Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I do---- Want Another Beer!


                                      **"Love is grand.   Divorce is a hundred grand!"**

                                          The above does not picture my friends at all.
              But proves that love is blind.   I have proved several times that you really can not live                                  on love alone.  Although it is fun while it lasts!  

  I wanted to write this blog months ago.  But several things stopped me.  The main being my break up right before this great wedding.  That made it very hard for me to give this couple the respect there beautiful ceremony deserved.   And made it hard for me to give this a nice spin, instead of an ugly and angry read.     A friend of mine since the fifth grade, got married to his long term sweetie in June.   In Sheridan, were they first meet.   Long term, meaning they have been dating for at least ten years.  Meaning in most states, they were already un officially married by common law.   I call him Vegas Dude, because he lived in Vegas for such a long time.   Now being in Montana, the name needs updated, but nothing that rolls of the tongue as well thus far. 
      As I said, I had known the couple for ever, but no I am not old.   And although not happy to be in Sheridan, was more than happy to be in the town as the date was getting closer.  Although I debated for weeks about actually making an appearance at the celebration.   Just months before this, I had still thought I was following suit, and going to be wed.   And was more than disgruntled to suddenly find myself so utterly single again.   I was very down on anything that had to do with love and relationships.  
      Even up to the day of the ceremony, I was debating if I wanted to really make an appearance or not.   Among everything else, this couple had been living together forever, and what do you buy a couple that all ready has a very nicely furnished house.   As I found a seat in the church, I un consciously picked one near the back, in case I decided to leave early.
   All personal anger aside, it was a very beautiful and joyful celebration.   And even after all those years, it was clearly visible that these two love everything about each other.   Something I before was doubting was possible.   At least with people my age.   Sure they have had hard times, but instead of killing the relationship, or each other,  it made it all that much stronger.   Having kids together of course made the bond even stronger.  
    As they both stood by the preacher, they had a huge glow that radiated through the huge church.  The groom even jumped about twelve steps saying "I do" way before time.  As I said it was a great ceremony.   One that later made me realize, I did not truly have these feelings about the gal from my past.  And even if I had most of the same feelings, it was not mutual.   Although I surly hope that the friendship between us re-surfaces soon. 
      The joy and love continued into the reception across the street.   Were the looks on there faces had nothing to do with the many beverages.  
    I must say I might have enjoyed the open bar a little to much.   And believe I owe Vegas Dude many a free beer on the random nights we do hit the town.   At some point all the happiness and beverages got to my head to much.   And I quickly roamed home.  Were I had more than enough time to over think the last few months of my life.   I must say at that time, my mind thoughts were very very negative.   But with time, those are healing themselves along with my wounds.  
    In closing, I wish these two the best.   They truly belong together.   And I hope that some day I find someone that makes me glow even half as much as these too still do around each other!

Monday, August 29, 2011


                       **"I thought I could stop thinking about you, I thought wrong!"**

                                      **"I like how cologne and alone rhyme."** 

                 **" Being employee of the month is win and fail at the same time!"**

             **"If you have fat friends, you don't have teeter toter's---you have catapults!"**

             **"Don't fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you."**

   **"Things are going crazy, dogs are running around, barking, things flying, people yelling, and there is a hurricane going on outside."**---- A friend of mines post on Facebook the night Irene went over there town.  Luckily they and there neighbors came out fine.  As well as an old class mate of mine that lives in Boston.   He went to a baseball game that night.   Obviously few ventured out in the storm and rain, but those that did really enjoyed the game.   Just another example of how you can get almost instant information, even during a huge storm. 

                                   **"Excuses are like butt holes, everyone has one."**

    I have once again been slacking on posting.  I kind of lived at work again this weeksend.  And am thinking about just sleeping in the managers office, to cut down on my commute.  Yesterday I worked about 12 hours and clocked out from just the weekend, with 30 hours.   The tips were very good, and I like my job, so I am not really complaining.  It just leaves me with little free time were I am not sleeping or just vegging in front of the boob tube.  I started out this month very good with posts.  
    I do have today and tomorrow off work, so should be able to post and do something interesting enough to create a second post!  

Thursday, August 25, 2011



              **"Of all the things you took from me, I miss my smile the most."**

   As I sit here on my day off work- full of coffee, but not quite yet productive, I realize there are going to many changes flying my way once again in the next few months.   In every aspect.   Some major changes will be happening at work.   With the main manager coming out of retirement and taking over the restaurant once again.   I have to say she is easily one of the best managers I have ever had.   As in number 2 or higher best.   But this will bring big changes I am sure.  Probably for the better.   With winter in the near future, this town will change a lot also.   No tourists and extreme cold, kind of put this town in a state a lot like hibernation.   I do have super cheap rent right now, and see the benefits of a small local, great community college.   But do not think I can stand another winter in this state.   With those thoughts here are some more thoughts on my mini stay in Billings.   A place that could very well be my new home, at least for the winter.   My past blogs have talked about it also of course.  I find I decide things by talking it through to myself, but out loud.   To keep from annoying the others at Star Bucks---I will try to put it down in written form. 

     So last Tuesday I pawned off one of my days at work and headed up to Billings.   With no real plan.  Defiantly more fun to do when you have your own vehicle.  But an adventure is an adventure.  I knew that if I had to, I could hop the bus back into Sheridan.  But really did not want to.   Just getting out of town, and work was a huge plus.    I ended up getting the last Motel 6 room, out of the two side by side motels.   Coming amazingly close to missing out on the room.   Luckily the person in front of me, who had made reservations, had made them at the other motel.   And I got the last cheapish room in the town.   Even with the fair, they had not chosen to jack up there room prices.   My cell phone was dead, so I left it charging in my room.   Feeling naked while roaming around the fair.   The worse is when you feel the phones vibration, and realize you do not even have your phone on you.  

