Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17th And All Is Well--Hahahahahhhahahah!

         ** Holy Monsoon Batman! On my drive home as I was nearing the truck stops I knew I was about to be dumped on. The whole sky was being lit up pink from constant lightning. At one point the highway was flooding over and even the semi drivers were slowing down to s crawl. I have lived in some rainy states but this is/was a good storm. Down pour all the way home**---  This was two nights ago on my way home from work---made more fun by our new vehicle having incredibly bad wiper blades.  I have lived in Oregon and Washington for a good amount of time, so have seen rain, but this storm also had me a little on edge.  Heck we have even seen worse here--with purple skies leading into hail, but we pulled over than.  I think what made me most cautious, was the fact that the semi drivers were driving so slow---these usually slow down to 80 MPH and blast through everything.    And the fact that I have hydroplaned before---Going to fast, sideways down the interstate was kind of fun, after I survived and did not flip my car.  But during the fact  I needed a new pair of undershorts.  Anyways, it was a good storm, finally ---I survived and just want to state that I did not get any pictures on that day because it was dark outside---between the multiple  multiple lightning flashes, and because   y'all have seen rain before.   Although Arizona residents act like they have never seen rain before each and every day it rains of the monsoon season.  

    I am again, or still pretty much living at work.  If I could keep some of my money   this would be a great thing.  But I guess if I we are a little ahead and all our bills are payed, we are in the "privileged" group in modern America, right?   I had another really good report from a mystery shopper a few daze back.   And am still wondering where my free food from that one is.   ;)   Most of the managers now know how quickly I will change my work schedule for a free lunch or three.   I am also now working six daze this work week, because of a concert this Tuesday.  A sold out concert supposedly.  Gotta love concert season, our supposed slow season because the snow birds are back home getting there lives together to leave before the snow starts flying.  This is about two weeks away if they reside some were like Wyoming.   The snow birds are also sitting there laughing at us desert residents battling the 100+ temps every Dam day, and watching us super amazed by rain ---during the rainy season.  My boss is worried that me posting about working six daze this week is complaining. I informed her that I will not start complaining until that very night--A busy night for sure and also day six of my work week for sure.  ;)

True story!

In my rare free time   Exploring and getting some new pictures.  
Check out my Arizona Exploring blog page.  Full of Exploring and my personal pictures.   You know you want to!

New product at work for sale. Wine in a can! I have not laughed this hard in awhile. My house is the house in the picture lol. The only thing that could make this better is if the pictured house had wheels. Wow! Thanks wine in a can, I'm still laughing!!!!  I really love how classy all of this is, working in a casino/resort and all.   The white can is a Chardonnay -so it must be good, with a hint of tin in the bottling and aging process. What --did Budweiser open up a part of there plant for this new venture??   There is also a "Rose" flavor   not pictured.   I laughed about this the whole first day we started serving this---and still am really.   No one else has been as amused with the story---mostly not my wife, but hey, as long as I'm amused   right!?   
I am sure I will post much more about this.    But enough for today.  


Friday, July 14, 2017

F Google---After It Helps Me Locate This Coffee Shop!

               I believe I have mentioned several times how little I like the sight Google.   Don't get me wrong I still use the sight for many things, mainly because there are really no other good choices.  Besides the sight knowing everything-beyond everything  like could probably 2nd guess what random randomness I will type on Facebook or this very page next.   It is proably reading this right now, plotting against me and my online daily routine and history because I am talking negative about it.  The thing that bugs me most about Google right now-----and I try to turn off the evil location device every chance I get.  BUT when I get lost, it's the most helpful directions giver, and many of my apps for getting free items around town or locating vehicles we may wish to buy, or the such  use Google.  Anyways, I try to keep the locatoer off at all times.  I kind of figure if I do not even know were I am most of the time, no computer should know my location.  When I do turn it on ---BAM!  it instantly knows right were I am.  Even if  I am in the middle of the desert---I can push a button, and Google will show my location on another evil web sight, named Facebook.   ---Standing by a corner in Winslow Arizona....     BAM!    I told the world, says Goggle and than laughs evilly.  OK not the world   I don't have that many friends online.  Except my amazing readers of this very sight!   The feature that annoys me the most right now, about once a day, through the joys of Google   tells me  that ---traffic is light in my area.   I reside in the middle of the desert in a very small town, that can use the big ass cactus down the dirt street to give directions by.   Like three cars going by our house in an hour is a traffic jam.   Of course traffic is light here.   I never see this notification when I am nearing work in the heart of Tucson.  Where EVERY street is currently under construction.            Easily 2nd most annoying to me, is the location pop up.   If I drive to Wally World, than spend thirty minuets trying to find a parking spot, than walk the equivalent of ten football  fields to enter the store, BAM   I might know I am at Wally World!   As I finally near the front door   smart ass Google locater pops up a note on my phone  not only telling me I am at Wally World, it tells me what store I am at.  And what I am going to buy at that store.   And that even though it doesn't feel like it, I really should consider getting a cart for all of my impulse buys.  OK it really does not tell me all of this, but it knows my location  and it probably does tell all of it's subscribers all about me from what items I bought at that store to how long I was there.  Some how.  It does, possibly more annoyingly tell me, after it tells me what exact store I am now at, others on Google Chrome enjoy seeing pictures of this ghetto Wally World!   No they don't!  Stop lying to me evil Google.  You just want more information from the pictures to feed into your data bases.  

