  

**"First day since I returned to this job--that I made a bill in tips! Need to turn my brain off so I can sleep! Have to be up at 6 30 in the morning."**
  **"Sooo wish sleep would have found me last night. Sleep has mostly been a dream for me lately. But I heard sleep is also very highly overrated!"**

--------It was a very busy weekend at work finely.   With the coming of June and school letting out and than actual summer weather business should greatly pick up.    In fact yesterday at work was crazy.   We were down a few workers and had a waiting list for seats from about 9:30 am to close to 1:00 pm.   And it was none stop running!   After I had some very good money in my pocket but also felt like I had ran into a brick wall, repeatably!
    The worse was possibly Saturday night, because I knew I had to be up early Sunday morning.  This alone usually makes it extra hard to get to sleep.   Add on not really  being able to find sleep lately and being sick, and sleep soon becomes just a dream.  I have been able to block my mind from over thinking things lately, until I lay down in bed.  Than it goes full throttle and the next thing I know it's 4 in the morning, and I have not rested at all.  

  **"I'm all for equal rights but if you cant do your job someone should show you the door. On a side note i made 130 in tips today."**

-------  The last part only means that, I might know what I'm doing, or that I am really good at faking it.   The first part includes me, not that I have never been fired from a job before.  Or "forgot" to show up after a few days of work, because the job simply wasn't something I was a match to at all.   Serving tables is much much harder than it looks, when you are the one getting served.   And in this state, you make very low wages, if your tips arnt rockin.   Some people defiantly are not cut out for it, just like any other job.   People skills and such needed can not be taught in training.   But I am now talking about people that just don't want to work at work.  When I was at Wally World there was a lot of dead wood workers.  I might have been one many a day.  But there was many many workers on the floor.   In this small restaurant, if it gets busy, even one worker that can't keep up or just doesn't want to, adds a ton of work to the others.   Amazingly everything used from ice to coffee needs restocked.  And if the server can't keep up with there tables, others need to step in  to keep the customers coming back.  
    We now have a super case of dead wood in the store.  And lucky me, I have permission to ride it extra hard.   Not so management can see it is a slacker, they gave me the permission, but to make it wish they had another job.   Notice I said it, so as to not let onto what sex this person may or may not be. 

**"What your son needs right now is lots of tender loving...medication. Heavy medication."**---South Park

Friday, May 27, 2011


                                  **"‎10000000000 sperm and you were the fastest?"**

                      This weeks helpful advice----- "Never use a plastic bag as a tissue."

**"~Be careful who's toes you step on today.. they could be connected to the foot that will kick your butt tomorrow !**"

Although I like to exclaim that sheep are safe!    This sign might state other wise.

                   **"Actual helpful supervisors rock!    And are hard to find."**-----Me

 The above is true in many settings.  From your job, *most likely, to any visit to the local box shopping center.  I have had very few bosses that were out beside you dealing with the product and the customer.   And respect those few very very highly.   I have ran into very few supervisors while shopping or doing anything over the phone, that could actually help the customer, without the use of a hissy fit.   Yesterday I meet a supervisor that was instantly both caring, and helpful!   She over threw the BS that was flung my way from her workers.   Flung my way, but through persistence, it did not stick to me.   Without going into detail, I would like to thank her full heartily!  

 Although I did not take this picture---_I wish  I could say I did----it was instantly alll over Facebook last year.   With all the talk of rain and flooding lately---I present this flashback.    Luckily this never touched down.  But how close it was is alarming.   Most discouraging, was that I was at work with my boss, watching the dark clouds--in the other direction, at the exact same time, this funnel was forming behind us.   We never  actually say this cloud.   The building I work in is so old, and everything is Macgivered together with duck tape and mouse poo.   So if a tornado were to hit, it would actually be much safer to run outside of the structure!

http://youtu.be/PSROm-vgVRk                           Always a good video and a lesson for all  every day.  Good Time   from Alan Jackson. 
This song writer says ---the customers were just begging for her to sing about them.   Get your fill of Wal Marts best dressed  AND a catchy song to boot!  
Have you watched Sesame Street lately?
Cookie Monster does not eat cookies anymore.  Because with making everything PC  it is not "right" for him to eat so unhealthy.  
I grew up watching him every day---and I don't eat cookies everyday... OK  I don't JUST eat cookies.  I watched Oscar the Grouch everyday and I don't live in a dump.  Or count like a vampire.   Give kids and or people some credit.  And stop blaming everyone else if you are fat or really do live in a dump because you are a hoarder or allergic to cleaning. 

   First above picture is a quick way to reduce waiting times at places like the DMV!
The second--may well be of the welcoming committee at the AZ/Mexico border.  
   I never got pictures  but while I lived in Arizona there was an "ice cream truck" roaming around our neighborhoods that was an old blue mini van with pictures of ice cream on the sides and stick on letters like you buy at Wally World--stating Ice Cream on the side.   I can only imagine the owner had a freezer in the back filled with actual ice cream and plugged into his cigarette lighter.  I just saw un-safe written alll over that van also some how.
   When we lived in the dessert valley some were out of Queen Creek   a town that only seemed to exist because of Wally World, and before Phoniex.  Another van used to pull up ---and proudly hang sings about fresh seafood.   I do not know how it could be close to fresh, or how he even kept it cold.   Every time I saw the van, I seemed to be late for work.   But I can only imagine the freshness was as safe for your innards as the going to near the back of the ice cream van was safe for your kids. 

