Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breakfast Is Important

**"Wants to join the "cereal box" dating service. I've dated enough flakes and nuts...all I want is the prize now ;)"**---Chip-A-Hoy

Even with how important breakfast is, I tend to rearly eat more than all essential coffee in the mornings
This works well until busy weekends, which is any weekend at work. 
Every time I would think about eating, it is busy, and I am serving people food all day.
Not the best combo.  And many days by noon, I am overly shaky.
The fast pace often makes it hard to sneak of to the restroom also.  Many a day I am
in the dinning room, trying not to do the pee pee dance.   And am sometimes
very glad that we wear dark black pants...
It's an important meal, no matter what time you eat it.  I love a great huge breakfast
at midnight.   Brinner I do believe it's called!
Anyways the other day we were talking about my cereal, Fruit Loops
and how I might very well be able to take over the mascot toucans role!
At least my cereal wasn't determined to be Special K I guess.

The above pretty much shows my cooking skills.   Although I can work my way around a bbq very well.  My ex used to see me heading toward the kitchen, jump up, and say "why don't you watch some TV, I have the cooking under control."

  **"There would be a lot less litter in the world if we just sharpened the walking sticks for the blind."**

          **"If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea... does that mean that one enjoys it?"**

                          ‎**"Dammit I'm mad spelled backwards is dammit I'm mad."**

**"Morning all! I have not had my coffee yet, so will not add a good to the morning till later."**--Me

                                                                   Sign me up for the above!

  Trying to finger out whats wrong with my cell phone. I felt so "naked" with out it all day. And more than a lil worried that I didn't have it but could feel it vibrate all day.    Yes I give my phone number out to everyone, just because I like the vibration.   But at least I can admit it.   A few days back, my phone became a paper weight of sorts.   I could still use it as an alarm clock, calculator, or to hold down papers on my desk.   But nothing a phone should do, worked.   Simple things like sending or receiving phone calls.  I have had many paper weights in my life.  All of them being very costly.   From laptops to cars that no longer ran.  Even the paperweight I bought long ago, became an expensive buy.   I was trying to build my credit at a jewelry store and made payments on a kool looking actual paperweight.  Some were along the line I missed some payments and the dam thing ended up costing me about $50 bucks.  
    So I called the dreaded tech support for my phone.   They are usually very helpful, but so hard to understand it hurts.   Some calls the only words I can make out for sure are "thank you Mr Adams"   This one was not going much better, I could not even understand the numbers she was saying.   And I had the flu hardcore, so my nose was overly plugged.  What a pair!   About 45 minutes into the call, my tech support person was on hold with another tech person.   They decided my phone was not fixable and offered me a new phone.   Trying to give my mailing address turned into another huge process.   Taking over ten minutes to get right in her computer.  Part of the problem being that no one, even in the 50 states, has heard of a state called Wyoming.   The other part being my mailing address included Sugarview Drive.   A strange combo of words.   We got the sugar part down pretty fast.   But she was having trouble with the view part of the word.    At one point, I was yelling "it's like your viewing the freakin' sugar!" into the phone, which didn't seem to help much.     We will see how long it takes to receive my new phone.   I did sadly notice, after I had sent off my old phone, for exchange, that I had forgotten to write down any of my stored phone numbers.   I have most of them stored in my computer some were, after the day I flushed my old cell phone.  

     It's all fine to talk to yourself, not as fine, when you start answering your own questions out loud. 

I also want to pay someone to continue updating my Facebook status  a few times a week.  Just to see if it trips out my friends.  

      So a friend of mine had court last week, and I sent them the above picture.   Maybe that is wrong, but I had  a good laugh, and that's whats really important, right?   I think more wrong was when I first moved into the valley of Arizona.  To Florence, AZ.   It was a prison town.  With like five prisons right out of town.  In fact you passed signs coming into town  warning everyone to not pick up any hitchhikers no matter what.  The prisons were right outside of town, and a favorite night hike, up mountain  offered a great view of alllll the prison lights.   Actually being surrounded by wide open desert, it was kindda pretty.   Anyways, my buddy wanted to send me an orange sweet suit and orange pants for when I went jogging.   To see if the local sheriffs would pick me up.  
   **"I think one should daily do as many good deeds as bad deeds, just to keep Karma on it's toes."**--Me
                     I hope you all have a great day.  I am off to eat so cereal!     Happy Trails!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Y Ask Y I Do Anything!?

