Monday, April 24, 2017

Fine Paying & Hanging With The Wife

                  **"You can't say happiness without saying Penis!"**---Just sayin'

   There's a dumb ass between the Y and I on your keyboard.                    Look.

   **"I put Redbull in my coffee instead of water today and now I can see noises!"**

Did I fail to mention that today is also the Dreaded Monday?

My pet name at the casino I work at.  
Or the casino I gamble at.
Also the book title of a book we found today. 

    Howdy all!   As the sun has pretty much disappeared for yet another day --I am pleased of a few things.  I am pleased that it is eight at night --and we just now have to turn inside lights on.  I am please that we got some things done on our to do list today  for sure and for a change.  I am pleased that the Mrs and I hung out all day long and actually had a good --non fighting time.  But mostly I am pleased that I did not have work today, and will not again tomorrow.  And that with the now dark skies, it is very nice temperature outside.  Although it is now to dark out to read the thermometer.  ;)   It is still spring time, so not to stressfully and or un Godly hot out yet.  Pretty soon it really stays to hot to sleep, eat, move, or breathe until about 2 AM.  When you can sneak in a few hours of sleep  without sticking to your bed sheets, or partner before the heat kicks back in again.  The ADOT -transportation dept. overhead signs have been entertaining to me for awhile now, but I really like the newest one proclaiming, "that is the temperature, not the speed limit, slow down!"
    Any time I make it to Bisbee Arizona, I enjoy myself and get some great pictures.  There is so much to do there, and defiantly something new to see around every turn.  I have several Exploring blog posts from there that are picture filled of course, and today's trip makes me wonder what happened to my pictures from the last trip  months ago.  Were I finally made it to the old cemetery there.   I will have to dig through my pictures although I already know I am months behind on posts in my Exploring page.  On that day I was attempting to fight a traffic ticket I had gotten while getting our pickup out of impound.  I thought if I talked to the judge I might be able to keep some of my hard earned cash.   Turns out he had an emergency and did not make it to court that day, joys of small town living---but I could still pay the fine in full!   I decided to attempt court another day and roamed around getting lots of pictures.   As I said I need to find those and post right away!  Today was mainly because I never made it back to Bisbee for court.  Whoops.  They were about to suspend my licence and I am on the road way to much to gamble with that.  That is the kind of gamble from my past.  When I may or may not have went eight years with no licence.  ;)  Anyways I had my beautiful wife drive--in case this getting a ticket thing was now chronic when I went to beautiful Bisbee.  And on the small chance I had already lost my licence and they wished to talk to me further from a jail cell, until the judge arrived the next morning.  So my morning started by donating a lot of cash.  But for a good cause--those police departments need most of our cash.  And keeping me on the road and able to get to work helps me pay the police department more next time they pull me over for random BS.   
      After that expensive chore ---we had some us time.  And as I said it was nice.  And much needed.  

Coffee break time!
And a bag of yummy-yummy fudge. 
For the kiddos of course. 

The Big B over the town.  
Over a very fine coffee house. 
Great coffee shops are few and far between around here  but Bisbee has several
On my last Exploring trip I decided to climb to the top of the big B  
I made it   but quickly recalled it is hot in Arizona and 
I am out of shape.  

Do as the banner says

Peep   spotted way up the side of a building in a flag pole holder.

More pictures soon of course, when I feel like it.  Although we were mostly just living in the moment and 
I did not snap to many pictures today.  

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