  When I first got this ad in my mail box I thought it was a joke.   Several of us at work used to yell Kaboom through the store after the kaboom cleaner came out.   Not the best idea --post 9-11 , but I seldom think things through.   Anyways, this is a male enhancement pill  with possibly the worse product name ever.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


    **"I think I have some new enemies this week..... Join the club it's a big club!"**---Me

                                **"Sleep is just  a dream lately."**----Me

  Although when most people say---your dreamin!   I usually can say I have much better things to dream about   no matter what we are talking about at that given time.  But good sleep has not come to me for much to long.   Too many recent changes in my life and unanswerable questions soon arise when I put my head on a pillow.   And my mind is soon racing.   Add in layers of stress, not feeling good, friends that don't understand I am in a different time zone, etc etc.  

We all have daily tough choices

   So I am sitting here watching Bobby Hill of King of the Hill, learn the "joys" of Pong.   Have you ever had that joy?  Growing up the best gaming system we got was an Atari 2600.   So playing a Wii is a sure thrill.  It also is overly complicated to do even the simplest actions.   That single joystick of the Atari had very few motions or needs for a users manual the size of this small towns phone book.  Although now I do wish I had that gaming system and the large box of working games.  It must be worth something to a geek out there.   And if not, I could use it in my motel room.   I used to never really like watching King of the Hill.   But than I meet/worked with  who could have been the inspiration behind the youngest- Bobby Hill.   This man looked like him, acted like him, and even said some of the same things.   And although he had some really good friends, he was kind of shunned by society in general.   Maybe not shunned, but ignored. 
    Last time I lived in Sheridan, I got a few editorials printed in the local paper.  Not the greatest achievement, but it was still nice to see my thoughts in print.  And than live in a small enough community were you heard instant feedback on your thoughts by most of the population that could read.   I did and still really want to write one about the dangers of walking in Sheridan.   And how hard being a server is compared to the extremely low wages paid in this state.  As of yet, I have not been able to do so --with out coming across overly angry or pissy.  Not a sob story of how hard our job is, but easy ways customers could get better service, possibly upping our tips at the end of the night.  I have had folks say they were overly happy, and than leave very bad tips with notes explaining all the things they did not like from the experience.  Most were easy fixes if I knew they had a problem before I had read the note.  We just got a great new server on the work force, who has been a customer many many times in our restaurant.   She stated today, that the job was MUCH harder than she had ever thought. 

A true smart ass   notice the picture is not of me.

Sadly I do not have any of my own pictures of the local flooding.  Having no vehicle makes these things harder.  

Main street in the rain

  Today under the Coffeen bridge just before Jb's and by the liquor store.  The water is inches from the bike path.  And running super fast.

    So I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.   I have not been feeling right for quite awhile now.   It takes forever to get an appointment, with doctors scheduled weeks in advance.   Even harder when you are new to an area, with no regular doctor.   I figured by the time I got to see the doctor I would be self cured, or dead.   Anyways, the receptionist called today, to confirm my appointment.   And during the conversation she nearly coughed up a lung.  It was this terrible, long hack.   I see it a very bad sign when the receptionist at a dr's office is overly sick.  But maybe that is just me.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Post #115-yo Send Gifts to P.O. box.....

         **"Commercial airlines are for losers and terrorists."**---Homer Simpson

  **"But Homer, you don't know how to fly a plane---I drove a car over a cliff once, it can't be to much different!"**---Marge & Homer Simpson

     **"So, your onna those --Don't call me a chick, chicks huh?"**---Bart Simpson

                                    Can you tell what I was watching earlier? 

                                   **"Boom! goes the dynamite!"**---Tosh.0

Takin' today, spring really is behind all that rain. I have been slacking on new pictures--that will change soon!

    Not to make light of the mass amounts of water hitting this area right now, but a few quick thoughts.   First and most importantly I hope everyone stays safe and loses stay to a minum.  With the more local news I hear tonight, my parents house up on the hill, is looking better and better.   For some outstanding pictures from in Sheridan and the much worse hit Redlodge area   check www.sheridanmedia.com   There is a great plug for were I currently work in one of the pictures, takin by a former boss, who happens to have the same great first name.   The website is also were I learned that many local residents were evacuated to the K Mart parking lot earlier tonight.   I feel for everyone that had to leave there homes, but some how can not picture K Mart as being a local safe house.   While this is a ton of rain, for the Sheridan area, this is what one sees all winter in Washington and Oregon.  I guess these states are just closer to the ocean for safer run off?    I would again take the time to mention, the water is impossible to measure depth --even when flowing over roadways.  And becomes extremely dangerous.  As in ---even if you have a jacked up redneck pickup---stay sober if you are going to cross any flooded roadways, or expanded rivers.   I can already picture reading about people trying to go through the drive up liquor store windows in blow up rafts and canoes if the rain keeps up.  On a good note, as of 11:30 --the rain had given up for awhile.    Hope it stays this way.   Earlier in the day I got home just as it  began dumping down rain.   Lured outside by full on sun in the sky.  
    ATTENTION ALL JUDGEMENT and DOOMSDAY BELIEVERS: Due to technical difficulties the scheduled END OF WORLD event has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have already quit your job, given away your life savings or liquidated all of your assets...Oopps...Our bad! We will attempt another doomsday event in December, 2012. Please stay tuned. Oh..have a nice day =)--------Please note--We provide an awesome punch drink but it is for one time enjoyment ONLY!----

    I apologize, but I can not let this whole topic go.    This being at least the third blog I have brought it up in.   I can say that after watching the weather across the nation over the last week, maybe these people somewhat knew what they were talking about?

