Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Horoscopes And Other Random Thoughts

    Although my blog hs already gone well beyond the cult status, another some how more identifyable cult in the paper is the daily horoscope.  I very rarly read these, but sometimes it honestly gives me more comic relief than my articles, or than when I look in the mirror.   *For you single ladies out there, and those looking to birthday shop for me, please not I am a might Leo!   I now feel to be an certified expert on the subject.  Or at the least certifiable.  Because I did my reserch last night, I read my horoscope and than drank another beer!  The insigt was deep, but mostly advised me to take a map, if I traveled.   How did the mighty horoscope know I was a male?   It continued to advise me to stay out of hospitals.   Always good insight!   And something I have done latly--even with a good friend sickly and in the hospital.   Hospitals make me very nervous, even if I am not the patient.  Although the gowns are styling, but only when you stand up in them!   The only place that bugs me more is hotel rooms.   Mainly because I have done some crazy things in motel rooms, and imagine others have also, and don't want to sleep around that.  And because many people decide to kill themselves in motel rooms, at least according to Steven King.
    Anyways, back to horoscopes.   If these predictions were so real, wouldn't each of the 64 animals readings be the same each day, in every source that you read them?   How can every magazine have a diffrent horoscope for me?  I get so confused deciding wich fate will be mine, that I never leave the house.  I also think good ol Karma has a lot to do with your fate each day.   Mine has slowly been getting much better.   But for awhile, I seriously thought I was something terriable like a baby killer in a past life.   Things were so bad.   This theory was shot to heck, when I recalled that I do not beleive in reincarnation. 
     Thus, my all inclusive horoscopes for the week.  Slightly based from the wisdom of our local weatherman.   Monday:  Your day will be filled with hardships, caused from a hard weeksend of parying.  You will regret recalling your debut pin number while drunk. 
   Tuesday:  Your fincial situration will either get better or worse today.   (Notice the weather mans 50/50 chance of rain influence here?) 
    Wendsday:  A long journey awaits you, full of obsitcles.  AKA your commute to work.  You will meet your possiable life partner today, depending on if your spouse is with you or not at the time.  And money will be a large factor in all you do, or don't do today.  File a claim for a stolin debut card with your bank, for money rewards.
    Thursday:   Reavualuate were you are in life.  Do not eat at the corner mexican joint, there bean mix soup is now offically four days old.   Emence joy and love will come your way and as quicly disapear, after you run out of ten spots for the strippers while on your lunch break.   Things only get worse as you rush to the ATM and lose your card.   Recalling that you filled for a stolin bank card!
    Friday:  causual day at work will lead to you finding a twenty in your blue jeans pocket.   Entire bill goes into your gas tank, were you recieve excatly four gallons of gas!   Waking up from your power nap just before the boss comes around, keeps you employed and gives you enough energy to stay awake untill coffee  break time.  Conflicts with your relatives will finely lead to you not talking to your mother in law.  Strange five year headache suddenly clears up! 
    Saturday:  It will rain today.
    Sunday:  Continues to pour.   Your nap through church is still counted as attending and your sins will be forgotten.  new adventures look profatable.  
   Monday:   Full on sunshine returns all day.  It would hurt your eyes, but you are staring at the sun from your cubicle, exactly 12 cubicles away from the closest window. 
     How accurate are my predictions?   The Magic 8-ball says..........Try again!


Bah Humbug!

                                                              Cheers to all my readers!

            **"Time to watch Anger Management so i will be ready for all the hungry shoppers this                       weeksend."**

    **"Temper is the only thing you can't get rid of by losing it!"**----Anger Management

                          The size of coffee  I will need to deal with all the holiday shoppers!
           Living in a town were Wally World is the main shopping place, is very negative on my list. 

                                                  My gift from Santa is already in shipment!

           You will be soon spending a  lot of time roaming the isles of Wally World for that perfect gift from the discount isles, that looks like it is really from Macy's!  While you are in the store, why not play some bingo also>?

**"Sooooooooo don't want to go to Wally World until after Dec! But my cell phone card is expiring and thats the only place that sells them."**

**"About to join the masses at Wally World. Still not sure why. Still have time to send me your last minute gift requests--so I can look at them-----and have a great laugh!!"**

                                             Holiday ads can save you money and be helpful!
     If your not sure what to get me this year, add to my sheep collection.    This is a small part of the collection.  Although it is still in WA state, I will be reunited with it soon!  If you do not know the story, theres a blog for that!