    So most of tonights ramblings did not come out as insperational as I had thought at first.   But like many things, it all sounded way better in my head!

     **"I think one should daily do as many good deeds as bad deeds, just to keep Karma on it's toes."**----Me
    I have talked about Karma before.  And have been trying to do as much good as I possiably can in each day.  But have had such bad luck for such long stretches that I often lay awake at night wondering why.   The only real solution I can come up with, is that I killed babies in a past life!   But for the most part it can all be sumerized as---you get what you give.  Just like when you are around me.   I reflect what I recieve from everyone.  

          **"Here's a mystery for y'all to solve for me---- I have been doing nothing but eating, at work, at home, etc. But all of my pants are now to big. I had to dig out my belt. Don't get it, but I like it!"**

Kind of goes with the whole concept --that Frostys will give you a brain freeze, but you are safe---Thanks April Adams for that slam

                  Unfortunatly I learned this and many more key factors, after becoming single. 

I am trying to branch out and always try new things.   But have learned job wise, I have few markatable skills.   My biggest "skill" is above mentioned, and that is being a prick.  It does not usually pay well though.   Unless my stand up comedy carer, that so far is non exsistant, really starts to take off!

                                                                           "I'm lovin it!"

Saturday, October 15, 2011


     So a few week ago I ended up in Billings, mostly to eat real food, but also a lot to just get out of this small town and enjoy my daze off work a little more.  I get to break away and head up to the big city again on Monday.  Before Monday's trip, I thought I should share a little about the last trip. Growing up in the sticks, we ended up in Billings a lot, because it was the big city.  They even had a mall!   And everything this town doesn't have from many good restaurants to a city bus system.  From gambling, to sex stores.  From massages, I wasn't old enough to receive while I was a high schooler, to booze in  supermarkets.   From hookers to many many real jobs available.  
      Let me take time to break down the above paragraph a little more.   Montana does have gambling,  and I did a little while up north.  Mostly because we got to the motel way to early, I had no swim trunks for the pool, and I don't sit well.  I was happy that each gambling house offered free drinks while you gambled.  But that high quickly faded when I re-called that keno and video poker were the only offerings.  Can we say boring?   I was happy that I came out exactly even after my gambling run.  
     I before mentioned the seedy sex store my friend and I decided to visit while up that way.  This particular one is supposed to be a book store, and is located by the Motel 6's.  Yes plural.   It is very much like entering someones house as you walk inside.   And the shelves were plywood, covered with random toys.   I asked my friend, also a male, to enter five minutes before I did, so it did not look like we were together.   Anyways, near one of the viewing rooms was a great sign, I now wish I had a picture of.   Pleading with customers not to pee or leave other body fluids on the floors.   And telling about an STD that was now a huge problem in the city, and how you too could get tested cheaply.   Before we ran out of the building, to if nothing else wash our hands many many times.  I spotted an inflatable party sheep.   I have talked about this before, but now have a picture!   Even for Wyoming, this  is Baaaaad!
                                 And I am still wondering why the sheep is holding a beer!??

