Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Post Before July

   I am really hopping that this does not turn into another summer---were we really never see summer.  Beyond those breaks of the rain for a day or two, filled with all on sunshine that just mainly teases everyone.  Last summer I found myself in Wyoming, and we got record rain, in fact much of the flooded.  And everyone blamed me for bringing the rain from here in Washington.  Right now ---the clouds are kind of nice, compared to the full on summer most of the country is seeing.  Complete with 3 digit temperatures and huge fires.  But the constant clouds and rain gets old long before spring hits.  

I have mentioned this before---But I can not wait to ride the new huge ferries wheel in Seattle.  They just officially opened it yesterday.  Just in time for the big 4th of July Weeksend.  Right on the waterfront, 200 feet high --it should offer some truly amazing views.  Each fully enclosed seat is climate controlled.   Rides are $13 bucks for adults.   I will be able to better sound like a tourist guide, after we ride the wheel.   I did not take this picture, but it is grand!

Even more amazing is the sight of the sun in this picture!

        Last month I talked about how hard it is to find a pay phone ---let alone one that actually works!

   While roaming around down town Bellingham, I learned a few things the other day.   It is always a great place to find interesting sights and people for sure.  I learned again how hard it is to use the restroom after about 7 PM.   When the bus station is closed.   Most places lock there restrooms in the down town area or are closed very early in the night.   Trying to relieve yourself in an alley is not recommended.  Beyond the very likely option that you will spend the night in jail, alleys have used needles in them.  This is a very great town in most ways, but drug users are not the cleanest many a time.   I have also noticed that very few people around here seem to work.   They are retired or just wealthy in general.  This is great for the retired people.  Not so great for the under paid shop workers or the regular Joe that tries to go on a quick shopping trip in the middle of the day--- on a Wed.   Why are all of the shops full in the middle of the week, and than even busier on the weekends?  

    That's not right!   Like most of the things I post.   Hopefully you at least find it funny.

And then repeat!    
OK no one might call my posts or pictures art, but the above is how I get to my above insights.
AND it got me my coffee post for the night.  

Today's picture of the day comes from our exploring a few daze back while we 
were down by the bay.   

I make it extra large-because it is kind of creepy.   Anyways this rock faces out to the bay.  And someone added the pupil to complete the illusion.  I am going to offer two pictures of the day today---because I have been slacking on posting these.  

      One of the many parks in the area.   With school finally being out, these parks will all be much fuller most of the time.  But as you can see by the sky, we hit the play area between storms.   This one happens to be in Ferndale at Pioneer Park.    Again more exploring posts in the works.  

Some observances on big business and my last short lived job also in an upcoming post.   I am slacking  AND I kind of want to be officially clear of the managers.   
I promise that tons of new posts and such 
are in the works.  Filled with pictures, jokes, deep quotes, and of course my random rambling.  
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Thursday, June 28, 2012


    If there were a cartoon bubble for my rambling thoughts--it would usually appear like the above!   So the simplest reasoning --is why ask why I do or think anything.  It is much easier that way.  This is acttually a spray painted sign on the ground in front of Heggins, asking if you have reusable grocery bags, because the ban on plastic bags starts very soon.  And the answer, all knowing sign, is yes!  We do have reusable bags, many of them in fact.  We just keep forgeting to put them in the car.   Most of our plastic bags now go to poo removal for our dog.  

  Speaking of helpful signs---The great folks at Home Depot, are always there to help--Always!

   Speaking of cartoons, Calvin & Hobbes is proably my all time favorite comic strip.  And I was more than sad, when they stopped being realesed.  Garfield is easily my next favorite.  And I actually have a picture of him!   He hates mondays, loves lasgnaga, and has a birthday about a week before my birthday.   In fact I beleive him and I are the same age.  And as the above picture shows, he also loves a great cup of Joe!!

  I hope this sign implys that it is time to stop for coffee.   And some might argue that this statement is always true.  It could be a ploy from tea manufactures --saying to stop coffee!   Booo! if it is.  

     Not to make light of anyones addiction, although I will if you push me enough ;)   But this seems to be many peoples drug of choice.   And there is much worse choices out there for sure.  

   Possiably one of the most useless products I have ever seen.  But you have to give kudos to there marketing skills!   The top prize goes to decaff 5 hour energy.  This is another real product.  I just do not understand that concept at all, no matter how many times I try to think outside the box.  This usually in all actuality, just makes me crave Taco Bell.

  Back To The Future Delorian time machine---now thats a mouthfull---- was set for yesterday, it seems!

  We found this eire eye on a rock down by the bay yesterday.   Someone added a pupil to complete the image.   I have tons of exploring blogs in the works.  Full of my rambling and pictures.  Lucky you!  

