Thursday, April 18, 2013

Asking For Help Is Hard!

              At least so far today, spring is still loading in our neck of the woods.  I slight trickle of rain is coming down, and the clouds seem to have set in for the day.  This is Washington normal for sure.  While the residents back home, in Wyoming are preparing for one last huge spring time snow fall.  So in comparison, I will take the rain over lots of snow in April any day.   If some form of liquid is falling from the sky were you live, please take the time to roam through some of my old blog posts.  If they make you cringe just a little to much, why not leave me some comments.   Each helps me and my pages grow.  Or better yet, start your own blog page and discover the addicting wander of it all.   Plus than I will have another page to secretly criticize. 
    With our big cross country move coming up in just over a month, we have a long to do list.  And the list seems to get longer much faster than it shrinks.  Yesterday I decided to tackle some of it, and found that most of the items are last minute things.   And need to be done right before we leave, in that muddle of a mess final throw down, those of you that have never moved before probably have never enjoyed.  I enjoy planning everything out.  OK maybe do not enjoy, but tend to have a highly detailed plan for everything.   Having three kids, this is a useless trait.  Because plans do not know how to read.   Giving over everything to God, who already knows the outcome of it all, is amazingly satisfying.  But also amazingly hard more times than not.  Kind of like the whole concept of turning the other cheek. 
     I do know that raising more cash for our journey/move and for when we get to the new location are big priorities.  No matter how I look at things.  Although we usually have issues with road trip problems, this time we are taking a mini-convoy with some extra very helpful people.  But at best our new home needs a lot of work for sure.  And with the move, buying the house, me not working to start, etc etc, that cash will be tight.   
      Please read the following page my wife established about our story.   And pass on the link.  If it moves you to help us prepare for the future-- you can not imagine how happy that makes us.   Just passing on the link for us, is a HUGE help.  Just writing this blog post is amazingly hard for me.  I do not like to ask for anything.  But of course want the best for our three kids and my wife.   Any addition to this fund will be used to perfect our new home.    A home that once it is safe and fully livable, my wife will use to house and help strays and lost people and animals.   She has a huge heart- something I feel in love with.  And strive to duplicate.   My wife is always helping others, something that warms my heart and annoys me at the same time.  Also something that is very hard to accomplish in a rented apartment, which is were we now live. 
    We are not asking for a hand out, but a hand up.    The same hand up in life, April might have very well given many of you -out there.   Before I type much more than any of you will ever read------ here is the link    PLEASE take the time to read her page and pass it along:

                                                        **Thank You!!**

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