**"Ever wanted to fake your death and just disappear? Completely new start that just moving could never provide."**---Me----
    In all my years working at Wally World, I worked almost every position possible with the company.   Eventually the bordness and annoyances snuck into my mind quicker and quicker.  And even transferring to brand new stores wasn't enough to hold my interest over my dislike for the things the company had become.   Call it burn out.    I know that under the right circumstances a person can be happy were ever he lives or is in life.   But lately the above thought sounds very very appealing somehow. 

    So although  I am very excited that I have a residence of my own again  I am defiantly less excited that it is a motel.   This one happens to have a river right behind it.   Usually very calming and nice.  But maybe not the best selling point for the motel managers at the moment.   Luckily it has a very very high banks up into the motel.   I have stayed in a lot of motels through the years.   By myself, with party people, with a cute lady and her three kids, with just the cute lady.   From the "No Tell Motels" to top of the line rooms in Viva Las Vegas.   And I have to say  ---motels are kind of creepy places.   Several of Steven Kings books don't help me with this mind thought line.   Dealing with down and out sales men killing themselves in there lonely rooms, to rooms on the 13th floor killing people.   His story's rarely seem to have happy plot lines. 
    No matter if I wake up with bites or not, when the lights go out in a motel room, I start to instantly itch all over.   Even if my bed partner doesn't seem to notice a thing.  This greatly increases any times I am foolish enough to jump into a motel bed naked.   Beyond what may or may not be bitting you, I instantly think of all the things that could have been done in that motel room.  All of the furniture, T.V., the toilet, etc could have easily been used for things NO ones mother would approve of!   And that has nothing to do with the bed, you are now "sleeping" in.   The bed on the other hand was used........   I will not continue this sentence to protect my squeamish readers, and because I am currently writing this blog, while propped up in my motel bed.   And would like to get a little bit of sleep tonight.  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Please Hold While I Check Our Death Calanders

    **"Today's mission: Leave random piles of clothes everywhere. Especially on the sidewalk outside of religious fanatics houses. Anyone got extra wallets I can barrow?!?"**---Eric Spawn

**"It’s funny about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the very best you will very often get it."**---
                                                    William Somerset Maugham

                  **"With the start of summer a month away---Spring can kick in any time!"**


 I did not find this sight until after I had published my last blog.   Guess it really wasn't needed --just yet.     This ones a little more entertaining to me anyway.  Because I am sure the backpedaling/re figuring has already started.   Not saying I don't believe all of this is really coming, I just don't see how anyone except The One has an exact time.

                         **"If this keeps up I can boat to work!"**----Me

http://youtu.be/OBgVqcq1NMc        This guy is a little to excited, but it shows how bad things already are out of Lodgegrass Montana.   Heard the highway just out of Sheridan -North is closed because of flooding.  Big Horn is slowly going underwater because of little Jackson Creek.   I am suddenly very glad that this section of Little Goose Creek has very very high banks.   Hope most along the route stay so lucky.   I realize all of us want the actual spring weather to return.  But when it does, things are going to get much worse.  There is an unbelievable amount of snow up in the mountains this year.  Hope everyone stays safe!
This weather is the normal for Washington state, but they are way more prepared for it.   Even though--the lowlands usually see some flooding.  
    I hated most of my experiences in Arizona.   Although I have to say I wouldn't trade in any of them!   The main time you see rain is during the monsoon season.   And it dumps!   Basically it gets so hot for so long --that even God says there should be rain.  And it is a warm, awesome rain aka downpour.  People don't realize how deep and fast running water can quickly become, even if it is running over a road.   So Arizona has the idiot person law.   Every year a family tries to cross to deep water and has to be rescued.  Usually they are rescued with a helicopter, while hanging on to the top of a very flimsy looking tree.   If this family happens to be you---you now owe the state of Arizona all fees involved in your rescue.   One of the best things about the state.  Possibly only because I have not yet had to pay that fine!    The second best thing of the state, for me anyway, besides leaving the state.  Was that the yearly time changes do not effect Arizona at all.   They never change there clocks, back or forward.   Although I never knew what time it was for any of my friends, it was great!  Each state should adapt this.  

                                 Check it out for a well needed laugh or two!


            **"Every time I look at my work schedule it is completely different. Still not positive what I am actually working today. O speed up the time, when I am working for myself again!"**---Me

I am not going to touch on this much---because I enjoy my job a lot, most days.   But every time I have looked at my work schedule in the last week, it has changed.   Most discouragingly, it changes with no input from me.  Now at Wally World, I could play dumb and work what my schedule used to be.   Wally World also had a few hundred more workers than my current job, and blending in was much easier.  
    I am reasonably sure scheduling for such a small number of workers shouldn't be a huge chore.  In fact there is probably an app for that.   At least an app would not be overly compensating for every ones endless scheduling problems.  It's awesome to work with everyone, but at some point everyone just takes advantage.   Leaving those of us with no restrictions on hours or days stuck changing for others gains.   With that, if you can't work someones Else's hours--don't take there hours!   I bend to accommodate what my employer needs.  And should be given more hours for that, not loose time at work.    When I first meet my gal, she had---has   three kids and most nights no one beyond day care to watch the kids.  But she still managed to close at lest five nights a week at work.   Just sayin'

Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Knowing You All!

