Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hello To 2016......Almost

                                         Christmas Tombstone, Arizona style!

            Not that I did not have tons of fun this year, but I can't help but think that 2016 has to be a much betterer year for me and well, everyone I know.   Because of time limits and such, only about half of the crap we go through makes it on this page, and there has been a ton of crap this year.  It has also -easily been the quickest year ever recorded.   That said, I have many new stories to tell!  I snuck away to drink some coffee and write.  I should be cleaning my place, but really was not motivated for that in any way.  I can say after a very busy week, tonight is my Friday at work!   Wahoo!  

              As always Cheers!   And please take a look around my Exploring page----       Many more pictures and posts in the works. 

                             Also why we all want to work on the holidaze....

**"I forgot I moved my tip $ stash a few days back and about flipped the F out when I looked in the wrong spot yesterday."**

                 **"Did you hear Viagra now comes in nasal spray?   It's for Dickheads!"**--
      And my large prescription is in shipment!

     Earlier last week---everything was getting to me---getting rid of my dog, spending Christmas at work, not seeing my wife and kids until after Christmas  not yet having presents for them, etc   and I tried to be deep with some posts straight out of the cluster that is in my head.    Happily I am in a much better spot right now. 

Life sucks but it also doesn't. pay to get off the ride and let it stop

How can one ignore someone you love so much. someone that doesn't make your life but is your life??
Id like to thank the F Tard that turned my dog in. you really have nothing better to do with your life? Just gave him to some new owners down the street. At least I get visitation.------The new owners also said I could bring dog food as ---"child support."    They have a female pit   and I guess keeping the dogs separated was a chore at first.   Butch just wanted to be with the female and kept trying to push her his food through the fence  and dry hump the air by her, because a fence separated them.  She wanted nothing to do with him at first.  But I have heard they sense --had a big fight--and are getting along very well now.   He really IS my dog ---lol

            **"I hope everyone enjoys the air guitars I got them for Christmas!!"**

  In light of Christmas---if any of my family and real friends is reading this---it really snuck up on me this year.  After hours at work --I could not drag myself to go shopping.  And have not actually started my shopping yet...  Whoops!   My wife showed me my gift from her early--and I deff. decided I needed to rethink my shopping.   What makes it even more fun is her gift is a special order this year, and will take even longer.  She has the amazing ability to find great gifts for free or very cheap.   And this is a great gift.  I can find furniture for free all the time, but it's not really the kind of thing you send cross country or to ones wife.   Anyways, I hope everyone had an amazingly peaceful and family filled Christmas!   I was at work for ten hours.   Bring on the sympathy tips!    If you are still shopping for me---I like cash    and am looking to obtain my recent mug shot---long story, I am not getting into today.  


* Losing money to a bad business person and person $300
* Having to repo your own vehicle back for non payments $200
* Getting under the persons skin so much that he is now offering discounts to new customers just for saying "Mr Adams' Priceless!!
Maybe he will use all this cash to pay Mr and Mrs Adams back!?...
But what kind of discounts will he give for the crummy service the new clients receive??
I hope he keeps this attitude in court because I am sure the judge will also find it priceless.

   More on all of the above very soon---mostly because it is all still playing out.   It plays out better in my head---always.   The cliff notes are---if you live in Southern AZ  DO NOT use the above company!  

      So my story for today was on Christmas Eve at work.  It was super dead that night at work, and this was deff. our only entertainment.   A fine dinner show for sure!  A customer was in the main lobby going off on the security guards.  Calling them lil b*tches among other things. The real police were called in when she would not leave. And she tried to make a run for it, staggering further into the casino. She got tackled and than tazzered several times, when she would not let the cops hand cuff her. Dinner show for our guest for sure! Some one should have takin' a picture or two for her Christmas cards.

**"If I were a betting man....oh wait I work in a casino cancel that thought lol!!"**----
    That said ---after a long  very bad weeksend  I snuck to the other casino in town last Tuesday night and hit a nice lil jackpot.   ;)

   Where are you Exploring today??

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