     We used to have way to much free time, and at night circle round the Hilton in downtown Billings.  After about twelve trips around the block, the local hookers would slowly come out of the woodwork, much like cockroaches.   We would flick pennies at them and than ask for our change back.   The only reason I mention this, is that I have been downtown Sheridan lately at night time.   They have lights up all over Main Street to support breast cancer.   And I am sure they are supposed to be pink, but they all look red.   And I am sorry, it looks just like I would picture a "red light district" would.  
    Soon after we got to town, we ate at Olive Garden.  Always a highlight of any trip.   I recall my ex being sure I was dumping her one night while we were eating at the restaurant.  As she kept pointing out how thick and heavy the plates were, and how much they would hurt, as she was throwing them at me.   My main response, through enjoying the food was that I would not go to such a snazzy and or expensive restaurant to break up with anyone.  No matter how great.  Mcdonalds maybe. 
    We roamed around town.   Having fun but not really doing anything.   At one point, while I was looking for a certain cigar, my buddy ended up buying a Zippo lighter.  Mainly it seems, to flick it open and lit the rest of the trip.   Anyways, while we were sitting in the car he attempted to light it for upwards to thirty minutes.   He handed it to me for advice, but I played dumb, yes I was playing dumb, thanks, and couldn't light it either.   He gave up and went back into the store.   Red faced he returned with the lighter filled with lighter fluid. 
    At some point we ended up at the mall to roam around.   Were we found a hurricane simulator booth.   I had hoped that the booth would soak and than blow you away.   But the winds in the both only hit about 80 miles an hour.  So a typical day in Casper, Wyoming.   Speaking of Casper, Reba the country singer is going to be singing there very soon.   Is she lost or something?   Anyways, it looked pretty lame, and I will have to wait till my next trip to Florida to experience the real thing I guess.

I do not have permission from anyone except myself to post this picture, so please to not stare at the person face!

   My only complaint about the motel room was the huge stain between the beds.   The only thing I know for sure, is that it wasn't anything flammable.  There had to be a reason he bought that Zippo!   I have issues with motel rooms in general so if at all possible I try to sleep in all my clothes on top of the sheets.  Or on top of the TV which ever looks cleaner.    Before I went out to roam the town we watched an awesome boxing match.   Were one of the boxers head butted the other.  While they were making up and shaking hands, the one that got head butted, threw in a couple sneak punches and dropped the other boxer.   It was awesome.   But like many things you would have to be there to enjoy it most.
     At one point we ended up at the movies.  It was still to warm out to do much.  And we had seen most of the stores that were close to interesting.   It was early afternoon and we ended up with a $5 movie.   As I bought my pop, I pulled out a five dollar bill, waiting for change.   The clerk needed more money.   I was more than a little surprised when my pop ended up costing more than the movie.  
     This was a very chill and not to eventful trip.   But as always it was great to just get out of town.  

                                          **"The best person I know lives in my mirror!"**

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


  **"Any ideas what I should be for Halloween? Even though "sheep are safe!?" That is out, I do live in Wyoming, and there would be a good chance of getting molestered, but not in a good way! Someone said --a shepherd that's not bad. Any thoughts from people other than my friends?   While in Billings once again next week, I plan to look for a costume I can actually wear at work.  Mine was lame last year, my main influence being that I wanted to be able to wear my hat to work. 

                                            OR  SHE BOUGHT THE HYMAN REPAIR KIT>>>

**"I read drugs are bad for you.. I quit doing them, I read smoking is bad for you, I quit smoking, I read drinking and sex is bad for you.. I quit reading!"**

             I start today's blog in saying that I miss my water bed.  I have not had one for over ten years, but really enjoyed the one I had, until it came time to move.   I state this, as I sit on my bed.  It is not a bed I own, but my bed for the time being.   It is actually comfortable, many of my beds in the past were not.  And I am more than sure that many of the motels I have stayed in had bugs I kept trying to catch, but probably really never wanted to actually see.  Motels are an eerie place anyway.  And the beds are fine I am sure, if you sleep in all of your clothes and a bio suit!   But about ten minutes after you fool around with someone in a motel bed, with all the lights off you start to feel itchy.  As you lay there trying not to be itchy, you think of all the things that could have happened in the bed before you got in it.  Than just about as you are ready to jump out of bed, and turn all the lights on, catching a ton of bugs, so many that they are about to carry your bed out the back door, you realize your partner is sound asleep and not itching themselves at all.   The only other drawback to a water bed, I found was when you were drunk.   Not really when you were drunk, but when you tried to get out of the water bed the next morning.  With a hangover.  You had to start sloshing around, and kind of catch a wave, that eventually almost throws you out of bed.  But not quite.  Causing you to splash around again.   Soon you just feel sea sick of sorts and try to go back to sleep.   But all the sloshing water makes you need to pee even more.