    **"What is the parking situation like at the Special Olympics?"**----Jerry Seinfield

**"Today, I knocked on the door of the bathroom to make sure nobody was in there before I walked in. Then I remembered I live alone."**-----It's still hard going from five people sharing one bathroom, to one person in a very small apartment.  But wow is it quiet!   Too quiet most nights, which makes my mind wander a little to much.   Some times it is to "good" places- were I come up with ideas to fill blogs.   More often it is to dark places, filled with great loss and regret for a life that will probably never happen. 

  **"I want to open a liquor store and call it --The 13th Step. Right next to my topless coffee shop called --Perkies!"**---Me


 I have written about this a few times now.  But this time have the actual article.   And I thought we had at least till 2012!   Party it up tonight--cause according to tweaks nation wide--the rapture starts tomorrow! Guess that makes most of my fighting irrelevant?  I'll be "celebrating" by working! **Best part---they even have it down to the hour things start! 

    **"If most accidents happen in or near your home. Aren't people with RV's doubly screwed?"**

   Just sayin' -reports show that most accidents happen in your home, or within ten miles of home.  So if your home is an RV or you are a snow bird---watch out!   If something very serious happens, not only can you hurt yourself, but your home.   I spent a glorious winter in a very old fifth wheel.   With no real destination or goal from day to day.   In fact this is how I first found the great north west.   And eventually led me to living in Oregon for about six years.  

    I recently "slipped up" and bought some Tums with peppermint in them, because they were way cheaper than the regular ones.   As in many items--there is a reason they were cheaper!   Beyond the horrible taste, they burned going down, actually making the heartburn worse as you chewed on them.   I guess this works well for the company, because you than need more Tums to fix the now worse heartburn!  If nothing else, I now had minty fresh  breath though!
    I have been refraining from complaining about my job lately.  For several reasons.  I find a Wal Mart smile suits me best most nights.  Which may or may not be very very fake!   Luckily the person that always knows it's fake, lives in Washington.   Don't get me wrong, I love working again!   It's just many interesting things are happening at work lately.   I have stuck to ignoring stories about work on here --for the most part.   Here I must ask you if this is ironic though----
Last year we had a manager who didn't trust everyone on the register.   Money seemed to be going, poof!  But she knew I was not the culprit.   She always trusted me on the register.   And when it was busy, this wasn't always a good thing.   You might spend a long time on the register, while your customers wander were there food is, and if there server is eating it in the back room.  Anyways,   this same manager eventually got fired for stealing money.   
                    **"Y do I need my heater in MAY? Welcome to Wyoming !"**---Me

    Although I do enjoy rain much more than snow, in day three, this is already getting old.   I could have seen daily rain by staying in Washington.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5/18/11--Another Day Were It's Hard to Wake Up.

                       **"FACEBOOK; The only place where its acceptable to talk to a wall."**              
                               **"I had a facebook once--I didn't like how it ended."**

                                           **"‎"A day with out sunshine..is like night"**-----Or any winter day in the great north west!!

   So this morning finds me at Burger King using there free wi-fi while my box of a residence self cleans.   Hard to believe I have been in this motel for two weeks already.   It is also kind of hard to believe how many places- even in the most out of the way, village sized towns offer wi-fi.   People bug me about living in a motel *The No Tell Motel*  I call it, when a waitress asks why I call it that-- I invite them to come over, and personally see why.  On the way up the street, to coffee, and to write this blog--if you are so kind to call it writing.   I passed my work place, but on the opposite side of the street.  Several of the workers came out the front door--and yelled at me.   This proves two things.  It was really slow at work, and it is a really small town.  I am constantly getting honked at by passing cars while walking/roaming/picture taking around town.   Some times it's because I am distracted by my cell phone, and in the middle of the road.  Some times it is just people so amazed to see anyone walking anywhere.   I am going to write a blog just about the hazards of walking in most cities very soon.   Most -are people that actually know who I am.   Very soon I am also going to write a blog about the huge difference's from living in the great north west and here.  Not really because of how small the town is  but how "hick" it still is  for better lack of a word.   Plus hick is very fun to say! 
    We have a very wide range of customers were I work currently.  Not as wide as when I worked at Wally World, they have web sights devoted just to the people that shop there. 

I still want to
know what this new symbol stands for.  I have heard
many theories-but nothin golden.   Do you know?  Comment to me your answer please!

 Check out    
www.peopleofwalmart.com   you might just find your own pictures!    I usually enjoy  the "problem" customers.  The ones that are more than a little strange, or like to yell and or complain.  Finding it a personal challenge to get a good tip out of them or even a tip at all.   The main difference now is that if you make a customer happy in a restaurant--he/she will come back again and bring money to your business and tips to your pocket.  At Wally World they will just return and be extra annoying again---more the likely.   We have a customer that comes into the restaurant and writes and writes in his notebooks.   I have tried to read over his shoulder while re-filling his drinks, but never get a good glance.   We all speculate what he is writing, but what I hear most often is that he writes down what he is thinking at the time.   About his waiter, the whether, that corn on his left nostril.   If I were to do this, I would have many many blank pages!   The only time real  inspiration hits me, is about three in the morning.    When I have to debate if I can store the golden information in my memory banks till morning or should get up and jot it down in a notebook.   Than I have to decide if I really need to pee, or can hold it for hours, when I really do get up in the morning.   All of this said ---this customer is very much like my blogs lately.   I sit down and ramble.   Trying to be observant, entertaining, and only offend a few people per day.   Usually the rambling turns into an entry that actually flows story wise!   Even if I start by talking about cheese.   Even if I end up annoyed that all that cheese talk, is making me hungry.  
Dam I wanted a dumpling!
    So, when I was living in Washington state last I could not find a steady job to save my life.  And feel I am more than paying for it now, being back in Wyoming.  Anyways, enough geography lesson for now.   The local IHOP restaurant up there had a worker in a pancake outfit out front almost every day.   And I used to make fun of this "profession" until I realized the pancake had a job, and I could not find one!   I am not sure if this made me look harder for a job, or resent dancing breakfast foods more.  Can you tell I am typing this while in a restaurant?   Long story short---they do not have the dancing/waving pancake anymore.  Because a roving band of hoodlums decided to beat the crap out of the guy in the suit.   And sent him to the hospital.   Maybe the punks just wanted a true flat jack.   All jokes aside this story is a strange mixture of sligthly amusing and terrible.   I would love to know what the attackers motivation was?    It also is  grim reminder that people are crazy.   This wasn't in some urban ghetto, this was a smaller day town with a very low relativity crime rate.   It also shows that all jobs have hazards, even very hidden ones.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

