Thursday, November 26, 2015

What Are You Thankful For??

    **"Sometimes I stop and wish I was a nicer person, and than I continue being the A Hole I am!"**

    **"I have to plug in my cell phone so many times a day, it is almost like having a-land line again!"**


             Happy Turkey Day to all of my readers!  I am guzzling coffee before work  so luckily you--a new blog post is emerging!  I am at the Mc Grease pit across from a large Wally World watching the madness that is holiday shoppers.  A madness that will only increase as the day grows darker and closer to black Friday.   Although most of the sales this year start tonight.  I noticed about a week ago that retail lines are already extreme and Christmas long --and I was just trying to buy Twinkies or 40s of beer or some other big necessity.   But look up--the lines will only get longer!   As I sit here--I am very thankful for coffee!   And that I am not working in retail anymore.  On daze like Black Friday not even the booze infused coffee helped.  At least now I work for tips---on holidays something I like to call sympathy tips.   I eat well with family or other wise, like this year--before or after work and than make each customer feel as though I am abandoning my family just to serve them ---and I am hoping for a huge customer turn out today.  Working a 2 to 10 PM  ish   should be very busy.  It seems not to many people venture out in the mornings for food on Thanksgiving.   This Mc D's is nearly empty.   Not that I am complaining.  I am happy they are even open. 
       This is a harsh Thanksgiving and year for me.  Having my family so close, but not being able to see them is beyond hard.  Yes I am sure I could patch things up for a little bit and be the bigger man, and see them all ---but I think right now some distance is best for us all.   I/we have had a crummy year  but I still have a ton to be thankful for!   I have an amazing job, I have a car again, a few great friends,  I am almost approved to move into my new home.  Something I really really do not approve of--but am very thankful for with my rental history and such.   And although I am missing them all immensely right now--I am extremely thankful I meet my amazing wife and her kiddos all those years ago.  We have had some amazing times and all of there hearts are 20 times bigger than mine will ever be.  For better or worse -the person I have become is mainly because of our past.  Plus---maybe most thankfully at the moment even though times have been very bad for awhile now---my beautiful wife wants to work on us   from a distance.   No finalized give up and divorce.  I am sure I am thankful for many other things right now, but the coffee has not fully kicked in yet. 

So many trails   So little time!

   I had hoped to sneak out on a short hike this morning  but bed felt to good.  If I continue to not be able to sneak into work tomorrow, and actually get productive, I will go Explore some where kool and get some pictures of course.   While I am slacking please check out my Exploring past on this very page---and on my local Arizona page.       I am in the process of many updates to this page for sure. 

Tucson Exploring at it's finest!
This town has so much to offer.
I hope to soon make a dent in my long list of local places to Explore near here.
Pictures and blog posts to come of course.
My buddy once again wondering WHY we hike.
This time in the middle of the Grand Canyon.
There is a blog---or two about that!
Please check them out---lots of blood and sweat goes into each hike,
and on many occasions after being lost for most of the day
we are just thankful to be alive and back at our vehicles.  ;)
Last thought for today.....   or at least this morning
At least in Arizona-were even the sun risks getting a sun burn---the ADOT over head messages above the highway about not drinking have changed from    *Drive hammered --get nailed*  ahahahahhah    No really!*  To the very confusing ----*Drinking and driving go together like peas and guac*
Maybe because I did not grow up in the South---but I find this sign very confusing--so much so that I am starting to ponder if I am already drunk.  Maybe the coffee still has just not fully kicked in.  Personally I do not enjoy peas or guacamole in any combination.  And would have to wash them both down with lots of booze.  What does any food combination have to do with driving drunk?  And why is big government worried about what I am eating?   Have they been spying on my pictures of what I eat --posted on Facebook again?
I have to say food post updates are one of the most annoying things that can be found on any social media.  
I do hope that anyone that enjoys posting food online---refrains from doing so today.
Because we are ALL eating the same  sh*t!  ;)


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

11/25/2015 Happy Pre Turkey Day

    Hello!   I am never sure why this very page keeps getting views--any more so than why anyone ever finds me attractive.  BUT THIS very blog page now has over 41000 views.  And every day I stare at myself in the mirror and drool---just a little bit.  Another page of mine that is gaining on views --and comments--daily is my newest local Exploring page.  Filled with pictures and Exploring all around Arizona.   Please check it out!

Where are you Exploring today---Yo!?

     **To all of us working tomorrow---*Cheers** Stay safe and enjoy that holiday pay. Although it should be holiday + hazard pay. VERY glad I am making tips instead of working retail or something equal as horrid.  ;) I   Work a 2 -10 PM tomorrow.

      If you choose to join the masses out shopping tomorrow---more power to you, for sure!   I might be right out there with you.   I just know for certain, after eight long years of working retail----shopping with the crazy masses is much different from working with the crazy workers. 