    My driver and I wandered around the fair for a few hours.   But soon realized it was too hot to be out and about.   Although the heat brings out the females with very little clothing!  We wandered the ten miles back, up hill back to the car, and soon after she left town.   The friends I have, were all working that night, so I ended up back at the fair for awhile, roaming.   And than after getting boared of channel surfing, wandered around Billings on foot.   Ending up at the huge Borders, a casino or three, one can not gamble in Sheridan.  The World Market, a store I used to really enjoy wandering while living in Eugene Oregon.  They have some of everything.  And sadly enough Wally World because I wanted some snacks for later in the room.  This store is super huge.  And the more I think about going back to the company for awhile, it is almost seeming like a good idea.  Although I still recall the many drawbacks.  Wandering each store, and seeing the faces of the workers, any store in this retail chain, brings back bad thoughts.   Than I ended up eating at Dennys.   In all my travels, they always seem to have great food, although this service was very slow.  But were did I have to be?  Sadly on the walk back over the bridge to my temporary home, my pre paid cell phone ran out of texts.   And the only place that sold them was the Wally World about a mile away.   I was not going back that night, communications might be slowed for me, but the phone part of my phone still worked.   Who uses phones for calls anyways?
     After much free motel coffee, were I pretended I had a room partner, by grabbing two coffee cups at a time.  The cups were super small!   And a nice swim in the pool.   I tried out the towns bus system.  But mainly ended up lost.   I chilled at the motel until my long term buddy got off work.   And than we had a great dinner at Red Robin.   The only draw back there, was seeing all the good looking gals up front, and than getting the one dopey male server as ours.  But the food was good.   We than wandered around the fair for hours.  Enjoying the sights and the beer gardens.  

   Staying away from riding any rides.   I used to be able to ride anything.  But now, just watching the rides makes me feel sick. 
  Took in some great free concerts.   Were I tried to cheer them on, but mostly just seemed to scare the passers by.  
We watched a great motorcycle show.  Except for the announcer.   He was extra lame and kind of ruined the show.   He must have yelled out Billings MT 60 times during the hour long show.   Anytime it got quite, like when the riders were switching bikes, I would yell out, were are we at again!?


           "Breaking" in a new tire.   I think they had to put on a new one right after this.  

  I believe the best dollar I spent was viewing the "worlds smallest woman"  I was picturing a sea monkey or something equally lame.   My buddy gladly paid the dollar since I said I would break the rules and take a picture.   I got my camera ready and stuffed it in my pocket.   And was more than a little shocked to just be viewing a midget.   She was sitting, so I guess appeared smaller.   I love how a list of facts about her was on the wall, so that she could talk on her cell phone.   I pulled out my camera, and soon heard her yelling "No pictures!!  At me.   Than she started pointing at me--and yelling it more.   I responded with "OK, .... Click! and ran out of the booth.  Fearful of getting kicked in the groin.  I am sure that  is about as high as she can kick.   Or getting head butted in the groin.    Anyways here's the picture in case you don't have a dollar to spend when the carnival hits your town. 

  None the less, it was the best dollar I spent at the fair!   Waaaay better than seeing the snake lady.   I do not have an actual picture, but must say that I want my money and everyone Else's back after that. 

   "The head of a beautiful woman and the body of an ugly snake" the pre recorded announcer kept repeating.   It turned out the whole thing was kindda ugly.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  After enjoying the lil lady, I found another dollar.   Turns out this lady has the worse job in the fair, by far!    She was sitting in a caged in area, head through a platform in the ground, with a fake snake body wrapped around her.   Head free to answer any dumb questions viewers might have.   I was to annoyed to have any questions, good or other wise. 
   The worse part of the possibly came when we left the fair.   And went to the gas station across the street.   After spending four dollars a piece for cups of beer, we found an entire tub of bottles of beer, for 50 cents.   Defiantly visiting that store before the fair next year!
    The next day I enjoyed another swim.   And hung out in the motel.   A classmate of mine, just happened to be driving to Sheridan that day.  And she offered me a ride home.   It was great, and kept me from boarding the always dreaded bus.   We had a great chat the long ride home.   Not the greatest trip for adventure, but nice how everything worked out so well.   And I had a lot of fun along the way. 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where does the one legged server work?.....

   **"People may wonder why love can hurt so much at times the fact is love is most powerful liveing emotion god ever gave to us, and the more powerful something is the greater it can destroy if not handled the right way, i think of the quote " with great power comes great responsibility**"

  **" I'm proud of my heart... it's been played, cheated, and stabbed... and yet somehow still works."**

  **"And now I sit me down to drink, into the bottle I will sink, if I should call at 3 AM, come bail me out and be a friend!"**---I have had some great conversations at three in the morning.   Many of wich, I was the one dumb enough to pick up the phone.   Most of the time I knew the person on the other end of the line, even!   Some of these conversations I recall very well.   And I will write about some of them, after the court dates!   Just because I have drank away many of my brain cells, does not mean I can not recal things.   I just might not choose to recall them in a timely manner.    I like to think that when two of the remaining brain cells bump into each other, those around me are rewarded with a huge, great smile from me.    Very similar to the smile I show when I fart!

