Saturday, April 30, 2011

Look Who's Back!--Or Day One Complete

    I am overly tired so am going to keep this entry short.  That and the fact that I have Netflix on my computer and feel like zoning out to a movie.   I mainly wanted to keep up on posting.   Tomorrow I will talk about the long bus ride here, as I drink lots of coffee.    I will have to say that the bus ride wasn't near as bad as I envisioned and was as good as can be expected for 23 hours on the bus.  I am pretty sure my butt was fully numb by hour one.   And while waiting around at home beforehand, I tried to do jumping jacks and such activities that kept me off my butt.
   Today marked my first day back at work.  At a great place I worked at before.  It was also my first day of steady work since November.  Which I blame mostly on the bad economy and the price of pit juice  *deodorant.   And through everything else it felt great to be working again! 
     After I was put back in the computer system and could actually clock in, I was kind of set off on my own.   Most things were still bouncing around in the back of my brain.  It was just accessing that information in a timely fashion.  But for whatever reason, I could not find anything I needed all night.  Some had been moved, most just forgotten knowledge.   At one point I and a very new gal were the only servers on the floor, for a good two hours.   It was entertaining, but maybe no so much for the actual customers. 
    By the end of my night business started to really slow.  And most things were again second hand to me.  I went home with some good cash in my pocket.  Getting about 50%  in tips.   And was tiredish from putting in eight hours.  Not from job hunting or riding the bus all day in vain.  
               And they even want me to come back and do it all over again tomorrow!  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

   So tomorrow night I will once again be boarding Greyhound for a cross country trip.  23 hours of fun to be exact.   I really hope I get one of the fabouled new buses.  I use that word, because I keep seeing advertising about the very nice looking buses, but have yet to see one or better yet, ride in one.   Among other things, they have wi-fi while you are travailing.  That way I could write an all day blog describing the bus trip first hand.   It would start out with many entries about how it was dark outside.  Because my bus leaves here at nine P.M.   This is in an attempt to get a little sleep while it is still dark.   I have found it is almost imposable to sleep on the bus.  And about the time you almost give up and pass out, the bus stops in the middle of no were--and everyone has to get off.  
    I realize that pen and paper works just as well for writing everything down.  Especially because it will probably, almost hopefully be a boring trip.   But I have things like games and Netflix on my computer.   Most of the time, I give up and just attempt to stay awake the whole trip.  Somewhat easier this time, because of free coffee at Mcdonalds right now.  But interesting things just seem to follow me.  Making even the most boring tasks interesting.  And possiablely the only reason some of my friends ever talk to me.   Plus all of these happenings make my blog posts almost readable!
    I really think it would be exciting to hitchhike home.   And than write about all that.   I see two major drawbacks to this.  Well three.   Self locking doors---- all the doors lock when the key is turned.  It really is freaky to have to except a ride from strangers, and than have all the doors lock.   It really is almost impossible to land  a ride this way anymore.   No one will stop, even if you are not creepy looking like myself.   I try to stay very open minded, and have personally stopped for very very few hitchhikers.   Annnd possibly most importantly I am afraid of the kind of person that would pick me up.   **4/29/11---Today I learned it is almost impossible to land on your feet, while jumping out of a moving car.   But it seemed safer than staying in the vehicle with a distracted driver.   Distracted by the running chainsaw he was holding. 
    I DO really think it would be fun to jump a freight train and just see were it goes.  Ride the rails.  One from here would have to be very sure the train was heading south.   For the Canadian border is very close, Aye.   And I believe it would be a very short trip when the boarder patrol wrestled me to the ground.   Take a long a few hundred bucks, in case I got stranded some were far from home.  Or maybe just for bail money.  I have another crazy friend that shares the thought line, that this would be fun.   Safety in numbers, using the buddy system, and we would always have someone around to post the others bail all come to mind. 
    Because of extra free time lately and to prep myself mentally for the big move, I have talked to a lot of people online lately.  And I have to admit, that I have some very "deep" and insightful friends.   Who'd of thunk?   I still have no definite plan for the future, but things are looking clearer.  And I am feeling much better about everything.   The guaranteed job back, is a huge load off my mind.   I do have to say I have fewer good friends all the time.  Usually when I move, I seem to clean house.   But to those of you that have been there--through it all   thank you!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Almost Out of "Retirement!"

                                            **"Colored eggs taste better!"**

Some people say I move a lot.   Most that say that --are speaking the truth.   It's hard to stay ahead of the FBI!  
I find it fun to tell co workers all different places that I have moved each time I move.  And have started to realize that even some of my better friends have no idea were I live most of the time.  
Wherever you go--there you are.
So above I included a map of my current location!

Has nothing to do with this blog--just entertainin'

   So after months of job hunting gone bad-in a far from good economy.  Filled with tons of rejections even from low end jobs.   With each rejection further bringing my attitude and spirits down, my "retirement" is soon to come to an abrupt end!   I have fully decided that not working is only fun for a short amount of time.   At least when you are poor.  I have not had enough cash to fully try out this theory.  If any formally unknown relatives of mine, would like to leave me some big cash?  Anyway, I leave for back home very soon--and was a little worried about getting hours at my old job when I got back into town.   They were overly awesome hiring me back, but that doesn't mean they had much work time for me yet.   I had heard stories of to many workers and not enough business yet.  But these were all calmed yesterday, and a rare sight lately appeared on my face.   A huge, real smile.   I do not leave for Wyoming till this Thursday, and will not get off the bus for good till some time Friday night.   One of my bosses called yesterday, said she was making the new work schedule, and put me on starting Saturday afternoon.  