      **"Some people were dropped as a baby. You were clearly thrown at a wall."**

 **"I am not sure I can recommend works new smothered chicken, without laughing. is that wrong?"**

   We have a brand new menu at work.   Although most customers realize everything is passed down from the higher beings of cooperate knowledge, some are very bugged by things like items lost.   In the interest of keeping my job, and frankly being so happy that I am employed again, I really do not have any problems with the new menu.  Friday night was the first crash course with the menu some of us had.   It had just dropped that day, and we had a packed house most of the night.   The servers were not real familiar with the items, and defiantly not were they were on our ordering screens.  And the cooks were defiantly not very familiar with things.  It is now Monday and things will run much smoother by everyone I am sure.  
    I will say that in my long career at Wally World---any time cooperate jumped in, it was usually for the worse.  For everyone involved  accept those that watched and profited from the company's bottom line.   Many new rulings seemed to come down from people who had never worked in retail before and maybe had never worked around actual people.   And if you questioned the most odd ball new rules, no one an authority image, had a real answer, it was just what cooperate wanted.   No matter if it was productive, or even close to logical, don't question things and do what you were told. 

**"The biggest stall to communication is the illusion that it has occurred."**---Criminal Minds **"
    With the above, a series lack of communication usually is a root of problems.   I can't tell you how many times I had my days off as a cashier, and than everything had changed.  From rules to money raisers we were now doing.   Many times the customers knew more about what was going on than I did.   This goes all the way up to the big wigs of a corporation that do not take the time to listen to there customers and or workers.  It applies to your co-workers, spouses, pets, most aspects of life sadly enough.   With this in mind, lately I try to actually listen to those talking to me, instead of thinking what off the wall story to share as soon as they finely stop talking. 

   **"Why do so many people find the need to open up completely to a natural smart ass??"**

  Again in that same thought line---for once.  People--many people come to me and share all the time.   Many times they share way more than I, or probably anyone wants to know.   This is a given for my few best friends, they can call and share or vent to me any time of the day or night.  And I will give them the help I can without to many personal jabs.    But people have always found the need to share to me.   Usually way to much.   And most of them know, I usually reply with whatever is at the top of my mind, not always the nicest or the answer they were looking for.   

    The worse are those that come to me "wanting honest feedback" and than get angered by my replies.   Maybe those are the best?   I would say so, if my answers offended them, but several weeks later they come to me again.   Some times it is great though.   At one job --silverware rolling time became a story time of sorts.   Started by me mostly rambling about anything and everything, and than eventually the few other unlucky closers sharing.   It became an end of the work night ritual.   A time were we could escape from the crap of the work night, and forget the petty problems we had with each other that night.  And at least for me was very therapeutic! 
                           **"Today marks the 58th day of spring. Can you tell?"**

    I do not know how it is places I do not live, for sure, but it has been far from spring temperatures here lately.   Actually when I log onto my computer it tells me the weather conditions in several of the city's I used to live in.   Partly because I am a geek and partly because I am always on a quest to find another  place to move.   More so when I am living in Wyoming.   Yesterday morning I layed in bed -listening to the wind howl like crazy,  sure that I would see snow on the ground.   Luckily this was not true, but it has been chilly enough here for sure.  

   I am pretty sure I ate most of the dirt in this side of town, while returning home from the store yesterday.  It was bad enough one of the major, fine trees in the city park blew across the road.  Probably causing the entire fire and police department to show up, and defiantly made the headlines in this exciting town.  I also like to compare headlines for many places I have lived.  And although bad things happen no matter were you live, the major events here seem to involve wildlife in some form or another,or just seem very small compared to all the true evil there is out there.   
   The place I am at now has an outdoor pool, but that does me no good this time of year.   Although I have jumped in a pool or lake in January, there is still no water in this one.  The owners probably fear waking up to a skating rink some morning!  I do hope spring hurrys up, or we just skip to summer weather here.  Because summer is soooo short in the true west.  

   **"**Save ALL of your cell phone info!!** When your phone blows up, gets stolen, or gets flushed ---you will be glad you did."**

    In closing I offer a wee bit of advise for this month.   A ton of my friends have had problems with there cell phones in the last few weeks, and the end result is usually that they suddenly do not have any of the information stored in them.  From pictures to appointments to actual phone numbers.   Imagine using a phone to call someone in this day and age!   I now have a list of all the phone numbers I need saved in my computer.  And I believe a hand written copy also.   Because at one time, I flushed my phone--don't ask.   Besides costing to get a new phone, I had no ones phone numbers.  

