Sunday, July 31, 2016


      That’s all I needed!!!! 😑😑😑...I just got back home to find four Police Officers in my house looking for something, acting like lunatics!!!!! Even searching through my underwear drawers which was rather embarrassing!!! 😳😳They checked under the air-conditioner and inside my bed mattress tearing it apart!! When I asked if they had a search warrant, they answered completely hysterically: "Where did you hide it?? We know it's here somewhere!!" Then I watched one of the Police officers look at his mobile phone and then he shouted: " Stop it! We are in the wrong house!!!! The PokΓ©mon is next door!!!"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ if you fell for this like I did you should probably share 😜 Just a little humor to end your night.        I stole this   and it can make for a great online social media post ---more idiotic Pokeman Go thoughts coming.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    Where are you Exploring today? All local pictures and Exploring Check it out!!         Many new posts and pictures in the works in my above newest sight.   Please check out all the old posts  while you wait for me to stop slacking and post more Exploring greats of ours.   

       **"Ask your doctor if getting off you as@   is right for you!"**

 **"I don't care what religion anyone is as long as you use your turn signal!"**---Change your blinker fluid folks. 
    **"Dear customer,  If you have a problem every single time you go out to eat, maybe you are the problem   Sincerely, the restaurant----Just sayin'    Today I snuck in way to early to work on my day off, and yes there is still a six AM in the morning.  And ended up in the mist of a very busy day, something we have not had near enough of in the last o, month or so.  I have noticed that the morning customers are very laid back, maybe they aren't fully awake yet, so happy.   They also really do not ask for much, except maybe, and understandably , large amounts of coffee!   The morning workers, are uptight and drama causing.  As the day goes on, the customers seem to grow more and more picky and complainy   they need lots of items on the table and tend to need them one item/asking at a time.   Around evening is when all the food critics come out.  Mind you I work in a dinner----so playing Gorden Ramsey may get you free food, is annoying    But the night time workers are super laid back, they do there job and go home, leaving all the gripes and such at the time clock.   Maybe I am the only one that notices all this.  And I am fairly certain no one cares, I just find it interesting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            It is about to start dumping rain here---Wahoo!    After the weeks of hot the only part of summer I enjoy in the desert is the monsoon season.  So far it has been a very rain less season for sure.  I have been watching warnings on the TV all night long   all around me  for deep rain, flooding, and even hail, but just now the sky is a constant eruption of thrilling lightning.  I absolutely love the rain here.  But not driving in it.  But not for the reasons you might think.  I grew up in Wyoming, so can handle ice and snow and blizzards that might even keep your local postal man at home.  I lived in Washington state AND Oregon for years, and don't mind driving in the rain in the least.  Or fear it.  If I did, there would be months that I could not leave my house while living there.  I hate driving in it here, not from fear, but from worry of a local driver crashing into me.  NO ONE in the desert can drive, and NO ONE plus one can drive here in the rain.   They panic, don't know what to do  and just drive off the road and crash.  I am not joking here.  The worse subjects turn on there flashers on there cars, making it hard for everyone to see anything.  Luckily many people are indirectly takin' off the roads as hazards as they try to drive through the many roads that instantly become full flowing rivers.  It seems the desert floor is not used to rain, and as the water eventually flows to Mexico and than the ocean, it floods anything flat.   Your yard, parking lots, side walks, roads.  People do not recall this fact from one season to another and try to drive through the flowing water.  Many a time this water is really flowing.  This should be noticed by the garbage, tree trunks, and livestock flowing down the road/water way.  Should be is the key word.  In any case these drivers, soon become stuck in the water and are now blocked from being a hazard on the drier road ways.   They also kick in another amazing thing in Arizona, called the stupid motorist act.  If you try to drive through a water way, may it be a street, a parking lot, or an actual lake, yes there are lakes here, even in the dry season, and you get stuck  and need rescued----you get to pay for the entire rescue.  And probably for your own car damage, since you just received a Darwin award, er a stupid motorist ticket.  Several people get this honor every storm.  No matter the case, here is the rain, and O is that fresh rain smell and cooling   cooling rain amazing.  Must be about time to go for a drive!?                                                                                                                                                                              **"He loved asses, so much he became one "**                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          My long awaited mother's day special is till in the works,   but again, not today.   If you are my mother, one of my best readers----I love you   Happy Birthday   Again!   Thank you for my birthday card!   Much more crap has went down since last we talked, mostly crap  and mostly bad.  Ill survive.     If you are my beautiful wife, who rarely reads this page, unless she thinks I am talking about her     Another amazing mother---  I love you forever and a day, Thanks for the great daze off work, stop getting sick!    Stop your mother from getting sick!   Its not a competition!   I don't care about the BS  anymore,  just you and the kiddos,     lay down the stubbornness and pick up your Dam phone.  Kiss!                                                                                                         

Monday, July 18, 2016


                Hello all!  I have not gotten to say that near enough this month.  Greatly slacking in posts on all of my sights.  If you can imagine such a thing.  If you have been to this page --you already know that slacking on posting is a given.  But like at work---" I do what I want!"  I hope that each and every one of you enjoys every post you do come across on this very page.  And on my picture filled Exploring sight.  Were the next post really is going to be about our recent get away from the kiddos and it all, to Phoenix.  I can say it was a great trip.  When we lived closer to the big city, we used to do everything possible not to have to visit Phoenix --ever  although we have several un forgettable stories from there for sure in our past.   But recently we have learned that the town has some amazing things and sights to offer.                                                       

We have a ton of pictures from this trip.
This is in front of a casino.  
A casino that quickly took our cash.  

My beautiful Exploring companion for the trip.  
*forever and a day!