  This was another exploring trip from last week.  Cliff notes: we found the lost lake, so it is no longer a mystery were to find it.  
    Sure sign of summer, although you can see clouds in the sky.   All of the local fountains are being turned on.  This is in Ferndale right by the river.  We roamed around in and around Pioner Park a few daze back.   Again the full blog is in the works. 

 This is Mr Max down by the bay.   Yesterday in fact.  Notice how he is on a leash?  I always keep him on a leash.  Because it's the law, because I am not sure how he will handle other dogs, and because the few times I have let him run free, he kept running.   I have mentioned this before, and will again--in fact there are several "mini rants" about poor pet owners already.   But yesterday this topic hit home twice while around Bellingham.   Once while at Laurel Park near WWU campus.   None of the dogs that visited were on a leash.   I did not have Max with me at this point, and was just wearing out the kiddos while my wife was at a docter appointment.  I do not care how well you know your dog---he will not act good 100% of the time.   And I do not appreciate your dog as much as you do.  I do not want it licking me, biting me, or sniffing my crotch.  I am at the park for the kids.   
     The secound --more annoying example is while we were down by the bay.   This time we had Max with us.  And no one else magically had there dogs on leashes.  All of the dogs played very nicely with Max.  In fact he might have made a new girl friend.   But I still had to pull at him to continue down the trail.   Followed by others dogs when we first took off.   The last dog we encountered was not so friendly.  And Max was instantly ready to add some bite marks to this unleashed dog.   The owner had just informed me at how well her dog reacted around other mutts.   "As I can see"  was my first response.  As I was pulling my leashed dog down the trail, to our car, I pointed at the near by park signs with my other hand.  And tried to inform the lady that most of them said to keep dogs on a leash.   As she argued this point, I informed her how much I love pulling my dog off all of the other dogs thats owners just let them roam free.  I am sure this section will land in my Bellingham blog---and I hope with more readership this owner and many others will read my rants and think a little bit next time they voyage out.   Hahahahaha---OK I just made myself laugh a little on that one!   Later today I hope to post a new exploring blog!  And tommorow brings back my "mini rants"   this one will deal with bad pet parents --who in my eyes basically abuse there pets.   I hope you read all about it, and have insight----for or against my thoughts.  You can post your thoughts any time on this blog.   Or if you have Facebook   please check out my new page!  Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head's Blogs Exploring Bellingham & Whatcom county

I am more annoyed that the Cookie Monster no longer eats cookies.  He eats healthy crap.  C does not stand for carrots you Mitches!   I watched him all the time, and did not grow fat from eating to many cookies.  I grew fat from drinking double the amount of beer, because it was light beer!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

6/24/2012 AKA A Month Till My Birthday

   Lake Sylvia across the state in Grays Harbor.   A few weekends back we spent a terrific, if not overcast day at the lake.  Were do you think they get the Gray part of the name?   As I keep saying, lately --an exploring blog is also coming on this weeksend trip.   Among everything else  I just started a new job last week, and have not had as much free time as before.  More insights on the new job soon---- mostly to protect the innocent, myself.   Cliff notes:   I may very soon have a new new boss.   But it is great to be part of the work force again.  I have been making cash off selling items online and such lately, but this is actual, git down and dirty work.   Working at work, what the heck!  Right?   Anyways, if you live in the Bellingham area and have not gotten the memo, a Pilot truck station is being built in near by Ferndale.  It Actually opens tomorrow!   And that is were I am now working.  Lucky me this company pays once a week, we should wake up with more cash in the morning.  It is going into the account direct deposit, so I might just stay up till midnight, to see if the cash shows up.  I used to fight direct deposit---any time I got a job, because for whatever reason, I enjoy getting and seeing the physical pay check.  But in a paperless environment, one that takes 80 mailed notices each month to tell you that your car insurance is due and than paid in full.

   This was takin' in the same area.  In a town that I seldom wish to go too.  I have to say this time, it led to a great trip.   And as I above said, I will retell it all very soon.   I share this picture---of a simple run of ditch, near our friends house, simply because it reminds me of a saying from The Simpsons, that has always stuck with me, no one, even myself knows why.    This saying is talking about bad water.   And I believe the worst water we have endured was around the Phoenix AZ area.   But most of the worse things we found were in that area!  Anyways, here is the quote...  "If it's brown, drink it down!  If it's black, send it back!"   This should be remembered when dinning in any less than fine dinning restaurant or while in Phoenix or Mexico for sure!  Just sayin'!

   And now to stay in tradition, I will post about coffee!   Imagine that!   Coffee really is my best friend.   And those that know me well, or have to be around me in the mornings, especially my beautiful wife, are very glad, that I continue to love coffee.  So that I can be a functioning person in the mornings or afternoons.  Whenever I happen to crawl out of bed.  

