Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tucson Road Runners Live!


            Hello Arizona and welcome with a new post from sunny Tucson!   I have so many pictures and posts to update this page with, but not always the time to update.  So PLEASE keep checking back, enjoy our past Exploring, and share the links!   This year Tucson gained a local hockey team!  And all season long I have been trying to watch with our youngest child.  I work as a waiter in the area and almost never get weekends off, but when I did manage to swing a coveted Friday or Saturday off   the league always seemed to have an away game.  Plus I had to prove to my friends and family that Arizona really did have ice rinks!  Finally -at almost the end of the season, I pulled a Friday off work on St Patrick's Day.  I am not sure the person I traded hours with, knew they were working that holiday when they signed up for it--but I would take it.   It also just happened to be a game night!   Complete with hockey, blood, missing teeth, and green beer.  The downtown event center is there home and converts to an ice rink on many weekends now.  Easily the coolest place in town  in more ways than one!  
    It was also cheap beer night, and I had hoped to have a few brews, trying to get my beautiful wife to come along to Tucson  to go shopping and such with her friend and than play driver later on.  That did not happen.  I was going to enjoy one green brew on the "holiday"   but the green beer was not on the cheap list and was $6.00  each for Bud Light.  I was later glad I refrained when I read an article about the bad luck of drinking to much green dyed beer.   Back to hockey in Arizona!!   *For more personal pictures and quicker updates  please also check out my personal blog page    at    www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com

        Downtown Tucson is always a joy to visit!   In fact several of our Exploring blog posts started or ended here!

 On this day it was $10.00 to park at the even center, almost as much as our tickets ---so we opted to park a few blocks down and walk to the center.  Tickets for hockey start at only $14.00 a piece    by the way.  And we got two very nice seats for under forty dollars total price.   So it is easily a very affordable  fun night out come next season. 

   What green beer day would be complete without guys in kilts and bag pipes??

      Even though we had great seats---at least in my eyes   the score board held a lot of the action too.  From replays to large versions of every play.   From player interviews to kiss cams.  There are a lot of stall points and stops in hockey  but this is there home rink  and they made it very fun for everyone even during the pauses in the action.  Although we did not see any blood or loose -flying teeth in this game.  

     After sitting here and maybe shivering just a little bit, it is kind of hard to believe that we have been here before for concerts and such.   After you settle in  it does not feel that cold---although most around us were in Arctic gear or at least long sleeved shirts.  Our son does not like pants and was in shorts    so we might not have blended in with the life long Arizona residents  and that is OK!  

       The fans really go into this too!   Many times there comments were very amusing but also adult beverage fueled, so maybe not the best things to hear screamed across the rink  at a family event  but well take it.  

One of several pauses to clean the ice. 

Tucson got there butt kicked on this day
4-0   But it was still a fun time.  

The mighty mascot reeving up the crowd!

Another promotion 
Not positive what is going on here
I think the player is about to get a fist pump  but 
it appears the other is about to get his head hit.

Another promotion
Like I said   they did a great job of keeping it fun between
playing action

From our seats   waiting for the action
As I said I think we had pretty good seats?

   Again   waiting for the game to start.   In the past we have ran into major traffic and parking issues getting to the event center--so left very early on this day.   I had a lot of fun---still not sure about our youngest   but he does look happy.

   Quick stop at Denny's before the game for some energy.   Snacks always cost a fortune at these events---not that we still didn't grab some pop and popcorn to watch hockey better with!  

     As always    HAPPY TRAILS    and please check out all of our posts!   

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