Saturday, February 18, 2012


**"One more work day and six days in Sheridan, but who's counting!?"**

        **"All the coffee beans in Columbia, still couldn't make me a morning person."**
  **"Remember... a blow job from a puppet is just a hand job from the ventriloquist..."**
**"I always confuse the words exotic and erotic. That made for a very awkward conversation at my local pet store."**
                 **"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils."**
                         **"I could've eaten Alphabits and crapped out a better blog!! "**
           **"How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down Before He Admits Hes lost?"**
  Very soon I will be leaving this overly cold state, my job, and the many sheep here.  To move once again to Washington, with my fiance and her three kids.   I am more than ready.  I came here on a bus, so all of my belongings fit in a suitcase and a backpack.  I think my digital camera said it best earlier when I was shutting it off, "good-bye."  It is much harder to say this though.  Maybe I should just hold up the camera and make the people read it next time.  Maybe, better yet, I should stop saying good-bye unless it is to someone that needs to be out of my life.  It has been about a year since I have un-friended people in real life.  Those good-byes I am gooder at.  Because friends that are not really friends anymore need to be edited randomly.  Not saying they will never get a second chance.  I am not good at good-byes at all.  And being over sheltered growing up, I will have to say, I will miss my parents a huge amount.  Although they are talking about moving back to the South soon.   Soon after I move back to my home in Washington, I will be working on getting my parents to visit.   Turning more of my hikes into blog posts filled with pictures of the area.   
    As I keep saying I will post a whole blog on the joys and pains of Facebook.  And it's dam friends list.   Complete with lots of pictures.   But again, not today thanks for playing.
    I would like to say that with all of my life moves, it has gotten easier.  And in many aspects it has.  I can pack up a huge house in mere days, not weeks.  And for the most part leaving people is getting much easier.  Partly because I can still correspond with them and partly because I will more than likely see them again.  I would also like to say that I have never cried when I moved.  But last time I left Washington, I left a huge part of me there.  A part of me I am getting back very soon.  And some were -many somewheres along the 23 hour bus ride I lost what manly hood I had, and let loose and cried.  And cried a lot.  I do have to say most people would not set  near me during this episode.  So I could cry in peace and stretch out across multiple free seats at the same time.  At least no one tried to hug me. 

      Although I am terrible with good-byes, I think the worse part of coming back to Wyoming, besides the coming back to Wyoming part.  Was that everyone wanted to hug me.  I hate hugs.   Even from those I love, I do not love hugs.   What happened to, "I have not seen you forever,  how about a nice hearty handshake!?"  It seemed like every were I went, someone was bent on giving me a huge bear hug.   Female, male, fish, pre-op, post-op whatever they may be.  I plan on locking my arms around my fiance and not letting go for a long time next Friday night, when I return home.  But that is a great thing.  I am now sick of typing the words good-bye.   I do know that most of my friends will see me again, in my travels.  And to my few true friends I say a big "thank you" and "Happy Trails!"

    So most of the time when I move, people are more than ready for me to leave.  In fact I can usually go around to disgruntled co-workers and collect "gas money" if I ensure I will leave sooner than my deadline.   This time my co-workers still want me to git, but collected cash to buy me a used laptop.   So while I am waiting for hours for my plane out of Vegas, I can roam online.  And hopefully say howdy to my sweet p.   If any of them are bored enough that they read my blogs,  Thank you. 

    Stamp prices are going up again.  Postal service is supposed to be less about service soon.   With talks about stopping over night deliver, shutting down post offices, and stopping Saturday delivery.   Is it any wonder no one wants to send a snail mail letter just to say hi anymore?   I have been trying to right real letters.  But have not been good at this at all.  One of the main reasons I have been trying is that it is becoming a lost art.   Were you right down actual full words instead of abbreviations, and either spell things wrong, or take the time to look the words with more than one syllable up.  Wich makes me  instantly wander why syllable has three syllables in it.   Also because it is super joyous to get an actual letter in the mail.   Unless it is from court.
      On a similar note, I just read about the rule of five.   In the example I read about, the man trying the rule was out of work for a year.  He was finding himself sinking into bad habits and defiantly was not getting much of a social life at all.   I really do not like people much, so probably will not try any of this, but thought I would share.  Anyway, on the day that he aced a job interview, he decided to meet five new people a day.  Go right up to someone on the subway, and start an actual conversation with them.   Call some random person in the phone book and talk.  Knock on the person next doors, door.  Five new people, every day.    He than would give them a business card with his name and phone number on it.   Even if the person did not seem to want to talk than, or was rude, he would hand out his card.   I suppose one could do the same thing with a letter.   Randomly send out letters to people you did not know before.  Up beat letters.    It might just make that persons day.  And who knows what might come out of that new contact in the future. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Say No To Everything