 Like booze, the more coffee I drink, the better looking I am to my wife.  Or is that the more great coffee I bring her?   Either way, I just mentioned to squeeze an entire paragraph outta onna my favorite things.  If nothing else, you can scan my old blogs and gain hundreds of pictures, thoughts, and insight just about coffee.  Not to mention all of the other topics I ramble on about.  Sometimes surprising everyone and becoming deep!

   I am not sure were the following person shops, or why they get taxed twice, but that is a heck of a discount on midgets!   Wait, what exactly was this person buying?   I go with the more PC termage and say vertically challenged.  

  Speaking of PC......

  Our dog, Max, thinks he's people!    So our kids really wanted a pet---and we got this great dog a few months ago.    Now they ignore Max.  But that's to be expected.  What always surprises me, even tonight on our walk around town---is any time the two youngest see another dog, even when I am walking ours, they have to run up and ask the owners if they can pet the dog.    We have a dog that is starved for attention, and they could pet all day everyday.  But whatever.  

    Just as a thought if you live in this area-----and have Facebook, join the fan page for 100.7 the wolf out of Seattle.   You can enter to win $500 worth of gas!    I know with the rising prices of gas, this would help us a ton, and should not be sharing, because I want to win.   But maybe the great radio station will really enjoy me rambling on about them.  I am just happy we get the station clear up here in Bellingham.   Because many of the local stations, leave a lot to be desired.

  I honestly just heard about a new kitchen faucet, that dispenses coffee.   How great does this sound?   True or not.   

**"So I saw an automated sign waving machine today on the Guide in Bellingham. No need to pay anyone to hold the sign and wave at people. Dam machines are taking all our jobs."**---I personally hate the self checkers at stores, because I have been a cashier for years.  And one worker can easily be in charge of ten or more self check out stations.  Luckily for us human cashiers, most others hate the check outs, mainly because they can not figure the dam things out.  

    Summer time is time for lemonade!

    So---I have some great posts coming for both of my blogs.   Please stay patient with me.  And thank you for all of the views!    This sight is getting very near to 9000 views and my newest blog sight has 400 views now.  I am also working on a story that is still playing out with us at the moment.  As I always say, I can not make this sh*t up!   And it is a doozy of a story, if I do say so myself.  I hope everyone is have an adventure filled summer!   

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

        **"If I was a member of congress and if I was an idiot...but I repeat myself."**---  Mark Twain  ----Just a friendly reminder that elections are just around the corner.  This is the first year I have been legal to vote in several years.  And I am still deciding if this is a good thing. 
   **"A cop pulled me over and said "I need your license, I need your insurance and I need your registration!" I said "What about ME & my NEEDS!?"**

**"I don't believe in imaginary friends anymore!!...Even Paw my 8 legged alien dog agrees with me!"**

   **"I understand that good things come to those who wait. but may I ask just how long the line is?"**

      With Fathers day just passed--some inspiration for all those not so great dads out there.  Those that do not really try and are mainly there to make babies not raise them.  

  Happy Fathers day for me and our host thanks to Safeway--and the new ruling were all local grocery stores can now sell booze.   I will picture my huge fathers day card in a blog very soon.

             **"Ugh some people should have been left in their fathers balls!!!!"**----SL

   I did not take the above picture---BUT am more than ready to ride this huge new ferries wheel still being assembled on the bay line in Seattle!   And of course I will have my own pictures after.  

   After spending the weeksend as guests in someone elses home--I hope the following won't be said by our hosts.   We try to help out and compensate by providing child care, cleaning, food, etc while staying any were.  Because it is the right thing to do, and because we are to poor to give them cash.   I wish more people that stayed here, had the same thought waves.  

   This is a common response to most of my random thoughts.  Please share your thoughts on my thoughts with me!   I love all comments.  And they help my writing grow much more than you could imagine.  

  Phone pranks are much more challenging with the invention of caller ID, but they are still possible.  

   These signs are needed in MANY a store!   I usually get behind the person in the express lane that has two carts full of grocery's, tries to write a check, than counts out exactly $6.66 out in change.  And than puts all of this back in there pocket and pulls out debit card, they do not know how to use.  They swipe it 12 times, the wrong way, and than realize they do not know there own pin number.   Why am I saying ---usually get behind these people--I always get behind these people.  
    A survey just showed that 87% of Americans could not survive an acopolise or huge disaster---is it now wonder the same amount of people can not use there own money!   These same scientists just determined that we are much more likely to die on our birthdays than any other day.  To much stress or partying or cake or something.  
                                       And now it is time for today's picture of the day---

 Please hold your applause until the end.

    As I have said we were on the road over the weeksend.   And the home we stayed at, is full of kittens.  A constant joy for the kiddos.  Possible torture for the cats.  Above is a rare moment were both were at peace!