Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Years Eve --Bah Humbug!

Recall this "fun!"
Bah Humbug!!

            Hello all this fine last day of 2017!  2017 was kind of a crummy year for us, but if nothing else it sure did go by fast.  Id like to say that next year can't really get much worse, but through all the bad ---comes lots of joy and good, and it beats the not living at all option by quite a bit.   Plus in the past I had like four years straight of really mind blowingly bad bad stuff going on,  friends kept telling me that things would/could only go up from there.  And they definitely did, but not after they got much worse.  In fact it was about four years of hearing how it couldn't get any worse, before things looked up.   I do refuse to do or type any of that new year new me Bull Sh*t!   I/ we are continually striving forward and to be betterer.   This will be the first year I will be off of work ----in probably 50 years.   Only funny because I am not yet 40 years old.   OK most things are not funny if you have to explain them, but I am not sure how many of my readers know my age.   I will be able to kiss my beautiful wife at Midnight this year!   If we manage to stay awake that long.  We are both near 40.   ;)  Unless a better kissing option for my wife shows up at our house.   It is only noon here.   12 noon is the early bird new years celebration time for older people right?   WahoooOO!   I am sure with the bag of fireworks we purchased yesterday--the kiddos will not let us go to sleep before lighting at least most of them off.   Because nothing says happy new year better than Kaboom!    Right?   I personally am more than ready for a new year.   And I really hope y'all have an amazing night.   But beyond blowing some things up---and throwing some steaks on the BBQ---I don't really wish to do anything.   Or have anyone around.    Last year I basically lived at the casino---and it was packed and I was surrounded by happy, overly drunk people.   And it was great tips.  BUT because I was not around my family-or anyone I loved, I felt so alone.   If that makes any sense to anyone.   If you are also nearing 40 years old or past that mark, it probably makes some sence to you.   My 20 year old self, would not understand this at all. 

     Speaking of my 20 year old self, possibly my most memorable New Years eve happened while I was living in Oregon.   And was in my 20's.    A few of us ended up in Portland  were they have a huge fireworks show.  Or used to.   We got a room for the night, and I am to this day  still not sure how or drunkin' selves made it back to our room.    On this year they started charging to be down town and watch the fireworks.   Stupid to the sober mind---because ummmm you just look up to enjoy the show---and they can't charge you for that.   Anyways, most involved that night were not sober, and the town erupted into full riot mode.   Protesting and breaking windows all over town.   Police in full riot gear were soon all over the area.  At one point we caught the draft of a large amount of pepper spray while just trying to enter a bar.  We soon found a much calmer side of town.    And rung in the new year!   In the morning, maybe afternoon we had coffee in a Starbucks that was partically closed because of all of the broken down glass from the idiots and the night before.   Good times!    And than it was good times.   My almost 40 year old self would rather recall such nights than go make those kinds of memories.   So Bah Humbug!!

    So at least in Arizona all the state parks and such are opening up offering hikes and such - based on getting out and getting healthy starting on the 1st of the new year.   Bah Humbug I say---and here's why......
Neat idea but I don't enjoy planned things. All the people and such. They just get in the way of my hike and picture taking. I probably will go on a hike that day-once the adult beverages settle in my tummy--but where I wish to do a walk about---where the truck stops ---not where someone wishes me to hike. And of course I will take pictures. Bah Humbug!\

     New year New-ish Exploring blog page to check out!   Explore with us through loads of pictures.   All of Arizona
Where are you Exploring today?

The dude on the sign at the trail head looks like he's ready to sip out of my coffee cup.
Walk about's with no coffee---Bah Humbug!

I bet these firework/coffee really throw a wake up punch!>?

We didn't get any fireworks cause there illegal here.... I can't even type that with a straight face. I'll only get a lil drunk while lighting them tomorrow night so be extra safe. 😜. Cause nothing says happy New years better than Kaboom!!!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Almost 2018---Whew!!

OK  not as accurate as when I "borrowed' this joke
but still VERY efficient of folks!

I know this is now old   like most of my jokes
BUT don't you think after SUCH a night 
Santa sits like this without moving for like a week straight? 
I like to think so.
I also like to use capitol letters today.  ;)

             So if you are reading this gibberish I am now writing, you too survived the holidaze!  It honestly kind of snuck up on us-or at least me.  And I am finding I still have some gifts to purchase.   Or wish really hard they will "fall off a truck!"  My wife literately finds items on the side of the road, that are way kool   all the time, and the only explanation -is they have fallin off a truck.   I don't know how else to explain it, but they are not stolin' items like the phrase might also suggest in your book.  OK so I don't really know where else to go with this whole paragraph.