                         **"I ate way to much again last night, but dang it was good!"**----I am just storing on the extra winter weight now!  Whats strange is that all of my pants are to big suddenly.  And I am working in a restaurant, surrounded by food, eating to much of it every day.   But who's complaining!  Maybe that light beer really is helping out!

   I found I actually enjoyed my last two daze off work.   Although it really does not pay well at all.   I had lunch with my parents, coffee with some good friends, explored, and just did lots of nothing.   I will have pictures up very soon of the exploring.  I also ended up at work, for some great pie.   Although it wasn't fur pie, something often talked about, but beyond my budget!   I believe the few customers in the restaurant, I swear I say tumbleweed go across the back dinning room, must have thought I was a great customer.  Because everyone, including the boss, came out to visit and or sit with me. 

So someone just sent me a whole e mail, about buying bobble head dolls. 1000's to choose from..... Nice
I get constant crap about the way I walk.  And the name bobble head has followed me for many years and jobs.   Even without my ex being around to tell other workers about the name! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

10/09/2011 Not The Brightest Crayon In the Box

                                       As always I love to hear your comments.   Good or bad!   

    **"We should celebrate Columbus Day, by taking over an apartment complex, and calling the land ours."**

                                **"If you smoke after sex, your doing it to fast!"**

                            **"I need more happy pills, the drunk is wearing off!"**---
   I was talking about how easy it is to get "happy pills in the North West, because it is so gloomy and rainy all of the time.  Some people really do have depression, but the doctors are ready to yell depression to anyone.  And I probably was at the time, rainy outside every day--just went through a break up--was working at Wally World...   But was very sure I did not need the pills.   In fact I gave them to a friend of mine.  Which explains a lot about both of us, maybe.  Anyways, as I said, I was explaining all this at work, and a co-worker, I almost typed cow-worker, which is something else entirely.  Asked if the pills were blue?   To which I replied---"They are not that happy of a happy pill."   For those of you that don't need them, or don't get my e mails, he was talking about Viagra.   Please note, I do not send out the e mails, someone really did break into my Yahoo account.  I do not feel you need Viagra, and if I did I would joke about it behind you back.  AND I certainly would not keep sending the ads to my parents!  

                                        They found the pot at the end of the rainbow~!

            I have heard talking to yourself is perfectly fine, until you start answering your own questions.   

                                                   **Coffee helps you go poo!"**

  I have talked about the joys of coffee a lot.  In fact, in looking over some of my old posts, I would say coffee comes up in some form in about 90% of my posts.   But it is my best friend by far at the moment.   My only complaint about any coffee shop, is the coffee bar.   Were you can add creamer and such.  It takes me 5 seconds to add everything I need, and enjoy my brew.   Most people stand up there forever.  Adding creamer than sugar, stir, add more sugar, taste, add more creamer, dump out some coffee, because now the mixture is to full.  They are keeping me from my dam drink!  And I think most people could mix a martini faster!   I am bringing it up tonight, because last week had national coffee day!  Truly.   I believe it should be a week long, but no one ever likes my ideas, and I am actually surprised they get a day for that, outside of Seattle.   I celebrated with a cup of Joe  even before I knew it was a "holiday."  And than returned later for another cup, after I had read the big news.  

             **At least one person at CMT is losing there jobs. Y'all hear about that?-----

 So apparently --the other night while some country video was playing on the station, someone had dubbed over all the words, and all that could be heard was the N word, until someone jumped in and fixed the huge situation.   You can view this all on U-Tube already I am sure.   But I am sure at least one person is losing there job.  And at one point anyway, it was a $400,000 dollar fine ever time that word was uttered on air.  So that could become very costly, quickly. 
                      **Is it a sign of the times when the dollar store offers layaway?"*-----I HATE all the dollar stores--were everything is more than one dollar. If you have to do a price check at a dollar store, something is wrong!   Price checker at a dollar store should be the easiest job around. "Oh that there item ---let me check--it costs one dollar!"