Saturday, May 14, 2011


    **A man and wife are making a new password for the computer. Man types "mypenis", wife falls to the floor laughing cause the computer says "error: too short"**

**"A guy broke into my apartment last week.. He didn't take the TV, just the remote. Now he drives by and changes the channels..   Can't win for losin!    **

 **"I've had to become poor all on my own you know?  I wasn't born with a plastic spoon in my mouth!"**---Eric Cartman

                                          **"I'm to broke to pay attention!"**

  I see all of you survived Friday the 13th!   Congrats on that, I guess.   I spent most of the afternoon and night super busy at work.  And if it hadn't been for a few posts on Facebook, warning me of the "dreaded" day, probably would not have even noticed the date.   I did hear some new end of the world theories on that day while at work.   I have written about this before in a blog or two.  And as the Aztecs long running calander runs out next year, we are all doomed.   New stories from people that have way more free time than I do, now show dates in this year.   Usually the 21st for some reason, not the 13th!   The newest is as early as this month.   So if you believe any of this, it was great knowing you, I guess.   I'm not good at goodbye's. 
    I have never watched the show--but there is a new show on TV completely about mothers who did not know they were pregnant.   I know this happened about two years ago.   A large lady went to the hospital with complaining of stomach and or chest pains.  She went home with a baby.  But supposedly had no idea she was pregnant.   What did she think she had a cheeseburger or three stuck in her colan?  I do not understand this at all for several reasons.   Were these lady's drugged when they had sex, and than remained in a groggy haze for nine months?   But apparently it happens so much, that they now have a show about it.   As I said, I have not yet seen the show.   Maybe seeing it would explain a lot.  But from my first thoughts, any parent on this show, should instantly loose there kids, before they leave the hospital.   Were are the child service workers?  They are so strict about things that might not be that important, but not around when people are to un-smart to know they are pregnant.   
     Please check out my past blog---- Baby food and other  horrors---for more thoughts on that subject.   I feel like I have been doing these for years.   Plugging two of my older posts already in this short blog!  
    On a some what related topic.   If you have never read anything written by Dave Berry, you are greatly missing out.   *And I am not making this up*   He wrote columns for the Miami Harold for years.   And has a few books roaming around out there.  Most are his columns with lots of filler.   One is an actual attempt to a novel.  With a great plot and everything.  This became a movie a few years back, but like usual the book is way better.   *Big Trouble.      He posted a story about when a whale washed up on the Oregon coast years ago----and the official officials decided to blow up the whale with some extra TNT they just happened to have.  And were itching to have an official reason to use.    The highly attended "event" turned terribly wrong, when huge chunks of whale started to drop on the crowd.   One hundred pound piece, dropped on the roof of an onlookers brand new car.    You can find the whole video on Dave Berry's web sight or on U tube.    It is truly worth a view!   

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5/11/11 Rain is A Good Thing!?--At Least The Song is

   **"A parents only as good as there dumbest kid--if one wins a noble prize, but the other gets tied up and robbed by a hooker--you failed!"**---Sh*t my dad says web sight.  --I wanted to use this quote for mothers day, but  until today I could not locate it. 

                 **"I don't suffer from insanity--I enjoy every moment of it!"**
    **"It's not the ups and downs in life that make life difficult--It's the jerks!"**---Mad Magazine

