Sunday, December 13, 2015


                            **"Don't trust someone that never drinks coffee in the morning."**

     **"I should start Christmas shopping--but instead I keep buying myself kool stuff!"**---

This is the first year in awhile I have actually had some cash built up around Christmas time.  And I am mainly trying to stay away from the madness of any actual store.  But each time I do venture into one, I keep finding things that I want--not gifts for others.  Bah Humbug!  With moving into separate houses from my mate to the warm weather it is extremely hard to get into the spirit at all this year.  It is the middle of the month and nothing has been done -Christmasy by me yet.  We are having the big work Christmas party this Wedensday  and maybe that will get me more in the mood and mode of the season.  Or more wishing that I would wake up and it was January.  My beautiful wife is coming along with me for the night of the party and spending the night at my house  as strange as that last part sounds. 

     So my dog has been staying with my wife and the kiddos.  Just recently she moved again, to her mothers place, and there are dogs of all sizes all over that property --so my dog is not welcome unless I am with him.  I have been sneaking him into my apartments.  Not the easiest task when he is a 75 ish pound Pit Bull.  Luckily he does not know he is a pit, and overly friendly.  He did amazing the first few nights alone while I was at work.  And I kind of forgot any thoughts about finding him a new home.  On the third night, I could not get inside my main door.  He had tore up all the carpet in front of the door down to the boards trying to get out and sniff me out I guess.  I do not have a clue what is going on in my own mind---so deff. do not have a clue what he is thinking at any given time. 

Mr Butch jacked my bed the other night
OK every night.

      Last week we "pawned" off the kiddos, on the mother in law--and headed up to my place.  In true "bachelor flair" I do not really have food in my fridge yet.  I just sits in the corner and makes a ton of noice.  And freezes everything solid I do put in it--so far, no matter what setting I put the fridge on.  Anyways, we stopped on the way up here at a local truck stop.  Because the joint has several food outlets to enjoy.  We had my mutt with us, so I stayed in the car, while my wife jumped inside the store.  I know for a fact she did NOT touch the car parked beside us in any way.   At some point an older gentleman appeared behind my car, and kept staring at the back of it.  Than he went to the car beside us, and while opening the door, slammed it into the side of my car.  I jumped out of my car, and went over to him---saying something about --"If he was F in serious!?"  The gentleman tried to say he did not do anything at first.  The more I pressed--or maybe yelled, he said that my passenger had hit the side of his car.  Not in the least bit true, in this instance.  He than told me he did not want to stand there and discuss things any more---I explained that he was sitting, so it was fine to talk longer.  ;)  He than told me that it was all fine, because he did not dent my car in any way.  That is when he started to drive away.  I might or might not have than --kicked the side of his car door several times.   Only truck stop video footage knows for sure.  He than slammed on his brakes, and started cussing me out.  I told him it was OK, because I did not dent his car in any way.  This is about the time he decided I was fully crazy, and he speed off.   I went inside to find my wife and hurry up our food orders just in case the police were on there way -to not dent in my forehead.   Tis the season!  ;) ;)

But there are multiple ways to share your dislike for this page--on all my other pages!
This page loves haters  any time of year!!

I still don't have local Internet at my home--but am working on
lots of new pictures and posts for my all local Exploring sight.
Please check it out

Looks like a yummy road trip to me!
Possibly the best Christmas present I will get this year comes from the state of Arizona
I will be getting my full drivers licence back ---long story    right before Christmas!
I am in need of a long calming road trip.  But will have to settle for an Exploring local hike if I ever get done typing today's drivel. 

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