Saturday, December 29, 2012

Down By The Bay Again!

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I hope everyone had a very wonderful Christmas! Today I share some pictures from exploring a week or so before Christmas. I heard that the Boulevard Park area was flooding, because of extremely high tides mixed with lots of rain. I unfortunately did my exploring after the waters had receded back to normal. For some amazing photos and video of the bay attacking back, and flooding much of the park, please go to The Bellingham Herald web sight.

You can see from the debris that the water line was way up, just the day before.

I find myself down by the bay all the time.

Please check out many of my old posts for some other great pictures.

The all have bay or water related titles.

I hope you enjoy these new pictures.

This is shot right before the coffee shop.

As the sun slowly disappears it gives some great glow to the water.

On this evening Max and our oldest were along with me. We soon headed towards the amazing boardwalk.

Down below the boardwalk.

Looking up this amazing rain and wind weathered rock.

You can just catch a glimpse of the sea and sun set in the back ground.

I personally really enjoy the above picture.

Down the trail between the sets of boardwalk.

We than packed up and headed down by the Fairhaven Terminal to get a few more shots.

I have so many pictures of this tree.

Roam through all my posts to see more of it and more great water shots.

Thank you for reading!

Next we explore around Lake Padden.

And as always


Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Fairhaven Christmas Story 2012

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Last Saturday our family went on over drive and really got into the Christmas spirit. Nana came to town for the weekend, and she shared in on the festivities. At least the inside activities, she is from Arizona and all. Last year found me in Wyoming -surrounded by family, but not with my kids and wife. There is something extra special about sharing the holidays with kids. It puts you in the spirit very quickly. We have been watching Christmas movies on Netflix, but can not find two movies that do it for me *make me far less Scrooge-ish* every year. Those are --National Lampoon's, Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story. The 2nd plays 24 hours straight on cable TV each year.

On this day---and next weekend, Fairhaven was full of activities. Most at the best price of free! Also don't forget that the Farmers Market is going until the 22nd -Downtown Bellingham. An easy way to buy local for the holidays and stay away from all the box retail giants.

The newly lit trees in The Village Green

Horse rides.

Both through Fairhaven and down near the bay from the Bellingham Terminal

Downtown Fairhaven from inside the wagon.

Waiting for the ride to start!

Time to thank the horses.

Of course Santa & his wife were present!

On to explore the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.

Full of activities!

Including a sail in boat light show. Something we sadly did not attend.

Events include---more horse rides

A huge gingerbread house display.

A family favorite was the Larbee School house---with two of our kiddos attending the school.

Although the crowds to view --were massive!

Much dancing and music---hot cider and cookies

And fire truck rides! Everything was free!!

The majestic Zodiac is docked here.

Undergoing some massive repairs.

By early afternoon it was time to return home.

And prepare the house for Nana's visit!

We ventured just up the road to purchase our family's first real Christmas tree.

A far cry from going out in the cold and snow to cut down a tree---something I have done before.

But this method proved just fine.

Nanny pitches in to help.

Time for a break from all the decorating.

Every year the kiddos get special ornaments and every year together

we buy a dated tree ornament.

Finding one with the date on it, is much harder than one might think.

This years is a great Dr Sues themed one from Target.

We also always put up the handmade decorations from a Christmas of our past.

We were all living in a motel for the holidays and all of our Christmas stuff was in storage in another part of the state.

We borrowed a fake tree and made all of our own decorations.

Not saying it was a bad Christmas--there is no such thing!

But the decorations are awesome, and they remind us of how far we have come.

I am sure your family has some great traditions.

To read about some more of ours---please check out some of my posts from last year

at another great sight of mine

We also hope that you and yours have the most amazing Christmas possible!

Filled with hope, spirit, family, love and the true reason for it all


This count down ornament now says eight days left!

Aberdeen Day Two!

