Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hello To 2016......Almost

                                         Christmas Tombstone, Arizona style!

            Not that I did not have tons of fun this year, but I can't help but think that 2016 has to be a much betterer year for me and well, everyone I know.   Because of time limits and such, only about half of the crap we go through makes it on this page, and there has been a ton of crap this year.  It has also -easily been the quickest year ever recorded.   That said, I have many new stories to tell!  I snuck away to drink some coffee and write.  I should be cleaning my place, but really was not motivated for that in any way.  I can say after a very busy week, tonight is my Friday at work!   Wahoo!  

              As always Cheers!   And please take a look around my Exploring page----       Many more pictures and posts in the works. 

                             Also why we all want to work on the holidaze....

**"I forgot I moved my tip $ stash a few days back and about flipped the F out when I looked in the wrong spot yesterday."**

                 **"Did you hear Viagra now comes in nasal spray?   It's for Dickheads!"**--
      And my large prescription is in shipment!

     Earlier last week---everything was getting to me---getting rid of my dog, spending Christmas at work, not seeing my wife and kids until after Christmas  not yet having presents for them, etc   and I tried to be deep with some posts straight out of the cluster that is in my head.    Happily I am in a much better spot right now. 

Life sucks but it also doesn't. pay to get off the ride and let it stop

How can one ignore someone you love so much. someone that doesn't make your life but is your life??
Id like to thank the F Tard that turned my dog in. you really have nothing better to do with your life? Just gave him to some new owners down the street. At least I get visitation.------The new owners also said I could bring dog food as ---"child support."    They have a female pit   and I guess keeping the dogs separated was a chore at first.   Butch just wanted to be with the female and kept trying to push her his food through the fence  and dry hump the air by her, because a fence separated them.  She wanted nothing to do with him at first.  But I have heard they sense --had a big fight--and are getting along very well now.   He really IS my dog ---lol

            **"I hope everyone enjoys the air guitars I got them for Christmas!!"**

  In light of Christmas---if any of my family and real friends is reading this---it really snuck up on me this year.  After hours at work --I could not drag myself to go shopping.  And have not actually started my shopping yet...  Whoops!   My wife showed me my gift from her early--and I deff. decided I needed to rethink my shopping.   What makes it even more fun is her gift is a special order this year, and will take even longer.  She has the amazing ability to find great gifts for free or very cheap.   And this is a great gift.  I can find furniture for free all the time, but it's not really the kind of thing you send cross country or to ones wife.   Anyways, I hope everyone had an amazingly peaceful and family filled Christmas!   I was at work for ten hours.   Bring on the sympathy tips!    If you are still shopping for me---I like cash    and am looking to obtain my recent mug shot---long story, I am not getting into today.  


* Losing money to a bad business person and person $300
* Having to repo your own vehicle back for non payments $200
* Getting under the persons skin so much that he is now offering discounts to new customers just for saying "Mr Adams' Priceless!!
Maybe he will use all this cash to pay Mr and Mrs Adams back!?...
But what kind of discounts will he give for the crummy service the new clients receive??
I hope he keeps this attitude in court because I am sure the judge will also find it priceless.

   More on all of the above very soon---mostly because it is all still playing out.   It plays out better in my head---always.   The cliff notes are---if you live in Southern AZ  DO NOT use the above company!  

      So my story for today was on Christmas Eve at work.  It was super dead that night at work, and this was deff. our only entertainment.   A fine dinner show for sure!  A customer was in the main lobby going off on the security guards.  Calling them lil b*tches among other things. The real police were called in when she would not leave. And she tried to make a run for it, staggering further into the casino. She got tackled and than tazzered several times, when she would not let the cops hand cuff her. Dinner show for our guest for sure! Some one should have takin' a picture or two for her Christmas cards.

**"If I were a betting man....oh wait I work in a casino cancel that thought lol!!"**----
    That said ---after a long  very bad weeksend  I snuck to the other casino in town last Tuesday night and hit a nice lil jackpot.   ;)

   Where are you Exploring today??

Friday, December 18, 2015


             Hello to all of you pausing in your holiday shopping to stop by this very page!   I really have not started my shopping yet this year.  Although I do have some ideas in my head of what I would like to fill my holiday sleigh with.  When I do tend to venture to the store --I just keep finding things I wish to by myself.  As usual my presents will be late this year.  More so than many years, because my wife is really not motivated at all either.  If you wish to send me presents--and this is a big IF--I can post a list of possible gifts for me.....
   I got a late start on anything today--again finding bed more comfortable than it should be.  So my coffee fix is early this afternoon today.   As I type out this blog post of more random rambling.   I am enjoying that I slept through the chilly part of the day, and that the sun is out in full here in the desert.  Something most of my friends and family can not say in the middle of  December.  I had to scrape ice off my car windows three daze in a row last week---with my casino player card, something I should not have to do while residing in the middle of the desert. 

