Sunday, October 16, 2011

Y Ask Y I Do Anything!?

    So most of tonights ramblings did not come out as insperational as I had thought at first.   But like many things, it all sounded way better in my head!

     **"I think one should daily do as many good deeds as bad deeds, just to keep Karma on it's toes."**----Me
    I have talked about Karma before.  And have been trying to do as much good as I possiably can in each day.  But have had such bad luck for such long stretches that I often lay awake at night wondering why.   The only real solution I can come up with, is that I killed babies in a past life!   But for the most part it can all be sumerized as---you get what you give.  Just like when you are around me.   I reflect what I recieve from everyone.  

          **"Here's a mystery for y'all to solve for me---- I have been doing nothing but eating, at work, at home, etc. But all of my pants are now to big. I had to dig out my belt. Don't get it, but I like it!"**

Kind of goes with the whole concept --that Frostys will give you a brain freeze, but you are safe---Thanks April Adams for that slam

                  Unfortunatly I learned this and many more key factors, after becoming single. 

I am trying to branch out and always try new things.   But have learned job wise, I have few markatable skills.   My biggest "skill" is above mentioned, and that is being a prick.  It does not usually pay well though.   Unless my stand up comedy carer, that so far is non exsistant, really starts to take off!

                                                                           "I'm lovin it!"

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