Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Phase III Of My Red Barn RV Park Rant---

                      When my family of five and I first moved to Beautiful Benson--- we thought we found an awesome deal at the Red Barn RV Park----little did we know how crappy it would be! My new goal is to warn everyone ---stay some were else! After I noticed the park was supported by Trip Advisor--I posted this review. I forgot to mention about the HUGE cockroaches that have takin' over the park. Please read and share with anyone you know that wants to stay in Benson..... I will be! :

            There are so many good places to stay in the wonderful town of Benson, but this is not one of them! No money is put into the place that is falling apart quickly. The manager is a disgruntled man, that finds a reason to gripe at his residents every time he sees them. He will even drive around town looking for electricity money, before the rent I due. The manager will accept family's with kids, and than badger them daily, claiming your kiddos broke something new--every day. The manager even claimed I was trying to hack into his computer network, because I was on my laptop every morning, job hunting. The manager has a huge attitude --- and when I asked for his bosses name and phone number to complain about the lousy service, he declined to give that out. And than threatened to settle things by "taking it outside" multiple times. Signs all over the rv park talk about Hawian hospitality, I guess kicking the paying guests butts is HA hospitality. The manager also takes over the rec room each day claiming to work, while he takes over the big screen TV. ETC.... Tell everyone you know--to stay some were else..... I will be Three thumbs down for sure!!

              I can ---and will go into more depth about this RV park.   As the title suggests---there are more phazes.   It is not smearing a company, when it is all true.   And much much worse also.  If you know anyone that is going to stay in the wonderful Benson, Arizona area soon, please pass this along.    If you know the RV park owner ---please pass it along to him also, I am sure he would love the read!  

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