Monday, April 24, 2017

Fine Paying & Hanging With The Wife

                  **"You can't say happiness without saying Penis!"**---Just sayin'

   There's a dumb ass between the Y and I on your keyboard.                    Look.

   **"I put Redbull in my coffee instead of water today and now I can see noises!"**

Did I fail to mention that today is also the Dreaded Monday?

My pet name at the casino I work at.  
Or the casino I gamble at.
Also the book title of a book we found today. 

    Howdy all!   As the sun has pretty much disappeared for yet another day --I am pleased of a few things.  I am pleased that it is eight at night --and we just now have to turn inside lights on.  I am please that we got some things done on our to do list today  for sure and for a change.  I am pleased that the Mrs and I hung out all day long and actually had a good --non fighting time.  But mostly I am pleased that I did not have work today, and will not again tomorrow.  And that with the now dark skies, it is very nice temperature outside.  Although it is now to dark out to read the thermometer.  ;)   It is still spring time, so not to stressfully and or un Godly hot out yet.  Pretty soon it really stays to hot to sleep, eat, move, or breathe until about 2 AM.  When you can sneak in a few hours of sleep  without sticking to your bed sheets, or partner before the heat kicks back in again.  The ADOT -transportation dept. overhead signs have been entertaining to me for awhile now, but I really like the newest one proclaiming, "that is the temperature, not the speed limit, slow down!"
    Any time I make it to Bisbee Arizona, I enjoy myself and get some great pictures.  There is so much to do there, and defiantly something new to see around every turn.  I have several Exploring blog posts from there that are picture filled of course, and today's trip makes me wonder what happened to my pictures from the last trip  months ago.  Were I finally made it to the old cemetery there.   I will have to dig through my pictures although I already know I am months behind on posts in my Exploring page.  On that day I was attempting to fight a traffic ticket I had gotten while getting our pickup out of impound.  I thought if I talked to the judge I might be able to keep some of my hard earned cash.   Turns out he had an emergency and did not make it to court that day, joys of small town living---but I could still pay the fine in full!   I decided to attempt court another day and roamed around getting lots of pictures.   As I said I need to find those and post right away!  Today was mainly because I never made it back to Bisbee for court.  Whoops.  They were about to suspend my licence and I am on the road way to much to gamble with that.  That is the kind of gamble from my past.  When I may or may not have went eight years with no licence.  ;)  Anyways I had my beautiful wife drive--in case this getting a ticket thing was now chronic when I went to beautiful Bisbee.  And on the small chance I had already lost my licence and they wished to talk to me further from a jail cell, until the judge arrived the next morning.  So my morning started by donating a lot of cash.  But for a good cause--those police departments need most of our cash.  And keeping me on the road and able to get to work helps me pay the police department more next time they pull me over for random BS.   
      After that expensive chore ---we had some us time.  And as I said it was nice.  And much needed.  

Coffee break time!
And a bag of yummy-yummy fudge. 
For the kiddos of course. 

The Big B over the town.  
Over a very fine coffee house. 
Great coffee shops are few and far between around here  but Bisbee has several
On my last Exploring trip I decided to climb to the top of the big B  
I made it   but quickly recalled it is hot in Arizona and 
I am out of shape.  

Do as the banner says

Peep   spotted way up the side of a building in a flag pole holder.

More pictures soon of course, when I feel like it.  Although we were mostly just living in the moment and 
I did not snap to many pictures today.  

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Late Afternoon Exploring & A Few More Trains

                                       I find very few dirt roads non appealing.

       First off I would like to thank everyone that viewed my last post!   And there were a lot of you.  That makes me smile.  ;)  That Exploring *About the train engines* Arizona blog page alone already has over 700 views and it has not been up more than a week yet.  I have been working on getting off my butt -and Exploring, taking pictures, and promoting this page---usually in that order.   But all those views makes me wish to post more!   Today I had a rare Tuesday off work---even more rare since we were just closed down for four days over Easter, and than I worked Monday and, Bam got another day off work.  Today was going to be about running errands with my beautiful wife, but she was feeling sickly.  I don't sit around the house well, and around one in the afternoon I grabbed my camera and jumped in our vehicle.  After I got all those pictures of the train engines last week, I quickly returned to I-10 and zoomed back towards home.  But while nearing the highway on ramp, I noticed the road I was on continued into the distance and was paved.    This afternoon that is were I returned.  To Explore where that road would take me.  Again thank you for being a reader!   And please share -- share  -- share this link if you like what you see here!    Also my long time personal blog page has lots to offer from Exploring, to more of my personal pictures, to gallons of coffee love.  And I usually update it more often than this blog page.   Check it out:

   Off I-10 just past the Marsh Station exit, there are a few blog posts on this very page that start around Marsh Station.   Heading towards Benson or Texas, the next exit is Empirita Road.   At the above sign   if you venture right   it soon dead ends or you end up back on the interstate.  Today took us to the left.  And  it starts as a well maintained oil/asphalt road.  Just past the large boarder patrol tower it turns dirt road, but is still nicely maintained.  With few washboards    at least on this day.  

