Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5/18/11--Another Day Were It's Hard to Wake Up.

                       **"FACEBOOK; The only place where its acceptable to talk to a wall."**              
                               **"I had a facebook once--I didn't like how it ended."**

                                           **"‎"A day with out like night"**-----Or any winter day in the great north west!!

   So this morning finds me at Burger King using there free wi-fi while my box of a residence self cleans.   Hard to believe I have been in this motel for two weeks already.   It is also kind of hard to believe how many places- even in the most out of the way, village sized towns offer wi-fi.   People bug me about living in a motel *The No Tell Motel*  I call it, when a waitress asks why I call it that-- I invite them to come over, and personally see why.  On the way up the street, to coffee, and to write this blog--if you are so kind to call it writing.   I passed my work place, but on the opposite side of the street.  Several of the workers came out the front door--and yelled at me.   This proves two things.  It was really slow at work, and it is a really small town.  I am constantly getting honked at by passing cars while walking/roaming/picture taking around town.   Some times it's because I am distracted by my cell phone, and in the middle of the road.  Some times it is just people so amazed to see anyone walking anywhere.   I am going to write a blog just about the hazards of walking in most cities very soon.   Most -are people that actually know who I am.   Very soon I am also going to write a blog about the huge difference's from living in the great north west and here.  Not really because of how small the town is  but how "hick" it still is  for better lack of a word.   Plus hick is very fun to say! 
    We have a very wide range of customers were I work currently.  Not as wide as when I worked at Wally World, they have web sights devoted just to the people that shop there. 

I still want to
know what this new symbol stands for.  I have heard
many theories-but nothin golden.   Do you know?  Comment to me your answer please!

 Check out   you might just find your own pictures!    I usually enjoy  the "problem" customers.  The ones that are more than a little strange, or like to yell and or complain.  Finding it a personal challenge to get a good tip out of them or even a tip at all.   The main difference now is that if you make a customer happy in a restaurant--he/she will come back again and bring money to your business and tips to your pocket.  At Wally World they will just return and be extra annoying again---more the likely.   We have a customer that comes into the restaurant and writes and writes in his notebooks.   I have tried to read over his shoulder while re-filling his drinks, but never get a good glance.   We all speculate what he is writing, but what I hear most often is that he writes down what he is thinking at the time.   About his waiter, the whether, that corn on his left nostril.   If I were to do this, I would have many many blank pages!   The only time real  inspiration hits me, is about three in the morning.    When I have to debate if I can store the golden information in my memory banks till morning or should get up and jot it down in a notebook.   Than I have to decide if I really need to pee, or can hold it for hours, when I really do get up in the morning.   All of this said ---this customer is very much like my blogs lately.   I sit down and ramble.   Trying to be observant, entertaining, and only offend a few people per day.   Usually the rambling turns into an entry that actually flows story wise!   Even if I start by talking about cheese.   Even if I end up annoyed that all that cheese talk, is making me hungry.  
Dam I wanted a dumpling!
    So, when I was living in Washington state last I could not find a steady job to save my life.  And feel I am more than paying for it now, being back in Wyoming.  Anyways, enough geography lesson for now.   The local IHOP restaurant up there had a worker in a pancake outfit out front almost every day.   And I used to make fun of this "profession" until I realized the pancake had a job, and I could not find one!   I am not sure if this made me look harder for a job, or resent dancing breakfast foods more.  Can you tell I am typing this while in a restaurant?   Long story short---they do not have the dancing/waving pancake anymore.  Because a roving band of hoodlums decided to beat the crap out of the guy in the suit.   And sent him to the hospital.   Maybe the punks just wanted a true flat jack.   All jokes aside this story is a strange mixture of sligthly amusing and terrible.   I would love to know what the attackers motivation was?    It also is  grim reminder that people are crazy.   This wasn't in some urban ghetto, this was a smaller day town with a very low relativity crime rate.   It also shows that all jobs have hazards, even very hidden ones.  

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