Google police -pin pointing my exact location!


   If the above angers you ---from the content to the spelling mistakes, simmer down and take a look at my Exploring Arizona blog page.  Full of my pictures of places people to actually want to view and our Exploring!   And most of the time I am deeply lost ---so no Google maps involved!    Please take a look around this page

    **"You put the "F U" in Fun!"**-----  Well you put the FU in dysfunctional   is perhaps a great come back for this.   ;)

   **I am just going to wait to see how long it takes this police sketch artist to realize I am describing him.**

**"Finding out what annoys someone you hate, is like winning the lottery."**


    This happened a few years ago in Benson Arizona.   A very strange place to say the least.  I have lived in a lot of small towns but non were the people are so screwed up     I would to say it's the heat, but we still live in the intense heat in the heart of Arizona, and the people in our new town are actually friendly.  And NOT all meth users and dealers.  Cliff notes, they like there meth in Benson.  We had to move out of the town  simply because we had to many teeth.   After to many conversations with local residents, I came up with my own slogan for the area    that I wanted to put on bumper stickers-- I'm not gay but $20 bucks is 20$ bucks!   wait that's not the slogan----  My local slogan was    "Meth logic   you don't have to be a user to use it!"  Because if you try to argue or even have a conversation with about anyone in this town they have great comebacks like, Well cows have Dam purdy teeth-if you kiss them twice in the moonlight.   Wait ---what!?    When you enter Benson ---Google maps warns you to hide your meth, loose cash, and sense of logic.  Better yet don't enter the town   just keep on driving....\
Anyways, as I said this was I believe three years ago, and pretty much sums up the logic in the crappy town:

     True Benson Story: So after hours yesterday of an admin. of another local sight attempting to run my name into the ground--- she offered to meet up with me to discuss our issues with each other. Telling me she is at the city park all the time for baseball practice, and that "she could hold her own" whatever that means. At some point my wife got involved in the conversation with this fine woman. And the other woman also invited my wife to come meet her. Edging us both on -online even mocking us for not showing up at the ball park. She even told us that she was sitting behind the 3rd base line. SO we showed up at the park--- My wife went up to the woman--shook her hand and said "My name is April Adams glad to finally meet you." Instantly the woman panicked and kept yelling that my wife needed to get away from her! What happened to just talking? She than needed her buddy--an off duty cop, to step in and threaten to have my wife arrested if we did not leave the public park. We just wanted to talk and ask yet another person how they "know" all about us without even meeting us. What a joke. Anyways short story --boring, We have now decided that we are going to become avid baseball fans! See you at the park----!

Hard at work getting pictures and Exploring!

And now your moment of Zen     you read this blog   now.........

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Idiots Every Where

Bisbee Arizona Exploring

                 **"The only way to screw up jello is to run out of Vodka!"**

Thus why you bring your own coffee!!

   I have meet all kinds of people from all over with all types of jobs but I have never meet anyone that works in a dildo factory. Have you? I mean someone has to be doing this right?  

