Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dear Santa

          **"To all those people I've hurt in the past I would just like to say...."you probably deserved it" lol"**-----
     True story!     Hey---not all of my quotes can be great.   Please check out past posts for more deep and or great quotes to inspire you. 

                                            **"I am only a morning person on Dec 25th!"**

And now for those of you that are going to be putting on your riot gear and joining the masses of shoppers tomorrow and beyond---here is a sneak peak of what is in store for you.....
                                                                              I always love a great sign.

Spell check is important---who'd of thunk!?
I can not spell for crap.   But most of my thoughts do not make it in the Saturday Post of on huge billboards.
And last I checked Facebook was not for the best spellers or best thinkers.
I can say my mother and past English teachers cringe every time I post a new blog though.
He is dead serious here!
And may well be saving the World as we know it, one shoe string at a time.
It is rare---but I have no comment.
     I realize I was spoiled in all my times living in Washington state--  were coffee was born, and tea drinkers get punched in the arm.  So many great coffee shops can be found, and many of my past blogs were written in coffee shops.  Enjoyable coffee shops, were the workers knew what they were doing.  The workers were also very friendly because they knew that just on the same block, you had 22 other coffee shop places to choice from.  People watching was also very enjoyable, between my typing.  Especially in a place were it rains so much.   The coffee joints around here ---beyond stink!   And that is saying a lot, since many coffee shops in Washington were surrounded by shops that sold fish.  They are hard to find, over crowded, and the workers are rude and most defiantly after a paycheck before customer service.   Just the day, at Starbucks  the coffee maker did not know what a drip coffee was!   Locally the best going out to have coffee and free Wi-Fi joint is actually Mc Donalds, sadly.  But this is a very small town.   I am often finding it much betterer to just stay home and guzzle free coffee while I annoy our dogs and duck random flying objects when the kiddos are home.    Just putting in my two cents worth.  

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Random Rambling & Phoenix Bashing.


         **"Just had a huge plate of bisects and gravy thanks to my wife!      On a side note--when did we become the responsible ones? Each place we move the in-laws come to us for help--and several families with kids -are beyond lost causes. We are going to buy a huge house with land---and take in stray pets. And than we are going to make up a test for the "iffy" local parents. Until they can pass the test, the kiddos have to suffer at our house with all the video games an such ----Maybe it's just all the coffee talkin'---but WTF we have to take a test to drive and shoot and even to work at Wally World.  "**        Some random rambling from a past blog of mine from way back in 2010 when I was still funny.   Please let me know your thoughts on all of this....

Some more "great" kids who's parents may need to take the test.
I think they may of just got clothes from Santa last year
Or they really dislike picture time.
And since everyone has camera's ---it is probably on tape---fair warning.  ;)
As you head back home for the holidaze---keep an eye out for this book. 
Also as you head out to join the masses for the all weekend Black & Blue Friday events please think of this...
And my last loosely holiday related picture for today...
Thank you Wally World!
I would pay money to never have to go to Phoenix again!
And the Kingman area.  
We lived in Kingman in our past for way to many years.  And the town is super bad
along with much of the area around it.
We lovingly referred to Kingman as the Devil's crotch!
Watch were you slide your weenier!
This is how every one in Washington drives as soon as about 2 inches of snow hit the ground.
One year while we lived there we saw 8 inches of snow--and the entire town about shut down.
I grew up in Wyoming---were this is highly laughable.
As are most of the sheep joke.   Because sheep are safe!
I imagine about the same happens here -when it does happen to snow in the desert.
Except it is ice you are battling, after all the pipes burst across town on the snow birds RV's!
We were in Vegas one year when it decided to snow. 
Only a few large flakes of course---but plenty to cause every one to freak out!
I was freaking out also--because well, snow in Viva Las Vegas!!?
I was sure it was the end of the World!
If you are seeing snow or venturing out this crazy shopping weekend----you will need lots of coffee
And than booze!
I might venture out---just to watch the crazy's.
It is betterer than must see TV.

Monday, November 25, 2013

I Can Already Smell The Fozen Turkey!

   With my "work schedule" being all over the board -it is almost like every day is a Monday.  It is also almost like I am semi retired again, on slow weeks.   At any rate we survive on large amounts of coffee any day of the week!