  **"If someone throws Skittles at you and yells "taste the rainbow" run them over with your car and yell "nationwide is on your side."**

      **"Just heard that the etch-a-sketch museum in DC is a complete loss..."***Stole from my brothers pages, when I stopped laughin'    I had some people at work beleiving this one was a true story most of today.    Have you ever seen any of that art on the etch-a-setch?   They are amazing.   The artists take the sketch stuff out the back, and it preserves the art forever.     My regular art is bad---with a capitol Ewwww.   Most of my animals or people are stick figures.   But great ones at that!   So my art on onna these devises dosn't go much past a sqaure or stair case that takes two hours to make.  

                                      **"Everybody dies , but not everybody lives."**

**"At least in the winter time you can just put on more clothes. There are only so many clothes you can take off, when its summer! So freakin' hot again today."**-----

  It was not long ago at all, that we were all wishin' that summer would show it's face.   At least here, it took awhile, but came out in full force.   Almost making me long for snow.  Almost ---I really didn't say the S word.  Usually in Wyoming, we get about two weeks of near 100 degree wheather.  This summer it has been almost every day since about the 3rd of July.   Still beating those poor folks in Texas were it has been 100 or over for 40 days straight now.   I used to get so mad when living down south, because all the locals would say it's not as hot, because it's a dry hot.   After it's 120 in the shade, it is just freakin hot!   Thats all there is too it.   I have, a little grudgingly noticed that it has been closer to 80 were I was last living in Washington.  

I have been told--or maybe I told people that some of the biggest people shop at
the above store for there clothes.  

  My delivers on it's way!  Much better than the load of coal pictures I have --wich
might be delivered to me this Christmas.   Gals like bad boys right?

Another picture of me in a Motel 6.   This was last week in Billings, MT. 
One of the first in the chain I have visited in a long time that had not done a remodel.
Each of the new rooms look excatly the same.  
I have many many pictues of me in motel 6 rooms.  
Usually when I needed to git away from it all and go on a road trip.
And because they are cheap rooms.  
Supposidly the chain started out with $6.00 rooms.
My taxi drive told me this and more useless information.  Alot of the time talking about the motel chain.   And than attempted to drop  me off at the Econo Lodge just down the street. 
For whatever reason I did not want the driver to feel bad, and just got out at this motel. 
The only album I have more picture in, is me by random vehicles, usually in the middle of no were, hood up, and me thumbing it.   Now that is a huge picture album.

                                                      Picture through my motel rooms peep hole.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still up And Rambling

                 **"We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police."**
                                    **"Some day I am going to make the onions cry!"**

      **""Holy Cow, you make Fat Albert look like regular Albert, fatty!!"** --Futureramma

    I will soon post much more about being up in Billings.  OK more.   With pictures and everything.  But it is nearing midnight and I do not have the ambition to write much or to get my camera out of my travel bag.    Above is a picture from the Iowa State Fair this year.  They introduced deep fried sticks of butter.   I like some deep fried foods, but this just sounds like an instant heart attack!  Each stick has just over 1000 calories.   Mmmm mmmm, nasty!   This figure actually sounds low to me, but what do I know.   At the Billings fair they had no butter.   Pickles on a stick were fun to say.   And they had cheese on a stick.   I really wanted to see a taco in a bag.  I saw the signs, but no one eating one.   I could only picture a bag with some Frito chips in it and maybe some lettuce.  Unless the bag said Taco Bell on it, I pass!!  I tended to just steer for the corn dogs.   Which I have discussed into the ground in other blogs.   And the beer vendors.  

 Is there something in the water or are customers just mean every were this weekend? WOW! Onna my customers received the top prick customer today for sure. Hope he ends up eating across the street next time.

 I wrote this yesterday --after a ten hour shift at work.  Were the customers were all on edge it seemed.   All the customers, no matter whom there server was.   Made for an even longer day.  Luckily I made very good tip money---all a good cure all   with my last table leaving me a 40 dollar tip!    Among all the fun, most of our computers are down, the A/C is down  etc etc.    This all, plus the grumpy customers went into today also.   And I was very very near making myself jobless.   The only thing that did not also surface today was the good tips.   I want to add on to the following soon, but after reading what is below, thought maybe I should wait until I was in a little better mood.   Still some food for thought though.
    to my many beyond rude customers yesterday and today the angry cliff notes....

 I have twelve yrs experience in this type of work. You are not my most important customer. 30 minutes is not a long food wait in a sit down restaurant. Before u are rude and don't tip me I make 2 25 an hour. I have control over your food long before you do.... and if i see the prick father from today in wally world or around town im kicking him in the nuts! please be nice to your waiter cashier etc

   I will expand on this more soon.   Maybe some actual ways of being helpful as a customer.   And would like to say that I have NEVER done anything to any ones food.   Thought about it a few times.   But never acted.   I do think that if more people watched the movie Waiting, they would think twice about what they said to anyone that provided a service to them.    The actions in that movie in no way reflect anything at the restaurant I work at.   Sundays are usually amazingly busy, so I hope that tomorrow is a much smoother day.  

  On a completely unrelated note----I just read that shots have been fired in the middle of the big fair in Lynden Washington.   Police are on there way.   So not much is known yet.   I hope everything comes out as OK as possible.   I have been to that fair a few times.  And it is very kool.   I also know many of the people that go there.  

    Also on my trip back from Billings---a former classmate mentioned a time capsule our class had added to and than buried behind our school.   There has been a lot of construction done in Big Horn--yes I was a Big hornian---and I at first thought the capsule was probably in a pile of dirt, across the state by now.   But the more I have been talking to former class mates, thanks to the Internet, it might still be there.     I have been working on trying to get the OK to undig that and see what great treasures we all placed in the box.   Middle school treasures are far different than what we might hold dear now.    Whatever happens on both of these thought lines, I will report on.   And my next blog really will be about my mini Billings vacation.

