Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Say No To Everything

    **Say "no" to drugs all you want because talking to inanimate objects is the best way to show people you're sober.**

                  **"I suck at sexual innuendos.....only 69% of you will get this joke."**

                        **"If your boss says "get out!" you won the argument!"**
                 **Three more work daze, not that I am counting or anything."**

Advanced warning to all my co workers: I am moving on the bosses birthday. No one can top that present. Happy shopping!----  So my count down for residing in Wyoming, is down to nine days.   Although it is going fast, it is dragging by at the same time.  I also am glad to report that I have 3 actual work days left at work.   Going to actual work will be replaced with family things again.  At least for awhile.   And I couldn't be happier.  Also with hikes and exploring galore.  I hope to post most of this in future blogs.   And will be changing my blogs a lot in the future.   Hopefully for the better.   As always I hope you, the readers enjoy, and that you continue to comment.  Every comment helps me, more than you know.   Also please pass on my web sight if you like what you see.   And this is a big IF . In warning, I do warn any of my friends in Washington of my home coming. 
                     **"Mornings would rock, if they started much later in the day."**
  **"I just went to the grocery store and bought a fresh patch of fruit to throw out on Saturday."**
      Always!    But this seems to be true in any retail or super market, not just the poor under dog- Wally World.   Although I enjoy shopping late at night, when there is way fewer customers shopping these stores.  I have noticed a few things about this.   Most of the "customers" are actually loss prevention or workers, making sure you are not stealing things.  And MANY of the actual customers really need to spend some quality time in the deodorant isle, or taking showers.   The only main draw back to late night shopping at Wally World, is that they shut all of the registers down, nation-wide at midnight.   Most of the cashiers do not bother to tell those in line of this.   And you stand there for at least 20 minutes, just wanting to buy your cheap disposable crap, for a disposable nation.   While the cashier whistles a great tune and does her hair.  
    While we are on the subject, this might be the most depressing picture you will see on my blog.   Except for any self pictures I post.  At five years with Wally World, I got this pin.   I never lasted the 10 years, were you get a pin with several diamond flakes in it.   This pin sat in its box for years.  And just lately, with the addition of ties to our work uniforms were I work now, I have been using the pin as a tie pin.   Mostly to keep the tie out of peoples soup and such.  Also almost on the subject, next time you are on Facebook, please check out my sight ---mostly making fun of Wally World.     I have been neglecting the sight for awhile now, but it has some great posts in the archives!    *New Wally World Symbol Guides the Devil to easy shopping --or just purdy?*  It like this sight, is hours of fun.  And with 8 years with the company, I had a little bit to complain about.   Most of the members on the page also have worked many years with the company.   So its a great sight for all that shop there or have worked there.  Or motivational sight for anyone that has kids that might want to get a job with the company.   They won't after looking through the page.  I hope to add many other sights I enjoy in future blogs.   Here are two of my favorite videos of all time.   Hope you enjoy them even half as much as I do. 
   In the first one "actor"   Fabio gets more than he burgeoned for on a roller coaster ride.   This is an old video    but classic!
 And the 2nd is probably my favorite video of all time.  It is also an old video.  And I would not have learned about it, if I hadn't started reading Dave Barry columns years ago.   I am not making this up, but the Oregon game and fish decided it would be a grand idea to blow up a beached whale with TNT.    What started as grand, soon back-fired on the bystanders.
                          I hope that my stories always entertain, even it is only one of you.  
I deffinatly have a ton more to tell.   And am sure new ones will keep coming.   I have learned that the new ones come less often latly.   Maybe because my life is growing  a little repedative, and dare I say bland.   This makes me realize why I need to move or switch jobs --because after about 6 months, everyone has heard my stories.  Or they are working with me, when something story worthy happens.   I hope to have many new stories soon.  For blogs and for my fiances sake.   She has heard most of them before.   Although she always seems to have new stories to tell me, even from our past.   For better or worse on that topic.  

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