Thursday, August 18, 2011

     **"Two blonds were going to Disneyland . They were driving when they saw the sign that said Disneyland LEFT. They started crying and turned around went home."**

    Today marks my blog post number 164 for anyone keeping track.   Not a ton of posts, considering I started all this fun last December.   But defiantly a decent amount.  Looking through some of my posts last night, while trying to get to sleep, I had some great laughs.   I also can't believe how much things for me have changed in these months.  But in a way stayed the same.   What I find hardest to believe is that it is almost the end of August!   With cross country moves, X'mas with three kids, already distant thoughts of marriage, and another cross country move, this year has been a blur for me.   And has flew by amazingly fast.  

                            **"Its been voted on i don't think I'm coming back from Billings long."**

This has been a great trip of exploring and having fun.   And escaping the "real world" for awhile.   But I can see how I could spend some real time here.   And actually have things to during my time off work.   Lots of places I passed were hiring.   And the bus system is reasonable.   I will have to get back to you if it's a good system.   I tried looking up the routes online yesterday, and couldn't figure any of them out.   None of the bus stop signs have times on them.   So one really is not sure if you are going to wait for an hour or half the day.   I took a few random buses yesterday while roaming around town.  But without a month pass, the fare is 1 25 and I ran out of quarters soon.   I am sure the routes are easy to learn.   Plus just jumping on a bus to see were you end up, is kind of fun.   I will talk more about the fair and such --with pictures in my next blog.   But have to say that last nights word of the day was, NO!   Random fair goers yelled it at me all night.   The most amusing being the "smallest lady" you can view for only one dollar!   Turns out she is a midget, and she  was busily on her cell phone when I viewed.   Anyways, I took a picture--which I will add to the next blog, photos aren't downloaded into my computer yet.   Anyways, as I was taking the picture, she kept yelling--No pictures and pointing at me.   I ran off, half expecting her, to run up to me--yell no! again and than kick me in the nuts!   I am pretty sure those are well within her stubby legs reach.  
   I would not pay even half that much to see a midget again--think there called vertically challenged people now...?    But her yelling at me was well worth the dollar.  I might pay the much to do dwarf tossing at a bar though.   And it was way kooler than the snake lady.   I got no picture, but was overly sad to see a fake snake body wrapped around  a gal that had her head sticking through a platform.   Can you imagine having that "job"?   Sitting with your head through a hole all day, while people stare at you and ask brilliant questions.   See your job is looking better all the time!   I would go mind numb just being the money taker at that booth, because the carny speech about the snake lady blasted behind him --eternally repeating.   I did want my dollar back, but all they said was---No!!

   ** So sad to be leaving Billings this afternoon. And heading back to the real world. By the end of the month 2 of works 3 managers will be gone! And probably soon after our jobs will go poof! To early to care! Mmmm coffee!!!!**

      Not much to add to this.   I will soon be the funniest person in the unemployment line!
And not just the funniest looking.   I am slowly deciding what choices are best for my future.   But right now am thinking that Billings will be a part of that.   Even if for a short while.  

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