Sunday, August 31, 2014

That's My Kindda Night Or Dear Journal

      First off, tonight I would like to thank my readers for being so faithful!  And for hopefully passing on the joyous word about this very blog page.  Or the few readers who just keep clicking on this page by accident hoping they will finally read something funny and or find porn here.  At any rate this very page just hit 33,000 + views!   I have other pages also but this is the longest running and most read of them all.   As I read my past rambling, much of it that seems like it would only be enjoyable to me--- I am glad that I have so many viewers.  And I really wish that I had started this page years ago!  Because if nothing else it is much like a journal for me  of what is going on in my crazy, but amazing life.  

   And now a mini rant----I have been slacking on this for sure   and hope to bring this back as a regular featureless feature every Friday as it used to be.  Simply type in "mini rant" in the search portion of this very blog page for more such examples.  You will not be dissatisfied.  Especially if you are a long time reader.  Thus already numb to actual good comedy. 


**My mini rant for today** Involves ALL of the people that either do not understand or simply do not care what the left lane on I-10 is for. I can tell you it is not for going 50 MPH! When I am in my redneck truck -people pull out of the passing lane, when I come up on them but in our little POS car people just laugh and drive slower. Maybe you have not read a drivers manual, but unless you are a ...Highway Patrol officer that takes pride and gets his kicks out of driving super slow, and watching no one pass him, it is illegal to drive in the left lane UNLESS you are actually passing someone! After 8+ hours of work, I want to get out of Tucson, before I get shot, and get back to my home and family in Benson. NOT follow behind some dippy-Skippy Sunday driver that doesn't know how to drive in the correct Dam lane! Emphasize on the Dip! If you were in the wrong lane and got flipped off after being tail gated over the last week, I DO NOT apologize here. --Just sayin'
                                        But as usual     what do I know!!?
        **"I would like to thank my middle finger, for always sticking up for me!"**
Fire pit tonight staring at the stars a few brews clear perfect warm night That's my kindda night!    I really do believe there is a country song that fits EVERY kind of occasion and mood.     Prove me wrong if you do not believe so.  And I will proudly and humbly call you a rock star for life.   I do wish that my new buddy would have joined me for a brew or two.  But the kiddos were more than entertained by the great powers of the fire.   I was fully into all of the stars as they slowly appeared in the night sky.  But than too was fully occupied in all the fire had to offer.   Something  that has had such power over mankind for so long.  
    I have been slacking at posting my Exploring song of the day AND of making fun of Wally World for awhile now.  To accomplish both   
  Today's Exploring song comes with a video. And is brought to you by the letters W M and Y for Yuck! or Yummy depends on what your into I guess.
   For more retail  box store hate   please visit yet another sight of mine   on Facebook     Yeah yeah   before I had this great job, I might of had   waaaaay to much free time!
You really didn't think I would forget to post about coffee today did you??
Two words
Stay Away!
You go   baby!
I found this on a local Tucson restaurant sight
It makes me wonder if they ship in the crap or if it is local?
Sooooo sick about hearing about the ice bucket challenge
To soon?
Today I just read about some dumb ass that is in super hot water after dumping ice water on his baby  or someones baby on tape for the challenge.  It really could not get much dumberere
I hope!
  Wyoming fits in this too!   I just read where it is already snowing in the hills around Wyoming.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

July 4th 2014 Benson Arizona

                  **Another great blog post first published in my newest Exploring pages --all about Exploring Arizona and all the amazing state has to offer!  If you live in Arizona, or your heart belongs there please check this new page out and share it.  **

                     I try to keep these posts as recent as possible but it just does not always happen that way.   That said, yes I realize that it is now August.  For the sake of using the magic of the Internets, you as the reader can pretend it is still July or that this is an old posting that you have just come across.  Last year was our first fourth of July in Benson, Arizona.   We were brand new to the area, and really enjoying all the new residence had to offer.   Small towns have the most amazing -down to earth festivals for sure.  Ones that will make everyone feel welcome.  Read more about last year here:

     This year with my work schedule restricting the festivities I could enjoy and after living in the town for a year--my out look may not be as sunny on everything.  Don't get me wrong it was still an amazing celebration.  Again please ignore the date stamps on all of these pictures.  It really was this year. 
     I grew up in a super small town and every year they had a super amazing fireworks show.  I imagine this is still true, but I have not actually witnessed a show back home since about 1997.  Some years in my travels the lighting put on an amazing show, but than canceled the actual fireworks.  I hear the place I work puts on a very great show also---Casino Del Sol--but I have yet to see this either.  I believe the best fireworks display I have witnessed --was in a very small town in the middle of Nevada several years back.  I do not recall the name of the town, and am sure it is a mere dot on the state map.   My wife and I were traveling cross country near area 51.   I kept seeing these bright flashes in the sky that could not be lightning.   It was messing with my head even more, because my wife never saw any of these for miles and miles.   I was growing more and more un-easy   even after she started to spot the bright flashes in the sky.  At some point in the hills we pulled into a super small town, and witnessed THE best firework shows I have ever seen!  I do not know how this tiny town paid for such a show--maybe from speeding ticket fines of youngsters trying to get out of the town when they turned 18? 

Our youngest waiting for the parade to start
and for candy!

Uncle Sam made quite a few appearances in this parade.
At the moment he is heading the wrong way up the street.

      This year I started work in Tucson at the above mention casino at midnight and got into Benson just in time to quickly park and than enjoy the parade and my amazing family.  I only got to enjoy the parade and than went to bed, because I again had work that night.   It also allowed me to enjoy the big fireworks show that night in the Lions Park.  Of course the huge fireman led water fight and music and such went on in the park all afternoon long. 


                               The local fire crews have stayed extra busy again this year.  
          And I wish to thank each and every one of them, especially the volunteers!

Every local event I enjoy taking a picture of the drunk wagon.
But I am easily amazed.
This year I will pass on a lame joke about the party being over when they arrive.
I will also apologize now for anyone that appears in my photos that did not come to the parade in the same vehicle as me. 
The old law makers and DUI task force.
R & R Pizza
The most amazing bread sticks around!!

I believe this is the first time I have every seen Ronald Mcdonald in a parade before.
In Benson or any town USA.
This years parade was almost double as large as last years.
I really liked all of the old tractors
and the equally old drivers. 
Out of all of the shots here of random viewers
I will claim the girl in blue above as one of my kiddos.
At least most of the time I will claim her.
Again this was a great and highly patriotic show.
And I would like to thank everyone that makes this possible
and very enjoyable every year!
Next posts feature my buddy and my Exploring of the area.
He was in town for three days and we tried to see as many sights as possible.
With Tombstone of course on the list. 

Another Day Another Post

          Cheers to all of my amazing readers!  With what I put in these pages it often amazes and always humbles me how many people actually read this page.   This is my first and longest running blog page and it is often filled with very random rambling for sure.   The same results seem to surface if I am drinking coffee or adult beverages.  Just a few hours ago I dropped my wife off at the Greyhound bus station for her several day trip to LA, California.  I always hate to see her go---and upon returning home I can not seem to find sleep.   So lucky you, I am going to make another post!   The other night at a great concert my extremely neat camera got overly wet, even under my shirt---   much of what I do online, comes from the pictures I take, so I am still working on all of that.   But I just downloaded all of the pictures that were stored on my camera, and can happily say that the rain did not effect them in the least.   I was very happy about this, because the pictures went clear back to the 4th of July and because there was well over a hundred pictures on the camera.   I will slowly be putting them up in regular and Exploring blogs for your possible enjoyment.    Again thank you to everyone that enjoys and likes this page!   When I was not working I accumulated a lot of pages online   from three blog pages to random pages on Facebook---next post I will list them all for your enjoyment.  And in hopes that you will join and "like" them all.   This  page has seen a ton of changes and has been around for a few years now.   I would like to hope that at least a few of the many views to this page are actual repeat visitors who maybe kindda like what they see here! 
      Speaking of adult beverages--- I have before talked about the pure joys of a shower beer!   I tried to explain all of this at work the other day, and no one appeared to understand what I was ranting about, but I can almost bet everyone tried it when they got home that very night!   It is a very easy concept.   One drinks a bottle of fine beer or two while taking a shower.   And you do not exit the shower until the beverage is gone.   If you do not angle the drink right, it could be a very long shower for sure.   I can not emphases here how enjoyable and relaxing this really is.  You just need to try it for yourself!   Do it now   you can read this mindless drivel at any point.   I am just making all of this up as I go anyway, after just taking a very long, very mind clearing shower beer break.   Tag   now it's your turn!

