Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Once Upon A Time In Story, Wyoming

    My exploring blogs will get much better once I have a vehicle again, I am sure.   Last year when I was in the area, I was highly disappointed that the fish hatchery in Story was closed.  After reading that they had re-opened it in the paper, I was more than ready to go.   On the 25th of July my folks and I did just that.  It was my mothers birthday and it seemed like a more than enjoyable way to start out a day of slacking and celebrating. 

      I realize I have not been to the hatchery since I was about twelve--so a few years ago, but I was highly disappointed in how boring the sight now is.  With much recent diseases in the fish, it is not very interactive anymore at all.   Most of the ponds are now closed all together or empty.  And the main fish holding building is covered and locked.   The main visitors center was already closed, to keep more fish from getting sick.   And they discourage visitors from the thrill of feeding fish with bread  by having fish vending machines.    I did find what looked like would be a really kool trail up a mountain directly behind the hatchery.  But feared it was not a trail for everyone.  Plus with all the bear sightings lately, it did not seem like a great idea.     I would rate this hole part of the mini adventure with two thumbs down!  
    Although the last time I was in Story I saw the biggest icecicle I believe I have ever seen!

    We than roamed around the large park connected to the hatchery. 
    We than ended up in Buffalo.  More because it was time for lunch.   I have always really liked this town.   It has a lot of character, a huge museum, very wide streets, and a huge totally free public pool in the big city park.  
                                                       Buffalo has a long sloping Main Street. 
    Way  back in the day I recall parking my Mercury Lynx *first car, at the top of Main Street and roaming around town.   Apparently I had forgot to set my parking brake.   We returned to a vacant parking spot, and saw my car in the midst of a large crowd, most of the way down the hill.    The car had somehow missed all pedestrians, and shops, jumped the curb and parked itself in a rock wall.   We made our way through the crowd, found reverse, and zoomed away from the crowd. 

   We ended up having a great lunch in the Busy Bee Cafe.   Possibly a little slow, but the river being right beside the restaurant, offered a great view.   And gave me ample time to wander the towns main drag and take pictures.  It is right beside a motel built in the 1800's which is great to tour.   All of the rooms have been restored, and if are not rented, you can look inside.   They also have a full stocked bar, that offers some great food choices if you are not thirsty.  
All of the small towns here have a large supply of bars.   Sheridan has around 22 drive through liquor stores.  Which is constant entertainment to me, since you can not drink and drive.   Maybe a future blog will be about visiting all the down town bars in Sheridan!   Tomorrow's blog will explain my "sheep are safe!?" thoughts.    For all of you that have no clue what I am talking about.  

        On the way home we passed this neat barn.   It is very near the old dance hall.

                                                                    Happy Trails!

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