Saturday, April 30, 2011

Look Who's Back!--Or Day One Complete

    I am overly tired so am going to keep this entry short.  That and the fact that I have Netflix on my computer and feel like zoning out to a movie.   I mainly wanted to keep up on posting.   Tomorrow I will talk about the long bus ride here, as I drink lots of coffee.    I will have to say that the bus ride wasn't near as bad as I envisioned and was as good as can be expected for 23 hours on the bus.  I am pretty sure my butt was fully numb by hour one.   And while waiting around at home beforehand, I tried to do jumping jacks and such activities that kept me off my butt.
   Today marked my first day back at work.  At a great place I worked at before.  It was also my first day of steady work since November.  Which I blame mostly on the bad economy and the price of pit juice  *deodorant.   And through everything else it felt great to be working again! 
     After I was put back in the computer system and could actually clock in, I was kind of set off on my own.   Most things were still bouncing around in the back of my brain.  It was just accessing that information in a timely fashion.  But for whatever reason, I could not find anything I needed all night.  Some had been moved, most just forgotten knowledge.   At one point I and a very new gal were the only servers on the floor, for a good two hours.   It was entertaining, but maybe no so much for the actual customers. 
    By the end of my night business started to really slow.  And most things were again second hand to me.  I went home with some good cash in my pocket.  Getting about 50%  in tips.   And was tiredish from putting in eight hours.  Not from job hunting or riding the bus all day in vain.  
               And they even want me to come back and do it all over again tomorrow!  

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