At least in the summer!

    Maybe it's from the months without working, the constant rejections, the time away from the job that also allowed me to forget it's faults and annoinces.   Whatever it is  it is a huge weight of my shoulders.   And it is awesomeness.  Too have a place really want me, and praise the work I had done there in the past.  I am sure they do not know how much that means to me right now.  I am sure things will become annoying and repetitive.   But that is any job or relationship.   You change the situation, the best you can  or in this economy join the long welfare lines.   I could very well be the funniest person in the unemployment line.   Working there before, I really liked this job.   It is the first job I wanted to get up and go to in  long time.  And although the pay wasn't the best ---the co workers and perks made up for that.  And I hope that it will be like going back to a great friend when I return.    Although you can never really return home.   Things are always changing while you are away.  With you and with home.   Some good  some far from good. 
    But home ---is always welcoming and comfortable.  No matter what you did while you were away.  Family and true friends will be there to help pick up the pieces and call you a dumb ass.   I now realize that my current relationship will never be near the same after this trip home for me.  But I hope that with the distance, the above concepts will again grow.  So that --  If in time, I stray back to this fine town--I can't return to the home I know now.  But to a great friend that can call me a dumb ass without breaking a smile on her beautiful face. 

At least she thinks I'm funny----funny lookin'

Friday, April 22, 2011

**Mini Rant #10** Big Brother?

**"Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack in that mother f's reflection." **
— Lady Gaga
   First off----I have been slacking at my mini rants.   It is supposed to be a weekly addition, but somehow this is only my tenth one.   When I stop slacking, I will start to add new additions to this page much more.   Second off---- This marks my 100th post!    Enjoy!
     With all the recent talk of smart phones maybe being a little to smart- comes today's rant.  Apparently anyone that can tie into your phones network can track the sights you have visited and places you have visited in real life for the last year.  Researchers stumbled across this finding  although it is not very surprising.   Not to sound paranoid, but everything is tracking us.   Some even say that if you turn off your smart phones power, people can still track were you are on the globe with it's built in GPS.   I say your phone, because mine is far from smart.  Even though it does way more than those huge brick sized cell phones of even ten years ago.  It bugs me more that people need these devices in everything from there cars to their postage stamps, but are majorly amazed when the postal service knows everything about them!  
     Your snazzy cars Onstar service can be tracked, your child's cell phone, everything visited on sights like Bing.   I mention Bing because Google majorly annoys me.  It knows to much.   Start typing a word into the search engine, and it guesses what you are thinking of very quickly.   Type in your home address, and you get detailed instructions on how to arrive at your house and probably a picture of your house.    Now Facebook is majorly merging with Google.   So if someone wanted to, they could locate which coffee joint you are sitting in right now, reading this blog.  I lead a boring enough life, that I will never need to worry about stalkers.   But some hot long legged blond gal, might be more worried about stalkers.  
    And of course all of this snazzy technology will soon just mean the police and beyond can easily monitor everything you do.   Have you ever noticed how many cameras are on your towns Main Street?   Do they make you feel any safer?   Cameras, at the moment you can escape.   But to all of you that complain about tech devices knowing to much---I have a simple cure all.   Turn off your phones and live life for awhile.  If you do not sign onto your computer with sights like Four Square, people won't know you just arrived at the local pub or jumped into bed.  
     With this as equally annoying are people that post to much about themselves online.   Constantly updating there status with everything.   From "I just used to little boys room"   to "I used 12 an a half pieces of toilet paper!"  

Pictures 4/22/11 Earth Day


                                   ** "your real classy --like lemon water, with legs."**
    Later today I am going to post a "mini rant."  It is Friday and all.   I would like to note that today being Earth Day, if you take a travel cup to any Starbucks today, they will fill it with a regular coffee --for free!   In a town like this, you could get a great high just by visiting all the local Starbucks!   Mcdonalds is also offering free med coffee through the first of May to push how great there coffee is.  I have defiantly had better, but you can't beat the price.  I for one, can not believe how close it is to May!     Hope you enjoy some of my newest shots.   Please contact me if you would like to see more.    I have a ton of pictures online.
    I will have to say that with my move back to Wyoming very close-I will miss the bay and the water the most!

  Looks fun, but a lot of work also!
Watched them play as I was waiting for the sun to set.

Despite the temps   all around----Spring really is here!  

Fountain bird bath!

Are clouds --Not mountains.

Watch that first step!!

