Friday, January 29, 2016

1/29/2016---Yo Yo!

Bellingham,WA Exploring past.

     Greetings from the MC grease pit right down the street from me.  I am stalling before having to do laundry once again.  I have noticed several things while not having Internet at home in the last few months--one being with at least three grease pits on the same stretch of road, none of them are every very busy and like a big -food & coffee filled, air conditioned office.  Where one can also get in some great people watching.  I also am a little annoyed that so far I keep being drawn to the same place because it is easy and I know they have free MC Wi-Fi.  But there are soooo many coffee shops in the area.  And I wish to Explore them all. ;)  For if you have not yet gotten the memo---I enjoy a great cup of coffee or five in the morning. 


                         **"Woman are made to be loved not understood."**

Annnnnnd back in the dog house. It's been awhile. But it still hurts as much.-------  With all going on it has been awhile --especially for us since we have fought--but it does not make it any easier.  I am trying to live by the above quote even more--but it seems like I keep having to prove my love and I am not sure why.  It also many days seems like I am just in the bating cages swinging and missing ---there when fully needed, but only a stand by when life gets in the way.  And life gets in the way a lot.  I probably do not want to know the whole truth--but I wish we could both put all our cards on the table and move on from there in the way we both see best.  Hopefully most of this is just in my head.    I find I am fighting going into a deep funk right now---not being welcome at there house.  Where I could just sleep all day and not do anything else and be fine with it.    Enough "deep" for now Y'all. 

       My Exploring page has MANY updates in the works, full of pictures and trips across amazing Arizona-------Please check it out It is a great read while downing large amounts of coffee for sure. wink emoticon I have been busy taking lots of pictures for this page. And when things settle down more---I will be doing lots of updates. Please share the link with your friends if you enjoy what you see here!!        Depending on how much class work I get done and how early I sneak out of work---a brand new post might appear on this page yet tonight! 

Does this count as car pooling?
I have tried this at work, and the customers still see me and than ask for stuff!
Write that down!
Much more good sounding stuff -sure to be true if you think about
it long enough--in my next post!
Thanks for being a reader!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Never Trust Someone That Does Not Drink Coffee

               Hello readers!   As this great day un folds I am happy for a lot of things.  Mostly that my beautiful wife is still by our side.  That we are still as in love as in the beginning with a few minor hiccups of course.  That I get to go to work soon.  That we still have freedom of speech---please enjoy that while you still can my friends.  And that I have found lots of coffee!!  As always I am happy for my many readers of this page.  As I have not had time to update any of my pages in the last few months---in fact I have found the need to eliminate one page, because others go to crazy when they read things they do not like. I guess the truth really does hurt in many cases.   As I get time I check the views of all of my pages, and am always amazed at how many I accumulate.   Thank you all for this!!

   My Exploring page has MANY updates in the works, full of pictures and trips across amazing Arizona-------Please check it out    It is a great read while downing large amounts of coffee for sure.    ;)        I have been busy taking lots of pictures for this page.  And when things settle down more---I will be doing lots of updates.  Please share the link with your friends if you enjoy what you see here!!  

      Now to explain the first paragraph in a little more detail.  Because of a whole group of messes ---I have spent the last month trying to get a police report describing it all for my wife--and one for me.  All of this leading to my closing my local Benson page--Because apparently meth heads are beyond crazy.  Benson has a very small police department and actually catching up with live workers seems to be nearly impossible.  Even with multiple requests.  I guess I should have filled my requests for the paper work when we first talked to the officers.  After yet another day of not getting the paper work I wished for yesterday---I went off on a mini anger spurt about visiting a "Mayberry police department from hell!"  When I returned later in the day I was annoyed to find the records clerk had already went home.  But not before complaining about my attitude.  The original officer in all of this----one my wife is in the middle of taking to court--and one that is greatly on a power trip---I don't recall any Mayberry police being on power trips.  He probably does not drink his morning coffee...   The officer did hand me my paper work  finally---but managed to work in two lectures before doing so.  One about my attitude towards HIS records clerk and one about running my mouth and not being able to back things up.  Where most of this all started in the first place and because he had sense read much of my local Benson page.   I instantly started wishing I had brought some one with me and our tape recorder, as I had done every other trip to the station.  I grabbed the papers, stepped back a few feet, and kept repeating about the greatness of my freedom of speech.  Something that also ironically plays deeply in all of this.  I think I will mail him and the Mayberry records clerk a big shipment of coffee beans!!  