        **"Your breath smells so bad, I don"t know whether to give you a tic tac or toilet paper..."**----Bruce Almighty---------

   I once worked with a dude in hardware at Wally World, we called Pigpen because he didn't know to shower.   In case you have not gotten the memo, or worked with me, I like to give out "Code names" to everyone I work with.  Most are nice, all are fitting.  I am writing a blog about all this fun, very soon.   Anyways one Xmas we all chipped in and got him a basket of soap and cleaners complete with directions on how to use them, and left it on the hardware counter from Santa.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Black and Blue Friday

                                                                 **"Going to the Dr---$75
                                                                 Pills that didn't work -$100
                                                                  Sleeping till almost noon--Priceless!"**

    This past weekend kind of turned into one long blur.   Add on late night coffee runs and still being sick, and it was extra long.   Today was the first time I got to sleep in for quite awhile, and I fully took advantage of it.  Two things hinder me on days I can sleep in.   One is that I am now used to working mornings, and seem to want to roll out of bed way to early every day.   The next is that constant morning urge to need to pee.  I fought both urges for hours, and woke up well rested, and with a dry bed!
     Thursday, known as Turkey Day to the rest of the world.  Found me opening at work.   It wasn't near as busy as last year, but any holiday rocks to be a server.   I made more in tips that day, than the total amount of my paycheck.  Something that is both nice and disturbing.   Being the holidaze I will not go into my rant about wages in this great state right now.  I served great customers and snaked off the Turkey buffet all day.   "Quality control" I call it, we do not want any customers eating bad food.  I will have to say one, nameless server was very entertaining all day.    The customers only selection was the turkey buffet, and than we simply had to decide if the customer was a senior or child or not.  Than punch it in.   This worker could not seem to get this concept down.  And kept ending up with more tickets than actual customers.   Each time throwing her into a panic.   I was not sure were the drama was, because with only one main selection choice, Surprise!  when the next customer came in, they were having turkey too!  
     After work I went to my brothers for the family dinner.  Full of much more food.   I was still not sure what I would be working on Friday morning, knowing it could be anything from starting at 5 30 AM to starting at ten.   So I mostly kept my beverage selections to nothing stronger than Pepsi that night.  I can say that it was a great dinner.   Although I might have done to much  "quality control" earlier to really look appreciative or hungry by dinner time.   I would also like to note, that somehow, since I  moved back in May, this is the first time I have actually seen this brother.   Who lives clear across town.   Be it we are in totally different social links, his hate for eating were I work, or that we are just such a close family!   I snagged half a chocolate french silk pie when I left, which made me a great hit with my roommates.

        **"I would like to thank the huge crowds at Wally World last night for some good entertainment."**

    **"Kudos to the lady at Wally World that decided she was surrounded by to many shoppers on Black Friday ---and pepper sprayed them all!! Now that's the holiday spirit for sure!"**

    Even after learning that the new cell phone I wanted, would not work in the great town that I live in, for some reason I still had the urge to join the masses and go shopping at Wally World that night.  Something about the sim cards in this phone, with the mixture of living in the middle of Noweresville I believe was the scientific reason the phone would not work here.  Even after 8 years of working Black Fridays I was ready to go out this night and join the shoppers.  With really nothing in mind on my shopping list to actually buy that night.   When I worked for the company, the stores were not 24 hours and the managers would open our front doors, way to early Friday morning, one year too 8,000 angry customers, and than get the hell out of the way.   Years I worked on the registers it really wasn't all that bad.  You can only help people so fast, and there is a protective barrier, the register, between you and the throbbing masses.   Years I worked on the sales floor, it wasn't near as "fun."   Nothing says Christmas spirit like beating people down for discounted plastic dinner ware that comes with a free gravy boat!   One year I worked with the company, an older lady lost her wig during the mad rush into the store.   As she was trying to grab it, she about got trampled, and all we could do was watch, through the masses of shoppers, striving to save a dollar.   Another year an older lady passed out in front of the check stands, and customers actually walked over her, to get to the checkouts.  Before someone actually stopped to help her.   Someone seems to get trampled each year.  But the madness goes on, and gets bigger each year.  
     The only year I contributed to the madness was when those stupid Furbys were big.   Another worker and I had found an entire pallet of the toys in the back of the store, and pulled them into Sporting Goods.   One of us made the mistake of paging out about our find.  And the next thing we knew, we easily had 800 shoppers around us.  We climbed up on the sales counter, and tossed the toys into the crowd.  Causing an entertaining, yet scary event.    Later we got in trouble for all this, but I have to say, it was worth it. 
    Thursday night was also entertaining, yet scary.  A huge percent of the town was at Wally World, and we found ourselves parking at Taco Bell, several businesses away.   When first entering the store, several workers ran past us.   Wally World workers seldom run, so we followed them.  To a fight in the isles over $2 dollar DVD's.   The whole night was a massive amount of madness, that I believe I can not describe in words.   You just had to be there.  After that "fun" a crowd of us went to coffee.  While they waited for other great sales to start.