Lake Whatcom

Downtown Just down from the old city hall

Thursday, April 21, 2011

    Today I sit in quaint Fairhaven, Washington enjoying the coffee *imagine that, views, and sunshine!  I have mentioned this many times before  but I like coffee.  And am at Tonys coffee in the heart of the town.  The only draw back I see, is that they do not have wi-fi, but so many local places do, I was bouncing around the net soon after getting my brew.  I have also mentioned, almost as often that sun in the winter and spring time in Washington/Oregon is scarce.   So people come out in full force to bask in it.  Most have three coats on, because of the high winds this time of year.   I grew up in Wyoming were it is still snowing.  The residents apparently did not get there 2011 seasonal calenders yet, or we could just blame that dam global warming again!   Anyways, the sun is deceiving there because it can be dumping snow, and all out sunshine in the sky.  I had walked halfway across the street in Wyoming last winter, before realizing the sun was an illusion, and it was really negative twenty outside that fine day.   Finley cold!
    As most of my entries lately there is no real theme.  And I feel rambling galore coming on!   Yesterday a friend and I were roaming around these same parts of Fairhaven.   While at the huge bookstore we noticed they had a huge machine that would print any personal book for customers.  Kind of like build a bear for your own novel.  It was running, and pretty kool to watch.  I soon noticed that nothing available to look at had prices to build your own book, and only imagine that if you have to ask, you can't afford it.   But it is amazing how compact all things are getting.  This machine only took up a portion of a large room.  The laptop I am typing all this drivel on, is super small.  Almost to small when one  is used to a full sized keypad. 
    Just watching five cop cars roam by reminds me of the evil cop car I saw downtown yesterday by the bus station.  I do not have a picture of it, because I didn't feel comfortable enough to take pictures in front of a police station some how.  Believe whatever you wish, but we are all slowly going to a very police state dominant fate.  Michigan is just trying to pass laws, were if you are pulled over, they can go through your cell phone information.  In most cases this would put the cops to sleep.   Anyway the car I was originally talking about, has scanners on the back.  That as the officer is driving can scan and record information on hundreds of licence plates.   Certain plates, such as stolen cars can be located, but the officer also has thousands of other plates locations and information.  I am sure each officer will handle this responsibly.  Unless they happen to be from Seattle.  Were the police force seems to be giving out aggression lessons to the general public, if they want it or not.  You can research and form your own conclusions, but I recommend if you want to commit a crime in Seattle, or look guilty while walking, wear a helmet!
    Even after years of living in the great northwest I forgot that to many hippies and such, yesterday was a "holiday" to many.  As the day to toke pot all day--4 -20, yo!   I would have forgot this year, but a very happy panhandler down town last night, was yelling happy 4 -20 to everyone that passed.   I do not celebrate or even really appreciate the day, but have to say I have been in some rooms were I am sure I got a major contact high just from breathing.  Around here they defiantly do not need a day to celebrate, because it is like every other day.  I woke up---lets smoke, I had food--lets smoke, we rallied for legalizing pot--lets smoke, I'm gonna talk to the judge in court--lets smoke, you posted my bail --lets smoke.   Good times.  I can say that all the smokers make it easier for the rest of us while job hunting, when it gets time for the drug test.   The only part of the interview studying up for won't help!
    So last night I had a rare night out.  A young gentleman I used to work with at Wal-Mart years ago was doing a show up by Lake Whatcom.  I usually do not like much rap--but some stays in my cd rotations  including him, 50 cent, and Eminim.  I am sorry to say that I can not think of his real name at the moment.  I have always called him Rapper Boy, and his stage name is Million.  Anyways I have seen him from pushing shopping carts, and rapping to a couple of us, to his first show at the Wild Buffalo.  Were he had to wait outside till the show-because he was not yet 21 years old.  It was an awesome show, although the crowd was not really ready for a rapping white boy.  Last nights show, many years later was also great.  He really gets into it, and gets the crowd going.  Although I will have to say, I might have been the oldest person there last night, and if you do not know what a whigger is--would probably have been also dressed in a completely different clothing style than everyone there.  I have not seen  that many white boys thinking they were black in a lo..... ever!  Again I will have to say it was a awesome show.  And you should really check out his music.  It is usually available cheap.  In fact he just offered his last cd to me at $5 bucks a piece.  I like to think it is because we have been friends for so long, but think it is more his sale tactics.   I have paid triple that for cd's of random singers that walked up to me on the strip in Vegas with an awesome sales pitch.  This young man has  the potential to make it big, but keeps moving to the small--no name towns.   Bellingham can make a singer, but proably isn't going to back a rapper near as well.  He has now moved to Tacoma--honestly not better.  So please look him up online.   Yo-yo!
    As my summer move looms ever closer I must stop and type a bit about that.  The whole episode has been on my mind constantly and is haunting my dreams at night.  There are to many unknowns.  I have been trying to keep the topic out of my blogs, because I don't know whats going on, to many involved parties read my blogs, and the topic tends to too easily anger me--and it shows in my typing.  I try to keep these happy--go Lucky posts.   I will have to say that I typed two letters that I will never send.  One to myself, one to my now probably ex, and just putting the thoughts down was a huge stress reliever!   I will be on the bus for way to long next Thursday, so a week from now. 
    As things and my situation unfolds I find it very possible that I will never be in this area again.  And if I do, it will be under very very different circumstances.  Above it all, I will miss the bay and the water the most.   Wyoming is very land locked, and the lakes just do not have the same effects some how.  Huge bodies of water, and the things that go with that are very calming to the mind and soul.  I hope that through it all   my friends stay my friends.  And they find what they really want in life from that first million dollar contract to that perfect Asian gal.  From the perfect carnival ticket booth to the quickest run ever.   From THE man to whatever else you freaks are into!   I also hope that I can mask my emotions this time when I leave.   I am leaving a lot  mostly on someone Else's terms.   And I really need *for myself* to be the strong  gritty non shaven one that says "whatever" than rides off into the sunset.   Even if that ride is on a Greyhound.   Rides off with no clue of his fate.  And the prospect of a new story and or gal at every city.   I know  I know--and than I woke up!   Happy trails to everyone that reads this.  And I hope that I see a select few of you again   very soon!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

