Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/10/11--Time Flies--It's About Time to Pay Rent Again?

    **"If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching T.V. by candlelight."**---George Gobel

                                  **"It was a good game, until the coin flip."**

                      What restaurant does the one legged waitress work at??     

  "If you don't like my thoughts --stop reading my pages"---me      Posted on my Facebook page after  people were purposely going to my page, that were not friends of mine, and than becoming offended by whatever was posted.      To which I soon got this reply:
    Because what my friends lack in helpful, they abound in amusing!
"If you don't like my criticism,, stop posting your thoughts."  ---Vegas Dude

                                                        Last one for today.

    **"The biggest stall to communication is the illusion that it has occurred."**---Criminal Minds

    I am slowly getting settled into my new residence.  I call it a box, the owners and most others call it a motel room.   Luckily I am not home much, because the smallness gets to me fast.  Not that I need much room, I just do not sit well.   Lately when I am home, I find the need to have my front door open.  So far that just quickly makes the box very kool.   Not as in I am hip--but as in it still seems like winter out there to me.   I hope the two months of summer here--kick in very soon! 
About the only down fall I see so far, is that all of the water faucets are backwards and reversed.  When I posted this on Facebook, I was soon asked what way the toilet drains.   I quickly replied that when the water is not frozen it shoots straight up in the air!   I realize these are all petty problems compared to living under a bridge and raising pigs and "herbs" but can cause extra red skin if you are still not fully awake when you take that morning shower!
   I am more than thankful that I again have a job.   And would work every ones hours at least for awhile just to keep from boredom fully setting in-in this thrilling town.   Minus the thrilling part.   But Saturday night was one of those never ending nights that makes one long for a pink slip from there boss.   Everything possible went wrong that night, and the customers were the biggest "victims."   I will not go into detail, but it was an extra long, not fun, no good night, and than about the time I saw the light at the end of the time clock, I recalled that I got to close that night.  Tips were good, but for all the running around in a daze of apologies looking like a chicken with it's head freshly chopped off, it did not seem like near enough. 
    The next day was mothers day, and it was again very busy.   With more staffing and planning the day went very smooth, amazingly so compared to the night before.  And the tips were mucho nice.  Although I am sure the working mothers, made better tips for obvious reasons.   I had the honor to serve food to and work with some of the best mothers around that day.   And am glad I get to do the same in the days to follow.   Than I had dinner with the best mother and father I know.   Possibly because of all they have put up with with me and my siblings.   Thank you!    Some other great mothers I know read this blog--or are mentioned in it a lot.   And I would also like to thank you for all you do.   As in many cases,  don't listen to the haters---and rock on!

    **"After we watch the Bucket List, lets not forget to cross watching the movie, off our bucket list!"**---Easy A *movie

    A few really good friends of mine have made and even are working on there own bucket lists.  I tried to make my own, but it is amazingly hard to put down goals like this for me.   Things that you want to accomplish before you die.   Although things have been more than boring for me again lately, I try to live each day to the fullest.   And bring amusement to as many people as I can as often as I can.   I can say that although many females say they like a guy with a sense of humor-----this proves un-true very quickly!   I look around the work place many times and notice I am the only one laughing.   But at least I am amused right?   That's the important thing. 
    I have access to Netflix again and a lot of free time.   Awhile back I posted my quick reviews of many of the movies I watched last winter.   Let me know what you think.  Last night I watched Easy A.   This was a teen --high school stinks movie that actually didn't stink.   It did not follow the usual plot line, and had witty content and offered a few life lessons.   Most surprisingly for a teen movie, that sex really isn't what runs every ones world and waking thoughts.   Although it surly is in the top ten.  

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