Friday, July 19, 2013

7/19/2013--Have You Used The Word "Mitches", Yet Mitches??

                          Tomorrow finds our family all very busy for once.   Even myself, with a day job that pays actual money.   We start off early at the Back to School Fair at the Lions Park in Benson, Arizona.   If you have kiddos and live in this area, we will probably see you there.  Benson also has a park opening-ribbon cutting on the 23rd of this month.   On Union street across from the public pool.    The best part about this--is the free swim day at the pool, after words.  At some point in all of the fun, I am going to post an Exploring blog, all about first impressions in this great little town.   

          The "ruff" weather yesterday here, after it decided not to dump rain on us.  

I am surprised this did not make front page news!

        My birthday is also coming up.   Garfield the cat and I almost share the same birthday, and he is the same age.   My wonderful mom's birthday is the day after mine.  This means two things--I can always recall what day her birthday is, and she was in the hospital for her special day, the year I was born.   

And now on to the random randomness that makes this page so popular. 
Minus the popular.

True story.
Have you ever visited the fun sight--- the people of ?
If nothing else it will make you feel good about whatever you walked out of the house in today.
The sight made me want to do all of my shopping from online. 
WAIT!  No  the retail giant store made me want to never leave the house. 

Is this for or against the 2nd  amendment??

As always please leave comments on this page.
Especially if you have ever altered this flow chart, are male, and have won an argument with a woman. 

If you are a computer troll or Trekkie  ---and just looked down at your hands in a sudden panic--- I salute you.  But I will not shake your hand!   
If you do not find this funny---as my wife says all of the time    "The truth hurts!"   cause that's funny right there!!

On a similar topic---good luck this weeksend, and good luck finding something funny in these pages!!

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