      I actually started this blog post yesterday afternoon, but the day got busy and here it is the next night some how and I am trying to finish all this.  So I will try to make this post Xtra great since it took two full daze to complete.  HA ha!   I don't understand how the life of me how a work day can drag on sooooooo badly.   Like you go to work for 7 hours and look at the clock and realize it's only been an hour and a stinkin' half!    This does not happen on daze off work  where time freaking flies by.   Even if you are not having fun!   Speaking of fun   here is a few "deep" quotes for y'all~!

    **"Did you hear Viagra now comes in nasal spray?     It's for dickheads!"**

  **" I have found I wrap presents like a blind chimp on meth!"**. 

  **" I feel sorry for kids of lesbian parents forever caught in that loop of go ask your mother!"**

  **Have you ever had a cross eyed girlfriend and than had to dump her   for seeing someone else?? **

   Send on the global warming   I am freezing my As* off!!--  This is particular amusing to many that know we now live in Arizona.  But it does get down right cold here.  In fact it was 21 last week when I awoke with the kiddos!   I did my time in the real cold while growing up in Wyoming.  Where they only have about 9 months of winter  a week of spring and about 2 months of summer  if they are lucky.   

My lifeline above!?

                            **Christmas was fun,    Now can I have my W-2's??**

                                  **"Live life as the person your dog thinks you are!"**

Also shot on the Arizona Trail several years ago. 

  As always my Exploring Arizona page wishes for many more readers.  Please check it out.  I was out just yesterday for a bit----getting more pictures on the Arizona Trail.  
Where are you Exploring today?

Busy getting new pictures and Exploring!
More to come from this fine day.
The Arizona Trail come very close to Benson
And I have always wondered where it crosses under the I-10 highway
Yesterday I learned it crosses under here
in this very long tunnel.

    So I realize we live in what I lovingly call Little Mexico, AKA Tucson Arizona, but my wife recently brought something up---and I have no answer---and now it is bugging me. Maybe y'all have an answer for me? :
I all street signs are in English why are all the signs at the Moter Vehicle Dept. in Spanish and English? As well as the tests? If you can't read the tests in English why should you be allowed to drive surrounded by all English signs?? OK I get that stop signs and such have different shapes and all , but MANY very important signs, long worded signs are square and fully in English. As is this message, so I am not sure how some of you El Mexicans are going to prove your point to me..... I have been practicing my Spanish at Taco Bell. Just curious

     Leave your response to this or anything on this blog page---PLEASE in my comments section on every blog post.  Or e mail me directly   any time   PLEASE at     your comments help so much   really.   Don't make me use more capitol letters!

This was a few daze back and easily one of the best parts of living in the county!

I'm thinking tomorrow night--- will involved some steaks on the BBQ, a big bon fire, and some fireworks.   Because nothing says happy new year betterer than a huge KABOOM!   Right?   

So I have been selling all kinds of items this month  to help make ends meet and came across these great mirrors.   As I was taking the picture to put online for sale, our puppy got very curious what I was up to---and kept getting closer.     I thought I had gotten him out of the area,  but when I looked at the shot----I was wrong.   lol

Sunday, December 24, 2017

12-24-2017 Good Times!!

                  Sunset last night from  the near by Mescal/J6 area.
      Arizona sunsets are basically always amazing and the colors involved are completely different each time some how.  

Arizona sunrises are usually equally as amazing
I am just rarely up early enough to witness many
and have much few pictures of sun rises for sure. 

             And to all a good night----wait that's my closing line.   Wait that's Santa's closing line much later tonight.  For many years I might not recall much on Christmas Eve.  We had a tradition for years were my beautiful wife and I would get one of those Margarita buckets, that is pre mixed--and you just add the booze--add the booze and freeze it all day long.   About night time, which comes very early this time of year, we would start drinking it  and than after the kiddos went to sleep---attempt to help Santa and put the Christmas toys together.  This is not still our tradition any more for several reasons.   My wife has diabetes and the sugar and such in such booze would probably land her in the hospital,  We have become light weights with booze in our old ages,   And lastly --the kiddos are all teenagers now and don't go to bed at night.  If we waited for them to go to sleep---Santa would already be back home at the pole, clocked out officially with his boots by the warm fire place.  
      Last night my wife and I did some last minute shopping at Wally World.  We have found at the local retail store, if you wait till after midnight--you basically have the whole store to yourself.   Many times when we go in, the workers are all filing out to have there late smoke break.  Even two night before Christmas   this held true!  Although we did not even get to the store till 2 in the AM.    About the only down sides to all this are if you actually need help from a worker---good luck finding one, but that pretty much holds true any time of day that you shop here.  If you do find a worker, and corner him, and ask him something, he is not familiar with that particular department, or item, or section of the store and he really needs to get back to what he was doing, heading to the break room!   I've worked at the store for eight years in my past,   I get it, you get what you pay for.   Or in Wal Marts case     you get a reflection of the paychecks and training handed out.   The only major concern I have with late night shopping is that most other customers tend to smell like BO very badly in the after midnight crowd.  

