Saturday, May 14, 2011


    **A man and wife are making a new password for the computer. Man types "mypenis", wife falls to the floor laughing cause the computer says "error: too short"**

**"A guy broke into my apartment last week.. He didn't take the TV, just the remote. Now he drives by and changes the channels..   Can't win for losin!    **

 **"I've had to become poor all on my own you know?  I wasn't born with a plastic spoon in my mouth!"**---Eric Cartman

                                          **"I'm to broke to pay attention!"**

  I see all of you survived Friday the 13th!   Congrats on that, I guess.   I spent most of the afternoon and night super busy at work.  And if it hadn't been for a few posts on Facebook, warning me of the "dreaded" day, probably would not have even noticed the date.   I did hear some new end of the world theories on that day while at work.   I have written about this before in a blog or two.  And as the Aztecs long running calander runs out next year, we are all doomed.   New stories from people that have way more free time than I do, now show dates in this year.   Usually the 21st for some reason, not the 13th!   The newest is as early as this month.   So if you believe any of this, it was great knowing you, I guess.   I'm not good at goodbye's. 
    I have never watched the show--but there is a new show on TV completely about mothers who did not know they were pregnant.   I know this happened about two years ago.   A large lady went to the hospital with complaining of stomach and or chest pains.  She went home with a baby.  But supposedly had no idea she was pregnant.   What did she think she had a cheeseburger or three stuck in her colan?  I do not understand this at all for several reasons.   Were these lady's drugged when they had sex, and than remained in a groggy haze for nine months?   But apparently it happens so much, that they now have a show about it.   As I said, I have not yet seen the show.   Maybe seeing it would explain a lot.  But from my first thoughts, any parent on this show, should instantly loose there kids, before they leave the hospital.   Were are the child service workers?  They are so strict about things that might not be that important, but not around when people are to un-smart to know they are pregnant.   
     Please check out my past blog---- Baby food and other  horrors---for more thoughts on that subject.   I feel like I have been doing these for years.   Plugging two of my older posts already in this short blog!  
    On a some what related topic.   If you have never read anything written by Dave Berry, you are greatly missing out.   *And I am not making this up*   He wrote columns for the Miami Harold for years.   And has a few books roaming around out there.  Most are his columns with lots of filler.   One is an actual attempt to a novel.  With a great plot and everything.  This became a movie a few years back, but like usual the book is way better.   *Big Trouble.      He posted a story about when a whale washed up on the Oregon coast years ago----and the official officials decided to blow up the whale with some extra TNT they just happened to have.  And were itching to have an official reason to use.    The highly attended "event" turned terribly wrong, when huge chunks of whale started to drop on the crowd.   One hundred pound piece, dropped on the roof of an onlookers brand new car.    You can find the whole video on Dave Berry's web sight or on U tube.    It is truly worth a view!   

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