    I have never before shopped on Black Friday.  And after this night, I can easily say I will never do it again.  Although it was nothing but entertaining.  

    Friday morning at work was exactly how I before had predicted it.  The diners had been out all night, getting beat up to save pennies on the dollar.  They were angry and tired.   And most "forgot" to leave much in the tip department.   I was very glad that my boss decided I should start  work at 10 instead of opening.  

   Saturday was another early start at work.   It was also Turkey day at my house!   So I came home to a ton of great food once again.   After eating a lot, I hid downstairs, in my room for a little bit.   And the next thing I knew it was 9 o clock at night!   Knowing I would not find sleep for awhile, I ended up at coffee with friends again.   Sunday morning was another early morning at work.  And yet another great tip day.  Amazingly putting me at the end of the long weekend, and happily being my Friday at work. 

    I attempted to go to the Christmas Stroll downtown Friday night, after an extended shift at work.  But it was majorly cold outside.  And we soon ended up at Java Moon for a warm up.

                                Everyone should have a white mocha Steve!   Git you some!!

    I can say that I did not buy anything this weeksend.   I have a very short shopping list this year, but each person is extremely hard to buy for.   And with Wally World being were 90% of town shops, I find it very hard to get motivated. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Old Fisherman Never Die (They Just Smell Like It)

    I have been thinking about fishing a lot lately.   My parents and I fished all the time in the mountains.  And I have not been for over ten years now, some how.    Although the huge salmon runs of the north west were a big draw.  Some of those fish could probably pull me in the water.   I worked for awhile in a cannery in Washington state.  And although the money was great, not much else about the work was.  By the end of the day you were covered in fish guts, and I would have to take 2 showers to be allowed in the house.    This all in mind here's some thoughts:

    Fishing is quality entertainment, if your a fish.  But how many sports can you sit around all day, drink, and than lie about what got away while taking the family out to eat *since you actually caught nothing, without shooting anyone?   One often wonders how things are determined.   Like milk comes from a cow, or that a fish will go after a dangling worm.   What were these people doing to the poor cows and or worms?   Is a dangling worm common in the fishes environment?  Why do the fish decide the worms look edible?   How did catch and release come about?  Is this really fishing, or recycling.  And do you really need a license to recycle?   See fishing gives you time to think!   Did catch and release fishing come about because someone actually caught a fish, ate it, and decided this tastes awful, and fishy!   We should throw them all back?  
    At least if you have a boat theirs constant fun.   From losing the oars to having extra beverage storage.  Usually known as fish coolers, but who needs those?  The only fish you'll see are in the freezer section of your local supermarket on the way home.  The larger a fish the more exciting your day is to an extent.  If your catch of the day could double as The Man and The Sea 2, but you started fishing in a mountain pond.  Besides selling the movie rights to me, things are looking bleak for you.  
    With many years of fishing under my fly, I can't say I do not enjoy the sport, as I am sure many a house wife, does also.  I have even tried fly fishing.  Which usually goes something like 1 o clock, 9 o clock, 2 o clock, tree!  I have never actually caught anything with fins while fly fishing.  And my technique looked nothing like those guys in A River Runs Through It.
    The best fishing holes tend to be controlled ponds and fish hatcheries.  Were the fish are all one size, larger than the medium fish sticks.   Which makes me pause and note, that for all you city folk, fish sticks do not come pre-breaded.  And in the above cases the fish are waiting for you to catch them.  I know a few fish hatchery workers that would frown on fishing there, so good night vision and running shoes is advised.  Because getting caught is a costly experience I am sure.  *I've heard stories.  What do they book you with, misdemeanor of a trout--fish napping?  Which brings us back to which supermarket fish to pick.  Cause chances are that's all your getting for dinner.  Plus most supermarkets have more beverages.  Someone drank all of yours on the boat.  Choosing fish without heads are the most believably caught while you were fishing choice.  Better yet is to just take your family to the local Mc D's because cows don't smell like fish. 
   So, you have decided to on a fish hunt?  Leave your explosives at home, or sell them to me.  Taking two rods is important.  Before you run off looking for two men named Rod or Rodney, I am talking about fishing poles o bright one.  You always need a stand by for the first pole getting stuck in a tree.  How do you know if that line tug is a fish?   The quickest way is to stick your head under the boat and take a look.  Or, you can reel the line in for several minutes.  Whatever method floats your boat.  Remember to add the newest stick to your pile of things caught.  Do I need a fishing net or no?  Sometimes simply beating the fish with a beer bottle is as effective.   Do I need to worry about "worm hands" when eating?  Do the fish?  Besides who's eating, you don't get feed until the fish are fried, mister.  That's of course assuming you catch any.  
    Also always remember to have fishing line strong enough to pull in a shark.  Even while in a little nearby stream.  One never knows when the industrial strength line will help you cross to the other side of the creek.  Tarzan style because that's were the best fishing holes are.  Or will hold you or your boat from going over a waterfall.  
    This brings us to shooting fish.  Unless they are in a barrel, due to depth perception your going to miss the fish.  But it is still hours of fun to try.  Also getting a bow and tying an arrow to it, with a large amount of rope is fun too.   If you actually harpoon a fish, you can just pull it onto the land.  Always recall to aim well away from your boat.  Fish scanners are also great because the digital fish on the screen are often actual size.  In conclusion, yes Finlay  do I recommend going fishing?   Yes, but the sport is not for the extreme sportest.  Although tackling fish might lead to NBC's must see TV next season. 


