Monday, February 6, 2012

     First off, I am slowly inching toward 6000 views on this blog.   So thank you to all that have stumbled across my rambling!   I have full intentions of completing this blog early, getting some stuff done all afternoon, and than writing a 2nd blog today.  We shall see.   "Two-fers" have been few and far between  lately.   I seem to have many days off work this week, and tons of things to do before moving to fill the  hours.   But I have been slacking.   Actually most of the things on my list, I can not really do until the week before flying out.  Making that week fly by I am sure.


     Some hunters about to become hunted.   Look closely in the background.   These two are about to find out, why you shouldn't mess with mama bear!  Below is kind of the same.   In this age of cameras every were, one should always be aware of there surroundings.

    I have to say that Coke, had some of the lamest adds during the Super Bowel.   And not just because I do not enjoy Coke.    I like this post though!

    I have been told I am a little sarcastic at times.   But if I ever hit the below level of perfection, I can die happy.   Than again maybe I am really already at this level.

**"If you can't convince them confuse them."**
 And now for today's motivation

  For those men out there still shopping for that perfect V-Times day gift,   THIS IS NOT IT!   It is some of the most creative advertising I have seen in awhile.  But I still think it classifies under the Fail column.   How about you?

  I have talked about the dangerous of sights like Web MD before.  You think you are looking up basic symptoms and soon are sure you have about a week to live!  Find a good DR somehow, and stay away from these sights!

   As a server, I really don't mind customers on cell phones anymore.  The only time it is overly annoying, is when the eater is so into their call, that they can not pause to order.  And than they get mad at you for waiting until they get off the phone, to come back and attempt to take there food order.  That and when they are yelling into the phone, usually cuss words, so that the entire restaurant can "enjoy" there conversation.    I just heard about a new game to try while dinning out with friends.  It is to test how dependant your social group is of there cell phones.   When you sit down to eat, everyone turns there phones on, and puts  them face up on the middle of the table.  As they ring and vibrate for calls and text messages, everyone ignores there phones.   The first one to give in and grab there phone, buys everyone Else's dinners.   Anyone want to buy my dinner, errrr eat with me?  

**"I stuffed some socks in my pants to impress the ladies but it didn't work... so I'll try moving the socks to the front of my pants."**----- You know you are now visulizing this.  
**"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."**

**"Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words."**
----Calvin & Hobbes-----  I think one of the best cartoons was Calvin & Hobbes.   Greatly illistrated, very deep, and the Sunday ones were a whole story in themselves.   Garfield is next followed closly by Snoopy I think.    It always amazes me how any cartoonist can pump out these cartoons daily.  Most of them funny, most of them have been doing this for years.   Didn't Snoopy run like 50 years?  I am attempting to write a blog a day, and find it very challenging. 
         ** Yelling "Snap into a slim jim!" Has a completly diffrent meaning while in a gay bar.**

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