                                            Happy Trails!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

     **"Two blonds were going to Disneyland . They were driving when they saw the sign that said Disneyland LEFT. They started crying and turned around went home."**

    Today marks my blog post number 164 for anyone keeping track.   Not a ton of posts, considering I started all this fun last December.   But defiantly a decent amount.  Looking through some of my posts last night, while trying to get to sleep, I had some great laughs.   I also can't believe how much things for me have changed in these months.  But in a way stayed the same.   What I find hardest to believe is that it is almost the end of August!   With cross country moves, X'mas with three kids, already distant thoughts of marriage, and another cross country move, this year has been a blur for me.   And has flew by amazingly fast.  

                            **"Its been voted on i don't think I'm coming back from Billings long."**

This has been a great trip of exploring and having fun.   And escaping the "real world" for awhile.   But I can see how I could spend some real time here.   And actually have things to during my time off work.   Lots of places I passed were hiring.   And the bus system is reasonable.   I will have to get back to you if it's a good system.   I tried looking up the routes online yesterday, and couldn't figure any of them out.   None of the bus stop signs have times on them.   So one really is not sure if you are going to wait for an hour or half the day.   I took a few random buses yesterday while roaming around town.  But without a month pass, the fare is 1 25 and I ran out of quarters soon.   I am sure the routes are easy to learn.   Plus just jumping on a bus to see were you end up, is kind of fun.   I will talk more about the fair and such --with pictures in my next blog.   But have to say that last nights word of the day was, NO!   Random fair goers yelled it at me all night.   The most amusing being the "smallest lady" you can view for only one dollar!   Turns out she is a midget, and she  was busily on her cell phone when I viewed.   Anyways, I took a picture--which I will add to the next blog, photos aren't downloaded into my computer yet.   Anyways, as I was taking the picture, she kept yelling--No pictures and pointing at me.   I ran off, half expecting her, to run up to me--yell no! again and than kick me in the nuts!   I am pretty sure those are well within her stubby legs reach.  
   I would not pay even half that much to see a midget again--think there called vertically challenged people now...?    But her yelling at me was well worth the dollar.  I might pay the much to do dwarf tossing at a bar though.   And it was way kooler than the snake lady.   I got no picture, but was overly sad to see a fake snake body wrapped around  a gal that had her head sticking through a platform.   Can you imagine having that "job"?   Sitting with your head through a hole all day, while people stare at you and ask brilliant questions.   See your job is looking better all the time!   I would go mind numb just being the money taker at that booth, because the carny speech about the snake lady blasted behind him --eternally repeating.   I did want my dollar back, but all they said was---No!!

   ** So sad to be leaving Billings this afternoon. And heading back to the real world. By the end of the month 2 of works 3 managers will be gone! And probably soon after our jobs will go poof! To early to care! Mmmm coffee!!!!**

      Not much to add to this.   I will soon be the funniest person in the unemployment line!
And not just the funniest looking.   I am slowly deciding what choices are best for my future.   But right now am thinking that Billings will be a part of that.   Even if for a short while.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random Rambling Continued

                        **"What happens if one is scared half to death---twice?"**

                              **"What happens if a fire station starts on fire?"**------

   I recently posted this question on Facebook after watching an episode of King of The Hill, were the guys became volunteer fireman.   And in the end, lit there own fire station on fire, while on a call.   But a friend of mine, that used to be a volunteer fireman, says he knows of it happening.   I am still not sure if it was at his fire house.   This all would make a great video to watch I feel.  But what worse way to wake up, alarms blaring in your ears, slide down the pole, into a fire!   

    I am slowly discovering that these very small motel coffee cups are not really cutting it.   Even while pretending and maybe wishing, I had a bed mate, and grabbing two cups at a time.   So I am not sure how much sense this blog entry will make.   I am not sure how much sense any of them make, actually.   I do know that this will be a short entry.   I have not yet made it out of the motel to explore.   And will have more to describe in written and picture form tonight and beyond.    I am sure my two readers can't wait!
    I do have to say that the Metra looks awesome!   At least from the outside.   After watching last years video of the twister just hovering over the park--like it had a vengeance on the buildings, I was wandering.    I have not been to the Metra or really hung out in Billings for about ten years now.  It was the big city for us growing up, the town does have a mall.   Which looks exactly as I recall.   Seeing all the shopping was nice too.  I do not like shopping, but with basically two retail choices in Sheridan, it is hard to find anything.   I spent some down time roaming around book stores and World Market last night.   And than ended sadly ended up in the huge Wally World.   I have worked at five of the stores, and roamed around numerous ones around the country.   And it seems that you see the same faces and down trodden, broken spirited workers in each store.  This one is nice though, with huge isles.   And a huge food area.  Which was great because I needed something to snack on in my motel room. 
    I resisted the huge urge to eat corn dogs at the fair because my stomach was already giving me issues.   But will probably break down and eat one or two today.   I am sure they will mix well with the beverages tonight.   I have before mentioned how great carnival corn dogs are.   I am not sure why they are so good, and do not think I really want to know the secrets.   But have often joked about all the local stray dogs disappearing when the fair is in town.   That ain't right!    I can say that the best corn dogs, are from the food stands inside the actual carnival area.   Not the stands outside of the rides.  
     I also resisted the urges to eat at places we had were I live.   It's somewhat like going to France and eating at Le Mcdonalds.   This town has some awesome restaurants.  But with fears of being jobless soon, I am kind of on a budget.  I did end up at Dennys for a late night meal.   A place that we do not have  back home, but always seems to be good, no matter were you stop.   This location held  true with that, but maybe was a little slow.   Being a server, I find myself very critical with service.   But I tip very good.   I loved the service in Washington.  Any were.   Jobs were very scarce, and no one wanted to loose there jobs.  So even the "crummiest" restaurants offered four star service!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8/16/11 "Free Balling" Around Montana