Another long set of train engines.  

I actually missed the exit today   
and ventured just up the road to the Marsh Station exit to loop back around. 

Here even the desert plants tell you what way to go. 
Just past the above pictured road sign. 

View from my parking spot today.

   I actually strayed away from the private property on this fine day.    Although I was very curious what this ranch might look like.      Just to the left of this was a main dirt road, less restricted, but rough enough looking I did not want to drive any further.  Plus I needed to Explore.  

Cheater cattle guard walkway cover.
For weenies.  

In case your not fully sure what a cattle guard is for.

       Speaking of cattle, I soon got bored of the main road and ventured on some well worn cattle trails through the brush.   At one point these went through river run offs, and on the way back I may have lost my way for a little while.  ;)   I knew were my vehicle was and were I wanted to be, but the cow trails were running out and I have issues walking through open desert --especially when tall weeds are abound.  Mainly that I deathly afraid of snakes.  In all my Exploring of Arizona --both times we have lived here I have seen surprisingly few snakes.  And I am just fine with that.   I also wish I had pictures from all of our Exploring when we lived in the beautiful state before.  But since I try to keep this page very up to date, and that was years ago, we will just have to Explore all these areas again!  At the point of being lost, I was also fearing I was nearing the ranch property and true ranchers like there privacy and shoot with great accuracy.  Just sayin'

I thought this was a very kool old tree!

I am always surprised this time of year how green the desert really is. 

View of part of the ranch    from very far away.
I just have a good zoom on my camera. 

    This is all I have to share today.  I got a late start on my Exploring today, and it was rather warm out.  I really did not notice this until I was lost.  I hope you enjoyed!

       Next Exploring blog post we make a splash down by the San Pedro River.  Which was just a trickle of water.  But still water in the desert.  It amazes me how much area this river curves and wanders around on it's way to the Gulf of Mexico.  

As always


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Another Day Another Post That Ain't Worth A Dollar

           Well hello there---so we meet again!?   But what a great place to meet.  It is about 8 at night here in the desert and the weather report says it's dark outside.  ;) Today just happens to be Easter.  So Hoppy Easter to all y'all!   You will have to go back to other years posts of mine to get much more than that from me today.  Amazing holiday and today was an amazing day weather wise and family wise, just not feeling posting about the holiday.  


Try checking out more of my blog posts!

      I finally posted in my extra fine Exploring Arizona page last night.  And was happy to see a huge response in readership already.   I hope to have time to post much more on this page and to actually start pushing for more and more readers.  Why not start the trend and go visit this wonderful page

The other days  walk about San Pedro. More pictures to come. Now to BBQ and bonfire at the homestead. Paid daze off work are ruff!!   More picture from this fine day coming very soon to the above page.   But here are a few to wet your whistle.  

    **"If you've noticed this notice, then you'll notice that this notice was not worth noticing."**

     **" I saw my mate Jim for the first time in ages today, I said good god Jim you've put on a lot of weight , he said, "Tell me something I don't know" I said "Salad tastes good"**

   Potential newbie interviewing to be a server:    "Well I think I bring a lot to the table!"

    **What word starts with P and ends with ORN?? PopcORN you perv!** 

Forget Pokemon and 
catch all of these!

  Most of these horoscope bits are far from true -at least for this Leo    but this one is dead on.  ;)

My new toy   although I still really have not had time to mess with it basically any at all.
My current computer is already all set up   and im lazy   

I did not write the following  but I find it great.
I got it off an Ataxia web sight---after --again in blue print I offer my two cents 

Ataxia sucks, it surely does
Life can't be what it once was
When crabbies, frustration, and pity surround you
It rubs off on everyone around you
Before you know it, you're all alone
In your own little world…your ataxia zone
It really does not have to go down that road
But your pride and your stubbornness make that big load
You're always embarrassed for someone to see you
And think it would change if they could just be you
The treatment ain't there, NO drugs really work
So you'd rather sit there and look like a jerk
It's all in the attitude, no doubt about it
So don't let your foolish pride step out and cloud it
Your friends and your neighbors and family
Can all only see what you want them to see
So if you really want to improve your life
It's all on you, not your husband or wife
Your kids or your parents or siblings can't change you
No doctor on earth can rearrange you
Life isn't so bad if you give it a chance
But you must be willing to sing and dance
It's easy to blame everything else this is true
But if life is hell, point the finger at you...

