Monday, May 30, 2011

Bring on The June Weather!

     **"Internet was down yesterday. I think my neighbor forgot to pay the bill. How irresponsible..."**

-----Free wi-fi comes with my place at the moment, but I have "borrowed" Internet more than once.  Helpful articles are coming out all the time, warning individuals how important securing your home network is.  It keeps your information safe, and several people have gotten arrested lately, only to find that the actual criminals were parked in the persons front yard, using there wi-fi.   The place I work just recently took away offering free Internet to customers, because a downloaded bug took out most of there system one day.  
    A friend of mine was using someone elses Internet waves for months.  Than one day it did not work anymore.   When they logged onto the screen to identify local networks--the one they had been using was changed to  Stop stealing my Internet!  And was blocked from than on. 

  **"Be careful who's toes you step on today.. they could be connected to the foot that will kick your butt tomorrow !"**

  Not much to say about this one.  I try to be much nicer to people now.  But possibly should have read this quote much sooner?   I have takin shoes of all sizes out of my butt through the years. 

    **"If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse."** - Jim Rohn

    ----Something about rainy/gloomy weather sucks all motivation from people.   Although I should be used to this, being in the northwest for so long, this current rain spell here  is really starting to bring me down.  Of course if you add on being sick, living in a motel alone, my move, my sudden single status etc etc  I might have an excuse or two.   But have often found I have way more ideas than motivation.   Also in case you haven't gotten the memo, it is back to all on rain here again, and the rivers are all rising once again.  
     I just watched a T.V. show last night were head CEO's went "undercover" to work as newbies in there own companies.  And than helped the workers they meet.  Last nights version seemed to be a huge ad for Subway.  But was a good watch at the same time.   This head worker had never spent time making sandwiches.   And most of his new bosses were not impressed with his lack of speed or need to want to chat with the customers.   In the end he meet with each of his bosses, and they were more than alarmed to find out who he really was.  

**"First day since I returned to this job--that I made a bill in tips! Need to turn my brain off so I can sleep! Have to be up at 6 30 in the morning."**
  **"Sooo wish sleep would have found me last night. Sleep has mostly been a dream for me lately. But I heard sleep is also very highly overrated!"**

--------It was a very busy weekend at work finely.   With the coming of June and school letting out and than actual summer weather business should greatly pick up.    In fact yesterday at work was crazy.   We were down a few workers and had a waiting list for seats from about 9:30 am to close to 1:00 pm.   And it was none stop running!   After I had some very good money in my pocket but also felt like I had ran into a brick wall, repeatably!
    The worse was possibly Saturday night, because I knew I had to be up early Sunday morning.  This alone usually makes it extra hard to get to sleep.   Add on not really  being able to find sleep lately and being sick, and sleep soon becomes just a dream.  I have been able to block my mind from over thinking things lately, until I lay down in bed.  Than it goes full throttle and the next thing I know it's 4 in the morning, and I have not rested at all.  

  **"I'm all for equal rights but if you cant do your job someone should show you the door. On a side note i made 130 in tips today."**

-------  The last part only means that, I might know what I'm doing, or that I am really good at faking it.   The first part includes me, not that I have never been fired from a job before.  Or "forgot" to show up after a few days of work, because the job simply wasn't something I was a match to at all.   Serving tables is much much harder than it looks, when you are the one getting served.   And in this state, you make very low wages, if your tips arnt rockin.   Some people defiantly are not cut out for it, just like any other job.   People skills and such needed can not be taught in training.   But I am now talking about people that just don't want to work at work.  When I was at Wally World there was a lot of dead wood workers.  I might have been one many a day.  But there was many many workers on the floor.   In this small restaurant, if it gets busy, even one worker that can't keep up or just doesn't want to, adds a ton of work to the others.   Amazingly everything used from ice to coffee needs restocked.  And if the server can't keep up with there tables, others need to step in  to keep the customers coming back.  
    We now have a super case of dead wood in the store.  And lucky me, I have permission to ride it extra hard.   Not so management can see it is a slacker, they gave me the permission, but to make it wish they had another job.   Notice I said it, so as to not let onto what sex this person may or may not be. 

**"What your son needs right now is lots of tender loving...medication. Heavy medication."**---South Park

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