4/18/11 To Old To Party

    It has been a long weekend, and I "escaped" from the house to find time to finally write a blog.  Not really a productive weekend, but good and actually in a mostly good way for a change.  I must first say that I am kind of sad that no readers offered any comments to my last post *Fall Apart to help get me out of my creative funk with the story.   Or tell me if it is even worth working on anymore.  Or a prize contestant for the famed and very full, circle file!   Posting it and reading it again has given me some ideas though.   My main problem is I know were I want the story to go, just not how to get there.  I just need to force myself to sit and write and see were the plot line takes me instead. 
    Thursday I attempted to bbq chicken.  I say attempted because although it came out very good tasting, it was highly blackened.  I would say Cajun.  Usually bbq is one of the few things I attempt to cook.   Something that could change very soon.   With going back to my old job soon, trying to move up to a manger of some sort would be a great way to survive the slow business come winter time.  In a small restaurant -you do not "play" manager, if you can not cook.   Because people are always late, sick, fired.   I hope to be away from my home state before winter, but when do things like that work out for me?  And I have slowly givin' up trying to control how my life goes.  Plus if I do escape, having the manager background on my resume should be very helpful.   I must say here that the we tried the chicken again yesterday, and it came out much better.
   Friday was the drinkin' night for a good friends upcoming birthday.  All I really want to say about the night, is that I did not see bed until about 5  AM.  And that I have not done that for a loooong time.  My partying days like that are defiantly numbered and my head hated me most of Saturday.  Enough so that I stared at the sun all day instead of actually venturing out in it to go on a great hike.   Anyone that does not live in the great north west does not realize how rare the sun is this time of year.  When it finally does come out in full force in the summer, everyone walks around squinting, wandering what that bright light in the sky is.  And than they hold festivals all summer to have more reasons to enjoy the sun.  
    For whatever reason all I can think about --when I think about birthdays now is a past co-worker.  Once again from Wally World.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  This worker was a cart pusher, and not all there in the head.  He is what I call a sympathy hire.   Let me explain --than you can yell at me.  If your yelling extra loud, and wearing a helmet while inside, you might be the sympathy hire.... Just sayin'     Anyways, every company has to have a least one worker that would never get hired otherwise.  Bigger company's need several, to keep up the quotas.   Kind of  like having 50 white workers and than the state required minority, female.  *Not in any way saying that woman are minoritys or less supiriour to men in any way* The sympathy hire has a job title but no real work boundaries.  You can identify them by things like=-- them wearing many layers of clothing year round, watering fake plants, re-filling your beverage with drool, or urinating in the water fountain.  
    This worker really was a nice guy but had a temper.  He wore two coats and gloves even in the summer.  And argued with anyone near him.  Or himself, if no one was talkative.  He would start the work day off by reading the obituaries.   And for whatever reason my buddy and I had this huge urge to put his name in the obituaries and watch him freak out.  Evil I know.  Or is it more evil that we never did it?   Anyways, the time clock would wish everyone a happy birthday! when they clocked in on there birthdays.  Doubly traumatizing if you clocked in on your birthday and than found yourself in the local obituaries I'm sure.   This day happened to be his birthday, and for whatever reason he did not want to see the message on the time clock.  And attacked, than tore the time clock off the wall!   Than he stomped on it.  Not surprisingly this was his last day at work.   I always wander how you explain things like this in future job interviews.  I have a good resume, and have enough problems in my interviews. 
     Being just over 30 now, I really don't expect much excitement for my birthday.   Facebook tells everyone that couldn't really care much, to write something nice on my wall.  My family is not much for gift giving and I am defiantly not going to party with them.   In fact I don't recall enjoying my last few birthdays a whole lot.  I got cake stuffed in my face at work last year.  My moms birthday is the day after mine, so it is one of the few birthdays I can recall every year!  I recall some wild ones in my past.  I do try to make the special days great for those around me.  And hope that my friends wasn't that lame of a weeksend.   
     I must now pause to mention that one night last winter at work, every time I typed in special into the computer for the cooks to make, I spelled it differently.   Does that make me extra speciel?  Or just a product of the modern public schools? 
    The only birthday of mine I wish to share about today is my 21st birthday.  I was living in Oregon and was still a big partier.  Since than I really do not party much, and Oregon has become really really strict with booze laws.  Anyways, we were having a house party and I thought it would be overly thrilling to actually buy booze for the first time.  It was about one in the morning, so a few of us roamed down the road to the local 7-11.  Because that same month my drivers licence expired, the cashier claimed it expired and would not sell to me.  Even though it still verified I was legal, it at midnight on my birthday had expired, I was told.  I can assume I argued logic with the cashier, but left with no beer.  All ideas seem better when you are very tipsy, so we went to the store across the street.   They had no "issues" selling to me.  And I bought a six pack for each hand.   Than crossed the street and proceeded to run back and forth in front of the first store.  Holding a six pack up in the air in both hands.  Than I left both packs in front of the first store and we headed home.   I had plenty of beverages at home, I just wanted to purchase some for the first time.  Like I said, things seem way brighter in your head, when you are drunk. 
   In closing, if you have just had a birthday, and Facebook did not remind me.  I am sorry!   Hope it was a great day for you.  My next birthday is within the next 12 months!  And I will turn a young 33.  I will watch out for flying cake, sympathy hires whom have read this blog, and well wishing time clocks that day. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fall Apart