    I started this blog around the 12th of last December, in a daze.  *Date may be subject to being not accurate.*  In a daze, because I was about to move cross country, greatly into the unknown and way out of my comfort zone.  And because from Halloween through the new year, is one long, quickly moving roller coaster!   As I have read many of my past blogs, especially the first ones from last Dec and Jan, I have noticed how many things have changed.  But the main ideas of my writing have stayed the same.  For most, in all aspects of my life, I thrive of watching others laugh.   So I hope that most of my ideas lean toward funny more than strangely scary.   Every once in awhile I try to get deep in my thoughts just to mix things up a little bit.   It is kind of like how I mix good advice and or compliments in with my everyday conversations.   Both are rare from me, but it keeps people coming back to talk to me.  Another main goal, was to come back to my love for writing.  I had hoped to force myself to sit down every day and make a post of some kind.   Life in general got in the way a lot.  But today does mark post number 188, somehow.   

     I also noticed that I did not post anything about Halloween this year.   I have always enjoyed the "holiday."  Even from growing up in Wyoming, were a huge storm seems to brew up every year.   You soon learned to incorporate costumes that required many coats!   Last year found me in Washington state, watching 3 kids for a few hours and very full of candy and JD.   A great mixture unless you are diabetic.  Or doing anything, like maybe handing out candy.   My ex and I used to take the kids huge sugar hall into the bedroom, lock the doors and say we were examining the candy.   We were mostly hiding the better candy for us!   We did  have to walk them from door to door all night.  
    This year found me at work most of the day.   And doing surprisingly close to nothing all night.  I must say my co-workers had some great costumes this year.  Especially boss, but with a last name like Rogers, you are destined to be able to look like a great pirate.   Mine was kind of a last minute throw together.   Most of the items I have that would make a good costume, are still states away.   So, I threw on some "Hawaiian gear" and said I was a customer that had just got leighed.   Unfortunately my co-workers decided the costume was not true to life, and decided they should try to hook me up all day.  As always, I meet some very interesting people.   

    This is me with Atmosphere.   That's what she said she was dressed up as.  And I still am not sure I have any clue what that means.  Or probably want to find out.  I think the worse part of Halloween this year was going into Wally World and seeing two full isles of Christmas stuff up already.   When I worked there they never set up that early.   We had the full isle of Christmas village buildings up, the day after Halloween.   I recall because every year they had a different Wal Mart building on display for your village, and we managed to somehow break the building, every year.   Soon the Christmas items will go up with the back to school sales. 

    Soon I will post some "great" shopping tips for everyone!    And more random thoughts on the Holidaze.    
    I am NOT above joining the current trend of being PC and calling Christmas a holiday instead of a celebration of Christ.   I hate how everyone is trying to spare my feelings and wish me Happy holidays.  I hate anything even close to PC.   I just think this time of year puts us all in a daze.  And usually a very unhealthy one.   It is hard to recall the true meanings of the season though.    But maybe because the true meaning is different for all of us?  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

11/19/2011 Weather Reports For All!

