Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bah Humbug!

                                                              Cheers to all my readers!

            **"Time to watch Anger Management so i will be ready for all the hungry shoppers this                       weeksend."**

    **"Temper is the only thing you can't get rid of by losing it!"**----Anger Management

                          The size of coffee  I will need to deal with all the holiday shoppers!
           Living in a town were Wally World is the main shopping place, is very negative on my list. 

                                                  My gift from Santa is already in shipment!

           You will be soon spending a  lot of time roaming the isles of Wally World for that perfect gift from the discount isles, that looks like it is really from Macy's!  While you are in the store, why not play some bingo also>?

**"Sooooooooo don't want to go to Wally World until after Dec! But my cell phone card is expiring and thats the only place that sells them."**

**"About to join the masses at Wally World. Still not sure why. Still have time to send me your last minute gift requests--so I can look at them-----and have a great laugh!!"**

                                             Holiday ads can save you money and be helpful!
     If your not sure what to get me this year, add to my sheep collection.    This is a small part of the collection.  Although it is still in WA state, I will be reunited with it soon!  If you do not know the story, theres a blog for that!

        **"Your breath smells so bad, I don"t know whether to give you a tic tac or toilet paper..."**----Bruce Almighty---------

   I once worked with a dude in hardware at Wally World, we called Pigpen because he didn't know to shower.   In case you have not gotten the memo, or worked with me, I like to give out "Code names" to everyone I work with.  Most are nice, all are fitting.  I am writing a blog about all this fun, very soon.   Anyways one Xmas we all chipped in and got him a basket of soap and cleaners complete with directions on how to use them, and left it on the hardware counter from Santa.

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