    This is something I started writing on several years ago.   I put it aside for awhile and just found it laying lonely looking in a box.  Even with the pause  I seem to still have written myself into a corner for the time being.  If anyone has any suggestions or thoughts---please share.   Good or bad.   I must warn--this is a very ruff first draft, so pardon the dust!
    I also dug up some old rambling of mine.   One day I sat down and tried to put down enough material for a 20 minute stand up comedy act.  If I ever get the nerve to get up on stage.  Anyways, over time it turned into 40+ pages of random randomness.    So will be adding that in future posts.   Lucky you!   Hope you enjoy the following.   And thanks for reading!!  Like what you see---please add comments or become a follower.  

    ** I have to note here that I worked for a world wide known retail company for eight long years.  I will not mention the name of the company, but it ryhmes with Fall Apart.  Also I intentally have not named the retail company in this story yet--so that  is why the blanks are always added**


    The company had started small but with an definite mission and business plan.  Most people were not even aware of it’s existence at first.   Slowly and surly they rose and became the largest retail stores in the  nation and soon a powering force world wide.  The company started with a Christian foundation and real morals.  Believing that the customer was always right, and that the lowly worker really ran the cooperation.  No worker was nun-needed and each and their ideas was important to advancement of the company.  As stock and sales rose so did the curiosity and anger of other business.  The larger they got the more greedy those at the top got.  Soon money was more important than workers.  New workers were easy to get.  And even the customer was only seen as dollar signs.  They had a lot of enemies worldwide.  And everyone wanted a piece of their cash.  But that only came with being number one.  More top execs were hired to make a better public image and protect themselves from piles of lawsuits.  The company relied on sheer volume for their low prices.  And prices could not be beat. 
      It was mid July 2008 and Stan Malahoy was supposed to be in the midst of his vacation.  Enjoying the time of and getting ready for yet another birthday.  He had earned the time off.  Even asked for the time off, but to much was happening at the downtown office.  Each day so far he had managed to sneak in for just a minute, to check a file or say howdy to a missed co worker.  Yesterday his boss had told him to stay home, or he would be on vacation forever.  Stan enjoyed his job way to much for that.  After four long years working for    part time, he was studying and training for the FBI!  After years of preparation, the day came.  He gathered most of his bosses in an open door meeting, and told them were to stick it.  The next day he started at the bottom, but at headquarters.  It was the happiest day of his life.  He was on the fast track to a long and great career.  And now had four people working under him.  The problem was, no one above him believed in his theory.  Those below him were payed well to believe anything he said.  Stan was desperately trying to find links that would prove he was right.   Everyone in the office was more worried about national security than what he believed could slowly, but surly take down the entire great nations commerce and trading systems.  They were more worried about incoming cargo ships and tall buildings in Montana.  
    He was slowly piecing intelligence reports together.  Too slowly.   He was now searching the Internet for related stories, watching five different news stations, and fine tuning his work station radio, when all channels came alive with breaking news.    “I am Joe Smith, with channel 9 news!  And we have arrived at scene only minutes ago.”  Of what appears to be a massive retail bombing in the heart of Seattle.”  First reports show several bombs were set off within minutes of each other near the middle  of the large structure.  Sam raced out of the kitchen, leaving a trail of Fruit Loops, which greatly excited his faithful German Shepherd, George.  George was initially miffed at nearly being trampled, but now their was free food involved and his master was overly excited for some reason.  His ears perked up.  After eating all the cereal he would investigate. 
    Stan should not be so excited about the news, it could turn out horrible for trailer trash shoppers and thousands of discount loving hippies.  It was Seattle.  But he had been warning his supervisors for twelve months about this threat, and now here it appeared to be on national news.  In fact a click channel surf showed the news was breaking into all TV stations.  Threatening to anger a lot of soap lovers.  He ran to the phone and started dialing headquarters.  Keeping one ear and one eye glued to the television.  Just as the secretary picked up, Joe pops back on the screen as the view goes ariel streaming footage from the channel 9 helicopter.  Smoke is billowing out of a large hole in the middle of the building, but it appears to be a relatively small hole.  Considering.  The building just doesn’t look right  to be a     .   As the camera pans out, you can see a steady stream of flashing lights snaking into the horizon, rushing to the scene.  Sam slams down the phone.  “It appears that the damaged building was in fact an abandoned  turned storage of old fixtures for       for the last two years.   Still damage could have been devastating, if it had happened during rush hour  only minutes away from really starting.  The camera pans out to show the highways on both sides of the building.  “It will still greatly effect your trip to work, glad I am already at the office  ha ha, lets cut to Jenny with the latest traffic report!”
