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Exploring Lake Havasu & Bull Head City Two Fine Days

                                                             The London Bridge

     As I might have mentioned, our trip down here was more than interesting.  And more than just a little bit annoying.  But you cram that many animals and or people in a hot truck, with no AC and than drive clear across the US, and have even a great trip.  And I will call you a liar or tell you to wake up!  Because you are dreaming, brother!   We did have several great days while on this long distance roaming.  
     My family of five and I have lived in Arizona before.   But this was another part of the state.  A part I try not to talk about to much because I am trying to block that time out of my memory still.  Although we lived in a few places, the town we called home the longest was Kingman.   I lovingly call that whole area on the map  "The Devil's Crotch."  Because of how hot and sweaty and crummy living there was....   Well you get the picture.  So, although my new blog series will be about exploring Arizona, I will not include to many areas around Kingman.   Or Phoenix, I do not like that town much better.   That chapter of my life, does mean that we have visited many of these areas before.  And it was kinda neat to travel back down memory lane.   Last time we were in Bullhead City, was about five years ago, and my wife and I were still just dating.  The kiddos were much smaller, and so was my belly.  We used to go to the town, to escape the heat.   Although this area was usually ten or more degrees warmer, it had water!   And lots of it.   We used to also bring big lunches and feed all of the home less people we happened to pass.   Although I do not fully believe in Karma, I do believe in bad luck, that is self inflicted.   

     On this leg of the trip, the mother in law had her turn again with vehicle problems.  And we stuck around town for a few days while she became mobile again.   In this blog I will stray from the many bad aspects of this town, and stick with showing some good pictures. 

    Although I do have to pause to vent real quick first.     We were attempting to get yet another motel room in the town, and the owner quickly annoyed me, but we needed a room, so I had went to check it out.   I soon found there was no cold water, in any of the faucets, and asked the owner, if there was a trick to finding non scalding water.   She basically tried to tell me that I did not know how to use a water faucet and than informed me that we were in the desert, and no one had cold water.    From that point on, it was on!     Really!?    For one thing the motel we stayed at the night before had cold water, Vegas is nothing but desert and they have cold water, and water pipes are under ground.....     The cliff notes are, that I soon decided this worker really was as ignorant as she seemed to think I was, and that if the cold water did not work, much of the objects in the motel probably also did not work.   We ended up staying some were else.   U-Haul in this area is also on my crap list.   They are in general at this moment, but the dealer I finally found in this town, was so much bigger an A * Hole than myself, that it is amazing.  The major difference is, that I do not get paid to deal with customers.  OK-----I will jump off my soap box now   and on with the exploring and pictures   Enjoy!....

    Dinner/paddle boat that goes up and down the mighty Colorado River.   This current gets extremely fast and strong amazingly quick.   But you can have hours of fun, near the shore line.  We did a big BBQ on this day, and enjoyed the sun and water.   This river basically separates NV from Arizona, and on the Nevada side, you can gamble.   Pictured above is Hannah's Casino.   But there is a whole row of casinos on the other side of the river.   Conveniently found on Casino Row Street.  
      This day just happened to be our daughters birthday, so we spent the whole day slacking, and trying to make it as special as we could for her.   For being on the road and all.   It was a good day of just enjoying the area and each other as a family.   And we are going to make it up to her soon, with a full day of fun in Tucson.  

   And she got her first ride on a Ski -Doo that day!   Grandma is in the blue in the back round---thrilled but worried.   
                                                     Let her rip!!

I do believe she enjoyed the ride.   A lot!

The rest of us were stuck with Dollar Store floaters.

He lost his other shoe!

Time to dry off for awhile, eat, and add more sun screen.  
We are from Washington State and all.   
Were the sun basically disappears in the winter.

The glow of the casino's on the river.
This picture definitely did not come out even near as kool as it was in person.

      That night, after finding a very good motel, we snuck off over the river.   The kiddos found a casino with an arcade open late.  And us adults gambled a few dollars.  Mainly donating for more purdy flashing lights, it seemed that night.  Each casino is huge, and has many sights to see.   Including bowling alleys, antique cars, etc etc.    There is a walk all along the river also.   On this night we came across a skunk, lots of ducks, and a beaver or two.  Also lots and lots of drunk people during our exploring trip with the kids.   With the main intentions of wearing them out during the late hour.  These casinos offer free beverages as you gamble, but finding a drink provider is very very hard.  We were also headed up to another casino, the Colorado Belle, shaped like an old paddle boat.   Because out front, is a huge selection of huge Koa  fish.  

                        The front in the dark.   It really does look like a huge paddle boat.   

But because it was so late, we basically just saw this in the ponds....

Good thing we have seen these sights before.
Please note, day time is better for exploring some things.
Boats zip across the river, day and night taking passengers to and fro.
The kiddos and mom rode the boats across, while I drove .
They got to the parking lot before I did for sure.  

         Warning signs are a little different than we are used to in Arizona.
Everything wants to eat you and is annoyed by the intence heat---so watch out.  ;)

The next day we left town. 
And tried to beat the heat a little bit in Lake Havasu.  
This is a huge party town much of the year.  
But kind of a quiet tourist trap the rest of the year.
Filled with great picture opportunities.  
Although one has to stop and wonder, what makes the water so green. 

Above is the actual London Bridge.
They moved and shipped the entire bridge here   piece by piece.  
This only show a portion of the magnificent bridge.

This entire area around here is full of great sights and shopping. 
You can also feed some of the many very hungry pigeons. 
I have some great pictures from our last trip to the city, years ago, of the birds on top of our kids.

But I can not find them right now, and I try to keep these pictures as updated as possible.
Except for when I do not.

Just picture these two  much smaller. 
This is right before the London Bridge. 
We enjoyed a nice lunch. 
And watched some local kids dive into the kool  but really green water. 

Next exploring blog ---we head just down the road to the caverns
for a full moon lit hike!

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