Saturday, December 29, 2012

Down By The Bay Again!

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I hope everyone had a very wonderful Christmas! Today I share some pictures from exploring a week or so before Christmas. I heard that the Boulevard Park area was flooding, because of extremely high tides mixed with lots of rain. I unfortunately did my exploring after the waters had receded back to normal. For some amazing photos and video of the bay attacking back, and flooding much of the park, please go to The Bellingham Herald web sight.

You can see from the debris that the water line was way up, just the day before.

I find myself down by the bay all the time.

Please check out many of my old posts for some other great pictures.

The all have bay or water related titles.

I hope you enjoy these new pictures.

This is shot right before the coffee shop.

As the sun slowly disappears it gives some great glow to the water.

On this evening Max and our oldest were along with me. We soon headed towards the amazing boardwalk.

Down below the boardwalk.

Looking up this amazing rain and wind weathered rock.

You can just catch a glimpse of the sea and sun set in the back ground.

I personally really enjoy the above picture.

Down the trail between the sets of boardwalk.

We than packed up and headed down by the Fairhaven Terminal to get a few more shots.

I have so many pictures of this tree.

Roam through all my posts to see more of it and more great water shots.

Thank you for reading!

Next we explore around Lake Padden.

And as always


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