Friday, December 18, 2015


             Hello to all of you pausing in your holiday shopping to stop by this very page!   I really have not started my shopping yet this year.  Although I do have some ideas in my head of what I would like to fill my holiday sleigh with.  When I do tend to venture to the store --I just keep finding things I wish to by myself.  As usual my presents will be late this year.  More so than many years, because my wife is really not motivated at all either.  If you wish to send me presents--and this is a big IF--I can post a list of possible gifts for me.....
   I got a late start on anything today--again finding bed more comfortable than it should be.  So my coffee fix is early this afternoon today.   As I type out this blog post of more random rambling.   I am enjoying that I slept through the chilly part of the day, and that the sun is out in full here in the desert.  Something most of my friends and family can not say in the middle of  December.  I had to scrape ice off my car windows three daze in a row last week---with my casino player card, something I should not have to do while residing in the middle of the desert. 

    I was rambling at work last night about low flying pigeons or something equal as intriguing and one of our managers actually had a good come back--I proclaimed that I was going to write the response in my journal that very night!   The other manager in the room--handed me a new notebook and said it was my new journal.  I figure this is kind of like my little girl journal page--and attempt to keep my ever going relationship issues out of this page, and on Facebook were they should be.  I always enjoy reading my past posts, but always have to ponder why this very page gets so many views......       I think my first entry in the new notebook will be for the managers--and it will have the link to this very page.   It is never long before I offend a large group of people, so am always looking for new readers.   My newest Exploring page is also looking for more readers.  Join me all across Arizona    MANY pictures and posts in the works for both pages.  

       So I was at AM/PM the other day getting gas ---and was impressed to see that the gas pumps had little Tv's on them.  I guess in an attempt for you to keep filling your tank-so you could watch the end of the current program.  The screen turns off when you are not pumping gas.  I was even more impressed with this---since I get like two TV stations on my home TV right now without cable. 

Seems a little dressed up for Wally World


I really hope the above is fake. 
Entertaining yet sad either way. 


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