Wednesday, May 25, 2011


    **"I think I have some new enemies this week..... Join the club it's a big club!"**---Me

                                **"Sleep is just  a dream lately."**----Me

  Although when most people say---your dreamin!   I usually can say I have much better things to dream about   no matter what we are talking about at that given time.  But good sleep has not come to me for much to long.   Too many recent changes in my life and unanswerable questions soon arise when I put my head on a pillow.   And my mind is soon racing.   Add in layers of stress, not feeling good, friends that don't understand I am in a different time zone, etc etc.  

We all have daily tough choices

   So I am sitting here watching Bobby Hill of King of the Hill, learn the "joys" of Pong.   Have you ever had that joy?  Growing up the best gaming system we got was an Atari 2600.   So playing a Wii is a sure thrill.  It also is overly complicated to do even the simplest actions.   That single joystick of the Atari had very few motions or needs for a users manual the size of this small towns phone book.  Although now I do wish I had that gaming system and the large box of working games.  It must be worth something to a geek out there.   And if not, I could use it in my motel room.   I used to never really like watching King of the Hill.   But than I meet/worked with  who could have been the inspiration behind the youngest- Bobby Hill.   This man looked like him, acted like him, and even said some of the same things.   And although he had some really good friends, he was kind of shunned by society in general.   Maybe not shunned, but ignored. 
    Last time I lived in Sheridan, I got a few editorials printed in the local paper.  Not the greatest achievement, but it was still nice to see my thoughts in print.  And than live in a small enough community were you heard instant feedback on your thoughts by most of the population that could read.   I did and still really want to write one about the dangers of walking in Sheridan.   And how hard being a server is compared to the extremely low wages paid in this state.  As of yet, I have not been able to do so --with out coming across overly angry or pissy.  Not a sob story of how hard our job is, but easy ways customers could get better service, possibly upping our tips at the end of the night.  I have had folks say they were overly happy, and than leave very bad tips with notes explaining all the things they did not like from the experience.  Most were easy fixes if I knew they had a problem before I had read the note.  We just got a great new server on the work force, who has been a customer many many times in our restaurant.   She stated today, that the job was MUCH harder than she had ever thought. 

A true smart ass   notice the picture is not of me.

Sadly I do not have any of my own pictures of the local flooding.  Having no vehicle makes these things harder.  

Main street in the rain

  Today under the Coffeen bridge just before Jb's and by the liquor store.  The water is inches from the bike path.  And running super fast.

    So I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.   I have not been feeling right for quite awhile now.   It takes forever to get an appointment, with doctors scheduled weeks in advance.   Even harder when you are new to an area, with no regular doctor.   I figured by the time I got to see the doctor I would be self cured, or dead.   Anyways, the receptionist called today, to confirm my appointment.   And during the conversation she nearly coughed up a lung.  It was this terrible, long hack.   I see it a very bad sign when the receptionist at a dr's office is overly sick.  But maybe that is just me.  

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