            I have a lot of thoughts this pre Turkey Day evening-as I sit by myself doing laundry and possibly drinking my dinner.  None of them good thoughts.  Although I do hope to squeeze in a good hike in the morning---while most of the natives are resting up for all of that turkey consumption for all day Thursday.  I "get" to work most of the day--from 2 till 10 PM.  But as in most of the holidaze, the tips make it more than worth it.   Besides this year, I really do have no where else to go.  Hopefully I will manage to at least sneak off and get some great new pictures for the above mentioned sight.   All of this free time makes me wonder a few things about Turkey day---because if you have not noticed -this page is about a lot of things, but mostly about coffee love and lots of random rambling.  Rambling that often does not even make self to me after I read the posts again on a later date.   ;)    Tonight--with the help of adult beverages I really wonder what Thanksgiving would be like now if dinosaurs still existed.  Our happy family dinner might be a flying Do Do bird or something much much bigger, for sure!  I also again have to ponder why Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving?   At all.  Although they celebrate on a different week than us it seems.   We used to live near the Canadian boarder--Aye   long before we moved way down south by the Mexican boarder.  I am sure down here they celebrate the holiday---Because   heck  who doesn't like turkey!!>?   But in Canada  they really celebrate the day.   Yes they have lots of holidaze--like 10 times more than most Americans--even those in government work.  And when you live on the boarder, you benefit from both sides traditions and holidaze.   But last time I checked, even my grammatically checked and fact checked void as well as racist proof high school history books, Columbus did not land in Canada--and claim all the residents -visitors and tell the queen he had landed in Italy.   Please note---although I was taught history, when actual history was taught in schools---I may not have fully listened each day.  And I may or may not have been drinking adult--mind altering beverages this fine evening.   Prove me wrong---OR accept what you are now reading and have another beer, like most graduating high school students this year.

    I have now lived by both major boarders---and LOVE this map!!   In short I am saying nothing good comes out of California.  Ok to clarify NO good laws or rules come out of CA.  And it seems like the bad ideas and or stupidity follows right up the coast line.  I have never actually lived in California--nor do I ever wish to, but I have lived in Oregon and Washington and the dumb just seems to follow up the coast line.   Oregon is not to bad yet, because many hippies and such keep the population and stupid in check.  But people in Washington seem to love everything that comes out of California.  Including thinking anything that even looks like a gun is bad.   To bad they decide all of this over amazing coffee   and lots of it, with the constant gray skies outside. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


              With my class this evening I really should be catching up on studying --but beyond not really wanting to --I can not seem to access the college page at the moment.  Tonight I have class and than work till at least midnight.  Not a very good method to wake up from the class.  The instructor keeps it as interesting as possible, but it is a three hour class and all.  Work on Tuesday is not usually a very good wake up either-because it is sooooo slow.  Than at 9 AM I scheduled to return to work.  Great for getting more tips and because I am off work early tomorrow, bad for getting any sleep in between.  Luckily sleep is over rated, and I really just survive on coffee and coffee related assosireis.  And than it is Turkey day!   I again will be at work most of the day--but mainly chose to be.  Tips can be amazing on holidaze, if one goes with the pity me -serving technique.  Plus food will be waiting for me  whenever I get off of work.  I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving---filled with family and things to be thankful for.  I also hope you get  rested up enough to go out that night and battle the hoards of holiday shoppers well into Black & blue Friday!  If that is the kind of thing you are into.  I happen to have the day off work, but not to sure on funding and such for doing any real shopping. 

             I am thank full for a lot of things this year.  Although it has been a really crappy year.  Mostly thankful that I make tips on these holidaze.  And do not work in retail.   I worked eight Black Fridays while working at Wally World--and each was beyond crazy  but not in a good way.  Each required a ton of coffee and each screaming customer that could not find the blenders that were advertised on sale took away another portion of my fake smile and my soul.  Actually after the first year working there I do not think I had any self worth left--you could say anything about me--and I would agree with the horrible words, kind of like now in my "relationship."  I also did not have a soul left--- I believe I sold it the 2nd year--on Rollback.  I am also very thankful I am not a turkey right now--although my mother in law likes to call me one.   I call her The Devil though-so I guess we are even?  I am some what thankful that I will be moving soon into my own place.  No more floating and motel buying and such.  This place is very reasonable especially for the move in.  I say somewhat  because this is so far from what I really want to do.  And I fear singing the contract will seem overly final in it all and put me in a deep funk again.   After all these years, to be living in a little box again  by myself is the last thing I pictured.  The last thing I wanted.  And as I sit here in a similarly sized box of a motel room ---by myself I am starting to panic myself.   And the depression is already starting to wash over me.  If I did not enjoy my job so much, have my work related classes, and love my family so Dam much---enough that even through it all lately--I know we can be a we again----I would move far away from the desert for sure.    As I am typing all this  I really can not believe that this is once again my topic----especially this close to the holidays.   Anyways, on to other thoughts and topics. 

The police never think it's as funny as you do.
Speaking of police----to soon?
I found an early entry from my journal.
       To all my friends & family that do not live in the South, and might be freezing there butts off----As I was sitting, stopped on I-10 in construction I had to turn the A/C on to kool off.----I was talking to my buddy who now lives in Bozeman MT of all places the other day and he said it was a crisp 8 degrees outside.  This prompted me to tell him the above and than post it online.

