Monday, May 2, 2011

5-2-11 It's Already May!!??

**"Osama's not dead until Donald Trump sees his death certificate."**--Josh Lobo

                                         **"I had a great day, once."**--Me
      **"How can people that wake up at 5 A.M. only have decaf coffee?"**---Me  after moving back home, and temporarily staying with my parents.    I love everything about them both, but as  I might have before mentioned, coffee is my best friend. 

                                                              My morning routine!

True That!
                                   **"I think Wyoming skipped right back to fall!"**

 I will soon write more about my long bus ride home, very soon.  I have been threatening for awhile now, but it has yet to surface on here.  In cliff notes---it was a long trip.   But on the plus side it gave me lots of time to think about were my life is headed and far less importantly were this blog is headed.  
    You spend a good part of a day in the great state of Montana.   The views are awesome, but beyond that it is very boring.  About 9 A.M. I entered the Big Sky state, and stopped at the ghetto, for lack of a better word, bus station just after 6 P.M.  Very soon after entering the state, snow started flying.  And it was part of the view most of the rest of the trip.   In fact when we hit Bozeman, MT there was about four inches of snow on the ground, it was dumping out of the sky, and about 32 outside.  I am not sure all of the snow ever melts in Bozeman though.   Weather was not much better several hours later when I arrived home in Wyoming. 
    People tried to blame me for bringing the crummy, unseasonable weather with me from Washington.  But it was overly nice when I left way  up north.   And it really does not do much beyond rain and threaten to rain up that way.   All of this had me checking the calender for sure.  Were I was in Washington does not really see much snow.  In fact it is one of those amusing areas that when they see about three inches of the white stuff, all the schools close and no one will leave there house.  Except maybe to stock up on supplies like firewood and munchies.  I have been in warmer climates for years, including Arizona *land of the sweating sun.* and had forgotten how not fun real winters were.  So, although I have no definite plans at the moment, moving again before winter kicks in tops my list.  For awhile I kind of thought I was already to late, and it was already going back to fall here.   But the sun is out in full force today!
     Talking about being lost in direction---I was roaming around Facebook and found this sight----
    Check it out.

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     Few Wyoming winter shots.   I have other pictures that make you feel even colder, if you have never experienced it.  But really would rather focus on the sun today, before the snow flies again next month.   The last picture somehow came out sideways.  But is the largest icicle I have ever seen!   In Story, Wyoming.

True truth in advertising?   I bet this motel has hourly rates available.  For years my gal friend and I tried to find a motel with those coin operated vibrating beds.  I bet this motel had them. 

I had a friend that kept watching this picture --waiting for it to fully load, after I posted the picture on my Facebook page.    Here's your sign----Buddy!

Trying to decide which of these two is a better speeder deterrent?
Any thoughts?

    This one always makes me chuckle for some reason!    
So yesterday marked day two back to work.   And things were coming back to me much faster.  It was very slow at work, but for whatever reason I was making very healthy tips.  Apparently the "knee pads" were working well for me again.   ----In times past other workers have accused me having knee pads sewn into my pants---thus... well you can figure out why they might say that.   I always tell them that you can buy pants in bulk, knee pads already sewn in, at Costco.   But everything helps here.   It is still a backwoods state in many aspects.   And when someone is making tips, companies do not have to pay minimum wage.  Or even close to minimum wage.   I worked at this same restaurant out of high school in "98" and am making the exact same starting wage.   A sad $2.25 an hour.   Luckily I am very good at pleasing the customer.  
**"Yeah but you could sell snow to an Eskimo."**----K-Fu      a past co worker told me last night.  

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