 Finally a list I can finish. Although if you get jittery. Your a light weight

  Two years back at work I do believe on Christmas Eve---Good times!
So earlier in the main lobby of the casino where I work some drunk lady was yelling at the door security guards. Calling them lil b*tches among other things. The real police were called in when she would not leave. And she tried to make a run for it, staggering further into the casino. She got tackled and than tazzered several times, when she would not let the cops hand cuff her. Dinner show for our guest for sure! Some one should have takin' a picture or two for her Christmas cards

   My only deep quote and or words of wisdom for today.....
Its good to learn this early boys and girls but here's the cliff notes. Its not about being good or bad but rich kiddos get more from Santa than poor kids do.

It is supposed to be 75 here tomorrow!
Stupid desert weather

High octane coffee??

So last night I ended up at the Mescal Bar for the first time ever.
Pretty chill place-for sure.
Although I think my buddy was more impressed than myself.
They give you bottomless popcorn with drinks.  Something I have never seen before. 
And had pull tabs for gambling---I have not seen those anywhere since we left Washington state, years ago. 
We had a driver last night,  but the only major draw back I could see to this place, is it is a ways down the road to visit   and you have to take the highway to get there---so getting home from this bar could be tricky-easily. 

           So my folks have been sending me all these really old pictures---well not to old  they are in color--- Right now pictures mainly of past Christmas.   And they are interesting for sure.   But a good interesting.  Good times!

My 4th Christmas I do believe. Notice how happy I am for a typewriter... I guess I have always wanted to write. And have been a geek for years. I need to get back to writing much more

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

    Roaming around Benson Arizona yesterday.   Got some Kool shots before I froze out.  

     Merry Christmas Eve- Eve as I would and will call it!  Try as I may once again this year I can not really get into the Christmas spirit for a lot of reasons.    There is no snow on the ground, it seems and feels like it was just July, I still have shopping to do, we have received several very downer bits of mail this month--- the mood at our house  is just kind of blah....etc etc.  I have been trying to turn this all around- by reading old blog posts of mine from December.   While most of them are amusing, at least to me, I have noticed that I get this same kind of feeling a lot during the holidaze.  For the same reasons-many times.  Or because I was writing yet another boring chapter in my life book, and finding myself single for the season.  I can only hope that this new year is much better for us.  It is close if nothing else!   I am sure you are already finding people that are overly witty, yelling "see you next year!"  as they leave your side or coffee meeting.     I also hope that you and yours--whomever you may be, are not in this funk and are having a very festive and very safe holiday season!    Merry Christmas!!

    **"I am trying to get into the Christmas spirit, but I can't seem to get the Dam bottle open!"**

    **"I truly hope everyone enjoys the air guitars I got them for Christmas!"**

    **Just imagine what last call would be like if Wal Mart had a bar!.....**

                               **"Life is short   play with your dog!"**

                         **"It's beginning  to cost a lot like Christmas!"**

Should have posted this in yesterday's blog on the 22nd
But shows I still have plenty of shopping time!
I have a list in my head of final shopping but will probably just resort to my old standby of hitting 7-11 on Christmas Eve and buying everyone  A cup of coffee, donuts, a 40 of Old English--or three and condoms.  ;)

      Last topic for today---is a mini vent I had on one of my pages---about the stupid new-ish item that all the "soft" parents must have during the holiday season. The elf on a shelf----Have you heard about this money waster? You get this elf to put up sent from Santa--to watch over your child and remind them to be good this holiday season. And I must admit---it is beyond stupid in my eyes. 
**I am sorry but this whole concept is beyond stupid. My parents never needed ssomething like this to keep me behaved during the holidaze. Because I wanted presents. And maybe because I actually got spanked. Who is going to remind you older kiddo to be good while they are in prison---Jar-jar that hangs on your jail Bars?**----- My above thoughts were posted after someone was looking for one of these elves on my own page. As of yet---no replies to my thoughts. But is it any wonder that so many kiddos are so willing to do whatever they wish? We as a society are mainly afraid to punish or discipline our kids in any way. And we are raising a nation that can not/will not take the blame for anything. But what do I know?

Another picture from yesterday.
Where are you Exploring today?
Let me know ---another thing the comment section on this very page is for!
Plus where you might be Exploring could easily give me ideas for where we should road trip next.  

   Please check out my Exploring Amazing Arizona blog page also.    It definitely needs more readers.   And lots of comments---as does this page    So I can make things betterer!   New posts are on the way---although Santa will probably come sooner.   But there are already 100+ picture filled posts to Explore.   