    Randy jerks out of his seat and throws down his hand of non matching nudie cards.  His crew follows as he races down the hallway to the under ground parking structure.  They had been playing Texas Hold Um and only had seen the breaking news by watching Joe pop up on the screen.    He hated Joe.  Randy flies into the drivers seat of news 3 van.  Who worked for channel 3 news?  How many  anchorman had to drive their own vans?   His crew is almost in the van, as he steps on the gas and watches them scramble to lock the sliding door.  He holds out his pass to the attendant as he steps  on the gas again, daring security to not raise the barrier.  It raises just as he gets inches from hitting it, clipping the bottom just a little.  Randy looks in the rear view mirror as he exit’s the garage, the large speed bump sending his co workers bouncing around the roomy ban.  He is almost disappointed none bounce off the high ceiling.  When he hit’s the streets, he slows down some.  Although he now works for a rate C news team, the equipment with him was easily worth $100,000 dollars. 
    Stan is jolted back into reality as his phone rings.  Damn caller ID.  The boss he had just minutes ago hung up on is now calling him.  At least caller id works both ways.  He let the machine pick up and quickly turned down the volume as George jumped from the harsh yelling.  Stan goes back into the other room and waits for the news to go back to something interesting. 
   Randy is driving for all he is worth and starts to shake his head, as he realizes that even the local radio stations have heard about the incident.  This was bad, very bad  they were the last to pick up any news.  He stepped on the gas peddle.  They were only blocks away from the scene.  Randy assures his crew they are almost their, as one of them suddenly gets very large eyes.  It’s almost comical.  “I am not that bad of a dr….. Randy almost his time to utter, as he looks forward just in time to see the channel 9 news team ban directly in front of them.  Brakes squeal.  But not soon enough.  Rand’s head lays to rest on the horn.  Horn blasting.  He is not hurt physically but emotionally it is about to hurt very badly.  Joe is soon at his window, his camera crew at his heals.   He hates Joe.
    The next thing Stan sees on TV is two wrecked news vans.  An increasingly annoying horn sounding in the background.  This case was getting stranger by the minute.  It is also the next and last thing Rand’s boss watches before he puts his foot through the TV   set flinging it off his desk.  The horn is blasting as randy refuses to show his face on screen.  His cell phone starts to ring.  He is trying to recall how up to date his online resume is. 
    Stan is fed up with the news.  Fed up with his boss.  Fed up with himself.  He was on vacation least he forget.  He slowly wandered out to his three car garage.  Only one car was housed in it.  His work car was in the driveway, the rest of his garage was full of boxes.  He should work on cleaning some of them out.  Maybe having a garage sale.  If you have unpacked boxes from a move two years ago, they must be un needed.  Instead he goes straight for one of his most prized possessions.  A cherry red 1964 and a half Mustang sat directly in the middle of his garage.  He started polishing it instantly.  His girl friend had just said last week, that he loved the car far more than her, but he stopped himself before he agreed. 
    Stan had meet her at work five long years ago.  Not that the time with her had been long, if flew by, and he loved every moment of it.  But he was a completely different person now.  Than he had worked at    part time and hated every minute of it.  He had tried almost every position their, never really liking any of them.  But they pay checks kept coming, and he found it was almost imposable to get fired.  Plus he could study while he worked.  He smiled as he recalled how beautiful he though she looked the first time he saw her.  He even pulled some strings to train her as a cashier.  After he caught her staring at him during the first few night motivational meetings.  “Sales are up, pays down, we love this store  blah blah blah    Good god, she is beautiful~  He got to train her as a cashier.  And started by simply saying, do the exact opposite of what I do, and you will go far in this company.”  She looked the best beside him in this car, his arm around her, both smiling under the moons steady glow.  Stan was often told he was attractive but seldom believed it.  Their certainly were better fish in the sea, but his love was true.  He had very strong facial features were very striking and remeberalb    A factor that kept him form undercover work on the street.  He was about 5’8 with short bleached hair, and a rarely freshly shavin face.  He was of medium build, but could plow thorough the obstacle course in record time. 
    He had never married, something Samantha was bringing up a lot these days.  They had of course been involved for five years now, and even he could see that it was time to take it to the next level or move on.  He wasn’t letting her know that though.  Part of his vacation plans involved asking her to marry him.  He already knew the answer, he just wans’t sure how to be overly romantic yet.  At least he wouldn’t have to worry about this bombing or work getting in the way.  “Stupid disgruntled hippies in Seattle.” 
    Stan continued to resist the urge to show just pop in at work again.  He also ignored five more messages from his boss.  He suddenly needed a nap.  George followed diligently behind to the bedroom and for five minutes guarded the door.  Than he snuggled up to his owner and randomly licked his face.
    Randy sat at his desk at work online.  Diligently clicking away as if very busy at work.  He was actually on E bay trying to purchase a neck brace.  Not because he hurt, but he though he could gain sympathy at the next job interview.  His secretary smiled as she stood by his desk.  Everyone smiled when they saw him lately.  Maybe because they knew at the moment with him around, their jobs were extra safe.  “Mr Dithers will see you now.  Good luck hun.”  Several news workers yelled dead man walking, as he slowly went to the elevator.  Absently rubbing his neck, if nothing else as practice.  Mr  D as he preferred to be called was sitting on his desk watching a new television laughing hysterically.   The laughing stopped as Randy entered and the set was turned to pause.  Mr D jumped up, “Watch this boy.” He sputters as he slams the play button.  Randy sinks low in his chair as he realizes he is the star.  His van barrels into the other  straight from the news 9 view finder.  “What do you think of that?   Big D asks as he again pauses the action.  Randy starts to blame the old van brakes for the sudden stop.  “Quiet!  I hate to admit it, but you were the most viewed person on TV and the net yesterday.  You and your buddy Joe..”I hate that gu… Randy starts.   As everyone can tell.  I got 89 e mails just this past hour about the crazy driver from news 3!  Many want to know what you will run into next.  Don’t smile to big, you are still paying for the damages, but I think your ratings just kept you  form selling pencils down by the Starbucks  Next time you are that behind on getting a story, you are finished!  Randy lets himself out of the office.  He was day dreaming about adding tougher bumpers to the news van   Joe did survive….