    I was rambling at work last night about low flying pigeons or something equal as intriguing and one of our managers actually had a good come back--I proclaimed that I was going to write the response in my journal that very night!   The other manager in the room--handed me a new notebook and said it was my new journal.  I figure this is kind of like my little girl journal page--and attempt to keep my ever going relationship issues out of this page, and on Facebook were they should be.  I always enjoy reading my past posts, but always have to ponder why this very page gets so many views......       I think my first entry in the new notebook will be for the managers--and it will have the link to this very page.   It is never long before I offend a large group of people, so am always looking for new readers.   My newest Exploring page is also looking for more readers.  Join me all across Arizona    MANY pictures and posts in the works for both pages.  

       So I was at AM/PM the other day getting gas ---and was impressed to see that the gas pumps had little Tv's on them.  I guess in an attempt for you to keep filling your tank-so you could watch the end of the current program.  The screen turns off when you are not pumping gas.  I was even more impressed with this---since I get like two TV stations on my home TV right now without cable. 

Seems a little dressed up for Wally World


I really hope the above is fake. 
Entertaining yet sad either way. 


Monday, December 14, 2015

What A Difference A Day Makes

    **"Dear Arizona if you see 22 flakes of snow--it is not a snow storm. Stay off the roads--for sure y'all can't drive on normal roads."**-----  Unless you live in Flagstaff.  They are used to snow--somewhat they do even have a ski resort, although much of there snow is fake snow.  Today they canceled schools around Flagstaff because of all the snow.  Here is a different story--although it is cold not much is sticking to the ground.  It is comical to see  when it snow in the desert.  The stores fill up with shoppers buying emergency goods and lots of food just in case 5 inches of snow accumulates and they can not get out for a week.  And everyone wrecks on the highways.  I am overly glad I do not really have to be any were today.  Although I am confident in my winter driving, from living in Wyoming so long, I am not in the least confident of any driver here.  They can not drive in any condition it seems   even full on sun, something that happens almost every day of the year.  Last year about 5 inches of snow hit and stuck to our area.  Including lots of ice in the morning.  Much more an issue than snow itself.  Everyone with there big bad SUV's thinks they can drive 90 MPH on the ice because they have all wheel drives and such  but they are just super top heavy.   This was evident on my drive to work last year after the "snow" of 2014.  Sadly because I had to work---I have no pictures of the "snow."  In the 55 mile commute to work that day I passed no fewer than 22 cars in the ditch.   Several of these were upside down--many were almighty SUV's.  I am not making light of the situation, OK maybe I am --I learned the hard way how not to drive on ice with my first car.   Being used to my parents anti lock brakes, I went off a 25 foot drop one night.  Landing in lots of snow, my car would not have been damaged-if it were not for the fence hidden in the snow.  And for the angry farmer, I pulled from calving at 2 AM to help get me unstuck.  He pulled my cars back bumper clean off the car--on the first attempt of a tow!    As I see a snow plow zip past on the almost dry I-10 my last thoughts on all this for now----Years ago my wife an I were on the strip in Viva Las Vegas---and it attempted to snow.  No one knew what to do---  I just ran around --yelling  "it's the end of the world!"  Because it was snowing in Vegas!  Exactly 12 snow flakes later the big storm moved on and everyone continued to do things that stayed in Vegas.

**What a diff. a day makes! Yesterday I was on a hike in short sleeves now today it is trying to snow.

  **"Sarcastic and Bullsh*ting are two very different arts by the way"**
         Sadly although I have mastered both---they do not pay well
-----Just posted this on my Facebook page were I was talking about how hard it must have been for our server to keep up ---with ONE other table in the entire restaurant and all.   Cliff notes--she couldn't keep up.  

                                  **"Stare down from Mr Butch!"**

         **"Warning--falling asleep on Sunday     will cause Monday!"**

  **"My plan for today----same as always be sexy and drink lots of coffee!"**

 I try to add these deep thoughts and insights in every blog post.  But have been slacking both with deep ness and with posting.  I hope you find each helpful or at the least they make you laugh.  And than sob a lil bit when you see my spelling errors. 
Cactus close up
Between "Snow storms" I have been busy snapping pictures and Exploring.
Check out my local trips    with many more pictures and posts in the works

While much of the land is being covered in snow
fall is just getting Purdy here
This lone tree reminds me how much I wish to hike and sight see in Flagstaff right about now. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015


                            **"Don't trust someone that never drinks coffee in the morning."**

     **"I should start Christmas shopping--but instead I keep buying myself kool stuff!"**---

This is the first year in awhile I have actually had some cash built up around Christmas time.  And I am mainly trying to stay away from the madness of any actual store.  But each time I do venture into one, I keep finding things that I want--not gifts for others.  Bah Humbug!  With moving into separate houses from my mate to the warm weather it is extremely hard to get into the spirit at all this year.  It is the middle of the month and nothing has been done -Christmasy by me yet.  We are having the big work Christmas party this Wedensday  and maybe that will get me more in the mood and mode of the season.  Or more wishing that I would wake up and it was January.  My beautiful wife is coming along with me for the night of the party and spending the night at my house  as strange as that last part sounds. 