My beautiful wife has a form of atexia. Most days she is the strongest person I have ever meet for sure. Often I'm sure putting up with me is worse than anything above. Not to lessen her struggles in any way, and Lord I wish I could make things easier for her or buy a cure, but I think the above applies to everyone

She also has a birthday tomorrow.  I don't think she reads my blogs anymore --I wouldn't    so I will not wish her a happy birthday on this page, no I will not!   She says she does not want to celebrate at all   turning 27 again.   But I know better than this, kind of like when she says she if "fine"   fix things quick   or start running.   Get some presents and celebrators---or start running!   ;)  But I also see were she is coming from.  The older we all get the less a thrill celebrating getting older becomes.  Heck many people do not even know when my birthday really is  because when I am feeling really low and down---I change my birth date on Facebook   and glow in the well wishes of people that don't know any better, but Facebook said it was my birthday.  Nor have they yet noticed that I have had 22 birthdays already this year.   Beyond all of that    when my beautiful wife was diagnosed ---she was flat out told she would not live long enough to see this birthday       I will spare the beating, in case she does read these posts   by not saying how many times she has turned 27.   

All Aboard For More Exploring Arizona!!

            Hello fellow readers and those that love to Explore Arizona in person or from your computer chair!   I have had the last few days off of work for a mini and much needed Easter break, and have had some time to Explore and get new pictures.   Now to find time to post.  Please check out all the posts on this very page--and share the link if you enjoy!!   For more pictures and Exploring of all kinds, please check out my longest running blog page    I usually explain where I am better than I will in tonight's post.  Mostly because I am fairly sure I was not supposed to be in this area.  I am also not sure of the smartness of posting this one.  But anyone that drives on I-10 between Tucson and Benson, Tombstone, and beyond knows where I am talking about.  There is several stretches of rail road tracks full of just mighty train engines.  Joined together - easily 300 train engines.  It is quite a sight to see, even at highway speeds mainly because of the amount of engines here.  They have been sitting here for over a year now.  And I have yet to learn why they are just sitting there--although I have received many answers to this question.  I fail to believe any of them.  From our past president ruining the economy, mainly the rail economy to the are to old to run anymore.  Kind of like all the stories I have heard about the large white blimp that flies over Sierra Vista on most non windy days in the spring and summer.   It even flies its way into locally shot movies.   But the stories about what it really is, beyond a blimp are interesting, but probably just a load of hot air.  

As I above stated-I am not sure were I was on this day.

I believe not much could be finer than a set of rail road tracks to follow on a hot spring or summer day.  

Is it just me or does the D stand for Duuuuuh!
As in keep of the tracks  Duuuuh!

        A few days ago I decided to venture onto the property and get several pictures.  First let me show y'all my three favorite shots from the day.   I pictured these first on my other blog page, before explaining any background on the adventure.  The second picture I sent to my boss---and she replied with  "Does this mean you are calling out from work tonight?".....

Dear train police   I do not know whom this stranger is above that took my camera to take these pictures of himself---as in this is not what I look like.   Thank you for your

Old set of tracks below I-10

The surrounding mountains make a perfect backdrop.

You can just make out several of the other engines here. 
There are easily 300 in this area. 

Each of these machines are amazing beasts.
What I wouldn't give to be able to start one up.
The only thing that might have been kooler to me
is if some cabooses could be found here. 
I always thought buying an old caboose and turning it into an office would be amazing. 

   On the wall in the picture just above.  On this day I was more worried about the train police watching.  And how close I was to the interstate.  And the tower with cameras for the boarder patrol.    A strong reason no pictures show me on top of any of the engines, although I really wished to get a shot or two from on top one.  I figured staying on the ground would keep me out of handcuffs.

More of the train bridge. 

I may have went crazy with the pictures.  
But I was having fun.

I became a little more relaxed once I spotted spray paint on almost every engine.
Some of it was quite impressive though for sure.

Spotted on the way back to our vehicle.  
Kind of applies for the trains and for the traffic up above. 

Next Exploring post our youngest and Shadow my puppy Explore the San Pedro River. 

As always