     **"My  mom used to tie dental floss around our life savers --so if we choked, she could pull it out, and save us."**     
    **"My mom used to by wine that came in a box, take the bag out of the box, put it in her purse, and than sneak it into movies."**

     Neither of the above is actually about my mom, was channel surfing earlier and heard these.   At the moment I find them funnier than the Yo momma jokes of old. 

    So with a full summer of working, and not really doing anything fun.   Before a winter of job hunting, and arguing, followed by a mere twenty three hour bus ride to a town I never really wish to return too.  I decided to go against my better judgements and go out of town, and state to Billings for Montana fair and some just enjoying myself.   Against my better judgement, because it will not be a free trip.  And because it is not really planned out at all.   My great driver, waited while I got a room, a challenge in itself.   And than we wandered around in the heat at the fair for awhile, and than she sadly had to leave.   So  I am at the mercy of friends that live here, the city bus system, and probably the Greyhound to return home.   I started the trip thinking someone else was going to drive me.  Someone that could stay up here, and help split the costs.   I also thought that I might be getting some of my belongings back.  I had heard through the grape vine that what would have been my mother-in-law was going to be in town working the fairs great carnival.   Already neither of those things turned out.
    I came very close to losing a reasonable room.   Although the last Motel 6 I stayed in was about thirty dollars total.   For whatever reason both of the town's Motel 6's leave there lights on for you, across the street from each other.   One, Tom Buadette shoot the lights out, wishing we would leave, in my travels.   Usually the motels all look the same, with remodels, but these do not.   I once had many pictures, takin in the mirrors of these motels, when I got antsy and needed to take a road trip.   But the pictures are gone, and the vehicle is also.  Anyways, the first older one, was full.   Across the street was a line in the lobby.  I could tell rooms were running out.  And the person ahead of me, said he called earlier to save a room.   It just happened to be the last room they had.   He even pulled out his phone to prove he had called the motel, making me sure I was losing the room.    Turns out he had called the motel across the street, with the same name.   Happy day!
    Road trips are always very calming.   When things got a little to stressful I would find a way to disappear for a day or two.  Usually with no plan.   When I was in a relationship,  the trips usually involved someone else, or were just down the road to wander and find coffee.  Maybe buy some flowers, so that I was allowed back in the house.   Of course with no vehicle, a trip of any kind is long over due for me.  I was told that my past bus trips counted as road trips.   And they did give me some great memories and things to write about.   But for the most part were miserable and very stressful.   Not that a lot of my road trips past have not been full of stress.   Usually I have a very un-reliable vehicle or can't find a gas station that takes actual cash for miles.   But something about being on the road, with no real mission is great.  
    I would like to say the same thing would be true about just taking off and hitch hiking.   But have learned, with many a faulty vehicle, that it is now very hard to catch a ride in America.   Most of the time that I was very successful was when I had kids with me.  People stop much quicker.   Beyond few drivers being brave enough to stop, you have to question those that do stop.   I have several times wanted to save cash, and be brave and just take off on foot.   Writing about who stopped and were I ended up.  But fear that a first blog entry would be about bailing out of a moving vehicle, because the driver was holding a running chain saw!   I feared the end was near one road trip gone bad, soon after entering someone Else's vehicle.   It was a newer truck and all of the doors locked instantly as the engine roared to life.   Causing me to panic more than a little at first. 

    So in random TV watching the last few daze, I was just watching about a fair were they are deep frying sticks of butter.   No joke.   Now I like a good deep fried food, but this is just sounds like a heart attack on a stick.  They said each held just over 1000 calories.   I still think, mainly be observing my towns residents, who probably resemble the people were you live.   Think that the restaurant would make bank by taking out the huge salad bar, and having a deep fry your own bar.  Twinkies, oreos, ice cream, but no butter!    I am once again going to refrain from making fun of bigguns in this blog.   Some day I will actually express more on the subject.   It may even fill a whole blog.  
    I have shared before that most of the people on electric carts at Wally World were large people, not old people.  And that one day one such persons cart ran out of juice in the middle of the store.  It took five workers to get her on another working cart.   Which makes one wonder how she got from her car into the store in the first place?   I also have shared how a former friend of mine, accused restaurant servers for making people fat.   I do not recall forcing food down any ones throat, yet.   And blamed a repeated hand to mouth movement more.    Long story short, he does not talk to me anymore.
    Last topic for tonight.   I was watching a video of my nephew playing the piano yesterday.   He is amazing.   I learned the basics  but nothing much better than Chop Sticks --to annoy the music teacher, and Twinkle Twinkle little Star.    Mostly because my mom restored a piano, and after all that work, we moved it every time we moved.  And there was a lot of moves.  At some point it was determined I should learn how to play the piano at least a lil bit.  I just watched a show were the were auctioning off an old piano.   The top was hollowed out to store booze.   Now that kind of instrument, I could enjoy in my house!
   Tomorrow morning, over free coffee, I will post again!   I have some time to kill before my friends get off work.   And always need lots of coffee.   For now good night!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