                               **"Never trust a government that does not trust your guns."**

                                                             **"Your sweater looks like yarn vomit!"**

        I always like to add some highly motivational quotes and deep thoughts to my blog posts.  Collect them all to add some flair to your daily conversations and or boring ass Facebook page.   ;)   If you already have lots of flair, I might of very well stolin' a quote or three from you ---so thank you!    If you do not know what flair is, watch Office Space, easily one of my top ten favorite movies of all time.     I am now guzzling coffee---thankful that it is a little bit cloudy outside instead of full on hot.   Even in the dead of summer I still start with at least one cup of coffee  but it is very hard to do.  Those of you that do not understand this, do not understand the benefits of coffee fully, and should probably stop reading my blog pages.   I kid!   Guzzling coffee is nothing new for me, but today I really need it.   I was planning on doing some early morning Exploring today, but I find I need to go to the local police station.   More on this "fun" later, but I might have given a glimpse on how corrupt many of the local police are, so going there is usually low on my list of to do's.

   I do have recent Exploring pictures ready to go up on all my sights and should have time today to post at least once on my Amazing Exploring Arizona blog page.  Full of pictures and Exploring from across Arizona.   And sometimes beyond.    Please check out the page and share the links if you enjoy!!   

Picture I took just outside of the casino I work at Monday on my way out of work.

   I have to say so far this has been a very lame monsoon season, at least in this  part of the desert.   Weeks into the season, we finally got a good soaking and like two storms that barely got the ground wet.  In fact people were covering Facebook with pictures of the big storm---mainly pictures of -get this!, rain!!   GASP!   Come on rain!!   Come on rain!     At this point   I would stop whatever I was doing, including work and visiting with the police at the station, and just go out and stand in the middle of the cooling rain.   I have not actually been home when the run off just down from our house is flowing, and not passable through the road.   We have a back road into our house, so I could still get home ---some houses we have lived in in the past, had no back way home.   But I would probably sit by the runoff and watch it run if I was home ----it really is an amazing sight for those of you who have never seen such a thing.  Basically the desert floor can not handle all the water that is coming down and it rushes ---deeply to Mexico.   This is all amazing to watch, from a distance.   Most residents do not comprehend the from a distance part   and every year at least one family is rescued from the rushing water.   Usually picked up by a dangling rope from a helicopter.   That family gets to be on the news and than gets to pay there rescue bills because of this magical law in Arizona called the stupid motorist law.   Basically if you are dumb enough to try and cross any run off, and you get stuck and need to get rescued----BAM!    Your a stupid motorist!   This happens every year, usually multiple times.   But not so far, because there has not yet been enough rain---anywhere in the state to put out all the Dam forest fires, or to get stuck in and or washed away to the sea.    Keep up my friends, are you sure you are reading the same blog post   here?  Why does this happen every year?   Because ---and I am in no way saying I am the brightest crany9on in the deck, but people are very rapidly getting dumberer.   Really    deep water--rushing water---super fast moving and rising water, lets try and drive through it kids!     Your an idiot and deserve that 10 minutes of fame on the evening news, and your tickets!   Don't believe me, about people getting dumber----just listen and look for all the ads it takes to keep people in the summer from leaving there kids in the car-----I have written about this one MANY times   and think that these ads should not even be needed.   So your driving with your toddler ---that is screaming than singing that coughing, than throwing up, than yelling Wally World shopper, than throwing toys at your head............   than you pull up to your favorite fast food joint or retail store or strip joint, and are so excited you don't recall there is a baby in the back of your car.   Your baby in your car.   I can't even comprehend this   or why we would even need signs and radio ads about this.   Apparently it is happening so much   we need ads every where  to take your own baby, your own blood out of your car  before buying all that cheap disposable crap for a disposable nation from Wally World.   After your kid is rescued are you than going to kool your kiddos off on the drive home by driving through a running wash?    Lock your kids in the car for any reason, if they are not old enough to simply walk out of the car when they wish, and you should loose your kids.     No ifs ands or butts.   And it keeps happening
      Last year a lady back east left her kids in the car,    and while she was in court fighting the fines, the police leaned she had her kids waiting in the car.    Why does she still have kids?????   I am getting mad just typing all this.   And I just read  yesterday of a lady that was arrested for having her kids in the car 130 temp recorded inside the car, as they drove her to the police station for booking, she kept demanding from the back seat that the officer turn up the cars AC  because she was getting hot.      At that point   if I was the arresting officer, I would have stopped the car, turned it off, and had an emergency call inside the nearest coffee shop.   While she sat in the patrol car as long as her kiddos fried in her car.   But what do I know?  There are a ton of reasons I am not a cop.   For sure!  lol    IF you have done either described above and been charged  PLEASE contact me    !   If nothing else to warrant your stupidity     because I don't understand how either could ever be a ticket for anyone--and I have drank a lot of my thinking brain cells away.    Contact me on this very blog page    or by e mail   PLEASE    id love to hear from you   before you contact Jerry Springer           You can comment directly, and quickest on this very blog page        or my personal e mail   is

Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8th---Yo Yo! Or No Confrontation

                                                   Too Soon?
                                           I would almost bet there is already Christmas displays up in retail.

               Welcome back!   I am never sure why anyone would come back to this sight, but I sure am glad so many of you do!   As I sit here drinking my coffee this fine morning, in the little bit of waking hours I have left, before returning to work.  I wonder how smart it is to be drinking coffee, with it already so warm outside.  Yesterday Phoenix once again broke heat records for the day.  Yeah I already know I live in the desert, you don't need to keep proving it to me.  By it being hotter every year on this date, and than hotter today than yesterday.  The most part right now is that we are not really getting any rain.   Cooling rain or otherwise.  Last year by now, most of Tucson and Phoenix were flooded almost every other day.  Because when it does rain here, as it should be doing now, the rain really has no were to go.  And the drivers that don't realize water if faster and deeper than it may appear, even though they see   and laugh at pictures of people stuck in the flood waters every year, find themselves stuck in the water, every year.  Except this year, so far, there is not any water.  I really hope this changes soon.  Not that I fully want to see people stranded in the water, I do---but to kool us all off finally so that drinking coffee in the morning does not seem like such a dilemma for me.  People that do not fully understand this, do not live in the desert and do not fully understand all the perks of coffee!  
     Not drinking coffee really is the most dangerous drinking game I have been involved in.  I can cut out all other caffeine in my daily intake.  And have cut out coffee all together, but not drinking coffee fully brings out my mean side.  And those that are around me, especially in the morning, quickly feel I should go back to drinking large amounts of coffee.  And I am to please, so I do.  Especially in weeks were I seem to be at work more than not.  And with my commute I need loads of caffeine for sure.   The true trick and mathematics formula at night when I return home from work is having enough caffeine to stay awake during the long drive, but not to much to were I return to work fully wired and bouncing off the walls, were sleep fully is not an option.  I believe I have typed about this before but the 2nd most dangerous drinking game I have been part of was when I first meet my mother in law.  My now wife, her mom and I were playing quarters in the living room of my new residence.  To start I was actually winning the game.  At some point the mother in law looked at me, and proclaimed  "Now I am going to start playing!"   She must have easily sunk 40 quarters inside that shot glass in a row, and mainly decided I needed to drink for most of the shots she made.  All I can say is this is back in my youth, when I used to drink more, and I never made it to the bedroom my first night in my new home.  I slept under the coffee table.   

       If you like this blog page of mine you will love my Exploring Arizona page!   Full of Exploring and pictures from across this amazing state.   Please check it out        and share the links if you enjoy what you see!

    My current main boss talks about no confrontation a lot around me.  Not really with guests  but with other co workers.   She that this is not my first rodeo and I like to voice my opinions on work skills and than move on.   After I am much calmer --and the other worker trys to avoid me the rest of the work day, also helping with me staying calm, and than  usually runs to management  because I was mean and the truth hurts.  Any time I have a run in with people out side of work, just before I get on my personal soap box and give a "speech" I think about the no confrontation idea.   And honestly in this day and age, telling people they are wrong   loudly is needed.  Bottling it all up and just taking it to stride can be bad for you.  Case and point, have you ever seen the movie  "Falling Down?"   Extreme case and point.  This man  lets everyone walk over him on a daily bases.  And than one day he finds himself in stalled traffic for construction and as he looks around non of the workers are actually working.   And he snaps---big time.  In fact the rest of the movie is about confrontation.  Times ten.  In fact near the end he ends up with a missile launcher some how, I have not seen this flick in awhile.  And shoots a missile through a man hole I believe  under the still not working construction workers.   Although enjoyable to watch, he might have takin' things a lil bit to far.  But I do see way more cases similar to this, of people just having enough and snapping big time happing across this great country.  And I have to say I understand it just a little more every day.  I don't approve of it  but understand it.  So my little rants  and yelling lectures, I might of had one yesterday in the Safeway parking lot, are actually planned out and possibly very true if you were to take the time to listen before getting fully offended by the words.   But these mini episodes also keep me from being on the evening news some day.    Most likely after climbing on top of the local Wally World with water guns   squirting potential shoppers in an attempt to keep that stores sales lower after a confertation with one of there dead beat managers.   Just sayin' !  ;)

