Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5/11/11 Rain is A Good Thing!?--At Least The Song is

   **"A parents only as good as there dumbest kid--if one wins a noble prize, but the other gets tied up and robbed by a hooker--you failed!"**---Sh*t my dad says web sight.  --I wanted to use this quote for mothers day, but  until today I could not locate it. 

                 **"I don't suffer from insanity--I enjoy every moment of it!"**
    **"It's not the ups and downs in life that make life difficult--It's the jerks!"**---Mad Magazine

  **"Yelling --Snap into a Slim Jim has a whole new meaning in a gay bar!"**---Tosh.0

    So I finely got motivated enough to buy coffee for my place.   I always realize it is cheaper to make coffee at home, but when you live in a "box" it is usually worth the extra cash to get out more.  I am more than a little bummed that before I got to town, many people were more than ready to grab a cup of Joe with me, and a few weeks into being back, no one has yet went to coffee with me--beyond my dad.   This is not really the same with him, mainly because he wakes up so early that and is so full of the awesome brew by the time we make it to a coffee shop, he just sits there and watches me drink.   And less importantly, many of the topics I might want to discuss, I do not as much want to discuss with a parent.   What does all this mean?  If you are one of my slacker friends from town, get a hold of me, I need a new coffee buddy or five!   It also leads to me explaining that I forgot to buy coffee filters at the same time.  Luckily I quickly fashioned a fine filter out of torn up paper towels.   I had to break out the grounds the first night I had bought them, because it is going back to chilly temperatures here.   Something I thought I would avoid more of, coming here in May.   But no, it is Wyoming.  In fact the rain found me here the last few days.  Something Washington folks are very used to.  It gets to were you grow your webbed feet and go out in the rain, or you don't really go anywhere during the winter. But it beats deep snow any day. 
    My motel rental, at the moment has two beds in it.   At the moment meaning, I am not sure I will be in the same unit  next month.  The main full bed and a mini bed in the corner.   Does this make it a two/ bed room?   It does make it were I can pretend I have more room, and switch beds every few nights.  I have not yet tried this, because you can not see the T.V. from the lil bed, no matter how you turn the set.   I do would have  great view of the microwave and coffee maker though.  Many nights, this would prove as entertaining as the shows that are on!
    Last night I did come across a few goodish shows somehow.  One explained the cable cars in San Fransico.   How they work etc.  It was really kool.   Things always seem to happen in groups--- and the next show I watched reported that the same town has lost it's category I guess you could call it, ranking maybe?  As gayest city in America.   I have never been to the city, but everything you hear about the town seems to lead to them taking pride in being very non straight.  I am not going to touch this topic today with a ten foot pole, rubber gloves, or cover it with a purdy rainbow flag.   All I can say is one of the most happening bars in the last town I lived in was always the supposed gay bar.   I say supposed, because everyone I saw there was straight. 
    For the first time in years, I am overly glad that my work days are split.   I have no vehicle and the temperatures are still far from summer or even spring like.  Even with my many started projects, cable, and, Netflix after one day off I am more than ready for it to be work 30.  
    After five great years, I have found myself in a very confusing place   Life wise and relationship wise.   I have ventured into this realm in blogs past.   And realize without all the facts any readers are probably as confused as myself.  I also realize it is a boring topic for the most part!  Y' all have your own sob stories.  Some quick new thoughts though.
    I believe the country song Tomorrow by Chris Young describes my last bus trip out of Washington and someones arms best.  
    I recall my single days while in Oregon years past.   And really do not recall much good about the whole dating scene.   What ever the results come in, I am far from ready to return to that scene at this point.   Which brings me to overly touchy/feely people at work.   Have you ever had a co worker that seems to always have there hands on you, but not ever anyone else.   The worse thing about last time I moved to Wyoming, was that all the friends I hadn't seen in years, wanted to hug me.   I was getting hugged left and right.   I don't even like hugs from people I like, as in people I am dating.  
    The first 30 daze in a brand spankin' new relationship or in a break up can be very similar.
Both may cause you to rarely get out of bed.   No ONE wants to listen to you talk.  If it's lovey-dovey new found love pet names and non stop cuddling or you going over every action and phone call you both made from day one of the relationship.   In painstaking accuracy, and worse of all --out loud.   And in either case you may very rarely be seen wearing actual pants.      Think back, you will realize I once again know what I am talking about.
    In closing this topic, and probably today's blog.   Keep the cheering to a minimum please!  Especially if you are reading this while you are driving.   Several of my friends are single for sure.  And they have been for a long while.  One of my best buddies and I were just discussing this yesterday, actually.  He actually made it to a third date with the same gal before she called it off.  Here he is a normilish hard working middle class male trying to not die single.   Knowing that reproducing might very well spell doom to any kids, but not really unwilling to try either.   Anyways, we both know some singles of both sexes that have non of this going for them.   And they still find new mates all of the time.   How does this work?  Do they have a huge ego.   Stories of fortunes in cash hidden away.   Stock piles of booze in there cupboards?   Because we all know the more you drink, the hotter I look!  
     In all attempts to by-pass logic, we have decided that these people, especially the most unattractive ones, can some how alter and or morph there private parts.   Instead of looking like the cat lady down the street who could also double as a lumber jack.   She suddenly looks like Vanna White  or whomever floats your boat.   Again this is just a theory.

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