   I did not take this picture----but think it is more than awesome.   Downtown Sheridan, Wyoming

  **"Typing. Like. This. Doesn't. Make. Your. Point. Any. Stronger. It. Makes. It. Look. Like. Your. Computer. Has. Asthma."**------Most of my friends have interesting typing habits online or on cell phone texts.  My worse is my bad spelling skillz.  Which can soon make conversations very interesting.  One of my newer friends, seems to usually use all capitol letters.  Maybe because she is always yelling at me, or maybe the caps key is stuck on.  Aren't the above colors extra festive for this time of year?  I can not believe it is this time of year already.   The last year has flown by at an amazing rate for me.  I started this blog in BFE Sheridan, Wyoming  in December.   About to move cross country, get married, and fully loose my balls.   This year I am back in Sheridan, Wyoming.   Glad I do not have my balls anymore because they would freeze off. 

       So the other day winter came around, in full blast!   I grew up here but have been in warmer climates for so long, that I have defiantly become a wuss.   Not to say it's not cold outside by any means!  So not used to winter, that I am pretty sure I choked on a snow flake on the way to work yesterday.  At first I tried to complain about things, but than several of my friends looked at me and yelled "Welcome to Wyoming!"  I actually really like snow.  Its just the ice and cold and such that come with it, I could do without.   Last week, I decided to get Broncytus  something I could also do without.  The doctor also told me I had a bad case bad spelling also.    So the near zero temperatures are not helping me feel much better.   My buddy repeatably telling me that only old lady's with houses full of cats, are the only people that get Bronchitis, also has not been helping me feel my best.  Luckily I lost all self confidence during my years of working at Wally World!

     Another thing I could really do without is the constant road condition reports on the radio.  All day at work we herd about the same report, every five minutes.  Usually I can block out the radio-something I definitely learned at Wally World.   This kept you from hearing the same mind rotting songs, and any pages involving you or the department you supposedly worked in.   But because of the storm it was so slow at work, blocking things out were not an option.  The worse part was the actual wording of the reports.  Until well into the day, they kept saying we had a chance of snow flurries.  At that point there was about 5 inches of snow on the ground.   Whatever the case, by the end of the day, I had a full rant for the incoming night crew about the radio reports.  Which promoted them to text me fake weather reports the rest of the night.  This tells me two things.  One- maybe I really shouldn't have most of my co-workers cell phone numbers.   And B-- I may need new friends.  The day also made me want to become a radio DJ  just to make the road reports.  And than yell, "Welcome to Wyoming!!" at the end of each one!   My last weather report back to the happy texters, was ---  A 30% chance of light come day time, with a chance of white stuff on the ground.

Easily the largest icecycle I have ever seen
Story, Wyoming

                                                                      Bellingham, WA

    We got a nice dumping of snow on the ground.  I only know all that white stuff out there is called snow, from the informal road reports described above.  And at the moment it is only 6 PM and it is 1 degrees outside.   My Washington friends are trying to whine about the winter weather now hitting them also.   All I can say about that is --- Washington's snow storms are about like June weather in Wyoming.   All in all, I can't complain much.   The only really bad thing here, is when you get so cold, your boogers freeze inside your nose.  Now that hurts!  I am also pretty sure crying would be a bad idea in the winter.  Because the drops might freeze all over your dam face.  If it gets much colder I might start to cry, and will have an answer for you on that one. 

                                                                  Winter in Sedona, AZ

Even the birds are attempting to stay warm

                                                                    Road to no where.

                                                            As always---Happy Trails!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exploring Acme, Wyoming One Fine Day


     My exploring is greatly cut down without a vehicle of my own.   I am working on that, but the process is a slow and expensive one.  With a car again, I hope to soon take a much needed road trip, and take a long trip that I have been planning.  Both should make for some good blog posts.    Please take the time to check out some of my old blogs, for some thoughts on past day trips.  If nothing else the pictures are good, if I do say so myself. 

     A few weeks ago found me in Acme, Wyoming with my parents.  Just north out of Sheridan is this old coal mining town.  Well the remains of the town.  At one point there were 50-100 houses in the area.   Some of the foundations can still be found.  But the area seems to be mostly an area for exploring and target practice now.  

 Some of the homes were moved into Sheridan many years ago.  On the way, if you look quickly you pass a small cemetery, to the right, just off the highway.   I have always wanted to explore this cemetery.  Mostly because there is no real road to the sight.  Cemetery's are always interesting to roam around.  Being in the middle of the day, or late at night. 