    **Say "no" to drugs all you want because talking to inanimate objects is the best way to show people you're sober.**

                  **"I suck at sexual innuendos.....only 69% of you will get this joke."**

                        **"If your boss says "get out!" you won the argument!"**
                 **Three more work daze, not that I am counting or anything."**

Advanced warning to all my co workers: I am moving on the bosses birthday. No one can top that present. Happy shopping!----  So my count down for residing in Wyoming, is down to nine days.   Although it is going fast, it is dragging by at the same time.  I also am glad to report that I have 3 actual work days left at work.   Going to actual work will be replaced with family things again.  At least for awhile.   And I couldn't be happier.  Also with hikes and exploring galore.  I hope to post most of this in future blogs.   And will be changing my blogs a lot in the future.   Hopefully for the better.   As always I hope you, the readers enjoy, and that you continue to comment.  Every comment helps me, more than you know.   Also please pass on my web sight if you like what you see.   And this is a big IF . In warning, I do warn any of my friends in Washington of my home coming. 
                     **"Mornings would rock, if they started much later in the day."**
  **"I just went to the grocery store and bought a fresh patch of fruit to throw out on Saturday."**
      Always!    But this seems to be true in any retail or super market, not just the poor under dog- Wally World.   Although I enjoy shopping late at night, when there is way fewer customers shopping these stores.  I have noticed a few things about this.   Most of the "customers" are actually loss prevention or workers, making sure you are not stealing things.  And MANY of the actual customers really need to spend some quality time in the deodorant isle, or taking showers.   The only main draw back to late night shopping at Wally World, is that they shut all of the registers down, nation-wide at midnight.   Most of the cashiers do not bother to tell those in line of this.   And you stand there for at least 20 minutes, just wanting to buy your cheap disposable crap, for a disposable nation.   While the cashier whistles a great tune and does her hair.  
    While we are on the subject, this might be the most depressing picture you will see on my blog.   Except for any self pictures I post.  At five years with Wally World, I got this pin.   I never lasted the 10 years, were you get a pin with several diamond flakes in it.   This pin sat in its box for years.  And just lately, with the addition of ties to our work uniforms were I work now, I have been using the pin as a tie pin.   Mostly to keep the tie out of peoples soup and such.  Also almost on the subject, next time you are on Facebook, please check out my sight ---mostly making fun of Wally World.     I have been neglecting the sight for awhile now, but it has some great posts in the archives!    *New Wally World Symbol Guides the Devil to easy shopping --or just purdy?*  It like this sight, is hours of fun.  And with 8 years with the company, I had a little bit to complain about.   Most of the members on the page also have worked many years with the company.   So its a great sight for all that shop there or have worked there.  Or motivational sight for anyone that has kids that might want to get a job with the company.   They won't after looking through the page.  I hope to add many other sights I enjoy in future blogs.   Here are two of my favorite videos of all time.   Hope you enjoy them even half as much as I do. 
   In the first one "actor"   Fabio gets more than he burgeoned for on a roller coaster ride.   This is an old video    but classic!
 And the 2nd is probably my favorite video of all time.  It is also an old video.  And I would not have learned about it, if I hadn't started reading Dave Barry columns years ago.   I am not making this up, but the Oregon game and fish decided it would be a grand idea to blow up a beached whale with TNT.    What started as grand, soon back-fired on the bystanders.
                          I hope that my stories always entertain, even it is only one of you.  
I deffinatly have a ton more to tell.   And am sure new ones will keep coming.   I have learned that the new ones come less often latly.   Maybe because my life is growing  a little repedative, and dare I say bland.   This makes me realize why I need to move or switch jobs --because after about 6 months, everyone has heard my stories.  Or they are working with me, when something story worthy happens.   I hope to have many new stories soon.  For blogs and for my fiances sake.   She has heard most of them before.   Although she always seems to have new stories to tell me, even from our past.   For better or worse on that topic.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


    Can you guess what today is?    But enough about that.   On to some other topics.  
I have talked before about the advancements of modern cameras.  Someone once asked me if there really are true photographers or if cameras are just so advanced that anyone could do it.  I think a truly good photo takes an eye.  And seeing the picture takes a lot of work.  It is defiantly not something you can just do, even with the most expensive camera.  I have some pictures I like a lot.   I also have strayed from taking many pictures lately.   I hope to fix this very soon.  And have many more pictures I actually took to share and cherish.  I also will have travel blogs to post soon.   I have some very good ones in past blogs, if you are bored enough to glance at them.   Mainly from when I before lived in Washington. 