   I finally had a chance to watch the entire Avatar movie a few nights back.   I really enjoyed it.  Although I was not aware it was so long--and would have started watching much earlier in the night if I had known.  It is hard for me to sit still for any movie--I find myself soon roaming the house looking for things to do within viewing distance, that gets me off my butt.   But this movie managed to hold my attention for sure. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/2015 More About Red Coffee Cups

              So after a very frustrating --even more so than usual few days, I decided to go back to bed this AM and have gotten a very late start on coffee drinking and blog posting.  Mmmmmmm coffee!  Now -sadly for me I find out that many of my issues from the last few days were in my head and that I simply over think things to much of the time.   Who would have ever thunk that ---right?   But through it all the most important aspects of it all are --that my beautiful wife and I are working on workin' it all out, I found coffee, and I am still alive and kicking.  I hope that you in reader land are having an amazing day!   For the 2nd day in a row it is rainy and cloudy here in the desert.  A very rare sight, even in the winter.  I should have celebrated by going on a long hike, but after the last few weeks, month  so far   sleep sounded much betterer to me. 

Please tell me more
You have not fully put me to sleep yet!

            For the third post in a row I need to vent just a little bit more about those Dam red coffee cups--the people with too much time on there hands are venting about.  First off I am proud to call myself a Christan---although my actions steer from this to often.  Those protesting the cups for religious reasons join the many that all to often make any religious population look  beyond crazy.   That said-and speaking of crazy---I have heard so much and talked so much about these stupid coffee cups of the Devil, that the other day I decided I needed Starbucks coffee!   I arrived to work early ---where we have two Starbucks outlets---and bought a Venti in an all red cup.   Did my coffee taste like coffee of the Devil?  No I have had coffee my mother in law has roasted, and this was much better.  But it did wake me up fully before time to start my work shift.  Did the cup make me want to denounce anything religious and forget about Christmas?  NO  all the retail decorations up before October made me already want to just sleep through Christmas this year.  My three kiddos would never let me do this sleeping beauty act though.  ;)   What I noticed as I was waiting for my evil coffee---was that the store had Christmas decorations for sale ALL over and three whole racks of Christmas Blend coffee beans.  This quickly made me wonder what all the coffee cup fuss was really about.  If a mega cooperation wanted to change anything about Christmas ---why would they sell Christmas items?   The red cups don't mean anything---they just hold coffee.   I am all for boycotting any big cooperation,  but find a better reason to do so.   This is like saying those white Styrofoam coffee cups offend me--because they remind me of snow.  And I hate snow----lets boycott those Dam cups too!   I am now drinking coffee out of a purple cup---at Mc Donalds.  I hate the color purple---no really   but after about the third sip of coffee---I will get over the coffee cup color for sure.  Personally I like the color red---and many daze it brings out my eyes....

Earliest picture of me I could find.  
Your welcome.
And Cheers!!
But than what would I write about on this page??
I have no idea what is going on here 
But sheep are safe!
A very rare oasis in the desert.
Near the pool were I work.
I have been very busy snapping new pictures
and working on posts for all of my pages. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Super Urban Exploring Greater Tucson Off Valencia

                                   **Another great Exploring blog post first published
              in my newest page----- 
                                           Please check them all out!**

                  First off I would like to thank everyone for staying with this page.  And for sharing the link!  I have had a ton on my plate lately-and it is still long before Thanksgiving.  Long story short, with all of my new found free time I am trying to detour my negative mind set with new posts and long picture taking hikes.   Trying is the key word.   At any rate--I hope to post here much more, and I hope you enjoy each picture filled post.
      When we lived in beautiful Washington state I used to find an amazing looking parking lot on the outskirts of town and than just disappear into the woods or such surroundings.  Many times it lead to some great Exploring.  Please check out more of these, and some amazing pictures, at least in my eyes from all around Washington all from another blog sight of mine, that has takin' a back seat  since we have moved from the area.

                Also for some more Exploring and defiantly much random rambling--my first blog page is full of everything including more pictures, jokes, and lots of coffee love.  At     

   And now onto today's post.   I was up near the casino I seem to work at.  Way up Valencia Street.  I have posted several times from this area--of course slipping in some pictures of the amazing resort I am lucky enough to work at.  

I started by parking at the old Chevron now turned Shell gas station.
Than jumped out and ran around snapping pictures in the desert for awhile.
Nailed it!??
I was discouraged to soon run into private property and ventured on.
As like most of Tucson  art can be found every where. 
That is what most of this post Explores.
Running beside the casino and the golf course this great wall is covered.
Between the larger tile art.
A better blog page would research the meaning behind each of these. 
This is not a better blog page.
But I really hope you enjoy the pictures
and enjoy not having to walk this stretch to see them.
Time to return to my car and journey on.
More tile art---this one of the Mission!
I have a whole blog post about this amazing sight.
I had hoped to get more Exploring done here
but this is all private land. 
Of course I managed to get a few pictures with out
jumping any fences.   This time.
Dead creature
Next post we venture further down the same long road.
To see some art near the Tucson Airport.