  When you live in the ghetto --by about the 8th of July it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between just more fireworks and just more gun shots.------Just sayin'

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Born Month To Me

         Hello all!  All of you that celebrated last night --and or had an extended weeksend--and are just now deciding you need as much coffee to function today, as I do on any day.  Today is the 5th of July, and I some how had Independence Day off work.  And today!   Although the daze leading up to the holiday were crazy-crazy busy at work, even Sunday night.  So being off work, I only need a little bit of coffee to get me through to afternoon when it is to hot for coffee, so than pop.  And than quite possibly tonight--beer!   Wooooo!   I do not wish to sound fully consisted in the title of today's blog page.  I do realize a lot of really kool people were born or hatched in this month also.  Including my amazing mom---who's birthday just happens to be the day after mine.  And our oldest son, who somehow just turned 17 on the 3rd!  And of course most importantly ---this amazing country became everything it is in July!!   A HUGE salute to all of those that made this country free and still do!!   Although it could easily be argued how many of those freedoms we still really have.   But I wont go there today.   Those same people --would also bring up that MANY anti gun supporters were celebrating the 4th across the country, and day brought to us fully by guns and ammo and cannons and weapons and force.  BUT what do I know!?   Bringing this up might force a bunch of college students and Snowflakes to the nearest safe place!   
                             **"How is that impeachment going, B*tches?"**--- Donald Trump

I just took this picture last night while waiting for the fireworks to start.  Just off the main drag in Benson.   There was a bird in the branch   but when I finally got close enough to get him in the shot, he got spooked and zoomed away!    If you look real close you can see the moon just to the right of the branch.

    We had some fun yesterday for sure-  and I intended to show the pictures in my next Exploring Arizona post.  I also hope to sneak off early in the AM tomorrow in our new, to us, rig and get in some good pictures and Exploring.    New posts very soon!!  Please check out all the posts   and share   if you enjoy.

This month the A stands for 'Merica!' Where are you Exploring today?

    So fireworks have always been an iffy subject in Arizona.  This year we are not really getting any rain out of the rainy season so things are beyond dry.  Much of the state has been on fire already this summer.   And I saw reports of several fires in Tucson last night, probably from fireworks.  I really wanted to set off some of our own fireworks this year, but am deeply afraid to even touch a cigarette lighter this year.  We have a fire pit in our back yard, and lots to burn in it, but I wont start it at all, because of the huge fire danger.   I am thinking that here anyways, they probably put you on a watch list if you buy or even look at fireworks in Arizona right now.  I just saw a report of one town in Arizona that fully banned all fireworks and used big ass rolls of bubble wrap  to drive over in there parade, to jump on   to just pop.   Kind of kool actually!  Luckily local fireworks shows still went on.  Although it looked like to me, A Mountain in Tucson ---A place they shot fireworks off of ---A place we almost went to to view fireworks, but did not want to deal with the A hole traffic     was ablaze during the fireworks show.   A blaze that was most likely started by A firework or three.   Be it from the big show or some rebels lighting there own stash.   It also sounds like this happens almost every year----If so A big Boooo for the city planners that allow this to happen each year.  But talk and pictures of this flame, with the big fireworks over head really make me wish we had made the trip.   ;)

Being from Wyoming  I love this picture!


   I have now typed "Fireworks" to many times and am going to go on to something else   at least for today.   ;)

This post and future Exploring --as always is brought to you by COFFEE!! 

            **"I think The Discovery Channel should air on a different channel every day"**---I posted this on Facebook a few daze back, and honestly don't think most of my "friends" understood the humor in this one.  I will give y'all a second to think about this one.  

  I love my customers and its rare that they shock me. Last night one did. He wanted to know what size our fish from the fish platter was. I said they were mediumm sized. He got mad because he didn't know what size medium was. I replied with, well they are not to big and they are not to small! Cliff notes: he was not amused