                                                  Mount Hope Cemetary Big Horn, Wyoming

   I am often surprised how quickly out of town, my cell phone is useless.  Most of Acme seems to be a dead zone.  In fact 80% of the journey between here and Billings is a dead zone with my phone anyway.   Which could be bad in any winter storm or zombie attack.   This surprises me because during the short 23 hour bus rides from Washington to Wyoming there are very few dead zones.  Mostly in the hills.   Although past experience has shown me that when you really really need a cell phone, you are just past any reception area.  

     Just past Acme on the other side of the road, is a very kool old church.  It has recently turned into someones home, so taking pictures is now much harder to do.  I have recently discovered the joys of taking pictures of old buildings, lately favoring barns and churches.   In the past I really favored clouds and trees for some reason.   Closer to Acme, I was amazed at how different the "pits" looked.  I realize I have not been out that way for ten plus years, but they look completely different.  Much more family friendly than the party and mudding zones I recall.   For those of you not familiar with the pits, years ago several deep open mine sights were filled in with water.  Game and Fish stalks the ponds with fish.  And partying legend says the pits are over 100 feet deep.   Back in the day, many a party was held in the area.  Although I am still not sure why.   I guess because it was in the middle of no were, and at that time much more out of the way.  No houses were very close.  In my high school days the local police knew that most of the rednecks partying at the pits had CB radios.   The cops would announce on there radios that they were getting ready to check out the pits, and most of the partiers would scatter.  The police never really had to leave the donut shops. 

                                                 Below could be the greatest driveway ever.   In the far left you can see Just a little bit of my great dad.  

     About a week after we took this trip there was an article in the Sheridan Press with a picture showing this bridge in it's glory days.   Now I am not sure it would hold much at all.   Not sure why I look like I need to take a dump in this picture.  

   Running into bones is always an encouraging sign.   Although we did not see any wildlife beyond many turkeys getting fat before they disappear for the month of November.   The entire area makes for some great hunting grounds. 

                                                        Yet another great Wyoming sunset.

                                              Happy Trails!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A New Post Like Wow And Stuff!!

              **"It's fun to wait a week for a phone, that dosn't work!"**---Me  last night
                               **"I like my new phone, because it works!"**---Me  today

      Sorry about today's title, but it has been awhile.   I just don't seem to have motivation and time off at the same time latly.    First I would like to say that I finelly have a cell phone that works.   I recieved a replacment phone last night.   And a mere hour later, found out that it could not be programed.   They wanted to send me another phone---involving another week of waiting by the mailbox.   But could not assure me that the re replacement would actually work to do stupid things like send or recieve phone calls.  Although I will have to admit, this phone now makes a great paper weight.   I have a fine collection of paper weights  sadly.   Several being vehicels that no longer run.  And would make an even finer base for a coffee table, if melted down and squished.   So, I gave up and went to the store and bought a new cell phone, with my no money.   I have very few bills right now, so my friend always jokes about the thousands of dollars proably lying in my bed mattress.   For all intrests, mainly mine, there is nothing green in my mattress.  
     I heard that the world population is now very close to 7.5 billion.  So if you are having trouble finding a parking space,  theres your answer.   Not related to any of the above at all, it snowed here in Wyoming last night.   Seems to early for that fun, but it is the 2nd of November some how.  

    **"My shirt must have been sleepy today...it drank all my coffee on the way to work!"**

                     **"Mam, you have more crabs than Red Lobster!"**----Beufurd-----I must admit that at first this just made me hungry for some food from Red Lobster.   I really can't relay most of the conversation before this, but can say it was one of the few good come backs I have heard from Beufurd, ever!

     So at the place I work, our work uniforms just changed.  To white shirts with a tie.  Very fun when you work around food all day.  Mostly because they are very hard to keep white.   In order to not offend any of my bosses --the only observation I will make, is that I felt like a mormon all day the first day of the new "outfits."   But thats OK, because they get all the gals, right?  

I just found what I am doing this weekend!
And know some streets, were I would be very happy very quickly.

           **"I like to collect dog pop and make fun shapes out of it!"**---That's funny sh*t right there

 This picture just proves, that no matter how bad things are, things are always worse for someone.  I used to ride the city bus and talk to people to make myself feel better.   There sob stories were always much worse than mine.   Riding the bus stopped for two reasons----   One day , no ones stories were even close to as bas as mine.  And I moved to a town with no city bus system.

   I am not saying were I got this picture.   But I think it is great that everyone is always looking out for my well being!