This is actually in Tempe  one of the many suburbs.
We were going to stay at this Motel Six  but found it was a very old one--one of the few before the massive remodels it seems.  In any case above is a picture of the pool---Just beside the pool back gate is the drive through for Arby's   More on this in my Exploring blog post---but I have never seen anything like this before.  And we decided to continue our search for another motel.  Actually we ended up staying at a very nice Motel Six a few exits down the road.  
Keep it classy Phoniex!   ;)

This picture kills me, because my wife looks terrified.  
She started laughing about the pose just after I got this shot.  
I didn't realize I was that rotten of a driver. 
Although we were in a rental car, I may drive a little worse in other peoples cars
Especially when I have full insurance coverage on the rentals.  It costs more, but could save you a fortune.   The dealer made the mistake of telling me I had up to a million dollars worth of coverage.   That's a lot!   To which I replied, after I had signed all the paper work---"I could master a heck of a wreck for a million dollars--like launching/flying the car into the federal building downtown...."                                                                                                                                      People never like my ideas---mostly my wife and my bosses  but all people in general.
Speaking of vehicles---my wife and I are attempting to co own her truck until we can figure out vehicles for everyone involved.  Anyways, she just put these giant eye lashes over the head lights    look closly---and now I don't know if I am man enough to drive this....

So I play waiter at work, and make tips.  I gain lots of coins -quickly.   And my container at home is just about full.   And ready to take to the bank.   I am trying to guess how much is in the holder before I take it to the bank, or someone in my online social network learns were I live and jacks the coins.   My official -un official guess is $525.75 by the way.   If I ever take this heavy mess to the bank, I will report the actual total.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              And now a few thoughts real quick about this Pokeman Go App crap ---You can download this totally un fun game on your phone---and it tells you when you are close to characters all over your town, and than you attempt to catch them all.  There are only 22,000 different ones by the way.  First off ---although I am all for time wasters--just watch for me on Facebook or my next blog post here---but it seems to me MANY of the people playing this game should be putting half this searching effort into finding a job.  Gasp!  Next people are beyond ridiculous while playing----So much so that some new highway signs are warning people not to play the game and drive---because some fool back east stopped in the middle of the highway   to catch a rare Pokemon and died.  
People are getting nearly arrested because they are looking for the creatures while rummiging in bushes behind police stations.  Etc etc etc   I wish I was making these examples up.  
Yes the stories allow for a greatly entertaining read  but dang it than leads to the Darwin awards.  
                                                                      I don't have any pictures   because I have not caught any of the Dam Pokemon yet----Helen Keller.                          

Monday, July 11, 2016

     Hello all!   Even I have to admit it has been awhile since I posted last on any of my blog pages.  It seems that life keeps getting in the way.  And any time my wife and I are doing well to great, I defiantly let things like my blog pages slide.  Plus with it being concert season I have been many daze basically at work and sleeping till time to return to work.  Its a dreary existence, but I must say the tip money is really good of late!  Very very good.  But since I cant even pay people to regularly read this page, I doubt I could ever pay someone to write this stuff.    I am sure for it to be so off the wall --I would have to first pay them in booze, lots of booze.  I finally got our pictures off another camera and on my computer from our recent trip to Phoenix.  Just my wife and I managed to sneak away for some R & R and got lots of pictures.  I will have them up in an Exploring blog post in the next few daze.  I should have posted last night  our goal was to catch me up in my classes, but the college web sight was down --I decided to just watch movies with my wife instead of posting online.   Please check out the Exploring page and share!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   **"If I had to pay into a swear jar, I'd be F*cked!"**                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  **"The most risky drinking game, is seeing how long I can go without coffee!"**                                                                                                                                                                                                                            **"I like people that talk to themselves, me too!"**                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          **"Always stay humble and kind."**                                                                     You will probably never see this on my page again but we need prayers sent this way for my mother n law. She is going through heart surgery as I'm typing this---  So my beautiful wife just got out of the hospital on the 3rd.  She recently got an insulin pump put in, and has not had any issues ---health wise in months now.  Apparently the pump stopped working and did not warn her of this in any way.  So again her numbers got all out of wack. We were told that this almost--practically never happens, her main doctor only know of 3 cases ever.  My wife has an extremely rare illness--something so rare, you are more likely to win the lotto while getting struck by lighting than to get the illness.  And than this     She/we seem to always win the crap jackpot!  Somehow.  At least we are still alive to joke about it.  I spent several nights with her at the hospital   and than drove her home the night she was kicked out.   Several days later I heard the mother in law was in the hospital.   Now I must say she has a ton of health issues, but I tell everyone, including her grand kids, that the mother in law will out live us all.  I was told she had a small heart attack--whatever that mans, and was going into heart surgery that very night.  Thankfully this was not true at all, although I am not still not actually sure what was wrong with her.  She still needs prayers for sure  so thank you all for that.  I probably do to, because I am out that way visiting my wife and the kiddos on property the mother in law owns.   So prayer that she does not harm me in any way  :)                                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                               Past time for a road trip or three!! Make me forget about this work "fun" Flagstaff soon and some long mind clearing hikes. Sooner taking the kiddos to the new zip line in Oracle and than the Biosphere II Anyone been to the zip line? Looks awesome----- I do believe we are going at the end of the month.  All of us as a family  just before school starts back up.  It will be good practise for going on the big sip line in old town Vegas some day.                                        
I love my customers and its rare that they shock me. Last night one did. He wanted to know what size our fish from the fish platter was. I said they were medium sized. He got mad because he didn't know what size medium was. I replied with, well they are not to big and they are not to small! Cliff notes: he was not amused :)    I went around the rest of the day ---maybe week, asking co workers what size there medium was.