  **"Yelling --Snap into a Slim Jim has a whole new meaning in a gay bar!"**---Tosh.0

    So I finely got motivated enough to buy coffee for my place.   I always realize it is cheaper to make coffee at home, but when you live in a "box" it is usually worth the extra cash to get out more.  I am more than a little bummed that before I got to town, many people were more than ready to grab a cup of Joe with me, and a few weeks into being back, no one has yet went to coffee with me--beyond my dad.   This is not really the same with him, mainly because he wakes up so early that and is so full of the awesome brew by the time we make it to a coffee shop, he just sits there and watches me drink.   And less importantly, many of the topics I might want to discuss, I do not as much want to discuss with a parent.   What does all this mean?  If you are one of my slacker friends from town, get a hold of me, I need a new coffee buddy or five!   It also leads to me explaining that I forgot to buy coffee filters at the same time.  Luckily I quickly fashioned a fine filter out of torn up paper towels.   I had to break out the grounds the first night I had bought them, because it is going back to chilly temperatures here.   Something I thought I would avoid more of, coming here in May.   But no, it is Wyoming.  In fact the rain found me here the last few days.  Something Washington folks are very used to.  It gets to were you grow your webbed feet and go out in the rain, or you don't really go anywhere during the winter. But it beats deep snow any day. 
    My motel rental, at the moment has two beds in it.   At the moment meaning, I am not sure I will be in the same unit  next month.  The main full bed and a mini bed in the corner.   Does this make it a two/ bed room?   It does make it were I can pretend I have more room, and switch beds every few nights.  I have not yet tried this, because you can not see the T.V. from the lil bed, no matter how you turn the set.   I do would have  great view of the microwave and coffee maker though.  Many nights, this would prove as entertaining as the shows that are on!
    Last night I did come across a few goodish shows somehow.  One explained the cable cars in San Fransico.   How they work etc.  It was really kool.   Things always seem to happen in groups--- and the next show I watched reported that the same town has lost it's category I guess you could call it, ranking maybe?  As gayest city in America.   I have never been to the city, but everything you hear about the town seems to lead to them taking pride in being very non straight.  I am not going to touch this topic today with a ten foot pole, rubber gloves, or cover it with a purdy rainbow flag.   All I can say is one of the most happening bars in the last town I lived in was always the supposed gay bar.   I say supposed, because everyone I saw there was straight. 
    For the first time in years, I am overly glad that my work days are split.   I have no vehicle and the temperatures are still far from summer or even spring like.  Even with my many started projects, cable, and, Netflix after one day off I am more than ready for it to be work 30.  
    After five great years, I have found myself in a very confusing place   Life wise and relationship wise.   I have ventured into this realm in blogs past.   And realize without all the facts any readers are probably as confused as myself.  I also realize it is a boring topic for the most part!  Y' all have your own sob stories.  Some quick new thoughts though.
    I believe the country song Tomorrow by Chris Young describes my last bus trip out of Washington and someones arms best.  
    I recall my single days while in Oregon years past.   And really do not recall much good about the whole dating scene.   What ever the results come in, I am far from ready to return to that scene at this point.   Which brings me to overly touchy/feely people at work.   Have you ever had a co worker that seems to always have there hands on you, but not ever anyone else.   The worse thing about last time I moved to Wyoming, was that all the friends I hadn't seen in years, wanted to hug me.   I was getting hugged left and right.   I don't even like hugs from people I like, as in people I am dating.  
    The first 30 daze in a brand spankin' new relationship or in a break up can be very similar.
Both may cause you to rarely get out of bed.   No ONE wants to listen to you talk.  If it's lovey-dovey new found love pet names and non stop cuddling or you going over every action and phone call you both made from day one of the relationship.   In painstaking accuracy, and worse of all --out loud.   And in either case you may very rarely be seen wearing actual pants.      Think back, you will realize I once again know what I am talking about.
    In closing this topic, and probably today's blog.   Keep the cheering to a minimum please!  Especially if you are reading this while you are driving.   Several of my friends are single for sure.  And they have been for a long while.  One of my best buddies and I were just discussing this yesterday, actually.  He actually made it to a third date with the same gal before she called it off.  Here he is a normilish hard working middle class male trying to not die single.   Knowing that reproducing might very well spell doom to any kids, but not really unwilling to try either.   Anyways, we both know some singles of both sexes that have non of this going for them.   And they still find new mates all of the time.   How does this work?  Do they have a huge ego.   Stories of fortunes in cash hidden away.   Stock piles of booze in there cupboards?   Because we all know the more you drink, the hotter I look!  
     In all attempts to by-pass logic, we have decided that these people, especially the most unattractive ones, can some how alter and or morph there private parts.   Instead of looking like the cat lady down the street who could also double as a lumber jack.   She suddenly looks like Vanna White  or whomever floats your boat.   Again this is just a theory.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/10/11--Time Flies--It's About Time to Pay Rent Again?

    **"If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching T.V. by candlelight."**---George Gobel

                                  **"It was a good game, until the coin flip."**

                      What restaurant does the one legged waitress work at??     

  "If you don't like my thoughts --stop reading my pages"---me      Posted on my Facebook page after  people were purposely going to my page, that were not friends of mine, and than becoming offended by whatever was posted.      To which I soon got this reply:
    Because what my friends lack in helpful, they abound in amusing!
"If you don't like my criticism,, stop posting your thoughts."  ---Vegas Dude

                                                        Last one for today.

    **"The biggest stall to communication is the illusion that it has occurred."**---Criminal Minds

    I am slowly getting settled into my new residence.  I call it a box, the owners and most others call it a motel room.   Luckily I am not home much, because the smallness gets to me fast.  Not that I need much room, I just do not sit well.   Lately when I am home, I find the need to have my front door open.  So far that just quickly makes the box very kool.   Not as in I am hip--but as in it still seems like winter out there to me.   I hope the two months of summer here--kick in very soon! 
About the only down fall I see so far, is that all of the water faucets are backwards and reversed.  When I posted this on Facebook, I was soon asked what way the toilet drains.   I quickly replied that when the water is not frozen it shoots straight up in the air!   I realize these are all petty problems compared to living under a bridge and raising pigs and "herbs" but can cause extra red skin if you are still not fully awake when you take that morning shower!
   I am more than thankful that I again have a job.   And would work every ones hours at least for awhile just to keep from boredom fully setting in-in this thrilling town.   Minus the thrilling part.   But Saturday night was one of those never ending nights that makes one long for a pink slip from there boss.   Everything possible went wrong that night, and the customers were the biggest "victims."   I will not go into detail, but it was an extra long, not fun, no good night, and than about the time I saw the light at the end of the time clock, I recalled that I got to close that night.  Tips were good, but for all the running around in a daze of apologies looking like a chicken with it's head freshly chopped off, it did not seem like near enough. 
    The next day was mothers day, and it was again very busy.   With more staffing and planning the day went very smooth, amazingly so compared to the night before.  And the tips were mucho nice.  Although I am sure the working mothers, made better tips for obvious reasons.   I had the honor to serve food to and work with some of the best mothers around that day.   And am glad I get to do the same in the days to follow.   Than I had dinner with the best mother and father I know.   Possibly because of all they have put up with with me and my siblings.   Thank you!    Some other great mothers I know read this blog--or are mentioned in it a lot.   And I would also like to thank you for all you do.   As in many cases,  don't listen to the haters---and rock on!

