Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I do---- Want Another Beer!


                                      **"Love is grand.   Divorce is a hundred grand!"**

                                          The above does not picture my friends at all.
              But proves that love is blind.   I have proved several times that you really can not live                                  on love alone.  Although it is fun while it lasts!  

  I wanted to write this blog months ago.  But several things stopped me.  The main being my break up right before this great wedding.  That made it very hard for me to give this couple the respect there beautiful ceremony deserved.   And made it hard for me to give this a nice spin, instead of an ugly and angry read.     A friend of mine since the fifth grade, got married to his long term sweetie in June.   In Sheridan, were they first meet.   Long term, meaning they have been dating for at least ten years.  Meaning in most states, they were already un officially married by common law.   I call him Vegas Dude, because he lived in Vegas for such a long time.   Now being in Montana, the name needs updated, but nothing that rolls of the tongue as well thus far. 
      As I said, I had known the couple for ever, but no I am not old.   And although not happy to be in Sheridan, was more than happy to be in the town as the date was getting closer.  Although I debated for weeks about actually making an appearance at the celebration.   Just months before this, I had still thought I was following suit, and going to be wed.   And was more than disgruntled to suddenly find myself so utterly single again.   I was very down on anything that had to do with love and relationships.  
      Even up to the day of the ceremony, I was debating if I wanted to really make an appearance or not.   Among everything else, this couple had been living together forever, and what do you buy a couple that all ready has a very nicely furnished house.   As I found a seat in the church, I un consciously picked one near the back, in case I decided to leave early.
   All personal anger aside, it was a very beautiful and joyful celebration.   And even after all those years, it was clearly visible that these two love everything about each other.   Something I before was doubting was possible.   At least with people my age.   Sure they have had hard times, but instead of killing the relationship, or each other,  it made it all that much stronger.   Having kids together of course made the bond even stronger.  
    As they both stood by the preacher, they had a huge glow that radiated through the huge church.  The groom even jumped about twelve steps saying "I do" way before time.  As I said it was a great ceremony.   One that later made me realize, I did not truly have these feelings about the gal from my past.  And even if I had most of the same feelings, it was not mutual.   Although I surly hope that the friendship between us re-surfaces soon. 
      The joy and love continued into the reception across the street.   Were the looks on there faces had nothing to do with the many beverages.  
    I must say I might have enjoyed the open bar a little to much.   And believe I owe Vegas Dude many a free beer on the random nights we do hit the town.   At some point all the happiness and beverages got to my head to much.   And I quickly roamed home.  Were I had more than enough time to over think the last few months of my life.   I must say at that time, my mind thoughts were very very negative.   But with time, those are healing themselves along with my wounds.  
    In closing, I wish these two the best.   They truly belong together.   And I hope that some day I find someone that makes me glow even half as much as these too still do around each other!

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  1. That is a very touching recounting of their love, the ceremony, and the day. I was glad to have shared a part of it with you.