                                                                 Tis' the season!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thanks Netflix ---again

   **"Sometimes I like what Google guesses I am looking for, much better than what I really am looking for! Even after one letter."**---Me-----Although if you are not careful most of the searches lead to one option close to what you are looking for, and many porn sights.  

**"To give you clue of how my work day went today---we put every ones first name initials on the side work chart. Today it spelled out PMS!"**----I think it made the store manager nervous when I brought this up to her yesterday.  But I am not sure if she was nervous that the letters spelled that, or that I noticed it.  I used to have a boss, that would blame being extra annoyed on PMS  she would pretty much blame everything on it, actually.   I finely told her that it wasn't PMS if it lasted eight years straight.   I can sense from here, that my readers are not as amused as I am, and I have already typed PMS way to many times for my own comfort. 

    Many months ago I was lucky enough to be able to log onto my friends Netflix account on my computer.  I felt even luckier when the snow started to fly, with constant days of just cold.  Although if it was an extra windy day the computers buffering, was more than a little annoying.  The only other complaint I had was using my extra small laptop when it came to an action movie.  But both were minor inconveniences in the long run.   I watched many movies, in every category.   And with the great stuff, saw some overly strange stuff also.  That friend and I also watched the same movies at the same time, kind of like a long distance date.  I also did a whole blog post, you can check out, and argue with, about movies watched during that time.   It's a very long list actually.   I also rated each movie, with my own rating system and told a little about each movie.
   Just lately were I am staying, the owner dropped cable, and it's huge expenses, and bought into Netflix.   I have been working to much, to report on very many movies at all.  But have found myself stuck on watching season one of Raising Hope.   I do not like most of the new sitcoms, but do recommend this one.   It manages to be funny, sweet, and a little inspirational without jumping into the lame stage.   They also, greatly for the most part can stay funny, without being all about sex.  If you plan on listening to me, and watch the series, watch the first episode for sure. 
   In it the main character goes out for ice cream and some how saves a beautiful girl.   After spending the night with her in his van, his family finds out that she is a crazy serial killer, is there really any other kind?  And they turn her over to the police.  Turns out the boy got her pregnant that one night.   Even though the state decides to kill the woman.  And the show is about the boy and his family trying to raise the baby.   Complete with there "crazy" grandma, that seems to take her top off once an episode.   The last one I watched, everyone in the household ended up on the sex offender list, separately.   For stupid and comic reasons. 
    One of the few movies I have had time to watch so far was "They Live."   Ok movie--with one of the best lines I have heard in years.   This movie was onna those kick ass---fight aliens that look like humans movie.  Kick every ones ass it seemed.   Anyways the main line ---somewhat cleaned up was  "I'm just here to chew bubble gum, and kick ass, And I am all out of freaking bubble gum!"

    After over a year of not watching anything at the movie theatre---I have been to four or five movies in the last two months.   Actual movie house movies that cost $10.00 a pop.  We hit a matinee in Billings, while waiting for the temps to lower outside.  It was early enough that we got in at a discounted price.  But than actually payed more for our drinking soda than the movie cost.    The most amusing movie lately was seeing The Lion King in 3-D.  I have seen the movie many times.  Have seen most cartoon movies actually.   I first have to say, the Lion King is a great movie, but defiantly not one of my top favorites.  Next I have to mention that we went to the 9:30 showing, so there were no kids in the theater at all.   Just a bunch of people, my age, enjoying the show.   That's part of the wonder of Disney, everyone can enjoy, without feeling bad about it.
    I randomly pop things like my hands or a tray, in peoples faces at work, and yell "It's in 3-D!"  As usual I am often the only one amused.  One night I kept doing this to the same worker.  And she finely needed to inform me that "not everything was in 3-D!"   Which I replied--"That's true, and why theres 2-D!"  Sometimes I think there is 4-D  like when you go shopping late at night.  When only shop lifters are out, and people with amazingly bad B.O.  Which you can not only smell but taste and feel!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10/5/2011 Once upon a time.....