                                                           Look around you.

Last week I actually got out of the house, and roamed around town.   The trip was well needed.   But it mostly reminded me how cold it was.   And how I have about takin pictures of everything in this area.   These are from the Kendrick Park area.   And I thought I'd share.   Sorry for you!  I hope to have many more pictures soon.   And to add to my favorites picture album.   I spent many hours in my youth enjoying this park.  And learned last summer how steep the hills out of the park are now.   If I did not already know how bad shape I am, I would ponder how I used to run up and down these same hills all day. 

                                                  My tour  guide for the wandering.

                                             Just before the new bridge into the park.

   Makes you want to run out and join the Polar Bear Club, right?   Mostly just made me eager for some nice hot chocolate.
   Some go-lucky stoners ventured onto the ice for some fun.   Maybe it was all the ducks that wrote this?

                                   Further into the park, stairs leading to no were.  

    The huge tree that fell across the road last year.    Anyone have time to count all those rings?  I got 2! 
                                                        More cold water.

                                                     As always    Happy Trails!

Monday, February 13, 2012


      Garfield the cat hates Mondays with a passion.   Since I never seem to have a job were I have actual weekends off, I really don't mind any day more than any other.  But have learned from lots of research of the cartoon, that I am a lot like the cat.   Anyways, he really really does not like Mondays that fall on the 13th, like today.   And tries to do every thing possible to stay in bed all day those days.   I have already failed that, but did get to sleep in today for a change. 

   In honor of moving back to Washington state next week, trading in snow and bitter cold for rain and much warmer temperatures.  It must have took them years to take this picture on a sunny day.   Actual the summers are great and sun filled.   And everyone walks around squinting, until they recall what that bright light in the sky is. 

    Gone the way of the cassette tape and VHS videos.   Kids born soon will have no clue what items from our past are.  And bringing them up will make us feel as old as our folks when they talk about 8-tracks and riding to school on there horse.   Advances in technology are going in leaps and bounds now though.   So who knows what things will be obsolete by next year. 

   Several years ago a friend of mine learned that no one in our social group had watched the movie Deliverance.   I now know that this is a good thing.   We rented the movie and found some brews.  For those of you that don't know, it was a cutting edge movie for its time, I think it was filmed in the 70's.   Now a days the same morbid plot line could be found in Saturday morning cartoons.   Burt Renolds is in the movie, and very young.  It starts out very kool, these guys go on a manly bonding trip and canoe through the back woods.   Even with beverages, the movie goes south about half way through.  Very very south!   The next day at work, I made the huge blunder of telling my boss that we had a Deliverance party.  Needless to say, she was shocked, and spit her sandwich halfway across the break room.   "What?!!"    she yelled out, after recovering from spitting out her lunch.  I quickly rephrased my sentence, saying that we had watched the Deliverance movie.   A slightly better sentence.  OK  much better.  

As I am typing this I am also enjoying some great coffee.  OK, it is a home brew, so enjoying some coffee.
I have not hit all ten of these, so I am fine!

    Valentines day is tomorrow.  A new twist for me this year,  I have a great girl friend, fiance, but we will be miles and states apart.   I get to spend the night at work, surrounded by happy couples, stuffing there faces.   And miss her.   In a small redemption, I will be there next week.  In her arms.   I don't have a twin brother, so April is safe!


                     Yeah me!   I get to really learn what love forever and a day is.  
   For those of you not keeping track.   I have four days of actual work left.  And with business really slowing down this winter, I am very happy about this.  This Sunday was the busiest work day I have had in months.   And although the tips were great, I was not used to running my butt off all day.   In the same count down, I have 12 days left in Wyoming!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Day Another Rambling

                                              **" Coffee is great. Free coffee rocks!"**

                                 **"OMG! THERE'S A FLOOD! It's okay. I have a ShamWow!"**

                                  **"If you're happy and you know it, share your meds!"**

              **"Just cause I'm stupider than them, they think their smarter than me!"** ---Futurama

            **"My friends are the type that would spend hours trying to drown a fish."**

                             **"Anything worth taking seriously is worth making fun of..!!! "**

                                                                   How romantic!

   I guess this is a little better ---at least for those of you stuck on Facebook all the time.

                                                                    Getting warmer

           It is fine, it is still days from the holiday.  Just recall that V-D stands for Valintimes, not an STD.   Although in some cases the line might be a very thin line. 