    **"After we watch the Bucket List, lets not forget to cross watching the movie, off our bucket list!"**---Easy A *movie

    A few really good friends of mine have made and even are working on there own bucket lists.  I tried to make my own, but it is amazingly hard to put down goals like this for me.   Things that you want to accomplish before you die.   Although things have been more than boring for me again lately, I try to live each day to the fullest.   And bring amusement to as many people as I can as often as I can.   I can say that although many females say they like a guy with a sense of humor-----this proves un-true very quickly!   I look around the work place many times and notice I am the only one laughing.   But at least I am amused right?   That's the important thing. 
    I have access to Netflix again and a lot of free time.   Awhile back I posted my quick reviews of many of the movies I watched last winter.   Let me know what you think.  Last night I watched Easy A.   This was a teen --high school stinks movie that actually didn't stink.   It did not follow the usual plot line, and had witty content and offered a few life lessons.   Most surprisingly for a teen movie, that sex really isn't what runs every ones world and waking thoughts.   Although it surly is in the top ten.  

Saturday, May 7, 2011

    In starting this blog series, not this blog entry, I had many  goals and ideas.  108 posts later, I am glad to say that I am somewhat staying on track.  To improve my writing skills, I had hoped to post every day.  But life gets in the way.  And some days nothing really happens.   Some days---through all the changes and such, I honestly do not feel I could keep my negative or depressed feelings out of my writing, and save us all, by not posting.   I would like to say my writing is getting better.  Spell check does not work as hard, with most of my posts.  And I can usually sit down, and polish off a long blog in a short period of time.  One that even, mostly makes sense when I sit down a few days later, and re-read what rambling I have put down.   Although I have a long ways to go, and feel I need a full time editor to ever make it big.   I also, many days feel that there is a sale on my computer on comas.   I seem to use them a lot!   And hope I am using them mostly right.  
     One of my personal goals, was to get this blog in the hands of as many people as possible.  Partly because I like to entertain.  But mostly because I really wanted, and want feedback.  As much as I can get.   Good and ugly!  Although I have found very few people seem to respond on my actual blog sight, I have recently gotten some great feedback!   And am both surprised and thankful at the amount of readers I actually have.  From all over, but mostly my vast and great friends on Facebook top the reading list.   And of course my awesome family.   Most of the feedback, is very positive.   This is refreshing, and keeps me from bawling like a baby.   Unfortunately my thoughts are sometimes harsh to individuals.   And I have sadly learned that some of my readers were people I have criticized harshly, but never thought they would read my rambling thoughts.   To them I apologize.   This has defiantly led me to pretend everyone I know is reading the blogs, and only bash the ones that truly "need it."
    This is even boring me--so I will switch gears.  Thank you to all my readers---and please leave feedback often!
    So I trekked halfway across town to Java Moon coffee shop and am sitting here writing this mess.  Awhile back I did a blog about the best coffee shops in the Bellingham area, and hope one about Sheridan java joints very soon.  Although it is bound to be MUCH shorter.  Java Moon will make the list for sure.   Probably number one.  Although I had "issues" here today.  The baristas get your name and than drip brew your coffee.   Somehow I ended up with someone Else's morning greatness.   And it caused a big caug in the routine, and  for me to have a rarely seen slightly red face.   In the end everyone got the right brew, and I had two great coffee filled cups around me.   Revealing how my love for the brew of the God's and keeping me from having to go through the long line again. 
    I have noticed while sitting here, and my week of roaming around town.  That there is a big gap in the population of people my age around.   Lots and lots of younger people and seniors.  I can't count as high  as the amount of senior discounts I give on most nights at work.  I know people my age are out there in this town.  Somehow I just never run into most of you.  Except for in Facebook land.  A magical place --were I pick what image of me you view, and have time to plan out my words *status* and such.   Last time I moved from here, many told me I should stay in Sheridan.  Turns out many of you were right.   But I can keep up computer contact with people from practially any were.  A thing that is nice for the chronic mover. 
   My newest residence has free wi-fi.   But I had to search for computer access when I first moved back into town.  In my travels I am often amazed how connected even the most small, almost village of towns are.   But a few nights found me in the lobby of the local Holiday Inn, borrowing free Internet access.   I have to say they have very roomy and nice lobby!   It is especially tranquil, when the huge waterfall is running.  Although all of that water flow constantly made me feel like I needed to use the restroom.   I was highly disappointed that my work place does not offer free net anymore.  Especially after luggin' my laptop to the store.   Luckily they still had coffee, and I bugged the workers, and played some game on my computer.   My day brightened when I left the restaurant and saw the interesting slogan on the sign out front---Just Better.   I have talked before about the slogan--which I find way more entertaining than effective.   I will have a picture of the sign up soon, but have not yet unpacked my camera.   With the current filings for bankruptcy--I have this huge urge to change the sign to Just Bankrupt, but fear returning to work jobless.  
    I enjoy a great story like the rest of you.   And always try to tell my personnel favorite yarns on here.   Most of my fun, you honestly can't make up.   I worked at this restaurant for about  year, leaving just after last Turkey day.   And just returned last Saturday.   Sadly some of my best friendships from the store have found other employment or have just kind of slipped through the time.  Those can probably be mended in time. 
    What I noticed most, is the stories floating around the store.   Brand new workers "knew" me before introductions were made.  And told me stories, that were great, I might even claim as something I did, but NEVER actually happened.   There is nothing I can really do about this.   I am overly glad that the main manager can see through all the crap, and was more than happy to offer me my job back!