    A great former boss of mine would not let me tell her a story, no matter how great it was, without first saying "once upon a time.....    She would walk off while I was talking if I did not start out this way.  Of course I have great stories.  Most of which are even true.  I wish many of them would come of as well in writing as they do when I verbally tell them.   Like this story for example.   Anyways, to save my vocal cords effort, I took this picture while downtown, and would show it to the boss before starting a great story.  Or even a crappy story.  I think this should be painted just inside the city limits in Story, Wyoming.   But most people do  not like my ideas.   I do not even like them many times, after they finely make it out of my head.   But I do enjoy this idea.   For now. 

This sandwich can fetch itself!  No dogs or buns were harmed in filming this.

               So after a very slow day at work I once again had to much time to think.  Sorry for y'all.   It seems that yesterday was overly busy at work, but I was not working.  Maybe it is because they put me near all the windows at the front of the restaurant.  Were my ugly mug scared them off, even from the road!  Although I am positive it was slow, restaurant business is never the same from day to day or even hour to hour.   There is also never a nice in between.  It is either very slow, were workers swear they see tumble weed crossing the dinning room.  The only other alternative is that the place is so packed, you really don't have time to screw up, or think.   I actually seem to screw up the most when it is amazingly slow.   Having many brain farts, and forgetting to do little things, like take customers drinks or there food maybe.   When it is busy, I stay on top of everything, and provide extra excellent service.   
     I am pretty sure were I work is going to once again pass down a new dress code.  If what I heard is true, I am not excited at all.   White shirts and a tie in any restaurant are not a fun costume.   I do not do well with wearing white in any setting.   And can ruin a white shirt while just sitting in a chair at home.   I have had this costume before, at a Pizza Hut of all places.   And have to say the shirts were rarely white.  We could have used the shirts as sauce menus.  Although saying "this spot tastes like marinara sauce" was frowned upon.   Until I got a tie pin, I would tuck the bottom of my tie into my shirt, to keep it out of customers pizzas.   As in many situations, you have to wander, just a little what cooperate is thinking.   While at Wally World we were all pretty sure, the people in charge of dissions were just messing with us all, to see how much we would really put up with.   Decisions were made that made it impossible to help the actual customer.  When we asked a manager why ?  They just said "that's what cooperate says to do."   I usually had the day off, when the big wig managers came to visit.  To avoid me asking why a lot.   And my bosses never liked when I was asked anything, because I would tell the truth, not usually what anyone wanted to hear.  For the most part, we learned to not ask questions, smile and nod, and figured that the head bosses were smoking some really good sh*t up there in there offices.  With the one way windows.   Being in Oregon were everyone seems to deal with drugs in some way.  From growing them, using them, or getting contact highs from those around them.   Most of us just wished the managers would share!


    One of my co workers, who does not ever seem to do much at all, told me he could not go to coffee the other day, because he was going to lunch with his grandma.   I have to wander if that is what they are calling it now.   It does sound much better than choking the chicken for sure!    But why drag ones poor grandma into such talk.
   This does not count if you were reading the above, out loud.   Or if the voice in your head paused on the word This and is still stuck.   Hit the play button, placed conveniently on the top of your forehead.  

    As I am typing all this, I hate looking out at the sunshine outside.  After a full day of work, I really don't feel like roaming around and enjoying the sunshine.   No matter how few days of this might be left this year.   Before we are buried under mounds and mounds of snow and or cold.   I do have an extra day off work this week, and find it highly likely that I will spend at least one of those in Billings.  I have kind of decided to stay in Sheridan for the winter, and try to sneak off to Billings (the big city) more often to keep myself happier.   This means that, I really need to post about my last trip up north, before I go again.  And I need to find a ride, if I am going north next week, even for a day. 

