Monday, December 19, 2011

A New Post---Wahoo!!


                                        **"Sadly, my day requires pants!"**-----Snowflake
   For whatever reason, I ended up opening at work a few days back, and I was sitting on the toilet scrolling through Facebook.   When I saw the above status, I about fell off the toilet laughing.  Maybe not so much because it is amusing, which it is, but because it was 4:30 in the morning.   Things are much funnier the earlier in the AM it is somehow.  

                   **"If this phone is so smart, how come it keeps letting me call you? "**-----
   I have talked about "smart phones" before.   And how I really don't have a desire for a device much smarter than myself.  I just want something that will act like a phone.  Not dial the wrong number automatically twelve times and than allow everyone from Sprint to Santa to track my location on the globe. 

                        **"Random Fact: It takes a giraffe 35 min. to puke."**

                                 **"Why do I never get memos? And why is Tracy fighting her name sake??"**----
    So about a week ago, I got a random text from a co-worker simply saying that another gal at work, "Houston" we will call her, hated to be called Tracy.   I am usually not sure what texts to me are about, and just went with it.   Starting to call Houston --Tracy for 24 hours.   At the work Christmas party, others got involved in the "fun" and the girl even answered to Tracy, when we yelled it across the room.   That night to continue the fun, I had everyone on my calling list, text her, and say something like "whats up Tracy?"   Long story short, she wasn't as amused as I was.   I do find it overly amusing that after texting my friends to leave the above text, and I would explain why later, most of them complied. 

                                     Me opening yet another box of coal!   Kingman, Arizona
   .Speaking of texting---a sight I like off of Facebook  is called texts from last night.   People send in actual texts from there cell phones, only including the area code and the text.  Most seem to deal with booze, and they are a good laugh for the most part.    Below is an example. 

‎(914): We thought we were getting kicked out but then he started tickling the bouncer. Next thing you know the bouncers giving him a piggy back ride to the bar.
   **"I am feeling extra froggy this weeksend! I appoligize in advance to my co workers!! On a side note, I think I am going to pick random friends on FB

                       Woman Caught Making Meth Inside Walmart | Tosh.0 Blog
               Hey, it's one of the first rules of business: You gotta go where your customers are...
                                **Yet another reason to shop at Wally World!-----lol

     **"Christmas shopping started and almost finished today! Just need a little help from Santa and the post office now."**---Me---
    I really can't stand shopping in small towns.  Here we basically have K-Mart and Wally World.  So you really do join the masses when you go out to shop.  Especially the longer you wait.   I greatly knocked down my shopping list the other day.  And managed to do it rather quickly, if I do say so myself.   Last year was great.  Someone did most of my shopping for me, and every time I called that great person, more things could be crossed off my shopping list!   I can pick great gifts, it just takes me a lot of time, and I am a guy last time I checked, so the odds are already stacked against me. 
    These groups of people going around the country and paying off shoppers lay aways, have the Christmas spirit for sure!   Someone walked into the K-Mart here last week, and payed off $1000 worth of peoples layaway.   It of course made front page news here.  Not as big a deal, when the local paper is only three pages big.   They had some critia to there pay offs, so only paid about 80 percent of the stores  lay aways off.   Only, that's still a lot!   I believe the worst part would be reading this news in the paper, than running down to the store to see if your layaways were all paid in full, and than finding you were part of the 20 percent that didn't get paid off.   *Sad face!
     These stories are always the best, of true good spirits.  As you wonder the isles looking for some cheesy gift, that says you are not cheap and you really do love the person you are shopping for.  Or mainly that they bought you something, and you had to say that there gift was sitting at home not wrapped yet.  It's really sitting on the shelf of the store, still waiting to be bought.   But from the news, I see more gloom and doom for the economy with the start of the new year.   People are already bringing back returns in record amounts, and it is still December, in case you haven't looked at your calenders lately.  Customers are deciding they have over shopped, and feeling buyers remorse.

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