     So my dog has been staying with my wife and the kiddos.  Just recently she moved again, to her mothers place, and there are dogs of all sizes all over that property --so my dog is not welcome unless I am with him.  I have been sneaking him into my apartments.  Not the easiest task when he is a 75 ish pound Pit Bull.  Luckily he does not know he is a pit, and overly friendly.  He did amazing the first few nights alone while I was at work.  And I kind of forgot any thoughts about finding him a new home.  On the third night, I could not get inside my main door.  He had tore up all the carpet in front of the door down to the boards trying to get out and sniff me out I guess.  I do not have a clue what is going on in my own mind---so deff. do not have a clue what he is thinking at any given time. 

Mr Butch jacked my bed the other night
OK every night.

      Last week we "pawned" off the kiddos, on the mother in law--and headed up to my place.  In true "bachelor flair" I do not really have food in my fridge yet.  I just sits in the corner and makes a ton of noice.  And freezes everything solid I do put in it--so far, no matter what setting I put the fridge on.  Anyways, we stopped on the way up here at a local truck stop.  Because the joint has several food outlets to enjoy.  We had my mutt with us, so I stayed in the car, while my wife jumped inside the store.  I know for a fact she did NOT touch the car parked beside us in any way.   At some point an older gentleman appeared behind my car, and kept staring at the back of it.  Than he went to the car beside us, and while opening the door, slammed it into the side of my car.  I jumped out of my car, and went over to him---saying something about --"If he was F in serious!?"  The gentleman tried to say he did not do anything at first.  The more I pressed--or maybe yelled, he said that my passenger had hit the side of his car.  Not in the least bit true, in this instance.  He than told me he did not want to stand there and discuss things any more---I explained that he was sitting, so it was fine to talk longer.  ;)  He than told me that it was all fine, because he did not dent my car in any way.  That is when he started to drive away.  I might or might not have than --kicked the side of his car door several times.   Only truck stop video footage knows for sure.  He than slammed on his brakes, and started cussing me out.  I told him it was OK, because I did not dent his car in any way.  This is about the time he decided I was fully crazy, and he speed off.   I went inside to find my wife and hurry up our food orders just in case the police were on there way -to not dent in my forehead.   Tis the season!  ;) ;)

But there are multiple ways to share your dislike for this page--on all my other pages!
This page loves haters  any time of year!!

I still don't have local Internet at my home--but am working on
lots of new pictures and posts for my all local Exploring sight.
Please check it out

Looks like a yummy road trip to me!
Possibly the best Christmas present I will get this year comes from the state of Arizona
I will be getting my full drivers licence back ---long story    right before Christmas!
I am in need of a long calming road trip.  But will have to settle for an Exploring local hike if I ever get done typing today's drivel. 

Saturday, December 5, 2015


   Hello all!    Have I mentioned lately how much I like coffee!?   Every blog post you say?   Coffee is my best friend for sure.  I am enjoying some right now at the Mc Grease Pit just down from my house in what I thought was a quick trip while waiting for my wife to show up.  Apparently I will be here longer than I was thinking and decided to write out a quick rambling blog post.  Speaking of coffee I Was trying to pre-make my coffee last night, because making coffee when you are not fully awake can be a hard task. Broke my coffee pot. Shopping at 2 AM can be a very calming experience. Especially during the holidaze. I did learn that workers are not sure what a coffee pot replacement is---and kept sending me to the full coffee maker isle. Also I have never seen as many stray carts as at the local Wally World. Whole parking lot was full of carts not sure any were left in the store for use. Workers were rounding them up--but grabbing like 2 at a time. When I worked at Wally World, the managers would never allow such a mess.

       When I finally get Internet at home again I will be posting more on all of my sights.  I have been trying ---and failing at getting free Internet  but have none at all still.  As always ---while I am slacking, and maybe while you are slacking please check out my local Exploring sight.  Many new posts and pictures are in the works for that page also.

       A few nights ago was crazy busy at work, especially considering it was a Thursday night.  My food sales were near 1500--- usually the sales of a good weeksend night or a concert night.  I realize the holidaze are right around the corner, but shopping and such does not usually seem to influence casino shopping as much.   Unless people are trying to win big before joining the masses at the stores.  

Once again ---long story short a local resident does not wish to pay us everything they owe
and is now talking taking me to court----a common response in the crappy town it seems.
It always amazes me how many people in this town seem to have law degrees and lawyers on hand that take food stamps and booze as payments.   Because I mean come on---if you can't pay for things like gas how can you pay for a lawyer. ---Just sayin'
No woman I know are willing to be brought...
Mmmmmmmm coffee!
And now for all of you dreaming for summer or for those of you that do not live in the desert
were it goes from spring to summer all year round, your moment of Zen.....
And now back to reality.......