8/14/11 WOW

**"Funny how everyone goes "missin" when they need nothing from you anymore.-- Poof!"**

**"It made my day that after the 25th our manager schedule at work just has a huge ? Mark! Honestly"**

 I really do not feel comfortable talking to much about what is going on at work.   Even though for the most part, my best friends already do know as much as I do, which is very little.   It probably still is not the best thing to be discussing to publicly.   Even if the higher ups do not seem to want to explain our future at all.   At least our workers can see the end coming.   Other restaurants in the chain were not as lucky.   And were greeted by a many managers and a U Haul van one day, when the managers told them to git out.  With one of the three managers last day being the 25th, no replacements have been named, so the managers schedule literally has a huge question mark on it.    This question mark lingers over all of us for the next two weeks also, for sure. 

**"The 25th could very well be onna my last days at work. Ill git back to y'all about how I feel about that."**

   I have very mixed feelings about all this.   Mainly because I traveled a long way to return to this job.  And it will probably be over very soon.  But on the same note, with winter hitting, and jobs very scarce around here, I could be collecting unemployment.   If the government has any cash left.   I will easily be the funniest person in the unemployment line!   I really do not like this state in the winter, but with much cheaper rent, at the moment, I could chill and maybe go back to school at the same time.   Or there are many places to move to, before the deep winter hits here.   In about a month!   Maybe a few daze away from it all, in  Billings at the Montana fair will help me make decisions.   If nothing else I will get my fill of action and corn dogs.  Those two thoughts do not go together in any way!

                                                        **"MMMmmmmmm Coffee!"**

   So I am watching "Yes Man"   After last discussing in my last blog, how hard things are to plan at the moment.   Maybe saying yes to whatever was presented to me would be kind of interesting.  Obviously there would be major draw backs.   But think of all the new things you would try.   That you never would before.   Becoming amazingly unpredictable, and living your life fully.  Not worrying about things becoming routine.  
    Not that I have ever had a problem saying no.  Some people deffinatly need to say it more.  Those that complain about so many phone calls or texts a day ---need to stop giving out there phone numbers, or replying to the texts.   After a long enough period, of no texts, everyone stops texting.   But saying yes to everything would be an adventure.  Yes it would!  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Will You Marry Me?

       "If I was a member of congress and if I was an idiot...but I repeat myself." Mark Twain

  **"Donald Duck's on a dirty weekend, calls reception & asks for condoms. Receptionist says shall I put them on your bill? "Don't be thuckin thupid I'd thuffocate!"**

            **" Somebody just called me childish, I almost choked on my Lego."**

                          Just like in Vegas---*"What happens here -stays here!"**

  Word on here doesn't get around near as fast as on Facebook.   I am always amazed at how many people actually read the mostly mindless drivel I post on the sight.   My main continued gripe--is that I spend way to much time on the pages.   Although it gives me great "material" for these blogs.   Most of it is borrowed though, so ever publishing any of these pages, is iffy.   And that lately every time the powers that be try to update Facebook, most of the sight stops working.  The main difference is that everything I put in my blogs--I wish it to be there.  And for input on my thoughts, no matter how random, although I seldom git this.   The following is a little crude---but describes FB to a T.

      Facebook...what book? Slutbook? They need to call this F*ckbook. Picture lookin good..but in person? Yuckbook. Hellbook Tellbook..b*tches can't Spellbook. Hate behind your back but in person wish you Wellbook. Glitchbook Snitchbook..Fake family Listbook. Posting on her page this is trying to steal yo b*tchbook. Rudebook Feudbook tell your every move book. I don't even need tv..sh*t right here is Newsbook
                 WOW!   My spell check really "hated" the above paragraph!

  Ever feel like you are stuck in a huge rut, doing the same things each and every day?   When I was not working, in Washington, this was very true.   Although I could spice up random days by taking any number of great mind clearing hikes.   Now that I am working full time, at least at the moment, it is a completely different routine.   But still so set, and so dam boring.   Gals supposedly like stability a ton, but I am single at the moment anyway.   This is not the best town to be spontaneous in.   Not that spontaneous is bad, but there really is not much to do during ones spare time.   Thus the increase in blog entries on my daze off work.   I have a ton of ideas for the future, 90% involving bigger towns.    I am currently watching Wedding Daze on TV.    In the begging the "pie molester" from American Pie, I am bad with names-sorry.  Decides he is tired of daydreaming of his dead fiance, that had a heart attack when he asked her to marry him.  He suddenly asks his waitress to marry him, whom he just meet, and she says yes!     Now this all makes a great movie, but is way to spontaneous for me.   At least today. 

                                           **Fortune favours the bold."**

   But it also might make you very poor and or hurting very fast.   I like to have some type of game plan at all times.   But plans for about the last year, have not been working out for me at all!   Due to new information, I am very sure the restaurant I am working at, will be closing it's doors for good much sooner than I had before thought.   Although it is great to have some kind of early warning, other restaurants in the same chain, got none.   It would be even better, if corporate would just let us in on the grand plan.   I have about 29 future changing plans in my head right now, and can not decide which direction to head.  Professor Getty--whom  has about as much trouble staying put as I do, and is known for saying "Gonna do it my way, and hit the highway!"  just told me I should take the hardest choice.   Be bold, because fortune favours the bold!  But after following my heart a time or two to many, the safest route might be much better.   Although always boring.   Gahhh!