Please check it out

I think this is an amazingly great picture of my parents back in Sheridan Wyoming.
From the senior center newsletter.
I took lots of pictures of them and us on my trip back home, and none showed there glow even close to this one.  

Again in Benson.
Where I guess they don't just praise meth.  ;)
I have pictured this several times, but now here it is in the day light simply because---can you read the sign??

The sign is greatly faded. 
But says "No Parking!'
Interesting since they traveled far to be denied a place to stay for a very long time. 

And now your moment of Zen ...

Santa and his helper had a ruff night last night it looks like.
Good thing they have a few daze to energize before D Day!

This sign on a local store front could easily pass as my Christmas list 
if you added coffee to the sign or list.  

Friday, December 22, 2017

12/22/2018----Not yet foo's 2017!

     Hello and welcome to yet another post on this wonderful sight of mine!   I am sure you enjoy reading everything I have to offer here--but I am also sure that I find the sight most wonderful because it is my longest running blog page and because it is like a journal for me.   I will use this very page a great deal if I ever do things that will warrant me to write my life story.  Right now it would be mostly a sleeper.   As in something that would put you to sleep.   A large book with way to many blank pages for sure.   I did just read about something I have never heard of before----poo shoes....     And although those two words together in the topics headline made me very curious and gave me all kinds of images in my head --that were far from dancing sugar plums.   It is actually quite genius! ;)    So apparently poo shoes are an extra pair of shoes that you sneak into work, so that other gents our gals can not recognize you by your shoes while you are in the restroom---from under the bathroom stall door.   OK this could benefit in many ways   from saving you from that awkward conversation, if you enjoy the plush seats of the ladies restroom, but have always been and always identified as a man,  ummm to hide from your boss, or if you use your bathroom breaks to there full potential.  Checking all of your e mails and reading the full paper---getting the most of your paychecks dollar as you sit, and your legs kind of go numb.   No one will know that it is you, living in the stall  as in your 2nd office!   See genius.   I had  never heard this term before and doubt that you have either.  But ---there you go!  In more ways than one.  The more you know.

     It dropped down in the 20's the last few nights temp wise here in the desert.   And was 21 outside when I woke up.  We took pity on the kiddos and drove them to school.   Not as bad if there is coffee in hand and if the kids turn on the defrost instead of the A/C full blast when you convince them to start the engine warming plenty early.  I recall while growing up in Wyoming a whole two week period, were the temps never got above 0.  No really   I believe I was a senior in high school.   And when I started my crummy car up, and turned on the defrost---snow would suck into the vents, and the car and blow it in my face.   Kind of like driving a snow globe.   Much more so than you might think, because many mornings instead of clearing all the windows AND all of each window, you just de iced a hole large enough to see out of.   Anyways than I was used to that "fun."   And we honestly did not think much about it.   Every year I forget it dips down into cold even here in the desert.   In fact my fingers are getting more than a bit down right chilly as I type this and it is about 2 30 in the afternoon.  We forget it gets cold while it is 120 in the shade here.   I have pictures from the past---I'm sure I have shared them here------of my beautiful wife bundled in coats and warm attire, with the oven door open   rejoicing in the heat it was providing.  

     This very morning after dropping the kids off---and some more very hot --very fueling coffee--have I ever mentioned before in my blog posts how much I enjoy coffee?  lol  Or how much I enjoy a great run on sentence.  Anyways, after taking the kids to school I decided I wanted to get some pictures around Benson.  I soon had very cold fingers and ears and to quickly my hot coffee became an iced coffee.   I don't like iced coffee even in the heat--finding myself debating the smartness in the summer I found while drinking coffee and cranking the air conditioner.    I of course will share these pictures very soon.    But not today. 

     Now   time for one of my favorite segments---were I place random quotes   feel free to borrow any of these ---you can find at least a couple in every one of my blog posts of late.   The ones I did not make up myself---while in a rare phase of being deep---I probably borrowed myself.     Enjoy!!

    **"If I ever get into an accident, my blood type is  Coffee!"**

  **What are you doing on here!??   Shouldn't YOU be out shopping for my present!??**

 **"Whiteboards are remarkable-----now write that down!"**

      **What does a perverted frog say??      "Rubbit." **

     **Many of you don't know this, I try not to share the hardest bits of my past,  but years ago I was in a very bad situation and had to escape from Iraq.   HOW you ask??     

     Iran!!  **

Forget your cactus with Santa hats this T Rex has his own! Hat held up right with a yellow wet floor sign

In the RV we cleaned out there were all kinds of signs to hold up asking for help or gas or cash. Some where better than others 😉. Have you ever had to fly a sign for cash??

I can only hope this is a joke

Chess set we found last week at a local thrift store
all hand painted pieces and marble board. 
Bought for $5.00
Of course we now have it for sale
not for $5.00  

 True story!

Not quite Santa's list
but there might be something to this fact....