    Stan is desperately scanning every news source he has for updates on the bombing in Seattle.  No group seemed to be claiming blame for the”accident” and he was starting to think it was just that, an accident.  His workers were on the case to, but were digging up lots of nothing.  He was happy that it wasn’t more serious, but it still was depressing to once again think his theories were just dreamed up crap.  He slowly tore himself away from the computer as an alarm went off in the kitchen.  He had a date tonight, and was cooking for Samantha for the first time ever.  Some day soon , after a nice romantic dinner, with dancing and expensive wine, lots of wine, followed by an awesome night.  He would ask her to marry him, but this was not the day.  He was having trouble picking the perfect ring.  Something he could show off her immense beauty too.  He liked that line.  Stan was trying a new dish and he was more than determined not to set the smoke alarms off.  He also did not want to have to call for carry out.  So far the meal was going wonderfully and he had two hours to spare.  He turned the television to picture in picture, with his top two news stations and turned the volume way up as he slowly stripped to hit the shower.  A nice steamy shower before shaving always hit the spot.           
    Wrapped in a well worn towel he headed for the kitchen to check on the meal.  He paused as the mornings happenings flashed on both screens.  First was a replay of the news crew vans encounter from every view possible thanks to all of the crews with cameras abound, set to funny music and a great laugh track.  Then new footage of the bombs actually going off in the closed structure sent in by some alert viewer.  Stan watched as pieces of the roof flew hundreds of feet into the air.  The bombs were not synchronized as their was a slight pause between each explosion, but he counted ten separate blasts.  A more powerful detonation and the building would just be a pile of rubble.  The parking lot was now blanketed in police tape.  Two heavily scruffy young males mugs were plastered on both screens.  They were brothers and last viewed leaving the scene quickly by the same person who had taped the blasts.  The pair was from Seattle and hated major corportains.  They had once been caught trying to sneak into Bill Gates fortress of a home, and had allegedly broken windows at the first Starbucks in Seattle five times.  They were also very popular in the local ELF chapter.  But nothing ever held up in court.  Blah blah blah, still no info from his crew.  Two were on flights to the bombing.  Sam turned on his Tivo and turned off everything in the den.  T-minus 35 minutes till  Samantha was at his door.
    Stan awoke with a start.  Unsure were he was or what was beeping way to loudly.  He had accented the meal with wine, and soon it was flowing very freely.  It was soon determined that the phone was the culprit of all the noise and Stan took a step towards his nightstand.   Unfortunately his legs were still wrapped in the blanket and he went down with a loud thud.  His left hand was still asleep from a long night of sleeping on it, and getting up using that arm was useless.  After the third attempt he just lay on the ground laughing.  Samantha was propped up on one elegant elbow taking in the whole scene, so far succeeding in not laughing.  She had a grin from ear to ear though, which quickly grew as George sensing food, trotted into the bedroom.  He started licking Stan who still tasted like food.  At this point Samantha lost it as her whole face erupted in laughter. 
    The phone had long since stopped ringing.  Their was no message so Stan bowed, as  if the entire episode was planned out.  They both were laughing as he returned to the warmth of all of his covers.  George circled the bed, to make sure no food was dropped.  Sam was soon happily romping through dream land, cuddled up to him, nose pressed against his neck.  What seemed like hours later, but was in all actuality a very short period of time, the phone was again ringing.  This time Stan was more ready for it, he checked his left for obstructions and lunged out of bed.  Knocking over the end table phone and all.  “Hello?”  crackled over the phone several times.  And than a simple “turn on your damn television!”  George returned to the room to make sure no food particles feel out of Stan’s pockets as he fell, and to continue licking his face.  Stan paused to kiss Samantha on the sweet forehead after he noticed she wasn’t even sturing from the previous bedroom action.  Every set erupted with the breaking news.  He focused his attention on channels 9 and 3 they now had a rivalry and channel 9 always seemed to know about stories ahead of time. Stan managed a smile as he saw Rand in front of the camera, arms slightly shaking, words never stopping as he randomly brushed his newly bleached hair.  Viewers can see the news police tape still swings off the buildings front.  “………residents in west and east Phoenix were rocked out of their beds just minutes ago as two stores went up in flames.  First reports are similar to the local bombing, but with much more force.  Stan watched a rare more calm Joe on channel 9 try and described news he himself knew very little about.  He turned to Fox Ten out of Phoenix.  They had a split screen with live footage from both stores