**"Today was like walkin' to work in a snow globe! 14 days of Wyoming winter left for me."**
                              **"Off to work. Walkin in the snow is peaceful. But cold."**----

                         **"Friends are like snowflakes. Pee on them and they go away."**

    It decided to snow again during the night and into the day yesterday.   I know, I know, "Welcome to Wyoming!"  And I found myself walking to work.   It was actual very peaceful and calming.  Something about the quiet and making my own tracks on all of the sidewalks.  No one was really out and about, even on the roads.  Although it was very cold.   I will not have to deal with much winter once I move.  Beyond lots and lots of rain.  But I have already grown my webbed feet from living in the North West for years.   I will have to stop yelling "Welcome to Wyoming!" to those that are suddenly amazed when it dumps snow and gets cold, in the west.   Who'd of thunk?   Who'd of thunk, I would be yelling it to myself so much.  I did grow up in Wyoming.   Soon I will just have to yell  "Welcome to winter!" as the rain in Washington state turns slowly into a ten minute snow storm. 

 This is an actual doctor in Sheridan.   Although you might consider changing your doctor if this is yours name.  Obviously, even if you can't read the date stamp, this is an old picture because there isn't snow in all the trees.  
   I am keeping this blog short because I am annoyed at the moment.   For two reasons.  I did a full system restore to my computer yesterday.  And have all of my pictures saved on a flash drive.  As in not on my computer at the moment.   Somehow I recently downloaded a "virus protector" that was a virus.  And it has been slowly taking over my computer.   I figured it would be no big deal, and could scan through some of my very old pages on Facebook and get some material to fill a blog or six.  For recent posts, the new time line is fine on the sight.   But if you try and go back months or even years, it is an annoying pain in the ass! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


                             **"Few more days, and I am semi-retired once again."**---I was told this couldn't be true, because there is no rest for the wicked!

                                             **"Fat people are hard to kidnap!"**

    As I left my cell phone charger last night, not getting home with it.  I noticed several things as the battery slowly died before my eyes.  First off I have noted before, I am way to dependant on my cell phone, as many of us probably are if we look at things truthfully.   Soon after moving back to Washington, I would love to take a week long family camp out, and leave all of my electronic devices.  I would bring my camera, so that I could post some blogs about the fun later.   But I fear that I would have to wean myself off of the cell phone, no because of calls, but because it gets me on dam Facebook.  I also soon noticed, that I get very few calls or texts.   My fiance knew the phone was dying, and didn't get a hold of me.  After walking across town to get my plug in this morning, I was a little surprised than just sad, that I had absolutely no texts or calls since the phone died last night.  O well life goes on.   Lastly with so much distance between me and my fiance, at last for 16 more days, I noticed how dependant I am on that long late at night last phone call.   It puts my whole body at ease.   And makes me happy all over.   The only thing better will of course be being there. 

     As the moving date nears, I can't believe how much preparation there is.   We have all five moved across country before, and of course there was a ton to get ready.  Usually we left under far from ideal circumstances, and rushed everything.   This time around, it is just me, and I live in one room.   So I had seen it going much smoother somehow.   Than I woke up I guess.   The main "malfunction" is that I am ready to be on the plane now, and  I keep finding myself doing all the packing and such.   With just over two weeks left here in this evil reality, most things can't actually be done until that last week.   To avoid much unpacking and such.   I have been counting down the days, soon will be counting down the hours.   And am a little more than thrilled that I have 7 actual work days left.   They are even keeping my count down up on the white board at work now.   More than possibly because most of my co-workers are counting down the days too!   I am more than sure they are throwing my going away party on the 25th.  For I leave on the 24th of this month.  :)

    And what is helping me get through all of this moving fun?   Coffee of course!    I have vowed to cut way back on my consumption once I move.   Now I have publicly.   In an attempt to cut back on my daily caffeine intake.  It is a drug also for sure.   But also to save my stomach.   I have been having lots of tummy problems lately, and I believe coffee has a lot to do with it.  Good thing I already have posted the crap outta my coffee pictures and such on here!   I have also noticed that every time I am trying to pack and move and such, I get overly sick.  

   I was just reading yesterday that if you had a billion dollars, and spent $1000 a day, it would take over 2,000 years to spend it all.  I think I might like to have problems like that.  Actually I think money ruins great people.   Although if I ever won the lottery I would not turn down the cash.   I would like to have enough live happily, provide for my family, and help those that need help around me.   I find it amazing the huge amount of cash some people have "stock- piled" compared to the $0 in my bank account.   But for the most part, I am happy.   And I often wonder if they can say the same. 


                                 What happens when you ask a stupid question on the Internet.