Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Geezers To Coffee

Three reasons to stand up:
1. To get the remote
2. To go to the bathroom
3. Because you're the real slim shady
**"When selling a vacuum cleaner is it helpful to say it really sucks?"**----
I recently posted this on a local buy/sell page  mainly to lighten the mood a little bit.
And because I have a vacuum to sell.  
I also received many better ways to state the above.
When I worked at Wally World-I was presented with this "issue" many a day while working in the housewares department.   Because this could easily mean it cleans up very well, or it
does not work well at all and is a huge waste of money.
I guess the cliff notes are---although sucks is a very fun word to say
the less you say it around actual customers the better.

     So last Sunday afternoon our oldest and I meet the local old geezer security crew for one of the RV parks.   We were walking the dogs in the middle of the desert.  And just past the open desert area we were in, is a  whole seating area complete with a very comfy bench.   Apparently --the 4 people in 2 golf carts that zoomed up to us were not the welcoming crew! Butch -our new pit bull kept them from getting to close, or to loud for that matter. According to the angry blue hairs--and the keep out signs--we were trespassing. I guess I should be glad they didn't have guns in there golf carts. The only things in the area are a comfy bench-a metal in ground BBQ-and a picnic table so I am not sure what they were protecting.  When the guy first asked why we were on the property--I said our dogs got loose and I was getting them--when they got uptight again--I asked if they wanted me to leave the dogs there... lol The dogs did not like the old people yelling. I tried to paint y'all a picture of it with my words, because I have no pictures of all of this.   I do believe one of the non welcoming comity would have slapped the camera out of my hands, if I had tried to take pictures.  They were mean.      On a side note--I am going to sneak back to the area next week and leave a can of Geritol, Metamucil, and prune juice on the table If I am extra sneaky and stealth--I can wait in the surrounding trees and get pictures of there reactions when they find the gifts!  Of course that would require there being actual trees here-beyond palm trees.  Do it all official like on National Geographic, when they are tracking animals.   So many snow birds come here--I could make a fortune filming such fun.  And than my youngest could jump out of the trees--yelling, "Kabozal!" or something.   He does that anyway.   Wait---no!   I am not giving any geezers mouth to mouth.    I know  --I know this is teaching the kids bad habits.  But they are already destined to be sarcastic pricks.  I did go over the importance of staying off of other peoples property--after this.   Especially in Arizona, were everyone has guns, and almost everyone is angry.  

New word after Exploring our bank account.
Or someone that has already used Obamacare.
I have found this is much more productive than facing it towards the  TV.
But of course you have to have a liquor cabinet.
Wise indeed.
But I am sure all of the belongings inside the trailer are safe. 
Wait were is the trailer!?
As I sit here drinking more coffee---I realize how many of my ideas come from coffee consumption.
And how many blog posts are a direct result of this. 
Another way of saying, it is now time for my daily coffee plugs!
So many blog posts in the works!
We have been very busy snapping pictures and Exploring in the last few weeks.
Plus I have a whole list of local places to Explore!
                                                              MY blog rundown
Some of my better pictures end up here:
My newest page all about Arizona and what it has to offer everyone!
My longest running blog series. Full of random rambling, Exploring, jokes, rants, and of course coffee love!


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