                               **"Up! Will git back to you about the awake part."**-----
     Today I just kind of feel blah!   Not sick, just out of it.    My eye kept randomly twitching yesterday, I am guessing from needing a lil more sleep.   That is normal right?   So, I was kind of glad when I found out that I had to many hours at work, and suddenly found out I had the day off.   Wish I would have learned this before I drank gallons of coffee.   I  first thought about a nice mind clearing hike.   But than I recalled were I lived.   And than I recalled I just don't feel up to it.   So far I have slacked and now find it is almost one some how.  O well.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sheep Are Safe!!>?

                                        **Sheep are safe!"**

      If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines one year ago, you would have $49.00 today. If you purchased $1,000 of shares in AIG, you would have $33.00. If you purchased $1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers, you would have $0.00 today. But, if you purchased $1,000 worth of beer, drank all the beer, turned in the aluminum cans for recycling, you would have $214.00. Therefore the best current investment plan is to drink heavily & recycle. It is called the
401-Keg Plan.

                                                   **And now a quick joke for y'all!**

     Dad buys a LIE DETECTOR ROBOT which slaps people when they lie. He decides to test it at dinner. "Son, where were you today?" The son says "at school dad." Robot slaps the son! "OK, I watched a DVD at my friends house!" "What DVD?" "Toy story." Robot slaps the son again! "OK, it was a porno" cries the son. Dad yells "What! When I was your age I didn't know what porn was!" Robot then slaps the dad! Mom laughs "HaHaHa! He's certainly YOUR son." Robot then slaps the mom!!!!!

Cake Chip made for me, and than ate before I showed up!

    As I sit here full of wondermous coffee, I am watching it pour rain outside.   I think two things--two things related to the rain storm, anyway.   That after the late, but full force onset of summer, cloudy skies and rain is great!   And how glad I am that I am inside during the mini storm.  
     Rain is not really all that common here-but is all you see in the winters of the great north west.  I have spent enough time in these areas, that I have my webbed feet.   In fact the cloudy skies and constant rain, are a huge factor to why I now like coffee so much.   The quick wake up is needed, when it's gloomy out so many daze in a row.  And there is a different coffee shop every twelve feet.   In Arizona, it is just hot.   Than one day, even God decides it is to dang hot, and the skies dump and dump rain.   AKA the Monsoon season.  It is a warm rain, so awesome!   They also have the Stupid Motorist law there.   Basically if you get yourself stuck in high water--you pay for the rescue crews that saved your life.   Every year at least one family has their 15 minutes of fame, as they are helicopter lifted from the top of a huge tree, surrounded by an over flowing river.   Today's blog  has nothing to do with rain!

                                                                                                       Best backpack ever above?

    After yellin' "Sheep are safe!"  for over a year now---I have slowly noticed that I am saying it to all new co-workers.   Most of which nod their heads, smile, and run  away to the other side of the restaurant.   I add it into a lot of blogs also, but have a reader base --far past Wyoming.   Were everyone understands what I am talking about.   In light of this, and simply because I am staring at a very blank computer screen, I will attempt to explain this short but deep sentence.   Those of you that know me well, already know the answer----and can choose if you read on or not.   As in most of my blogs---you choose not!  If you are easily offended---please read on!   This blog likes hate mail!   Few of my friends are easily offended, simply because after about the fourth time I tick them off, we are not friends any more.
                                                        This ones trying to git away!

   Many of my friends have never left the west, so they do not understand how much we are made fun of -in other states.   Unless they take a trip to New Zealand maybe.   Which is supposedly were this sign comes from....

    Wyoming --beyond the sheep jokes--does not have a lot going for it.   It is onna the least populated states for it's size, people get really lonely, there is a cowboy on the licence plates, we were the first state to allow woman to vote.....     Back to people get really lonely---A few years ago a game and fish warden was patrolling the country side, and happened to run into a man screwing a dyeing deer.   It had tried to jump over a fence, and got stuck halfway.   *Honestly on all this*   I am not sure what the charges were---but am sure they would not help any ones resume or future love life in or out of prison.     Now I have to say if I was Ranger Rick, in the middle of no were, I would advert my eyes, and kept driving!  Maybe paused to take a few pictures.   Possibly this is why I am not a forest ranger, or anyone with any real authority.  

Wyoming postcard?

          I talk about being lonely a lot lately--but have never even been close to this alone!
   Wyoming --the true old west!  Were men are men, and knot holes in trees are scared.    Were sheep are safe unless the Velcro gloves come out.   Were......
OK  I would not be the first choice to pick the state motto's   or write for the local tourism committee.   Although some of my last blogs try to show how kool the state really is.   The best short story I have read in awhile---is on the back of a pack of Backwoods cigars.   Not to be confused --when ordering--with Backdoor--- similar, but a very different meaning.   It took me and a buddy twenty minutes to read the three paragraph story once, we were laughing so hard.   I hope the same can be said while you are reading this.

    As I above said---Wyoming residents catch a lot of flax when they move some were else.   A good deal of the kidding is about sheep.   The jokes started for me in about 1999--when I lived in Oregon.   And they never  really stopped.