I stole this from my brothers page and laughed and laughed.
Most people do not seem to find it as funny though.
This is how my dog sleeps.
He does not know he is a pit bull and is beyond friendly.
He also has huge balls and likes to make sure they are facing us at all times.
Not that anyone cares, but I turned even older in the merry month of July.
I received some great gifts.  
Including this bag of Woods Coffee!
Arizona is full of bad coffee---so this gift from Bellingham, WA was very welcome. 
At least my coffee will never go cold in Arizona!
My family also got me and filled this great frame. 
Now I just need to find a place to hang it.
Notice Mr Mark made a spot on this picture gallery.
I keep threatening   but now I have downloaded all the pictures, so our
local Exploring will be up soon!
Here he is in Tombstone, AZ
My family also made me this amazing state quarter  framed set.
All of the states are there with the quarters. 
So after five attempts  
I finally made it to the top of A mountain in Tucson.
More on this VERY soon
A wee baby cactus for your enjoyment.
I have never seen one this small before.
It is vertically challenged for sure.
And is about a foot tall.
Bigger version overlooking Tucson.
More pictures and Exploring coming your way when it is not
2 AM and I am just a little more awake!
Next Exploring blog post comes from Benson, AZ
on the July 4th parade.
Again please ignore the date stamp on the picture, this was this year. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

8/18/2014 Where Does The Time GO??

       Hello!  That is as hearty of a greeting as you are going to get this fine morning.  Our oldest and I ventured to the Z Z Top concert in Tucson last night and did not make it to sleep until this morning.  The coffee has not kicked in yet for sure.  I work at the fine casino and the concert was free to workers.  This is the first one I have been able to enjoy because of my schedule at work.  But the place where I work gets packed after concerts with people ready to throw tips at us, so I would usually rather be at work.  It was a very wet night.  And sadly my camera died before the main act hit the stage.  But it was an amazing concert.   I have not been to a concert in a long time.  I have not been sober for a concert in a really long time.  ;)  More on all of this very soon!   Now I am mainly trying to focus on guzzling lots of coffee!   For my birthday I received some Woods Coffee beans, and I recently freshly ground them up.   Yum!   Although I believe they do something magical to the beans at the coffee shop, because they taste much betterer in house.  Washington state is a super long commute for me at the moment, so this is not an option for me. 


   **"Z Z top concert in a few hrs. Running out of time to grow our my big as* beard."**---40+ years and still rockin' it!!

   **"Fergeson ---coming to a town near you--in 3-D!"**----If you don't know--don't ask.
    You also need to start watching more real news--maybe. 

                                   **"Is it a federal offence to offend the feds?"**
                     **Of course your opinion matters---Just not to me!!"**
Exploring logic at it's worse.
Sad thing is this is a real posting.

Some real logic.
Coke has this amazingly dumb summer promotion
where you can share a Coke with someone.
All kinds of names are on the back of the bottles.
And people are eating this up!
I do not know why--because you are still drinking Coke--but whatever floats your boat I guess.
Resulting in trashed Coke displays all across the country as people look for there friends names.
It is easy for me, because I have no friends, at least that others can see--and
because I do not drink Coke!
At any rate--real or not, I love the above picture. 
 All local page coming up very soon
filled with pictures and thoughts on Benson, AZ!
Our new-ish home town.
As of June we have lived here a year now.
Check out all of my local pictures and Exploring
across Arizona
To see much more local pictures and Exploring please check out and let me know what you think!

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Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

Check it out     you know you want too!!

I will also include Professor Getty and my
recent adventures around Arizona. 
I have noticed in most of his pictures, he really looks like he is about to take a #2.
Above is not in Arizona but I do not have the new pictures off my camera yet.
Heck I still have pictures from the 4th of July on there.
This picture is over looking Palm Springs, CA
Happy Trails!