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Welcome back! After the holidaze I have many new ideas and posts coming! I hope that everyone sticks with me. And PLEASE share these links, if you enjoy what you see here.
Our family has been experiencing overly poor service almost every were we shop in the last few months. I have an entire blog post about the worse offenders in the works. But to counter the "bad karma" this might bring, I am going to post about a quality business in every new post on this sight. As long as we actually have an enjoyable shopping, dining, or business experience. Places that stand out and offer beyond great service, actually going the extra mile to make our day or at least be helpful. Many have already been noted in these posts. Our family offers them a huge thank you! After I have a large handful, of businesses posted, I have a plan to attempt to cross publicize with them. To freely push customers to there business and to my random web-sights. Thank you ahead of time, to anyone that goes with this.

Today I have two such businesses. --- Before our trip out of town, and again this morning--I find myself at Midas to have our car looked at. They have been overly professional and helpful. Fixing what we decided was in our budget, and not pressuring us to have more things fixed. This morning they squeezed our car right in to get looked at. As I was driving it yesterday afternoon, both wiper blades decided to quit. They are still stuck in the up position, and you can hear the moter running, but they will not budge. In Washington, this is a huge problem. Midas got the car right in to look at, and offered a very reasonable cost estimate. They know I can not venture to work tonight with no wiper blades, and did not take advantage of the situation by jacking the price way up.
While they are looking at our car, it is a quick venture to Barnes & Noble. With most actual book stores vanishing, it is awesome to have such a large book store in town! You can roam all of the isles and books, even hide away in a corner and read ---without being annoyed by workers. The store also has a Starbucks in it, with treats, and coffee of course. This coffee shop is tied in with the Cheese cake factory ---so treats are expensive, but sooo good! And offers free wi-fi, which is how I am typing up today's post! Neither business offers outstanding service, but I have also never had poor service in a Barnes & Noble or a Starbucks.

I try to keep this sight as current as possible. I also attempt to keep all exploring in Bellingham or Whatcom county. Again today I am going to venture much further down the trail and tell a little more about our recent trip to Grey's Harbor. For more exploring from way beyond---please check out my other blog sight at
For my 2.5 readers in Wyoming, I have many posts about exploring Sheridan, Wyoming. Just type "Sheridan" into the search section at the top of the blog screen.

Easily the koolest statue in Sheridan

On to the picture filled exploring!
So on day two of our mini trip--- the rain disappeared long enough for some trail exploring. The boys and I ventured past the house we were staying at, past the local middle school. Through many trees and past many ponds.

I love how it is so wet that everything in Washington is green.

Even the trees are green all over.

Reflecting bridge toke us into Cosmopolis.

I apologize if I spelled the town wrong.

Short section of track remaining down by the water.
Our youngest found the Frisbee --pictured above. One of us seems to find at least one treasure every time we venture out.

A few rare glimpses of the sun follow.

My readers in other states, probably do not realize how little we see of the sun in the winter time.

This is why I bring it up so much, and have so many random pictures of the sun.

It is nice to recall what it actually looks like, and think of it's warmth!

On days that the sun does make an appearance, all residents are squinting, trying to recall what that bright light in the sky is. And trying not to run into things while walking.

The great Northwest usually has amazing, sun filled summers, but the winter is full

of grey and rain.

Back were we stayed, there are many cats.

Every time we ate or sat at the table- there were many glowing eyes watching us.

My wife took this picture on the way to Aberdeen.

Considering we were on I-5 and moving, it is a very neat picture.

The Space Needle top was recently painted gold for it's 50th anniversary.

Right now it is getting a new paint job. A tree landscape around the top.

Voted on by residents of this state.

We also had time to visit relatives.

We had started to think that my wife was adopted at an early age--for many reasons.

Or maybe it was just hopeful wishing on her part. But she looks just like this recently found sibling.

The kiddos got to see relatives too, and have an all out brawl!

Notice the fine made sock "boxing gloves!"

Than we explored many of the homes my wife lived in.

Or at least drove past them.

My wife is the only person I know, that has moved more than me.

Thank you for reading and sharing this post!

Next I return to the wonderful Bellingham area.

Last Saturday we explored Fairhaven and enjoyed all of there Christmas activities!