   One day in Eugene, Oregon--my roomie, also from Wyoming, and I were having coffee outside with a buddy we called Old Bastard.  He slept on our couch for months--and even though at least 14 years older than us, when he went bar hopping with us, he hit on the same age gals as us.   With a better ratio of gals that said yes.  Thus the bastard part of his name.  The first part I am sure you all can figure out!   Anyways, we were enjoying our coffee  at a great place very near the local fair grounds.   And a huge trailer pulled up in front of us filled with cows.   Old Bastard--looked at us both, and said that our girlfriends were in the trailer some were.    I replied--that we were from Wyoming, and only into sheep.   As fate would have it, another even larger trailer pulled up.   Completly full of sheep!    I started shaking my head--and told OB to give us his worse jokes.    Tweenty minutes later, he ran out of material.  
    The jokes contiued through the years.   And  I could fill a blog or two with them.   But will make you think of your own sheep jokes to tell me.   Maybe you have one I have never heard.  Doubtful though. 
    Years later I was living in Washington with a great gal.   Who also loved the sheep stories.   I had to come to Wyoming for awhile, and would have no computer access.   I was really into that stupid Farmville game on Facebook at the time.   And begged her to keep my farm up while I was on the road.    She did a great job, but also kept buying me sheep for the farm, in honor of my return to my hometown.    The next thing I knew, I had about 200 dam sheep running around my fake farm.  

   Somewere along the line, I started collecting stuffed sheep ---to further the joke.    People collect everything from stamps to state spoons, so why not?   I am also very "happy" to be getting my collection back very soon.   I have about tweenty sheep now!  But they have been in storage in another state for awhile.   Sadly, I have room for that, but not my furniture.  

                                                              Just some of the collection.

    About a year later --I was in Wyoming talking to someone on the phone.   I was sure they had cheated on me --not that it really mattered.   And kept yelling---sheep are safe into the phone.    Most people would hang up, because this went on for about ten minutes.   But the other person stayed on the line, and than let loose.   When I told my boss about all this---for whatever reason we started yelling   sheep are safe through the restaurant.    

    Hopefully all this clears things up just a little bit.   I am sure it is all now as clear as mud!







Monday, August 8, 2011



                                **"There is nothing like closing on ones day off work!"**

                                  **"That she's not a she!"**---Professor Getty----
    I am not going to go very deep into explaining this one.   But have you ever been walking down the street, and seen a really attractive member of the opposite sex walking towards you.  You start to groom yourself a little, walk a little taller, strut a little.   She is looking very good the closer you get,  almost meeting on the sidewalk.   You plan in your head a few really great lines to use on them, knowing you would never actually mutter any of them.   Than as you might almost say "Howdy beautiful!"  you realize it is not even a gal you have been staring at any of this time.   Admit it, this has happened to you all.   Somewhat like when you blow on your ice cream to cool it off a little bit.   And than look quickly around to make sure no one saw that idiot move!

     Today I had planned on having a full day off work.  Relaxing and such.  And after downing much flavorful brew of the Gods, also know as coffee,  writing two blogs today.   I did get to sleep in and drink coffee.   But got called into work a few hours.  So today --a blog about my last week roaming around Sheridan.   With pictures of course!   As always ----please comment!   And pass on the word, if you enjoy what you see.   My older blogs ---are some of my favorites.   Also, if you find any of this entertaining, pass it on to sights like Sheridan Media.com.   I would love to somehow write for them or the Sheridan Press, even in blog form.   But have not been brave enough to suggest this myself.   Maybe because I fear rejection in all forms.   Something I will have to get over, if I ever want to be published.

I always enjoy a great sunset picture.   And believe there is always room for one more great shot.
I have a ton of sunset pictures.   But only about two sunrise pictures.  Mornings would be great if they started much later in the day!     These pictures were takin' up at the fair grounds

Sheridan has a ton of events in the summer time.  Especially for such a small town.  Thursday night farmers markets, 3rd Thursday street fairs, Friday night movies at the park, etc etc.
Tuesday night I ended up enjoying a concert in the park.   This week--Kid Fiddlers.

As most events in town, they drew a large crowd.  The above picture only shows about half of the audience. 

That night I ended up at the fair in time to view the pig showings.  Yes pigs, even though sheep are safe, I did not see many of them that night.   The fair is great to roam around here, but nothing at all like Montana Fair in Billings.   Which I hope to write about very soon.   I have been many times in my past, but have no pictures or very clear memories, dam beverages. 

On the walk home, I passed my favorite statue once again.   I have so many pictures of this statue, but got a few good night ones.

Saturday after work, my parents and I ended up at the arts festival at the college.  
Nearly 50 artistest offered some great sights.   With the best possibly being from the school's own welders rodeo.   Live music created a perfect backdrop.   

Below ---no ones is creative today?    One of the workshops at the festival.   Combined with some great food and drinks, one could spend the good part of the day here easily.

After I ended back up at the fair grounds to watch the pig wrestling.   Actually very enjoyable.  Although I think most of the many watchers found it more interesting the more thay drank.  
This started with the beginners, the under ten year old crowd.   They got a lil pig to catch.   And many of the kids seemed much more afraid of the pigs than vise-Vera. 
The pigs grew as each round went on.   Leading up to the heavy weight full sized buckets of bacon, chased by the men.
  This all might have been more entertaining with a little bit better of an announcer.  He was good, but kept saying the same things, and spent much to the time, laughing into the microphone.  Still a much better night than any sitting in front of the boob tube. 

A huge crowd was present.
If you have to wrestle your drunk husband out of the mini van, into the house, and into bed.  You might be a shoe win for next years competition!

This old bus -complete with many mini pictures on each side was spotted at the fair grounds.  I have seen many great old buses and will have to dig out the other pictures.   I always thought it would be great to live in one of these and travel the country.   I would drop a hot tub in the back of it, and put neon lights under the bus.    But would have to watch were I drove in the day time.  Stopping at some red lights could have children running after the bus thinking they were late for school. 

Happy Trails!!