Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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         **"Commercial airlines are for losers and terrorists."**---Homer Simpson

  **"But Homer, you don't know how to fly a plane---I drove a car over a cliff once, it can't be to much different!"**---Marge & Homer Simpson

     **"So, your onna those --Don't call me a chick, chicks huh?"**---Bart Simpson

                                    Can you tell what I was watching earlier? 

                                   **"Boom! goes the dynamite!"**---Tosh.0

Takin' today, spring really is behind all that rain. I have been slacking on new pictures--that will change soon!

    Not to make light of the mass amounts of water hitting this area right now, but a few quick thoughts.   First and most importantly I hope everyone stays safe and loses stay to a minum.  With the more local news I hear tonight, my parents house up on the hill, is looking better and better.   For some outstanding pictures from in Sheridan and the much worse hit Redlodge area   check www.sheridanmedia.com   There is a great plug for were I currently work in one of the pictures, takin by a former boss, who happens to have the same great first name.   The website is also were I learned that many local residents were evacuated to the K Mart parking lot earlier tonight.   I feel for everyone that had to leave there homes, but some how can not picture K Mart as being a local safe house.   While this is a ton of rain, for the Sheridan area, this is what one sees all winter in Washington and Oregon.  I guess these states are just closer to the ocean for safer run off?    I would again take the time to mention, the water is impossible to measure depth --even when flowing over roadways.  And becomes extremely dangerous.  As in ---even if you have a jacked up redneck pickup---stay sober if you are going to cross any flooded roadways, or expanded rivers.   I can already picture reading about people trying to go through the drive up liquor store windows in blow up rafts and canoes if the rain keeps up.  On a good note, as of 11:30 --the rain had given up for awhile.    Hope it stays this way.   Earlier in the day I got home just as it  began dumping down rain.   Lured outside by full on sun in the sky.  
    ATTENTION ALL JUDGEMENT and DOOMSDAY BELIEVERS: Due to technical difficulties the scheduled END OF WORLD event has been postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you have already quit your job, given away your life savings or liquidated all of your assets...Oopps...Our bad! We will attempt another doomsday event in December, 2012. Please stay tuned. Oh..have a nice day =)--------Please note--We provide an awesome punch drink but it is for one time enjoyment ONLY!----

    I apologize, but I can not let this whole topic go.    This being at least the third blog I have brought it up in.   I can say that after watching the weather across the nation over the last week, maybe these people somewhat knew what they were talking about?

**"Ever wanted to fake your death and just disappear? Completely new start that just moving could never provide."**---Me----
    In all my years working at Wally World, I worked almost every position possible with the company.   Eventually the bordness and annoyances snuck into my mind quicker and quicker.  And even transferring to brand new stores wasn't enough to hold my interest over my dislike for the things the company had become.   Call it burn out.    I know that under the right circumstances a person can be happy were ever he lives or is in life.   But lately the above thought sounds very very appealing somehow. 

    So although  I am very excited that I have a residence of my own again  I am defiantly less excited that it is a motel.   This one happens to have a river right behind it.   Usually very calming and nice.  But maybe not the best selling point for the motel managers at the moment.   Luckily it has a very very high banks up into the motel.   I have stayed in a lot of motels through the years.   By myself, with party people, with a cute lady and her three kids, with just the cute lady.   From the "No Tell Motels" to top of the line rooms in Viva Las Vegas.   And I have to say  ---motels are kind of creepy places.   Several of Steven Kings books don't help me with this mind thought line.   Dealing with down and out sales men killing themselves in there lonely rooms, to rooms on the 13th floor killing people.   His story's rarely seem to have happy plot lines. 
    No matter if I wake up with bites or not, when the lights go out in a motel room, I start to instantly itch all over.   Even if my bed partner doesn't seem to notice a thing.  This greatly increases any times I am foolish enough to jump into a motel bed naked.   Beyond what may or may not be bitting you, I instantly think of all the things that could have been done in that motel room.  All of the furniture, T.V., the toilet, etc could have easily been used for things NO ones mother would approve of!   And that has nothing to do with the bed, you are now "sleeping" in.   The bed on the other hand was used........   I will not continue this sentence to protect my squeamish readers, and because I am currently writing this blog, while propped up in my motel bed.   And would like to get a little bit of sleep tonight.  

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