    The dogs eyes maybe an indication that you are not the best driver anymore.  This town for sure could use some tougher restrictions on elderly drivers.   I believe some of the local dead citizens still have a current, and regularly used drivers licence.    One South Park touched on the subject.  After to many deaths caused by the older folks, one involving a car landing on a fisherman in the middle of a lake, all the older drivers lost there licences.    The seniors, after the recalled what they were angry about, took over the town.   And the only way to gain the town back for everyone, was to close up the local Hometown Buffet.   Seniors were lined up by 5 PM trying to get in, and mad as heck that they couldn't.   Soon falling to the parking lot ground in hunger pains.    I am not saying all seniors should loose there licence.   Most people my age, should probably also.   I already have.  Mine driving is soooo good, the local police decided to keep my licence on file, so they would always have it!   Maybe we just need a better testing procedure for every age?  

Monday, October 3, 2011


  This has some how become my slogan lately in a lot of ways.   Of course living at work does not help in getting things done in the real world.   Most months I post a blog 15-20 times.  Last month I think I had 7.   Sad face!  I am working on way more posts.  And still keeping them quality posts that all two of my readers will want to read.  

   Tonight's is mostly pictures I have borrowed.  And what you might call filler.   Because it is filler.   I think the pictures are funny.  And if they are yours--thanks for making us laugh, and I have no cash for you to sue me for. 

                                                     This sign should be used more places?  

   I have always liked the Simpsons.   Still more than most cartoons out there.  Although South Park runs a close second.  I was very happy that the Simpsons movie was still funny, after all these years of the cartoon.  

            Or of a drug habit, but that is a different story and a much harder sign to write?

At Wally World, parents just leave there kids in the toy department as a great free day care for them.   I don't know how many kids, I had to kick off bikes, they were ridding around the store.  The best is when the parents ask the workers, if they can watch there kids while they go shop.  Because of course the workers have nothing better to do with there time.  While the parents are off buying condoms that wont break this time, or whatever they need. 

            **"Nine out of Ten people that talk to me--say I have diarrhea of the mouth!"**

     **"Smile it will only get worse!"**---Marshmallow-----My boss used to say this all the time.  And he was usually right!  I called him Marshmallow, because he seemed to think he was a hard ass boss  but when someone asked him something, he always did what they wanted, so was soft and gooey inside.   But I thought he was great because he cooked me breakfast all the time, and would stand by the door on weekends, when I worked very early, with a cup full of coffee just for me!   Saying-- "you look like you need this."   This line can apply to every day life though.   I don't know how much I hated having all my friends telling me how life could only go up from were I was.  I believe I heard this for three years straight at one point.   Just tell it like it is folks.

This is supposed to be a picture of the oldest known remains of a politician ever.   Not really much more to say about that.

  The above text colors reminded me that I saw an entire isle of Christmas stuff up in Wally World today.   Way too soon!!!!   I know that retail is always ahead of the times, but holy crap!   Luckily I do not really have anyone to buy for this year.   Last year I was returning to were I thought I would call home, with three kids in the household.   And I can say, that watching them that time of year, is way more entertaining, than any family gatherings here, with all adults.  I started this blog in December, and time has flown by since than at an insanely quick pace.  The Christmas village used to come out about Halloween time.  Every year we would get a Wal Mart building for the village, that was supposed to be the focal point of our display.   Every year we some how broke that building. 

I call this a red neck mansion right here.   I actually do not think it would be that bad to live in at all, if it were not for all those dam stairs!   I know someone that lives in a van, who if you ever let them sleep in your back yard, could have your back yard looking like this before you could say "what the Durp!?"    I also feel that most Wally World parking lots have become the cheap mans KOA campgrounds.   For those of you that don't know a Durp usually is a red neck  a particularly dumb one, at that.   And it stands for  Dim-witted Urban Redneck Parole.   I have dealt with more than my share of those.   Including one that wanted to kick my ass   all because I told his wife to buy him a pink moped instead of a new convertible. 

Facebook is supposed to drop a whole bunch of new changes on the public very soon.  I think these ones would actually be kind of neat?