Monday, July 15, 2013

7/15/2013 Here's Your Sign!

                         Every year around my birthday---I post some dribble about growing old gracefully that is very deep, for me.   I am going to attempt to not do this -this year.   If this saddens you, please roam through some of my old posts.   At least one of them will make you chuckle -if for no other reason, that you feel sorry for me.   ;)


I did not take the above picture-----but it is amazing. 
I have also explored this amazing area in the heart of Wyoming.

  •                           Wow!!   still don't want to live there again, but wow
                                                       Photo shop is sweet, folks.

  • **
    **Sean Misner's wife encountered firefighters with their trucks on every overpass from AZ to San Ynez, California! Her wish was to drive Sean's ashes home in his truck. What a beautiful tribute!**

    Another picture I did not take---but wish I did.   What a wonderful tribute all those AZ fire fighters that did not make it.   And to all of the extraordinary men and woman, that call this there career every day.   Thank you!!

    Now for some pictures I did take.   
    The date stamps are screwed up----I snapped these last Friday.
    I always enjoy an interesting sign.   And have showed many on this very page.  Here are some new ones.  

    O but what a way to go!!  

    This was in front of a mine shaft in Tombstone, AZ
    Maybe it's just me  But I found the wording/warning interesting.

  •                            This essential food group can not stop saying great things about you!!

                                                                Mmmmmmmm coffee!

                                      A couple great signs ---But not personal pictures of mine.....

                                              I thinks I found the secret....   Don't tell!!

    This one took our kids awhile, but they got it---to bad the painter did not. 

    1. A picture my beautiful wife took.  
      Big Brother is always watching. 

      Now back to some more random shots of mine from Friday...

      It used to live over the main street  to this High School. 

      Exploring the inside would be more than kool.

      This expensive walkway now leads to no were.  

      Again roaming around Tombstone. 
      In the first picture you can make out the court house. 
      I have always been fascinated with cabooses 
      and feel one would make an awesome office.

      And now for some random rambling.  


      Give it a few minutes...  you will git it. 

      Homer is always deep.


      My newest page will be starting VERY soon   All about exploring amazing Arizona.
      I am still working on the page name.  

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