Thursday, April 11, 2013

      Some how we find it almost the half way mark of the month of April!   Wow.  Things are moving even faster, because we are getting ready to do a cross country move very soon.  Some what soon.  Soon, but not soon enough?   This will be a great move for us in many ways.  But I have lots of fear.   Mainly that with the purchase of a house, we will be beyond broke.  But for the first time ever, we will be broke, in our own house!

     With the move and such-- I will of course have new stories and pictures.   I am also going to launch a new blog page, my third in case you are part of the many, not keeping track.   It will be all about exploring the great state of Arizona.   Land of the sweating sun!   OK I do not believe that is what is on the tourism brochers, but maybe it should be.  But we will start seeing far less rain soon!  

                                                   Fitting statue in the heart of Seattle, Washington

       I purposely leave out were we are moving in many conversations.  To keep people guessing, to keep down on potential house guests that never leave, and to improve your stalking skills.    I have always said, that if I had a stalker --they would be incredible bored!   I love my life, but not much happens on a daily basses.  I also believe that I would stalk my stalker.  Running far ahead of them, and than doubling back and following them.  Can one get in trouble for this? 

    I have been going through my old blog posts and putting labels on them.   This helps me determine the theme of posts, and seems to bring in more readers.   I am also noticing how much I bring up some topics.   My beautiful wife, rightly comes up a lot.  She does not necessarily like being brought up so much, but since she doesn't read my blogs, she doesn't mind as much.   Her 25th birthday is coming up very soon, if you know her by the way.   This year she is sneaking off to Canada for the day, to spend all of the Canadian tip money I have been getting at work, Aye!  

 Coffee also comes up a ton!   In fact in almost every blog I have gone through so far ---it is mentioned.  
                So to not break tradition---


                        Possibly the best sign in Bellingham, Washington.
                           Although it no longer leads to a coffee shop.  ;(

                                Some days ---coffee just does not cut it......

      Last week the car battery in our car decided to die.   It was done working, finished, could not even jump start it going again.   I have an entire picture album of vehicles -not running--with there hoods up.   We greatly hope not to add to this album during our move.   Fingers and toes crossed!   Anyways, on this day we recalled a major reason we are moving.   Most of our friends and family are to busy to be helpful.  If something does not benefit them, they are busy.   I did enlist one of my co-workers to help us out.   And he went above and beyond to get us mobile again.   And I owe him at least a pitcher of beer.   We also learned that the battery in the car was from 2002, so it is amazing it was even starting before, or powering the radio. 
    About two days later, my mother-in-laws van battery gave up.   I was more than ready to help her out.  And pay it forward or how ever that works.  I am not sure if this concept applys when it is a family member.    Also if you live in the Bellingham area---our car is for sale.   It is a great car with a brand spankin new battery!    For more info ---please contact me.  

Yet another helpful billboard.
In case you have not yet noticed, by all the snow in your yard, it is spring time!
Write that down---especially if you celebrate 4/20 !!

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