Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ready, Set, Shop!

       Although I find it very hard to believe it is already the 5th of December, I have to say our family is very ready for Santa to visit.  Mostly because my wife is a super shopper.   It is always nice to get the shopping done before the stores fill up with people greatly not in the Christmas spirit.  And every song on the retail radio network is a holiday song.   I think a little snow and finding a few of my favorite Christmas movies would completely put me in the spirit.

  We only have Netflix right now, a service  I love, but I am finding it imposable to find a few of my favorite movies this time of year.  Two of them are --A Christmas Story--"Ralphie, you will shoot your eye out!"  I guess there is a 2nd story now, but I can't seem to imagine it being good at all.   And Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase, when he was still skinny-ish, and funny.  
      Please don't forget to catch up on reading other posts in this blog.  My older ones seem to be much more entertaining.  And check out the many picture filled posts in my newest blog series---

     I have been knocking Wally World a lot lately--with good reason.   But not all of our bad service is limited to this retail giant.   We have been getting beyond bad service all over town.   And I have a blog post in the works, just about the worse places!   Anyways above is a game you can play while in the store, you know your going to shop there--just saying you are done shopping there, does not work!    

    I am writing this post from Greys Harbor at the Star Bucks.  I know I talk smack about the coffee joint a lot, and there is much better coffee---but the stores are EVERY WERE and they offer free wi-fi.  New post coming about our mini-trip. Of course full of pictures.   But not today.  ;)  This is a quick coffee induced rambling for your enjoyment.   Partly because we are getting back on the road today to come home, and partly because I see actual sun shine outside!   

unfortunate van door placement photo opp

   I must pause here to complain about coffee just a lil bit.  My buddy hates to go to Starbucks because he complains about how the coffee makes his urine overly stink.  At first I wandered how he was close enough to the stream of pee to notice this.  But after him stating this revelation many times, I too now notice the same thing.  Starbucks, has a distint smell when brewing, while sipping, and while it is existing the body.  I have no real point to bringing this up, just thought I would share.  Plus I will now be able to recognize my male readers, while they are in the restroom, leaning in attempting to sniff there own urine.   ;)

**Christmas is coming up**

   So they were just talking on the radio the other day about how researchers believe you can fix your relationship in one hour.   They are talking about long term relationships, that might have lost the spark a little or a lot.   Supposedly if you kiss for an hour straight, nothing else, get rid of the kiddos, TV, cell phone, and just kiss.  By the end of the hour, it gets your moter running, and your relationship is a lot like when you first meet.  At least for awhile.  I do not know who did this research, or how to sign up for it.  But have a sneaky suspision Chapstick might have funded the research.   

           Ever wanted to follow all the rules, but just didn't know what to do?

                                                                        Well OK than.....

    Now the workers have something else to put on there resume!   My job description is just my name and a blank page.  

   Did you win that much also???     
  My wife and I would not tell anyone if we ever won.   Act normal, normal for us.  And than just disappear some were.   Some were even Google Earth could not find us.   

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