   Turkey day is so close---I can smell the food already, even though it is still all frozen.  Extra frozen because it is in our outside freezer-and even for being in the desert we woke up to frozen windshields this AM.  This makes me recall my days working in the frozen coolers at work.  You don't know how satisfying it is to work by yourself in these coolers, away from the shoppers and co-workers.  It is even more satisfying to throw frozen food.  Try it some time!  Priceless is the day I was loudly cussing out some co worker-or maybe I had thrown to large a pile of frozen food at my foot-either way I was in a large freezer and thought I was cut off from the World-Wally World anyway.   My manager jumped into the freezer and announced that the walls were defiantly not sound proof!  I believe the most annoying part of this work, was that I had issues with closing the doors all the way.  I know there are safety's on all the locker doors, but I enjoy being able to see my exit, and to be able to see anyone getting ready to jump into the freezer.  Plus the light switches are always outside the freezers.   BUT Wally World is so huge a company and so much your Big Brother, that allowing the door to be open, raises the freezer temperatures.   And sends off alarms at the stores home office.   Soon after--another manager, or three, they like to travel in packs, is jumping into the freezer.   Yelling about the door being wide open.    Because my wife is working -we are delaying our Turkey day until this Saturday-giving me more days to pretend I can smell the cooked food, and to lick the frozen turkey.   I have to say we are amazingly blessed this year and hope that you all can say the same!   
     Anyways if you work at any retail box store --you might also be working on Turkey day this year.   I enjoyed working any holiday when I was a server-because sympathy tips rock!   In retail you just deal with all of the crazies- for the same amount of cash as any other day.  It does help to picture the masses as zombies though and to try and avoid them at all costs!   I just read an article that basically says, if you shop on Turkey Day, you are a huge part of the problem.   Stores reflect what there shoppers want.  So talking about the poor workers that have to wear riot gear that entire weekend, does no good -if you join the masses of crazed, zombie-ish shoppers.   In retrospect- for all the crap I talk about retail, it was one of the easiest jobs ever.   The people that have the right to complain are the military that can't clock out, and go see there family.   Defiantly not some retail worker, that has a job, and can celebrate after his shift that day, or that black weekend.   Those stores and sales exist because of two things.   They thrive on selling cheap disposable crap to a disposable nation.  And -- because of you!   Just sayin'
       At the moment we have 4 bank accounts. Is great because this means we will soon be fully out of the super crappy Bank o America!   It's a bad thing, because none of our accounts have million$ in them.  We can not stand Bank of America.  I do not have enough space or time to list all of the reasons we hate the bank, and that's just from this week.   But we have many of our payments set up on auto withdrawal- so it has been easiest to just keep the dreaded account.   Plus it is not as big of an annoyance to the bank if you take out your whole account balance, making a huge deal about how you have been dreaming about the day you will finally empty the account--when you have $10.00 in your account.   But we are finally very close to closing the evil account!!

      **"So I dam near almost hit a fox on the way home today---and all I could think of, after the initial shock went away --was that stupid song-- and what the fox would say as it was getting ran over!"**----

     Those of you without kids, or that actually have taste might not have ever heard this terrible song.   In an attempt to get this song out of my head, and stuck in yours-you should go to You Tube and look up "What does the fox say."  It will defiantly get all of the Christmas songs out of your head!   I was courteous enough to not include the link to the song, at the top of this blog post.   Key word there is  this--I might include it in a post very soon.  

 Might make your Christmas shopping a little easier for you.
For extra points --try doing all of your black Friday shopping while wearing a
Snuggie or straight jacket.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Exploring Blog Glossary Part I

            I have been talking about this post for awhile now.   And even with all the free time I have had in the last few months, have not found the ambition to actually start this.   I started my first blog near the end of 2010.  And I now have three different blog series.  Through those years I have lived in several different states and done a lot of Exploring.   I really wish, I had documented all of my trips-especially the many when I lived in Oregon state.  Not just because of the areas beauty, but because I was much younger and dumber.  Lets just say few people went on more than one Exploring hike with me!  Actually starting on it today, is mainly based on it being very Oregon like outside!  The sky is full of clouds, and wind, and large rain drops.   Much of this glossary is to help me.  In categorizing all of the travels and trips.   But I also hope it also benefits you the reader.   I say reader because there are so few of you out there!    My mindset and relationship status changed a lot from residence to residence.  And most of the newest ones include one or all of our kids and dogs.  I am not sure if this will help me find any of my pictures--if you have not seen the blogs before or my Facebook page--I have 1000's of pictures.  I would also like to hope that with each blog post and blog page--the posts got better.    Enjoy   and as always     **HAPPY TRAILS! 


       ****      Ferndale, WA
Jan 21 2011


         ****       Canada Feb 1st 2011

          ****    Fairhaven, WA  Feb 26 2011

           ****     Bellingham, WA-WWU      March 7th 2011

            ****     Fairhaven, WA   
  March 7th 2011

             ****      Bellingham, WA      March 14 2011

              ****   Bellingham,   WA   Great Falls Park   March 18th 2011

             ****     Bellingham, WA   Downtown   March 23rd 2011

             ****     Bellingham, WA bay
    March 29 2011

              ****    Bellingham,     WA bay   April 12th 2011

             ****    Sheridan, WY
     June 16 2011

             ****     Sheridan, WY
     June 17 2011

             ****   Sheridan,    WY   July 12 2012

             ****   Sheridan, WY
      July 25 2011

            ****   Sheridan, 
     WY   July 25 2011

             ****    Sheridan, WY   July 28 2011


             ****   Big Horn,
     WY   Aug 3 2011

           ****    Story, WY
     Aug 3 2011

          ****      Billings, MT   Aug 25  2011

         ****     Sheridan, WY
    Sept  20 2011


        ****   Acme, WY
   Aug 8 2011

       ****     Sheridan, WY    Feb 14 2012


     ****    Bellingham, WA   March 6 2012

                                                   More to come!!   This was only part 1

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