      Now about my beautiful wife.   She recently was released from the hospital and on Thursday once again ended up in the hospital.  She was bad this time around, not that any hospital trip is good.  Especially if it involves the Benson hospital.  I am ready to prepare a whole post about one recent trip there at the Mayberry hospital.  Anyways this trip was extra scary and as soon as they had her stabilized in Benson they were prepared to air vac her once again to Tucson and a real hospital.  I got the news as I was ready to clock into work, and received a text from her mother, who found her unconscious---simply saying "your wife is dying."   So I was beyond unsettled by the time I reached the hospital.  Making things worse---- at one point my wife and I had the room to ourselves.  I was gripping her hand and she was fading in and out of being awake and or alert.  She looked up at me---at something  and kept saying she loved me.    For 20 minutes straight.   She NEVER does this.   And I became even more worried   although I could not help but think she thought she was talking to someone else, or saw a bag of Mc burgers in the room.  That feeling at that moment made all of the bad go away.  She is out of the hospital now, in fact if I ever get out of work I am going to visit her.  Later we talked about all of this--always a bad idea.  And she said she does not recall anything from that night.   Kind of ruins the beauty of it all, but I know that through it all she loves the crap out of me.   She just needs to be nearly dead to share. 

                            **This one makes me laugh every time I see it. 

Today's pictures of the day come from the monastery in St David Arizona.
Lots of pictures coming from this short trip about a week ago.  I took with our youngest.  Whom might have actually takin' more pictures than I did on this trip.  With all the hospital visits and such I have been doing plenty of praying and thankfully so have many of my readers. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Welcome Back---To Me!


      I have been away from all of my pages for awhile.  And as is usually the case, the more quiet I am the better for everyone involved.  ;)   We recently had many small issues turned episodes in the grand city of Benson--involving our truck that was for sale, idiots, police, and court--because I soon had my own lynch mob on my personal Benson page--I have done everything short of closing the page---apparently you can not just close a page on Facebook.  And I deff. do not want someone else taking over that page.  You have to delete everyone from the group, and than delete yourself, and Facebook will notice it is an empty page, and make it go away.  Easier said than done, because you have to personally delete everyone from the page--one at a time.  My page has 1800 members.  For a quicker route -one can go down in a post on the page filled with curse words and such, and the whole page will soon be deleted.  I am currently letting the situation fix itself by making it to were no one can post on the page--except under current conversations.  And the only current on up--says that the page is closed!  And by slowly deleting the members in no order.  This of course is making everyone angry--and instead of just leaving the page, they are calling me every name in the book.   One good comment has shown on the page and I must share it here......

"Closed meaning not anyone can join. He started the group so why does anyone Care if he is the admin? I don't comment on here often, and the only reason I stay on is to see how upset one single man can make everyone. If everyone is so upset with the man why not leave the group on your own ???? I don't know this Adam character but I do know he brings amusement by getting everyone all fired up, essentially over nothing



  Finally had my eval. at work- only six months late. Came out pretty darn good, although it is about time for my next eval! Hard to believe I have been there almost two years now. My main negative--Apparently I am a "hot head." *Shocker!! I replied with ---well stop pissing me off...  ----I really like this job, so I really do not want to say to much more here.  I found out long ago I have no idea who is really reading this page.  And although I do enjoy ticking people off most of the time, my bosses might not need any more encouragement to call me a hot head.   I got no real raise out of all of this fun.  My checks are kind of a joke anyway, since my real money comes from tips each day.   They are giving me a lump check at equivalent to a 2 % raise for the last six months -since the evaluation was due.   So it should be a big lump.  

They said I was a four star Server!
Out of 100 stars....

     One last quick thought from work ----We recently got another new manager on our side---to many hot heads must keep them from staying over us?  Anyways I believe the first day new boss worked with us, she was told that I would come up with a nick name for her.  I have been slacking on coming up with one---and was also un aware that the cook line had come up with one for her---Beetle Juice, because she wears striped tops ALL the time.  Anyways, please note I did not come up with this one -in any way---but I still got thrown under the bus.  She confronted me about two weeks ago, positive I came up with the name, and asking why.   I promised her, that I would have at least told her the nick name I would have came up with----and she just kept standing there looking sad-and sure that I had come up with the name.  So I asked her---"If we yell Bettle Juice three times---will you appear when we need help on the floor?"    Funny right?   She just kind of disappeared at that point. 

  Please don't forget to check out my local Exploring page full of pictures and Exploring across Arizona.  I have been greatly slacking on this page also, but there are lots of past posts to check out.  And MANY new pictures and posts in the works!  Show your friends!!

                       Wilcox, Arizona Exploring

**My kids can be pretty great when they choose to be. Just like my beautiful wife!**-----Just sayin'
I have a rare Saturday off work coming up, were for once Friday will also be my Friday!  And I don't know what to do with myself.  I don't want to go on a hike, because everyone is off on the week ends.  Hopefully after I sit on the couch all morning in my underwear eating Coco Puffs and watching cartoons----my wife and I have an amazing date night.  

Sheridan, Wyoming Exploring.
Every one should have a cup o white mocha Steve~!

                    **"I have seen awful things----empty coffee cup things."**