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If it Wasn't for Bad Luck-I Would Have no Luck at All


 **"  I have been through some terrible things in my life some of which actually happened."**---mark twain

                        **" If it wasn't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all."**

                               **"Actions speak way stronger than words."**

    Not that I make up my stories.   I do not have that good of an imagination.   I am very sure the only reason one of my friends still talks to me, is that I have several great and or entertaining stories a week for him.  Of course he always seems to have some in return.  Usually hardships usually sadly funny.   Mostly about how even the simplest tasks can turn into an all day drama.   Damn craving a bagel anyway!   We have talked about compiling our adventures and sob stories into book form.   Title it something like "Compared- your life rocks!"  O.K. no, but that's the concept.  
    Under the same concept--but not my stories-- I was just reading that money filled safes are washing up on the beaches all around Japan.   Many residents do not use banks, and much of the money was in a wall safe  so probably not returnable.  Talk about a great day on the beach.  I am almost thinking about a flight to the country just to take a long stroll on the beach in my carpenter pants, because they have many deep pockets.   I am sure flights are cheap.  But am not sure all the new cash would be enough to cure any radiation poisoning.   Is anyone else amazed how they have found small traces of radiation as far inland as Colorado? 
    I often wonder not radiation  from cell phones and such is doing to us as a race.  But all of the waves going through our bodies in any given day.   All of those phone conversations, wi fi waves, etc etc are bouncing all over.  I do not understand the technology in the least, but am sure it is at least a little harmful.  Ever notice how more and more people just "go postal" at work?  My buddies co-worker just snapped at work, losing her job.  They worked in retail, and when a customer was angered that she, the under paid worker of a huge corporation, did not instantly have the answer to his question, she started to lose it.  It quickly escalated much to far, and the worker was escorted out of the building and the job by the police.  A great deal of all of this is brought on by the sinking economy I'm sure.  And will only get worse.   But as more and more get cell phones and bounce the talk waves off your flat head, I picture it getting much worse. 
    I also just saw on the news how a couple thought they were suddenly rich after reading their winning numbers in the local paper.  First I was shocked, to hear that people actually still read the paper!   From Friday till Monday they thought they had won 4 million dollars.   On Monday they read that paper had posted the drawn numbers from the Thursday not Friday and that they were really the proud winners of more debt!   This reminds me of another fellow born loser I worked with at Wally World while living in Oregon.   He was at home doing yard work one beautiful day, and saw the Publishers Clearing House prize caravan turn onto his street.  He was remotely interested, that they were on his street, but not yet thrilled.   As he paused from building an Olympic sized bird bath, or whatever the days honey do list entailed, he noticed the caravan was slowing down.   As they slowed even more, he became very excited, almost giddy.  Soon he threw his shovel to the ground and started waving at the cars he was sure were coming to his driveway.   They slowed even more, honking a cheery welcome!  Than quickly passed---and pulled into his neighbors driveway!   Call me evil, but I can still picture his sad face as he told us the story, and this was easily eight years ago.
    As I am really not looking forward to my extra long bus trip at the end of the month.  I do not sit well at all.   I do know that my misfortune brings local people joy.  Weather they would ever admit it.   Actions speak way stronger than words.  After watching the news the last few weeks, I am very glad I am taking the bus.  You never hear about problems with Greyhound beyond it being very slow and late.  Amtrk is awesome to ride, but they tend to have problems staying on the tracks.   Last night I saw footage were a Large jet basically rolled into and over a smaller plane while taxing into the terminal.  Just before that a planes top started to come off while in flight!  Turning it into a flying convertible.  And just before that a jet landed with several bullet holes going all the way through the plane. 
    All of these are examples of great stories that were entertaining but not really good for the people involved.  Although none of these are my stories, my buddy and I have enough of these to fill a book.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Again by The Bay---A Two-fer Post Day-Horay!?

             **"It's amazing how calming a good cigar down by the bay can be."**

    I have greatly been slackin' on posts lately.   So today---with time to kill--- I double post.  I am leaving this great state in two weeks.  So trying to enjoy all the beauty the area has to offer  just in case I never return here.  Especially when it is sunny outside.   The summers here rock, filled with sun and activities.  But this time of year, people stare at the sky, squinting, wandering what that bright light in the sky is.   At the moment I am living less than a mile from the bay.  And find my way by the water near sunset, trying to get that perfect set of pictures.  Here are my latest attempts. 

 Again the last few days I ended up near the awesome bay. 

This seagull does not have a screwed up beak, he found a clam.   They fly above you with there prizes and drop them on the rocks so they can eat the insides.  Watch your head!

Patrick the starfish from Spongebob?   I worked with a co-worker at Wally World that could do the Spongebob laugh perfectly.  He would broadcast it over the PA all the time.  Anything is instantly more amusing of the speaker system.  
Of course
he is also the same worker that would answer the work phone, yell thanks for calling Home Depot and hang up.   Or something even more random.

Leaving Fairhaven into Bellingham on the trails.

Hard to see in the picture, but there is a bird on each of these poles--chillin.

At the Bellingham terminals keep going left.   This is under the RR bridge.   All in more detail in past posts.  Mainly just sharing new sights. 

The runoff water behind the bridge reflections.

This is a bad picture, but a maze made out of rocks.  Many rocks.  It is large enough you could wander through it on foot.  

The Zodiac is in port by the Bellingham terminal.  This day they were setting up the sails and such.

My new friend  after the hike. 

Happy trails and much sunshine to all --wherever you find yourself wandering.