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                  I started out this month in a blog posting frenzy.   But as always life got in the way, and I am back to slackin'-----I really do have some great new features and plans for all of my sights--- and a huge thank you to all of you that have stayed patient and loyal!   This blog sight is quickly nearing 18,000 views!   Very good considering what a bunch of random rambling & coffee love usually works it's way into my posts.  If you add in  my Exploring blog page, I have over 21,000 views.   This one is full of Exploring and pictures I took.   And my 3rd Exploring page will launch this week!   All about Exploring Arizona, Land of the sweating sun!    Also please visit my Facebook page-----    It defiantly needs more fans and "likes!"   All of my postings hit this page ---before my blogs.   PLEASE check it out, and leave some feedback    
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

     Yesterday our oldest and I took a drive to Wilcox, Arizona to pick up some more great free items from this great sight named, Craigslist.   We filled up the pickup--this is saying a lot, because our truck holds a lot!   While in Washington, we got most of our furniture for free, and passed the good fortune on to needy family's when we left the state.   This meant that when we got here, we did not have much furniture.  By living on the sight, we got all kinds of great home furnishings, and paid for very few of them.   So many items, that we have actually started to sell some of them--because our house is getting to full.   It also helps pay the bills.  Anyways, on the way home - we encountered a huge storm.  Complete with flooding roads, very heavy downfall, and marble sized hail.   So much so, that we pulled over, along with most of the people on the highway.    I got drenched, to snag some kool pictures.   And will share more and the pictures in a post this week.


Different storm rolling in
Behind our house.


    **"I do believe I need to find a good lawyer. Please note-- If you are going to drive a car you are "buying" --that still magically, has my name on the tittle, through a parked building----please have the courtesy to tell me about it before your insurance company mails me a most lovely letter. Note 2: If you are the above mentioned person--- watch your back! Thanks for playing!**"
    Above was my cheery status---soon after getting a great letter in the mail a few weeks back.  Quick flash back---I was actually having a great day, than I stopped at the post office.  With all the junk mail and bills, was a letter from an insurance office in Washington.   Apparently the car we were selling, was involved in a big wreck.   Causing $9,000 in damage.   And guess what--the car was still under my name on the title.   We have not received any payments for the car yet, so have not sent out the title.  My wife and I were just discussing having the car "repo'd" because we still have a set of keys for the car.   The best part is, the "buyer" still has not even told us about the wreck.   We can not find the car, to see if it is even still drive able.   And the best part, the day we canceled our insurance on the car we no longer owned, was the day of the accident.   We did not know this--did not till a month later, but try proving that to the insurance companies.    --_Good times!!

Great poster
Even betterer song.

    **  So on Wed the 25th all our kiddos went back to school. On the same day we started baby sitting three younger kids. Something is wrong with that math! lol**

Who would win?
Comment to me who you think would win and why

Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

    OK---grudgingly I am going to re-type this next part for y'all's enjoyment.   I had a long section written here----randomly hit the wrong serious of buttons on my computer, and all of the typing went poof!   I guess I should at least have two cups of coffee, before attempting to use my computer.    So here it goes again...

     During our extra fun journey/move/drama down south--- we had some great adventures mixed in with all the hardships.   We moved from Washington to our new home in Arizona and it took much more time and money than we had figured on.   I will not use the word planned---because with three kiddos, we have long ago found it useless to make plans of any kind.  This is hard for me, because I like to plan my plans.  Making a detailed list of what to do to accomplish anything.   Just after our nice stay in a lil town called Pioche, Nevada ----there is a blog post about our stay!   We had planned on some time to relax in another little city called Viva Las Vegas!    

Our rig

      After a full day of being in the heat, driving in the heat---with no A/C, breaking down in the heat, and being hot---we found ourselves in Vegas.  With full intent of some R & R.   We ended up at a very nice Motel 6.   Very nice!   Except for the noise during the late night hours.  But it was located just off the strip. 

       Years ago we lived near Vegas and have seen most of the sights, and have done lots of Exploring in this area.   With and without the kiddos.   This town is advertised as a family town, but it is far from that.    Sadly one time we took all of the kids to Circus Circus.   Sadly for us, the parents.   The kids had a wondermous time!   Picture Chucky's Cheese---80 times worse, plus when you leave the gaming area you have to play security guards for the kids, because it is a casino.   Anyways, we have had some great times in  this town.   

      Not so much on this night.   My beautiful wife was attempting to kool down in the spacious motel room.   And the next thing I knew, she was sprawled out on the bathroom floor!   A huge headache and case  of heat exhaustion, but my wife has many serious health issues, so we do not take any symptoms with her lightly.   I got my first ambulance ride that evening.   For whatever reason, the paramedics listed my wife, under "non emergency" and even though we showed up at the emergency room in an emergency vehicle, we kept getting pushed back to be seen.    We spent most of the night at the hospital.   

Made completely of Jelly Belly Jelly beans

      I suppose, except for making my wife wait for an amazingly long time, it was an OK hospital.   I do not enjoy doctors or hospitals at all, they make me beyond paranoid for some reason.   But with my wife and having three kids, I tend to find myself in a waiting room MUCH more than I would wish on anyone.   

Scrubs clip 
From a classic episode

        Part of my issues with these buildings  ---it was for sure this night----is how much we watch the TV show, "Scrubs."    The doctors are very laid back and have more antics than those on the late "Mash" show.    For whatever reason, I kept picturing these actors, running around the hospital, and really did not know if they should even touch my wife.   If you have not seen the show, picture a modern version of "Mash."    
         The next morning, after much coffee-----our youngest and I got a chance to roam the strip just a little bit.    Through this section are the betterer of the Exploring pictures I got that day.    

                                              Hippie bus  behind our motel
                                                    Our youngest got to sign his name on the 
                                                  extra kool bus in Sharpie pen.  

                                    I am working on putting all of my best Exploring pictures on one sight. 
But it is a slow process.   Especially since I have so many great pictures.   Great in my eyes, hush!    Here are a few quick shots I took from our car port last week.   I used our I-Pod  so they are not the best pictures for sure.      Check out old blog posts or my MY Facebook page for much betterer shot
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

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